Vedic Astrology Yogas For Spirituality

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Yogas in Bhavartha Ratnakara. According to common rules of astrology, the 12th is an inauspicious home and a planet within the 12th is mostly a harbinger of inauspicious outcomes. In the case of Venus, this rule is inapplicable, as defined by Ramanuja in his Bhavartha Ratnakara. Mar 22, 2020 Gaj Kesari Yog is one of the most auspicious yogas in Vedic Astrology. The person having Gaj Kesari Yog is blessed with all the luxurious life comforms, he will occupy a high position in his profession. The person will have good hold of creative arts, will be a good debater and very intellectual. Vimshamsha and Navamsa chart are one of the most important charts to see a person will live a spiritual life. Vimshamsha the D20 chart and Navamsa D9 Chart show the true inner progress in life. Placement of the yogas mentioned in this articles much also be present in these two charts along with Jupiter in Trikon or Moksha houses.

Find below a list of such yogas arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.



Anauspicious planetary combination formed by benefices in the 6th, 7th and8th houses from the Moon sign while Mercury is not combust and Jupiterdoes not form Sakata yoga. It makes an individual polite, trustworthy,affluent and capable of defeating his adversaries.


Vedic Astrology Yogas For Spirituality

Aplanetary combination producing a long life of affluence formed by Leo,Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus as Ascendant, making Jupiter rule either the5th or the 11th house in a natal chart.


Anauspicious planetary combination formed in two ways,(1) all cardinal housesoccupied by all malefic, or by all benefices. Here, the native owns landedproperty and real estate, and in the latter case, he becomes rich andaffluent; (2) Sun in Aries or in Leo occupies the Ascendant, or any othercardinal or trine house while Moon is in exaltation or in its own sign,i.e., in Cancer or Taurus, and Jupiter and Venus occupy the 8th or 12thhouse in the natal chart. This yoga nullifies all evils in the horoscope.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the 7th house placed in the9th house, and the lord of the 9th in the 7th house while both these planetsare strong. It bestows to the native long arms, big eyes, knowledge oflaw and religious scriptures. His wife is faithful to him and he leadsa pure and moral life.


Aplanet other than the Sun occupying the 12th house from the Moon constitutesAnapha yoga. Mars in this position makes the person powerful, self-controlledand a leader of persons engaged in undesirable activities. Mercury makeshim proficient in oratory, and absorbing conversations, and skilled insocial arts. Jupiter makes the native a serious-minded, righteous personspending money on charity. Venus makes the person a womanizer yet respectedby persons in authority. Saturn leads to disenchantment, and the nodes,to perversity. The Moon under the yoga bestows well-formed organs, goodmanners and self-respect.


Planetarycombination between Saturn and Mars. It produces serious afflictions.


Aplanetary combination under which all planets occupy consecutive housesleaving the intervening cardinal houses vacant. The individual under thiscombination is happy, handsome, and is provided with much ornaments, gemsand jewels.


Planetarycombinations producing misfortune. These combinations nullify auspiciousresults and produce hardships. Some of these combinations are:

(i)Malefic associated with the 6th, 8th and 12th houses or their lords; (ii)Malefic aspects on a weak Moon (iii) Sun, Mars, and Saturn in the 5thhouse (iv) Mars, Saturn, or Sun in the 8th house (v) malefic aspect onweak Ascendant lord, Sun or Moon (vi) Sun, Mars, Rahu and Saturn in Ascendant(vii) exchange of signs between Jupiter and Mars (viii) Mars and Saturnin the 2nd house while Rahu occupies the 3rd house (ix) Rahu in the 4th,and Moon in the 6th or 8th house x) Mars in the 7th, Venus in the 8thand Sun in the 9th house (xi) Malefic in the 7th and 12th houses (xii)Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Mars occupy signs of malefic Planets while Venusis in the 7th house (xiii) lord of Ascendant associated with a maleficor flanked by two malefics, and a malefic positioned in the 7th house(xiv) Saturn in the 8th house, Moon in Ascendant, or Venus and Moon inthe 6th or 8th House (xv) Moon and Mercury in the 6th or 8th house.


WhenRahu is in 6th and Jupiter in Kendra this is formed. Wealthy conditionand happiness is seen.


