Vedic Astrology Transits 2021

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Mars's current transit will last for 49 days 5 hours in Gemini started on 14 April 2021 1:13 and Ends on 2 June 2021 6:51 Saturn's current transit will last for 825 days(2 years 3 months 4 days) 21 hours in Capricorn started on 24 January 2020 9:56 and Ends on 29 April 2022 7:52.

May 2021

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

  • Introduction to Modern Vedic Astrology The origins of Vedic astrology (or 'Jyotish' in Sanskrit) can be traced back thousands of years into the hazy mists of antiquity. Unlike Western astrology, however, Vedic astrology has a more or less unbroken chain of textual sources.
  • If we talk about Rahu Transit in the year 2021, then it will definitely not move out from one zodiac sign to another, but it will keep changing Nakshatras. At the beginning of 2021, the planet Rahu will remain posited in Mrigashira Nakshatra, which comes under the governance of the fiery planet Mars.

Mercury Transits Taurus May 1 – 25
Venus Transits Taurus May 4 – 28
New Moon in Aries/Krittika May 11
Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14
Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn May 23 – October 10
Full Moon in Scorpio/Anuradha May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)
Venus Transits Gemini May 28 – June 22
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus May 29 – June 22

Mercury Transits Taurus May 1 – 25

One may have felt a sense of relief in mid-April when Mars moved out of Taurus, where his fiery nature was amplified by Rahu, and into Mercury's air sign of Gemini. Not that Gemini is considered to be a calm sign, but Mars away from Rahu is perhaps a relatively calm position. Mercury himself spent the latter half of April in Aries, which created an exchange of signs with Mars. This perhaps was supportive of getting new work ventures off the ground.

There is also a factor that these two problem solvers, Mars and Mercury, were not only exchanging signs but also flanking Rahu, snaking along in Taurus through April 2022. This could be symbolic of the urgent need to manage and minimize the Covid-19 outbreaks and mutations that are troubling many countries across the globe.

May will see Mercury, Venus and Sun all enter into Taurus, which puts a few of the helpers into Rahu's space for the upcoming month. Rahu's energy tends to amplify, exaggerate and innovate, mostly in an unstable and chaotic style.

Mercury is one of Rahu's best allies and tends to manage the instability and genius of Rahu quite well. Taurus is the earth sign of Venus, generally a friendly location for Mercury. We may struggle to maintain stability with the energy of both Mercury and Rahu in this fixed, stable, earth sign. When Mars joined Rahu, the tectonic activity increased globally. Because Mercury is also associated with the earth element, we could see a continuation of this phenomenon.

Mercury will conjoin Rahu exactly on May 11 and keep on moving. When Mercury exits to his own sign of Gemini on May 25, it is not to stay. He begins a retrograde cycle on May 29 and returns to Taurus on June 2, which could be helpful in the sense of managing the loud and chaotic influence of Rahu.

Venus Transits Taurus May 4 – 28

Venus, having just resumed direct motion from retrograde, has picked up speed, moved past the Sun and out of combustion. By early May, we should be able to see Venus in the western sky after sunset, performing her inspiring 'evening star' act through the remainder of 2021.

Venus moves into Taurus, her own sign, and then quickly out again to Gemini from May 4 – 28. She passes by Rahu on May 18 at 18° Taurus. While Taurus is crowded with Venus, Mercury and Sun all transiting at this time, none of the other planets are aspecting this grouping. This indicates the opportunity for negotiations, contracts, deals and networking. The Rahu factor could produce some unexpected but fertile connections.

This grouping in Taurus could make May a rather active month. The inspiration of Venus could be infectious, with Mars also active in Gemini simultaneously. We could use this energy to create and build upon the foundations that Saturn has been insisting upon shoring up while in Capricorn.

New Moon in Aries/Krittika May 11

The Moon comes exactly between the Earth and the Sun for our monthly new Moon phase that is exact on May 11 at 28° Aries. This joining of the Sun and Moon in Mars' fire sign happens each spring, this year in the nakshatra of Krittika, also ruled by the Sun, highlighting the fiery nature of the Sun in strength.

At this time, Moon and Sun will be the sole planets in Aries, with Venus, Rahu and Mercury in the next sign, Taurus, and Mars, ruler of Aries placed in Gemini. This concentration of planets in the first three signs of the zodiac, especially at the moment of the new Moon shows that we should be gaining momentum on what has been recently initiated. We are seeing the gathering of resources and the execution of plans beginning.

