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  1. LUNA is Cloud Astrology Software that works on every device you can think of: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook and even Linux computers. Since it’s cloud-based, you pay either a low monthly subscription or save with a yearly plan.
  2. Jyotish Studio Vedic Astrology Software and Goravani Jyotish, our older version, both come with brain dead easy installers that install the software automatically with just one click.
  3. 2 days ago If you accidentally removed the user from your DM's list, there are multiple ways to recover it. Lots More To Explore. Compress video for Discord. 35 MB Free Astrology Birth Chart Software is a free astrology birth chart generator software based on the principles of western astrology and Vedic astrology.
  4. AstroSage Kundli is most powerful Birth Chart (Kundli, Kundali or Vedic Horoscope) software based on Indian Astrology / Vedic Astrology/ Hindu Astrology/ Jyotish for iOS. Moreover it is absolutely FREE.

I use a Mac computer, so by doing some research I found out that the only good software designed for Mac is Parashara's Light, which is currently in version 9. Does anyone know if all of Ernst's techniques can be done in that program? Specially using tropical signs with sidereal Nakshatras. Thank you for any insight you can provide.

Win*Star 6.0

The Ultimate Professional Astrology Software!Win*Star 6.0 is part of the newest generation of innovative Matrix programs combining professional level tools with true one-click ease of use. It is now available in three versions: Standard, Extended, and Professional.

Win*Star 6.0 includes Searches, performed by the new Matrix Search Lite. – This highly advanced module is light years ahead of the old Searches program. You can search, against fixed stars or any defined point, for transiting house cusps, etc. Win*Maps, powered by Horizons Lite, can plot in En Mundo, Geodetic, and Zodiacal, as well as along rising lines, setting lines, zenith lines and/or nadir lines. You can also plot aspects, midpoints, local space and parans.

Win*Star 6.0 Professional System has all of the features of the Standard and the Extended versions but, in addition, also has complete versions of Matrix Search, Matrix Horizons, and Day Watch.

This system is designed for serious counseling Professional Astrologers—those who will be able to understand and harness the power of astrology available in this complete software system.

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Blue*StarPersonal & Professional Versions are a 21st Century astrology programs that combines traditional astrological chart wheels and calculations with fully-illustrated state-of-the-art interpretive reports — sixteen separate reports in all.

Learn More >Sirius 3.0 — from Cosmic Patterns Software

Sirius can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional or advanced professional astrologer or researcher. We have made it possible by having well organized menus, easy to customize, features in almost every area of astrology, including modern, Vedic, Medieval, Hellenistic, Huber, harmonics, and more..

Learn More >Bindu — NEW from Cosmic Patterns Software

Bindu is our Newest Professional Jyotish software that provides a large variety of tools and technics of Jyotish, western and medieval astrology in a highly user-friendly environment. Employing highest standards of software developments, Bindu enables the users to benefit their maximum knowledge and even more.

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Tired of buying and upgrading software? In addition to the programs you already have on your computer, do you want access to dozens more?

Web-based Astrological Services will give you all of the Chart Calculations and Chart Interpretations you need without you ever having to purchase expensive desktop software. It's as easy as signing up and then you are good to go!

Learn More > Win*Star Express

Whether this is your first experience with an astrology program or you're a seasoned Professional - you are going to love Win*Star Express.

Create precision astrological charts with expertly written interpretations. Choose from four main styles plus 190 specialty charts with PDF output for easy printing and emailing.

Natal, Synastry, Transit, Progressed, and Solar Arc interpretations prepared by leading professional astrologer/writers - pop them up within the chart or print them as helpful mini-reports.

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The Ultimate Community Resource for Vibrational Astrology.Come join us!

This conference opens the door to a new world of astrology! Whether you are new to Vibrational Astrology or a practicing Vibrational Astrologer, be prepared for a journey into the astrology of the future.

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Your ONE STOP Astrology Book Store! We now offer books from a select group of publishers of high quality astrology books and books related to astrology.

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An online database containing a whole library of material on astrology.
Here is an outline of some of the major concepts and terms used by astrologers, arranged in an easy-to-follow outline format. Select any term and see what Astro*Index, DeVore, Prima, and Munkasey M. has to say about it.

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Free Vedic Astrology Software For Mac

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Free Astrology Software For Mac

Professional astrologers, counselors, and other astrological entrepreneurs have been using our Pro software to make money since the day we produced our first astrology program.

24 professional reports to choose from. Some of the most popular are:
• Astro*Talk
• TimeLine
• Friends & Lovers
• Child*Star
• The Birthday Report
• Midpoint Keys
and more . . .

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