Aplanetary combination formed by (i) the Ascendant occupying a cardinalSign,and Venus and Jupiter in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, and (iii)Saturn in exaltation. The combination bestows spiritual blessings upliftingthe individual's mind and heart enabling him to attain mystic awarenessand inner wisdom. He becomes an erudite and deep student of religiousand esoteric literature with psychic susceptibilities. The combinationalso bestows high status in society, renown for meritorious deeds andpilgrimages to religious and historical places.



Aplanetary combination under which all benefices are located in the 1stand 7th houses in a natal chart. It makes the individual good-naturedand lucky during the whole of his life.


Oneof the five combinations under Pancha Mahapurushayoga. Mercury in exaltationor in its own sign occupying a cardinal house either from Ascendant orfrom the Moon produces Bhadrayoga. The combination produces gracious behavior.
Anotherkind of Bhadrayoga is formed by the Moon and Jupiter placed in the 2ndhouse, the lord of the 2nd house in the 11th house, and the Ascendantlord associated with benefices. The combination makes the person learned,intelligent, capable of understanding the feelings of others. He is skilledin many arts.


Aplanetary combination formed by Mercury placed in the 2nd from Sun, Moon11th from Mercury, and Jupiter in a trine house from the Moon.
Aperson born under this combination is courageous, powerful, learned, hasdeep knowledge of religious scriptures, mathematics and classical music.


Aplanetary combination formed by Moon in the 10th house, the navamsa lordof Moon in exaltation, and the lord of the 9th house associated with thelord of the 2nd house. This combination makes a person rich, respectedand learned. He may be renowned as a botanist and a collector of artifacts.


Theplanetary combination which is formed in 3 ways: (i) all planets occupythe Ascendant, in the 2nd, 7th, and 10th houses (ii) Venus and the lordof Ascendant are placed in a cardinal house from the Ascendant, and thelord of the 9th house is strong (iii) Venus and the lord of Ascendantand Jupiter are in mutual angles and the lord of the 9th house is strong.All these combinations make the individual learned in scientific subjects,practical in mundane affairs, and well provided with wealth and luxuriesof life.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the 5th or 9th house fromthe sign where the Navamsa lord of Rahu is posited occupying its own signand expected by Mars. The combination makes the individual born underit victorious in warfare and bestows on him high military status.




Aplanetary combination formed by Rahu in the 10th,lord of the 10th housein Ascendant, and Ascendant lord in the 9th house. It makes the individualthe administrator of a region. He commands an army and is very respected.Alternatively, all planets in odd houses beginning with Ascendant alsoproduce Chakra Yoga. It bestows high social status to the individual.


Aplanetary combination in which the Ascendant lord in exaltation is placedin a cardinal house aspected by Jupiter. Alternatively, if two beneficesoccupy the Ascendant, the 7th, 9th or 10th houses, Chamar Yoga is formed.It makes the individual wise, philosophical and a good orator. Such anindividual is generally born in a royal family.


Aplanetary combination constituted by an exalted planet in ascendant expectedby Mars, while the lord of the 9th house is placed in the 3rd house. Itmakes the individual administer, an adviser, or the commander of an army.The individual is courageous and lives for more than six decades.


WhenMars is in 7th or in combination with Moon, this yoga is formed. Thisindicates more landed properties, reputation, and wealth for the native.Restlessness and worry is also there.


Aplanetary combination in which the Ascendant is occupied by the lord ofthe sign in which the 9th lord is also placed while Mars is posited inthe 5th house. Persons born under it are powerful, attain a high socialstatus in life but do not have male issues.


Itis a planetary combination in which all planets occupy the 10th to the4th houses. Persons born under it are expert thieves, and are sociallydespised. Chapa Yoga is also formed if the Sun is in Aquarius, Mars inAries, and Jupiter in its own sign, which makes the individual a globetrotter.


Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in a cardinal house from the signoccupied by the lord of the 9th house, Venus in a cardinal house in respectof the sign occupied by the lord of the 11th house, and the Ascendantlord and the lord of the 10th house themselves placed in the cardinalhouses. This combination makes the individual erudite and successful inhis undertakings and much respected. He is well provided with materialpossessions and lives a very long life.


Anauspicious planetary combination formed by all planets, benefices as wellas malefics, occupying cardinal houses. It bestows wealth, affluence,and high status in life. Such a person becomes famous even after death.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets situated in the first sevenhouses of the chart. It makes the individual very happy from the beginningof his life till the very end.



