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Virgo money and luck today. The Yoga of Alchemy: Understanding the Energies of Transformation in Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology With Jana Long Thursday, April 22nd 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific Monday, April 26th 8:00. Along with the 6th and 12th, the 8th house is also considered to be malefic. 8th house in Vedic astrology rules over death, longevity, and sudden events. It has a direct impact on one’s lifespan and the nature of death. It's not just Vedic Astrology but also, very popular these days, Western Astrology which is based on birth date astrology. This branch is based on a persons Sun -Sign. Based on birthdate the western astrology defines 12 Zodiac signs, each representing a particular period of time in the annual calendar forming these 12 classes of Zodiac sign.

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Software - KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - Another KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - For creating horary charts and time charts - Comprehensive latitude/ longitude database (city database) - Online KP astrology software

Free KP Astrology Software For Windows - Primay vedic astrology software for windows, but can be used with KP with some customization.

Free KP Astrology Software for Google Android Smart Phones and Tablets - Works with all Google Android based devices (smart phones and tablets) - Works with Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPhone and any other GPRS/ 3G/ WAP2 mobile phone

Commercial For Windows (Varahamihira - KP Astrology Software for Windows)
Astro Kundali

Commercial For Pocket Computer/ Palmtops (Mobile Kundli - KP Astrology for Palm Pilot and Pocket Computers)

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  • is committed to give you all the tools and knowledge related to astrology. Today, money-minded fake astrologers are creating disbelief in the minds of people and here at we want to give you everything so that you can make your own mind relaetd to astrology.
  • Learn Vedic Astrology with the Personalized Tutorial and other interactive features. Lasting investment: supports virtually every astrological calculation and technique in use. Fully customizable screens, charts, interpretations, and printouts. Pleasing to use, beautifully designed screens, printouts and reports.
VedicVedic astrology tutorial app

Vedic Astrology Predictions

    • Becoming an Astrologer
    • The Fundamental Concepts
      • Astrology Basics
      • The Planets
      • The Signs and Houses
      • The Aspects
      • The Moon's Nodes
    • Approaching a Chart
    • Methods of Prediction
    • Comparing Charts for Compatibility
    • Keys to Chart Synthesis
    • The Politics of Astrology
    • An Introduction to Vedic Astrology
    • General Principles of Vedic Astrology
      • The Signs
      • The Houses
      • The Nodes
      • Yogas
      • The Ascendant and Lord of the First House
      • Significators of Life Themes
      • The Strongest Planet
      • Aspects
      • Nakshatras
      • The Art of Synthesis
    • Vedic Tools of Prediction
      • Dasas
      • The Iyer Method
      • Prashna
      • The Timing of Relationships
    • Websites on the best astrology programs
      • Solar Fire Gold