By month's end, we will enter into a retrograde season of sorts, with Saturn retrograde from May 23 – October 10, Mercury retrograde from May 29 – June 22 and Jupiter retrograde from June 20 – October 18. The implication is to use this forward moving energy while it is available. Often, retrograde cycles tend to bring us around for editing, rewiring or receiving opposite results from what we expect.

Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14

In addition to 'retrograde season' opening in May, we also have our first 'eclipse season' of 2021 as the great Sun enters into Taurus on May 14, joining signs with Rahu and setting up for a pair of eclipses that will come with the full Moon on May 26 and the new Moon on June 10.

The Sun moving from his fiery exaltation sign of Aries into Taurus for the eclipse cycle could feel a bit halting. The unstable influence of Rahu could create unexpected obstacles or opportunities that bring confusion rather than clarity. Prepare for this possible state of opacity by realizing that a calm and quiet mind is able to find its way even in the dark.

Both Aries and Taurus are currently free of direct aspects by both Saturn and Jupiter, who are currently transiting Capricorn and Aquarius, busily creating our new foundations and frameworks. With the upcoming retrograde cycles, we may be looking at making some depth adjustments, but things on the surface may feel like they are moving along rapidly, maybe faster than we want.

The Sun in Taurus puts focus and light strongly into the signs of both Taurus, Venus' earth sign and Scorpio, Mars' fire sign. This axis of the zodiac carries the passionate creative energy of Venus and pairs it with the fiery focus of Mars, both in fixed signs that tend toward stability and inertia.

Of course, the nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu) also placed in the Taurus-Scorpio axis at this time modifies the stable platform that we may expect. It is Rahu's job to stir things up and make changes in the world; when we begin to expect the unexpected, it is sometimes easier to accept change whether it is welcome or not.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn May 23 – October 10

On May 23, we find Saturn stopping in his forward motion and stationing at 20° Capricorn, beginning a 4.5 month retrograde phase that will walk him back to 13° Capricorn, where he again traverses that section of the zodiac in forward motion by year's end.

Saturn transits his own sign of Capricorn between January 2020 and January 2023, which is considered a strong placement of a planet that can cause difficulty, challenge and loss while at the same time fostering determination, resilience and detachment.

Saturn's nature can be described as cold, distant, slow, aged, negative and practical. He is the keeper of time, the lord of karma and represents how we are challenged by the experience of being infinite souls operating in a limited physical form.

Retrograde planets can surprise us by fostering events that are opposite to what we would expect. The retrograde factor can also indicate a stronger desire for that planet's results which causes us to try more diligently to gain those fruits.


In retrograde Saturn's case, perhaps we may be faced to retreat or edit our foundational efforts, but we may also experience things that we expect to be heavy and difficult to move with more speed, agility and lightness.

This entire retrograde transit of Saturn occurs within Capricorn, ruled by Saturn himself. More specifically, Saturn will dig into the nakshatra called Shravana, ruled by the Moon. Shravana's symbol is an ear, reminding us of the receptivity of the Moon, who rules this nakshatra. This could be a crucial time to keep an ear to the ground, remaining open and sensitive to deep changes.

Beginning with Mars on June 1, we will experience the transit of the inner planets through Cancer, which is opposite to and comes under the full aspect of retrograde Saturn from Capricorn. By mid-August, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Sun will have passed through Cancer and Saturn's gaze. It could be an interesting summer where the pressure of Saturn doesn't weigh as much and maybe even facilitates difficult transitions.

Full Moon in Scorpio/Anuradha May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Our first eclipse of 2021 comes when the Moon pulls into Scorpio, joining with Ketu and opposing the Sun and Rahu in Taurus for a Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26.

When an eclipse comes during the full Moon, it is the Moon that is being eclipsed. The Moon will be at 12° Scorpio, in the nakshatra of Anuradha, while its eclipser, Ketu, will be at 17° Scorpio, in the nakshatra of Jyestha. In the opposite camp, the Sun and Rahu will be in Taurus, at the same degrees as their counterparts (Moon and Ketu), which will both be in the nakshatra of Rohini.

One interesting feature of this eclipse is the lack of aspects by other planets who aren't involved directly in the alignment. We do have Venus joining Rahu and Sun, in her own sign of Taurus, and Ketu and Moon joining in Scorpio, which is co-lorded by Ketu.