Anauspicious planetary combination formed in several ways. If Venus aspectsJupiter placed in the 3rd house, while the lord of the 3rd is in exaltation,Danda Yoga is formed.

Alternatively,it takes place when all planets are placed only in Gemini, Cancer, Virgo,Sagittarius and Pisces signs. Danda Yoga makes a person respected, veryrich, an able administrator, and a pious person.

Aninauspicious combination under the name is formed when all planets occupyonly the 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. Iit makes the individual depraved,dependent on others for livelihood, and discarded by his kith and kin.


Planetarycombination producing indigence and personal infirmities.They are:

(i)Jupiter as lord of the 8th house or the 1st house exceeds the strengthof the lord of the 9th house, and the lord of the 11th house is neitherplaced in a cardinal house nor is combust (ii) Debilitated and combustJupiter, Mars, Saturn, or Mercury occupies the 11th, 6th, 12th, 8th orthe 5th Bhava(iii) Saturn in 9th house aspected by malefic planets whileMercury is associated with the Sun and occupies the Ascendant and hasPisces Navamsa (iv) Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Mars occupy inany order 8th, 6th, 12th, 5th, and 10th Bhavas, and the lord of the 12thhouse, weakened by Sun's aspect, has greater strength than the Ascendantlord (v) Depressed Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mars occupy any four of the1st, 10st, 11th, 6th, 7th , and 8th Bhavas (vi) Venus in Ascendant inits debilitation sign, while Jupiter, Mars, and Moon are also in debilitation(vii) The Ascendant is in a cardinal sign, while the rising Navamsa isaspected by Saturn and depressed Jupiter (viii) if Jupiter is in the 6thor the 8th Bhava in a sign not belonging to itself (ix) Ascendant in afixed sign, malefic in cardinal and trine houses in strength, and anglesdevoid of benefices (x) Night time birth, Ascendant in a cardinal sign,weak benefics occupy angles and trine, and malefic not in cardinal houses.

Personsborn in Daridra Yoga suffer deprivations of different intensities andmeet unlucky and trying conditions of life.They earn by foul means. Theirsocial life is dishonourable. They meet unexpected failures in life.


Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in Ascendant, Venus in 4th house,Mercury in the 7th, and Mars in the 10th house. It makes an individualvery affluent and generous.


Aplanetary combination formed by Ascendant placed in a fixed sign, Ascendantlord in 11th, the lord of 11th in Ascendant, and the lords of 2nd and10th houses in mutual exchange. This combination is powerful in makingthe individual extremely beautiful, loved by pretty women, owner of vastwealth and villas. He attains a very high social status.


Aplanetary combination constituted by the occupancy of Jupiter and Venusalong with the lord of the 2nd in the 9th house. It makes the person verypious, fond of warfare, chivalrous, and the commander of an army. He alsobecomes rich and charitable.


Sarala yoga vedic astrology

Thename of planetary combinations constituted by planets situated on eitherside of Moon. They generally produce affluence such as wealth, comfortsin life, and high social status. Sun and the nodes must not be involvedin this combination. If Moon is flanked by Mars and Mercury the combinationmakes the individual cruel, greedy, fond of old women, and a liar. Marsand Jupiter in the position make the individual renowned, clever, richand a defender of others from adversaries. Venus and Mars make the individualfond of warfare, rigorous physical exertion, and courageous deeds. WithSaturn and Mars, the individual becomes an expert in sexual art, accumulatesmuch money, indulges in a fast life, and is surrounded by enemies. Thecombination of Jupiter and Mercury bestows religiosity, knowledge of scriptures,all round affluence and renown. Mercury and Venus in the situation makethe individual beautiful, attractive, affluent, courageous, and the recipientof high official status.

Moon in between Saturn and Mercury enables theindividual to travel to different countries in pursuit of wealth. Jupiterand Venus make the individual patient, intelligent, balanced, and ethical,he acquires jewels, renown, and good administrative position. When Venusand Saturn form the combination, they enable the individual to acquirean aged wife from a respectable family, they make the individual skilledin many trades, loved by women, and respected by government officials.Saturn and Jupiter flanking Moon create much difficulties in the personallife of the individual, he is often surrounded by scandals, difficulties,and litigation, though from these he emerges unscathed.

