Vedic Astrology Taurus 2021

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Vedic astrology can be of a great help for career counseling in the corporate sector. In modern times many leading national and multinational companies have started taking the help of astrologers to maximize their efforts and business growth. The horoscopes of the key persons of a corporate entity is of great importance as it is the individuals like CEO or Managing Directors, Vice President, CFO etc. who plan a strategy for the business of a company. The horoscopes of these important members of company give an indication about the future growth and financial prospects of the organization.

  1. Will 2021 Be A Good Year For Taurus

In an astrological chart the presence of Raja Yoga’s and Dhana Yoga’s tells us about the promise of growth in a corporate career. The dasha period running indicates the timing of the fructification of the promised gains and rewards in career. See some of the examples given here. For maintain the privacy the names and complete birth details have not been shared here.


Chart 1. This is the horoscope of a CEO in a leading apparel multinational company.

The exchange between the 7th lord Mars and 9th lord Mercury is an excellent Raja Yoga. He completed his MBA from IIM (Indian Institute of Management) in the Vimshottari dasha of Mercury involve in the Raja Yoga. Mercury as the 9th lord is with 11th lord Sun which is a great Dhana Yoga.

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He became the CEO in 2013 when he was under Venus-Venus dasha in Vimshottari. The Venus is exalted lagan lord receiving the aspect of yoga karaka Saturn which is another good Raja Yoga. Apart from there there are some very good Jaimini Rajyogas present in this horoscope.

Chart 2. This is the chart of the head of a leading Multinational Bank. This highly placed Indian is settle in London in a very good career.

In this Taurus (Vrishabha) lagan chart the Sun and Mercury are making a good Parashari Raja Yoga. The Venus and Saturn in a mutual aspect is another great Yoga for Taurus lagan chart. He became the head of a Multinational Bank in the Vimshottari dasha of Mars giving aspect to the 10th house of career. The Mars is in good ‘Neecha-Bhanga’ yoga here.

Chart 3. The chart number 3 is of an industrialist who is running a very big corporate company dealing in water purifiers. He is a self-made millionaire who is at the pinnacle of his career due to the blessing of a good Rahu dasha.

Will 2021 Be A Good Year For Taurus

The conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Mercury is the best Raja Yoga for Aquarius (Kumbha) lagan native. The Rahu is in the 11th house of gains along with 10th lord Mars which gave him extraordinary rise in corporate world.