With the strength of Ketu prevailing at this moment, we may all wish to take a moment with closed eyes to enter the internal realms and find the wisdom that lies in the depths of all of us. The Moon as representative of our churning and changeable emotional mind can come under a state of calm control with the influence of Ketu.

This gives us a rare opportunity for the inherent wisdom of the body, which manifests as intuition, to speak clearly and loudly, ironically by putting a shadow over the strong and bright Moon.


On the other side of the court, the party feeling in Taurus is strong. Rahu with Venus and Sun is amplifying the Taurean agenda of social connection, sharing meals, enjoying time together. Without either Saturn's or Jupiter's wisdom reaching either camps, it is up to us to find the safest strategy that applies to our individual setting.

Venus Transits Gemini May 28 – June 22

Just a couple of days after the lunar eclipse, Venus moves out of Taurus and into Mercury's air sign, Gemini, joining Mars. From here, Venus moves further away from the Sun and increasingly closer to Mars. By mid-July, Venus conjoins and overtakes Mars while both are in the sign of Cancer. This should make for a beautiful visual in the western sky after sunset as we can view Mars and Venus close to one another from May – August 2021.

But as Venus enters Gemini on May 28, Mars moves to Cancer on June 1. Mercury will be in occupation of Gemini when Venus enters, but will quickly move back to Taurus while retrograde on June 2, leaving Venus alone to create in Gemini for most of June.

From June 2 – June 22, when Mercury is in Taurus and Venus in Gemini, we experience the energy of exchange between these two friendly and enthusiastic planets. With Rahu occupying Taurus and Jupiter aspecting Gemini, there is quite a bit of amplification of this desire to reach out and touch someone, which is natural after a global pandemic that has required separation and distance as management tools.

Our cautious and experienced Saturn has no touch on this situation. Don't forget to bring your lessons learned and wisdom of the ages to the party. The strong energy of Venus in Gemini/Mercury in Taurus can be amazing, inspirational and energetic. Just remember that we're all flying in air space that has recently been dangerous.

Projects that rely on communication, collaboration, social issues, multi-media, networking and creative power should benefit from this configuration.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus May 29 – June 22

Mercury moves past Rahu and out of Taurus on May 25, only to quickly take a stationary stance before beginning a retrograde phase on May 29 that takes him back into Taurus on June 2, where he resumes direct motion on June 22 at 22° Taurus.

As mentioned above, this return to Taurus puts Mercury and Venus into a powerful relationship. The added factors of Mercury's retrograde status from May 29 – June 22 and that Mercury joins Rahu, create an amplified version of this exchange. It is always a good idea to consciously slow down mental and physical processes when Mercury is retrograde, which tends to confuse and destabilize the already quick and flexible style of Mercury.

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Sometimes a retrograde cycle can cause reversal or upset of plans or directions. With this retrograde cycle of Mercury and also of Saturn beginning in the midst of an eclipse cycle, this could be even more likely. Prepare for shifts and opportunities that could arise quickly. Be ready to pivot, to launch quickly or to step back, as appropriate to the situation.

This would be a great time for think tanks, brain storming, mock ups and experimental creative efforts. In a classic Mercury retrograde way, we can also use this time to rework, edit, rehash and essentially come back to the drawing board for creative inspiration.