DurudharaYoga makes the individual endowed with much physical comfort, wealth,loyal helpers, and sincere followers, but towards the end in the individual'slife there arises a strong impulse for renouncing the worldly possessions.


Aplanetary combination formed by all the malefic placed in the 8th houseand all benefices in the Ascendant. Under this combination, a leader isborn in this combination.



Theplanetary combination in which all planets occupy different houses ina sequential manner. It makes the individual an emperor.



Aplanetary combination formed in two ways: Moon posited in 2nd house alongwith Jupiter and Venus, or the lord of 9th house aspecting them and (ii)all planets, excluding the nodes are posited in adjoining cardinal houses.Gada Yoga makes the individual engaged in philanthropic and religiousactivities but fierce in appearance and free from any enemy. He earnsmuch money. He is also happily married.


Aplanetary combination in which the lord of the 7th house from Ascendant,which would be 9th from the 11th house, is in the 11th house along withMoon, and the lord of the 11th house aspects them. A person born underthis combination is always happy, rich, religious, and lives in luxuriousstyle.


An auspicious planetary combination formed by certain relationships betweenMoon and Jupiter. It postulates that Jupiter must be in an angle fromMoon or the Ascendant or that benefics such as Venus, Jupiter, and Mercurywithout being debilitated or combust, aspect the Moon. An alternativecondition is that Jupiter in a quadrant from the Ascendant or Moon isin association with or expected by benefics which are neither combustnor posited in the 6th house. The combination makes the individual bright,affluent, intelligent, accomplished and favored by the government. Thisyoga is both protective from evil consequences of other maleficent aswell as productive of auspicious results.


Theplanetary combination formed by exaltation of the lord of the Ascendant,and strong Jupiter placed in its Mool Trikona in association with thelord of the 2nd house. It makes the individual hail from an elite familyand bestows upon him happiness, attractive appearance, and high socialstanding.


Aplanetary combination relating Jupiter and Rahu. When these two planetsare associated together in a house, it produces inauspicious results.It makes the individual depraved and inclined to indulge in socially andmorally unethical activities.



Itarises when all the planets are located in a group of triangular housesother than the Ascendant.According to another version, all planets occupyingthe 5th and 9th houses also give rise to Halayoga. Persons born underthis combination are engaged in agricultural activities in an importantway.


Oneof the five Maha Purusha Yogas formed by Jupiter in exaltation or in itsown sign and in strength occupying a cardinal house either from Ascendantor from the Moon sign. It makes the person fortunate, well built and havingthe voice of a swan. He gets a beautiful wife and possesses all comfort.He is religiously inclined and favourably disposed towards spiritual studies.The combination is said to bestow a life of more than 82 years.


Refersto 3 sets of planetary combinations: (i) Benefics placed in the 2nd, 8th,and 12th houses from the sign in which the lord of the 2nd house is placed(ii) Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury posited in the 4th, 9th, and 8th housesfrom the sign where the lord of the 7th house is situated (iii) the Sun,Venus and Mars in the 4th, 10th, or 11 house from the Ascendant lord.These combinations make the individual truthful, effective speaker, victorious,well-versed in religious scriptures, and philanthropic.



Theplanetary combination formed by Mars in a cardinal house and Rahu in the7th. It leads the individual to self-destruction.


Aterm used in annual forecasting. It is formed by all the planets placedin Panphara houses. It produces many desired events during the year.


Aninauspicious planetary combination.The seven planets (excluding Rahu andKetu) in a progressed horoscope based on solar ingress principle, situatedin Apoklima houses produce obstacles and thereby nullify the fructificationof an auspicious combination that may otherwise be present.



Aplanetary combination that produces contradictory results: persons bornunder the combination are courageous, virile, commanding a well-equippedarmy, and ruling over an extensive area, yet they are intellectually foolish,ignorant.This combination is constituted in several ways: the lords of9th and 4th houses should be in mutual angles and the lord of the Ascendantshould be strong. The combination is also formed if the lord of the 4thoccupies its exaltation or own sign and is expected by or is in conjunctionwith the 10th lord.


Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in 2nd or 5th house, Mercury andVenus expecting or combining with it. An individual born under it is honoredby many heads of state. He becomes affluent, accomplished, healthy andoccupies a very high position in life.


Whenall planets are between Rahu and Ketu this yoga is formed. Even thoughfavorable planets are placed between them or in own house this has force.This is a bad yoga. Generally first half of life will be in struggles.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets situated in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses which makes the individual born under it renowned, happyand accomplished in many arts.


