Vedic Astrology Symbols

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  1. Uttara Phalguni. Uttara Ashadha — Mongoose.
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by Kerry ShamblinVedic Astrology Symbols

Vedic Astrology Symbols Chart

Vedic Astrology Symbols

Vedic astrology is a highly sophisticated astrological discipline that originated in the Vedic traditions of ancient India.It’s based on karma, free will, and fate. Vedic chart analysis is considered as a map of your destiny that shows a schedule of events that will unfold throughout your life.; The Vedic chart is the nature and role of various planets, their Auspicious and inauspicious.

The signs represent the twelve-fold division of the zodiac. Each sign is 30° of the entire 360° of the zodiac, and is represented by an observable constellation. Each of the signs is ruled by one of the planets, as mentioned above, and because of this a sign carries many of the qualities of that planet. The names should be familiar.

ARIES This is the positive sign of Mars, the first sign in the zodiac, and the cardinal fire sign. Its symbol is the ram, and certainly the head-butting nature of the ram is evident in this sign. The martial qualities of Mars shine through here, but often times, Aries types will be more prone to argument, using their heads as a weapon, so to speak, than resorting to physical violence. The Aries is aggressive, headstrong, passionate, adventurous, skillful, and independent. They posses a keen perception and have logical and scientific abilities which give them abilities in the fields of research and development of ideas. The Aries may tend toward a self-centered attitude and insensitivity, but depend on relationship to achieve balance. They relish teamwork and the exponential results achieved by working together.

TAURUS As the second sign, the sign of fixed earth, Venus' negative sign shows the capacity for relationship. Its symbol is the bull, the ever potent and powerful beast, content to sniff flowers in the pasture, but dangerous when provoked. Aries shows the head, but Taurus is the face and neck, including the throat. Many Tauruses are excellent vocalists, capable of expressing their art and feeling through their voice. Taurus individuals are often artistic, and value stability, beauty, the commitment of relationship, and the comforts of life. They are earthy and like to work with their hands. A strongly Taurian person may be prone to materialism, but on the other hand, will value love highly and will be very devoted. Fixed in their ways, it may be difficult to get a Taurean to move from their place of comfort. Slow to anger, they may also be slow to forgive.

GEMINI This sign is mutable air, sign number three, and the positive sign of Mercury. Its symbol is the twins or a couple, which to me represents a somewhat dual, changeable nature. The related body parts are the arms and shoulders. The Gemini possesses an unparallel agility of mind, a restless nature, and a vast source of nervous energy that may drive them until they drop. They love knowledge, interchange, and communication, becoming poets, writers, computer programmers, secretaries, or scientists. Their mobility extends into the realm of relationships, and they may tend toward the need for the stimulation of new partners. A Gemini may have strong sexual orientation, but should take care not to dissipate their vital energy, which they tend to spread thinly over their many projects and pursuits. Their quick minds may lead to a deceptive nature, or they may be unreliable or hard to pin down. If they turn their desire for knowledge inward, they tend to become quite spiritual.

CANCER Cancer, sign number four, extols the stability of that number by representing the home and the mother. It is the sign of the Moon, cardinal water, symbolized by the crab and in ancient times the cat, an animal fit to show the comforts of home. Cancer rules the chest or breasts. The Cancer is nurturing, caring, and open, ready to cook for you, welcome you into their home, or lend a sympathetic shoulder. They can be strongly imaginative, intuitive, and deeply connected to the subconscious, perhaps making them overly emotional. Cancers may be shy, dependent, or defensive, but once they reach a level of connectivity, they become confident and powerful, which allows them to project their love and care to others, much like the Moon.

Vedic Astrology Sign Dates

LEO The sign of fixed fire, ruled by the Sun, is Leo, and is symbolized by the lion, king of the beasts. As sign number five, it evokes the need for harmony and order surrounding a central purpose. In the body, Leo is the heart and the solar plexus. A Leo individual may carry the air of nobility or royalty in some way, much like the lion, and is often found at the center of attention, much like the Sun. The sense of will, self, and character is strong and pronounced. Leos shine like the Sun and love attention, which their generous radiance attracts. They have the tendency to subordinate others and make satellites of them; this desire to be surrounded by admirers could be described as vanity. They value honor, respect, and prestige. If Leo can control his pride and need for attention, the strength and nobility of his warm heart can lead him to greatness of soul and character.