Leo Vedic Horoscope 2021

Leo are warm, action oriented, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, the Leo have an air royalty about them. They love to be in the limelight, which is why many of them make a career in the performing arts. The personality of a Leo is made up of some positive as well as negative traits. Let's quickly go through them.The Lions are always admired for their kindness and helpful nature. Big-hearted that they are, the Leo graciously shower love and affection on people.Since they are ruled by Sun, the source of infinite energy, the Leo are energetic individuals, and spread the positive vibes around.Ones to see the glass half-full, the Leo don't get easily disheartened by disappointments and setbacks. They will always try to come on tops.People born under the Zodiac Sign Leo are quite frank about what they want to say. Mincing words is not their thing.While they demand loyalty from the people associated with them, the Leo themselves are also loyal and trustworthy individuals. They have a huge and fragile ego, which often gets hurt over trivial matters. Their ego sometimes become a hurdle in their path to success.Since they hold everything that is theirs very closely, they tend to become possessive and prone to jealousy. They are giving, but sharing doesn't come easily to them.They want to get things done and over with as soon as possible. But their impatience leads them to unnecessary anxiety and even failures and disappointments.They tend to become so self-centred at times that they would become harsh and say things without considering the fact that they would hurt someone. As per Leo Horoscope 2021, your domestic life will also go well during this time. Your marital bonding is strong and will provide you support in tough times. There might be some health problems that are likely to bother your siblings during the month of January to February. You will get lots of happy moments to spend through some family gathering. Love life may not give the results as expected. You will perform well at your work front and get appreciation from others for your work. Businessmen are likely to get good benefits from father's business, stock market, and other sources of income. Business trips to abroad might also possible. Your financial condition will remain stable during this time. Your children may not perform well in studies and need to put more efforts to succeed. They need your support, love and care that will surely boost up their morale. 2021 Predictions for Leo indicate that from mid-October; lots of favourable developments at personal and professional level are possible that will bring respect and honour to you. You may involve more into social activities that will bring positivity in your life. January to February is the time when pregnant ladies should take special care of their health.


Horoscope 2021 reveals that your life will flourish at domestic front, this year. You will get the parents blessings, family support and spouse love throughout this year that are likely to bring success in life. Your marital life will remain full of love, happiness and good rapport. You will spend quality time with your partner. Your stars say that some trip to religious place with your family is possible. You will fulfil all your family responsibilities happily and this will strengthen your bond with them. Your siblings might go through some major health issues and needs special care. You love your children very much and work hard to provide them all luxuries of life. Your children might not perform well at educational front, due to this they are likely to go into depression and face health problems. Your love and support will boost up their morale and help them to fight the problems. For the year ahead, your morality and sense of responsibility in the family front would be put to test.However you need to sustain yourself armored with the effects of Jupiter and Saturn through the year. Be receptive to the advice of those in the family.Joy and happiness would then follow suit. Elders and children in the family side may need your solace and guidance during this period. Your energy levels would be quite high this year to support your family and friends through life. Transit of Saturn may bring adverse results in 2021 for the matters related to family life. Overall position of planets transiting this year is not favorable for most of the time during the year. You may not feel satisfied with the attitude of your family members. Mother's health may be cause of concern in December 2021. There may be dispute in property matter. Last few months may give some respite in this regard. Jupiter transit in third house may further prevent you to get the support and cooperation from family members. Transit of Saturn in fifth house may also bring problems in relationship with the children. You may not able to get due respect in social circle.Pluto is your Family Planet. He has been in the Sign of Sagittarius, your Solar 5th House, for many years now and will continue there for many more years to come. This shows that your focus these days is on children and not so much the physical aspects of your home. Your home life revolves around the children and since Pluto is now well expected, this area of life is a lot happier than it has been in the past few years but your Home Planet in the 5th House is showing other things as well. It shows the need to enjoy the daily domestic routine more. Not so easy to do, as much of it is boring and tedious. Yet your challenge is to make it fun, to make a game of it, to inject joy into it. In many cases the home itself is being transformed into a 'place of joy'. Perhaps you are entertaining more from home. Perhaps you are buying home entertainment systems, getting all the latest channels from your cable or satellite company. Perhaps you are buying more toys for the children and also more adult toys. By the time you're finished you won't need to leave the house to pursue entertainment. Everything will be right there at home.Not only are you creating a playground at home but we also see much more religion and education happening at home. There is a strong urge to teach religious, philosophical and ethical principles to the children. Many of you are strongly focused on their university education, preparing them for university even when the children are very young. By the way, their university prospects seem much better than they were a few years ago. The main danger in all these areas is being overly pushy. Being too pushy, even for a good thing, often has reverse consequences. It is counter-productive to discuss higher religious or moral ideas when the child is not in the right state, when he or she is upset, angry or depressed. When they're like that, give them a platitude or two and give comfort but if you're alert you will find times when the child is receptive, attuned to these things and then you can teach or discuss.A Lunar Eclipse on May 14th shows a long-term change in the domestic pattern. Perhaps there is an emotional blow-up with family members that clears the air and allows for a newer pattern to emerge later on. Often, long-buried flaws in the home are revealed so that you can fix them.As the Leo family horoscope 2017 shows, there could be a sacred ceremony in your family like marriage or celebration of childbirth. Leo children horoscope 2017 suggests that children will do very well in their studies and their results will be at par with your expectations. From September onwards, they may feel irritated and lack of concentration may distract their mind. They may befall sick too; hence, proper care would be required from your side.