Aplanetary combination produced by Ithasala relationship between the lordof the Ascendant and the lord of the 10th house, especially when one ofthem is associated with Moon.

TheKamboola Yoga is of 3 kind, Shrestha (the best), Madhyama (ordinary) andAdhama (the worst) depending upon the strength of the planets concerned.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of 10th house placed in 9th house,the lord of 2nd in Ascendant, and the 2nd and 10th houses posited by benefics.An individual born under this combination is charitable but very materialisticin his approach to life. He seeks enjoyment of all kinds of physical comfortsand a luxurious life.


Aplanetary combination formed by one, two or three malefic planets unaspectedby any benefic, and posited simultaneously in 2-12, 3-11, or 4-10 houses.It produces the possibility of imprisonment, or detention. Similar resultsalso occur if malefics occupy 12th and 9th houses.


Aplanetary combination that produces contradictory results: persons bornunder the combination are courageous, virile, commanding a well-equippedarmy, and ruling over an extensive area, yet they are intellectually foolish,ignorant and devoid of common and garden guts. This combination is constitutedin several ways: the most popular version lays down that the lords of9th and 4th houses should be in mutual angles and the lord of the Ascendantshould be strong. The combination is also formed if the lord of the 4thoccupies its exaltation or own sign and is expected by or is in conjunctionwith the 10th lord.A person born under it is prosperous, respectful, benevolent,and God-fearing, happy, charitable and regal in demeanor.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets occupying four houses in anatal chart. It makes the individual ever ready to wage a righteous war,undertake a righteous mission, follow traditional religious practicesand be humble, patient, philanthropic, interested in agriculture and respectedin his society.


Aplanetary combination formed by Moon when it is not flanked by any planeton any of its sides. Sun is excluded from this combination. It is alsorequired for Moon to form this combination, that no planet should be placedin a cardinal house in the horoscope.It makes the individual devoid ofany education and intelligence. He suffers from penury and meets manydifficulties in life.


WhenJupiter and Moon are mutually Kendra this yoga is formed. More so whenJupiter is in Kendra, 7th to Moon(bright period Moon) this yoga is formed.Wealth, name and fame are formed.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the Ascendant and the lordsof 8th, 9th and 10th houses occupying their own signs. It makes the individualsupport his family members and other relations. He becomes personallyrich, happy and lives for long.


Aplanetary combination produced by benefices in 5th, 6th, and 7th houseseither in exaltation, own signs, or those of friendly planets, or in thenavamsa of friendly planets. Alternatively, it is formed if the beneficsare in Ascendant, 3rd, and 11th houses occupying exaltation, own signs,or their Mool Trikona positions. Persons born under this yoga become leaders,very renowned, charitable, helpful, and they lead a very happy life.


Theplanetary combination formed by Saturn occupying the 10th house, Venusplaced in a cardinal house with fixed signs and a weak Moon in a trinehouse. Alternatively, Jupiter should be in Ascendant, Moon in the 7thand Sun occupying 8th position from Moon (that is, in the 2nd house inthis situation). Persons born with this combination belong to an aristocraticfamily, they attain high status in the society, and possess charitabledisposition and enjoy unblemished glory.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets consecutively placed from4th to 10th houses. It makes the individual dwell in forests or mountainousregions, they are very cruel in temperament.



Aplanetary combination formed by a strong lord of the Ascendant, the lordof the 9th in its own, exaltation or is trine sign occupying a cardinalhouse. Persons born under it are graceful, religious, wealthy, accomplished,famous, and enjoy high status in the society. Their offspring's are verybright.


Vedic Astrology Yogas For Spirituality


Aplanetary combination constituted by the lord of the 10th house positedin Ascendant along with Venus and the lord of 11th house occupying the11th house itself. The combination makes the individual born under itvery attractive and highly placed in political circles. He begins prosperingat an early age of twenty years.


Aplanetary combination formed by Moon associated with Rahu, and aspectedby Jupiter conjunct with a malefic. It leads the individual, even if highlyintellectual and well placed in society, to indulge in mean behavior andacts.