VIRGO This is Mercury's other sign, mutable earth, and is symbolized by the Virgin, or as I prefer to call her, the Harvest Maid. Virgo's bodily domains are the hands and the intestines, and as sign number six(2x3),it shows the need for balance, especially between body and mind. This need manifests as two sides of a coin; on one hand Virgos can tend to have a weak constitution, can be prone to illness caused by nervous disorders, may be chronically sick, and may suffer from weak digestion and elimination. Conversely, as disease often leads us towards healing, Virgos make excellent doctors or healers, or may enjoy practices that require balance and discipline, such as Hatha Yoga. They are intelligent, possessive of keen memories, and can use their vast store of factual information to diagnose and analyze many types of problems, especially when it comes to the connection of body and mind. A Virgo is discriminating, and prefers order and cleanliness. The earth element lends to Virgo an inherent sense of line and form, and they may become artists, and being practically oriented, may show skills as a craftsman or draftsman. This earthy mutability gives the Virgo talent as an actor or impressionist, easily able to discipline his or her expression.

LIBRA Here is the positive sign of Venus, cardinal air, sign number seven, showing the need for leadership and command of ideas. Libra's symbol is the scales, which evoke balance, and its domain in the human body is the lower abdomen. Libras have a strong sense of history as a whole, seeing the need for balance in the larger picture. Water rat horoscope 2019. They show profound human sensitivity coupled with an idealistic need to create heaven on earth. They are charismatic, and often sexually attractive, giving them the power to influence people. Libras may choose politics, art, or drama to project their idealism, and will enjoy the fame that may accompany those pursuits. A person strongly influenced by this sign may be a revolutionary or prophet, a person with a love of truth and a desire for balance and harmony. Not too attached to the realm of home and family, a Libra, influenced by the energy of Venus, feels at home when surrounded by beauty, in the form of people, places, and things.

SCORPIO This mysterious and misunderstood sign is sign number eight, Mars' negative sign, which has the need for stability and balance on a deeper, subconscious level. Scorpio rules the sexual organs. It is fixed water (which reminds me of ice), and its symbol is the scorpion, or, as a symbol for transformation that this sign evokes, the eagle. Much like an Aries, a Scorpio may be an orator or a skilled debater, and able to express powerful emotions; he or she may even be a poet, actor, or artist. Scorpio prefers to express martial energy on a physical level and may be drawn to professions such as policeman, soldier, or athlete. Mentally developed, they make good scientists, researchers, or surgeons and are often attracted to occult studies, as they are interested in what lies beneath the surface. A Scorpio is bound to have an interest any form of direction of energy, and also a perception of life as a battle between light and dark, good and evil. Comfortable with the subconscious, they are able to take on and battle negative forces. Undeveloped, the Scorpio may show perversity, vice, and violence. Certainly, those under the influence of this sign are passionate, sexual, and intense.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter's positive sign, mutable fire, and sign number nine (3x3) shows the need for completion, full harmony, and grace. In the body, it is the area of hips and thighs, and is symbolized by the centaur or horse. Sagittarians are positive, warm, and generous with a lawful, philosophical, and religious disposition. They feel comfortable within the bounds of social convention, but may tend to become too rigid in their views, dogmatic, or moralistic. Expansive in nature, they may be unable to recognize their own limits. Enjoying athletics, but not being necessarily competitive, these people prefer playing in the great outdoors, and love nature and wild places. They love to share with friends, are excellent folks to have as participants in any venture, and often carry with them an air of enthusiasm and celebration.