Astrology 2021 for Leo says that Lions have to pay attention towards their health otherwise their personal and professional life; both are likely to get affected. Hectic schedule may affect your health and will deteriorate your performance. Healthy lifestyle and exercise will help you to improve the health. Do some workouts to avoid laziness. Headache, cervical problems, and joint pains might trouble you, this year. The middle part of 2021 might cause some stress and strain in your well being. As per Leo 2021 Forecast, chances of having infection and pain in lower abdomen are there on your cards. Take care of personal hygiene to avoid such problems. Pregnant women need special care. Lions suffering from prolonged disease should visit doctor regularly and take proper medication.Uranus has moved out of Aquariuspermanently this year, health is much better than last year. Those who have had health problems recently should hear good news on that front.Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power this year, which I read as a positive health signal. You have little interest in health issues because you have no need to be interested. You feel fine. Saturn is your Health Planet. On a general level, Saturn rules the spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment. These areas should always be given more attention. Health problems, should they appear, are likely to begin there. Keeping them fit is powerful preventive medicine.Since June last year, Saturn has been in the Sign of Cancer, which rules the stomach and the breasts. So these organs need more attention in the year ahead. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with them but keeping them fit is a powerful preventive.Saturn rules your health from your 12th House of Spirituality. This suggests many things. Many of you will be more involved with spiritual healing and spiritual healing techniques, speaking of the word, prayer, laying on of hands, meditation and the like. You are likely to get very good results from these types of spiritual therapies. Often this position shows much concern about the health of a partner or spouse or being very much involved in your spouse's health. Often this position shows that intuition is being trained (in the year ahead) through health issues. Most importantly it shows that good health means a strong connection with the Great Life Power within. As long as the connection is strong, health will tend to be good. If the connection gets weak or blurred, health tends to suffer.Seasonal diseases may also affect your health, this year. Spiritual activities will make you feel healthy, mentally and physically.The health of your lover or spouse seems much improved over recent years. Health of children seems status quo. Health of grandchildren seems excellent and if there have been problems recently there should be good news. Likewise with the health of parents or parent figures. There is good news on the health front.As per Leo 2017 health and fitness horoscope, mid of January to mid of February and thereafter from mid of March to mid of April and then during September to December, your health may affect hence you should take proper medication and consult a good medical practitioner. Rest of the period will be fine for health and fitness matters. The key is to have a good diet, yoga, and proper exercise.


Predictions 2021 reveals that your stars are showing fabulous results at your work front. It will be good for you to stay away from gossips and scandals otherwise it might destroy your honor, respect and dignity. Promotion at your present job or change of job is on your cards. First two months of the year needs alertness. Be good to your female colleagues and seniors at your workplace. You are likely to go through hectic schedule and it may affect your health badly. Your performance graph may also move down due to this. Spending time with your family and friends will be beneficial for you. Businessmen will make good profits through partnership deals, big investments, printing press, import-export and art related business. Some good proposals and business trips may help you to make money easily. Lions associated with garment, restaurant, fire, electricity, communication, food chain, etc. are likely to make good money thisyear .There would be difficulties to deal with your goals. You need to plan your future and work accordingly. You will realize that inspite of putting efforts; you are not getting expected results. It may be that you are not giving enough time to your studies and spending time in some other unnecessary work. Some educational hurdles or health problem might also affect your performance. You have to put extra efforts and should increase your concentration power to get success. You will find your parents support is always with you and is helpful in increasing your determination and energy.May to September is the time when your hard work may help you to go abroad for higher studies. Lions that are connected to MBA, Engineering, Medical and Arts stream, may perform well.You need to work in very ethical way to complete your projects in work life.Go in detail in order to maintain a relationship with your peers and authorities in work place. The second half might bring about a sense of stability and optimism in your career side.


Predictions 2021 for Leo says that in the beginning of the year, monetary position will not be sound but as the year advances you may find some improvement in your financial status. Overall, this year can be considered to give only average results in this regard. Your hard efforts may not make your money matters resolved. This is not a favorable period for raising any loan. Predictions also reveal that your blocked money is likely to help you in monetary problems. You may spend money on some new property or land and luxuries of life. You have to plan your budget and move accordingly otherwise expenses might get high. Your wise decisions and sharp intellect are likely to give long term benefits. Lions related to Government sector may get respect, fame and money. Overseas business, stock market and long-term investments might bring huge profits. Forecast for Leo 2021 says that saving is much better than expenditure, so go for it and save for your future. You are capable enough to earn money from different methods and will get success in it. Your stars say that you might sell your ancestral property. Advice of some experienced person is likely to help you in business expansion plan. You should play safe in trusting people when it comes to money related matters. Gambling and lottery needs to be avoided to save yourself from financial crunches.Your 2nd House of Finance is an important House of Power this year. There is great interest in this area of life and this of itself leads to prosperity but more importantly, you have Jupiter moving through your Money House for most of the year. On a generic level, Jupiter rules higher education. Many of you will be investing in your education, which will lead to greater earnings later on. Many Leos will be taking seminars and courses on finance this year and it seems the right thing to do. Jupiter will leave your Money House after September 25th. By then you will probably have attained your financial goals and will be ready to focus on other things like the pursuit of your intellectual interests. Many of you will be buying new cars after September 25th and new communication equipment, top-notch stuff! Professional investors should look at utilities, gold, energy companies, publishing and health care stocks. Don't automatically rush in and buy but study these sectors, follow their prices and be on the alert for opportunities.Children are prospering this year. Many Leos are investing in the children this year. This too is a good long-term investment. Grandchildren have a status-quo financial year. One thing that could hamper earnings is getting into a moneymaking contest with your spouse, lover or partner. It isn't necessary and will only obstruct the prosperity of both. More thought needs to be given to a business partnership for it seems unstable.Moreover, you would live like a spendthrift and this could give you hiccups. You can invest this year as gains are possible but before September. Overall, this year will be a positive one for financial matters. You may receive sudden gains or even inheritance too.


Forecast for 2021 says that the love aspects began changing last year as the Love Planet flirted with the Sign of Pisces, sometimes moving forward into it and sometimes moving backwards to the past. This pretty much describes how you felt about love this past year. Should I launch out into the new? Should I say with what I know? Should I go with this new person? Should I stick with what I have? This year, the decision is made. You are launching out into the new. Love attitudes and needs are also changing dramatically. For many years you craved mere excitement and change. Your love life was a giant soap opera with new episodes weekly. In truth, you liked it that way. Now, with the Love Planet's move into your 8th House and the Sign of Pisces, we may start to see more stability here. Definitely, love is becoming more spiritual. First off, you are looking for a more spiritual connection with your lover. Second, you are seeing romance as part of your spiritual path. With the Love Planet in the 8th House, love is not just about a good time but is a way through which you and your lover are going to transform yourselves, re-invent yourselves into the people that you want to be. You are attracting lovers or partners who have these same interests.Transformation includes many areas. The poor person who wants to become wealthy must transform from within. The overweight or addicted person who wants to overcome these things must transform from within. The person of low status who wants a higher status must transform from within. Usually it is difficult to achieve these things alone. We need outside help. People who understand the process and know how to co-operate with it. These people are coming to you through your social life. They can appear as friends but more likely as lovers or partners. Marriage itself is one of the great transforming experiences. It's as if the individual dies and a new sense of 'we' or 'us', the partnership, the relationship is born. Many Leos will marry in the years ahead.Marriage is more recommendable than it has been for many, many years. The wandering is over. The experiments have all been performed. Time to settle down.Sex and physical intimacy is always an important part of any love relationship but for you it seems even more important, perhaps the most important part. This will continue for many more years. The hot sexual chemistry will keep you and your beloved together as you make the exciting but explosive journey of transformation.Both you and your lover seem very interested in finance but for different reasons. Your lover seems interested in moneymaking, a big priority, for many years to come. You are interested in that the more money your lover or spouse makes, the greater will be his or her generosity towards you.Leos who are working towards a second marriage have a status-quo year. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. The same is true for those working towards a third marriage.Children of marriageable age have a status-quo year. Marriage might not be recommendable at this time, as there is much personal transformation going on with them. Grandchildren of marriageable age have wonderful marriage aspects. They will either marry or enter into a significant relationship later on in the year.

Lions, All the very best for your future and in all sectors of your life, may you get success, Being positive is the only key, enjoy it.

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