CAPRICORN Capricorn is the negative sign of Saturn, cardinal earth, sign number ten, showing complete order, organization, and power. Its symbol is the crocodile, the goat, or the mythological sea-goat, and its bodily domain is the knee. Serious, hardworking, and persevering, the Capricorn uses his skills to manifest his power in the material world. This energy can come through on different levels, as the simple son of the earth, the farmer toiling lifelong, or as the determined businessman saving up for his goals, or as the spiritual aspirant able to project his realizations into his or her practical, daily life. Obstacles riddle their path, and their progress is slow, but their hard work allows them to fully appreciate the fruits of their difficult labor. It may behoove the Capricorn to take their efforts a bit less seriously and move beyond the outer form of their efforts. Their earthy motivation makes them good candidates for beginning projects and working through them. They may be too conventional or emotionally detached.

AQUARIUS This is the positive sign of Saturn, and sign number eleven shows the need for exploring individuality and the group. It is fixed air, and is symbolized by the water bearer; Aquarius is the calves and ankles of the human body. Most of those ruled by this sign could be described as eccentric or bohemian. Evolved Aquarians are readily willing to sacrifice their own personal needs for the good of the group, being strongly humanitarian. They possess immense faith and will readily surrender to the Divine. On a lower level, they may be too willing to denigrate themselves before others, becoming subservient and unwilling to protest against injustice brought upon them. They have compassion for the rejected, oppressed, and outcast members of society. Champions of brotherly love, they are selfless, yet may feel great guilt or tend to blame themselves too much.

PISCES The last sign of the zodiac is mutable water, Jupiter's negative sign, and number twelve, showing the complete array of possibilities although not necessarily their integration. Its symbol is the fish and its related body parts are the feet, the end of the line. The watery nature of Pisces comes out in the emotional sensitivity of these people. Friendly and expansive, they communicate well with many types of people, but are vulnerable and may not understand boundaries. Jupiter's influence comes through as a love of ceremony, ritual, and music. This mutable sign may tend to flavor people with a changeable personality that, chameleon-like, fits the current situation, making them hard to pin down or define. Highly imaginative and intuitive, if the Pisces is able to develop discrimination, he or she is able to channel and express the creative joy of the soul.

© Astrofame Vedic Astrology!VedicThere are many differences between Vedic astrology and our more commonly known system practiced in the West. Vedic astrology is also known as Hindu or Jyotish astrology. This particular branch of astrology is prominent for its accuracy and complexity, we’re here to give you an insight into this ancient Indian practice, which was originally used by religious leaders and linked to medicine and chiromancy. This is the place to be to learn about Vedic astrology!

Background information..

Vedic Astrology Symbols

Ganesh, the God with the elephant’s head, is also the God of astrology. Western astrologers use sky maps in circular forms, whereas Vedic astrologers use square shaped cards.

Vedic astrologers divide the 360 degrees of the zodiac into 27 lunar bases. As a rule of thumb, Vedic astrology focuses on the positions of the moon and the ascendants, rather than the sun.


Find your planet using your date of birth!

Vedic astrology is based on 9 planets, whereas Indian numerology considers that the meaning of a number between 1 and 9 is linked to an associated planet.

Vedic Astrology Signs

For example, if you were born on the…

  • 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th (2 + 8 = 10 therefore 1 + 0 = 1) Your number is 1, and 1 is linked to Surya (the sun) Gender: Male, Stone: Ruby.
  • 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th – Your number is 2 and is therefore linked to Chandra; the moon. Gender: Female, stone: Pearl.
  • 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th – Your number is 3 and your planet is Guru (Jupiter). Gender: Male, stone: Sapphire.
  • 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st – Number 4 links you to Rahu (the north node) Gender: Female, stone: Cat’s eye stone.
  • 5th, 14th or 23rd – Your number is 5; Budha (Mercury) Gender: neutral, stone: Emerald.
  • 6th, 15th or 24th – 6 is your number and is linked to Shukra (Venus) Gender: Female, stone: Diamond.
  • 7th, 16th or 25th – 7 is your number and therefore links you to Ketu (the south node of the moon) Gender: Neutral, stone: Topaz.
  • 8th, 17th or 26th – 8 is your number and Shani (Saturn) is your planet. Gender: Male, stone: Garnet.
  • 9th, 18th or 27th – 9 is your number and Mangal (Mars) is your planet. Gender: Male, stone: Red coral.

So, have you found your gemstone and planet?