Planetarycombinations which indicate maturity of the soul. These are formed ifany of the five luminaries, namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury andVenus, possessed of strength occupies its own, exaltation, or friendlysign identical with cardinal houses. These planets produce five kindsof illustrous personages, and the combinations are known as Sasa, Ruchaka,Bhadra, Hamsa, and Malavya yogas formed by Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,and Venus, respectively. These combinations induce the individual to liberatehimself from involuntary actions and to direct one's conscious effortstowards certain specific goals in his life.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lords of the 2nd, 7th, 9th and 11thhouses posited in their respective signs. It bestows high administrativestatus on the individual and makes him a minister, a royal treasurer,or a leader of the people. His fortune brightens after the age of 33 years.


Oneof the 5 planetary combinations for human greatness, Panch Maha PurushaYoga, formed by Venus in exaltation or occupation of its own sign andsituated in a cardinal house. It makes the person the head of a culturalorganization, gives him a life-span of 70 years. The individual dies ata sacred place, practicing yoga and penance.

Theindividual with Malavya Yoga possesses a graceful appearance with theluster of Moon. He has a narrow waist, attractive lips, long hands, deepvoice, and well-formed teeth. He lives happily up to a ripe old age.


Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in a trine house from Venus, Moonin 5th from Jupiter, and Sun in a cardinal house in respect with Moon.The combination makes the person very rich and a successful businessman.


Aplanetary combination formed by malefic and benefics both occupying the5th house, malefic in Ascendant and in 9th house, and a malefic in eitherthe 4th or the 8th house from the Ascendant.A person born under this combination is compassionate, religious, intelligentand renowned.


Aplanetary combination formed by the placement of Navamsa lord of the 8thhouse in an auspicious sign along with some auspicious planet, and thelord of the 9th house in exaltation. It makes the individual respected,rich, immensely charitable, and powerful in personality.


Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in the 9th house from the signoccupied by the lord of the 9th house, a benefic posited in the 9th housefrom Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house from the Ascendant. A personborn in this combination possesses farms and forests, becomes a leaderof tribal people, and is erudite. He is learned, yet cruel by temperament.His prosperity begins quite early in life.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets placed in fixed signs or alternatively,Rahu in the 10th house, the lord of the 10th house in exaltation and expectedby Saturn. It makes the person born under it very rich with immovableassets. He becomes an advisor to the government or a powerful commercialorganization or he occupies a high status in administration.



Aplanetary combination formed by Jupiter in the 9th house, lord of the9th house in the llth from Jupiter, i.e., 7th from Ascendant, and Moonassociated with Jupiter. The combination bestows on the individual bornunder it auspicious events in life, especially after the age of 25 years.He also receives many honors from the State and accumulates huge wealth.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the Navamsa sign of the 10thhouse lord occupying the 10th house along with the Ascendant lord. Anindividual born under it receives his education specially after the ageof 16 years. He finally receives state honors and riches. By temperamenthe is polite.


Aplanetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of 9th housein 3rd house inspected by Jupiter. It makes the individual physicallywell proportioned, good-natured and learned. His prosperity increasesafter the age of 6 years.


Aplanetary combination used in Tajaka system. It relates to the relationshipbetween planets with different motions in close association. If the lordof the Ascendant and the lord of the house whose result is being studieddo not have mutual aspect but there is a fast-moving planet in betweenthem, then the fast-moving planet in between them transfers the beneficinfluence of the anterior planet to the forward one.


Aplanetary combination formed the exaltation of the lord of the Navamsasign in which the lord of the 9th house is placed and is in associationwith the Ascendant lord. It makes the individual powerful after 7 yearsof age. He receives many state honours and is interested in the scriptures.


Aplanetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of the 5th housein the 9th house while the lord of the 11th house occupies the 2nd housealong with Moon. The combination makes the individual very creative andan excellent orator.


Aplanetary combination formed by two planets in each of the two signs andone planet in each of the three signs. It bestows affluence and long life.


Aplanetary combination formed by the Ascendant lord and Jupiter placedin the 4th house, Moon associated with the lord of the 7th house, andthe Ascendant aspected by a benefic. An individual born under this combinationis very charitable, rich, well-proportioned yet stocky in constitution.He gains repute after the age of 33 years.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets occupying consecutively thefirst seven houses without any gap. It makes the individual earn his livelihoodfrom professions connected with navigation, fishing, import-export, andinternational commerce.


Theplanetary combination for the cancellation of adverse effects of a debilitatedplanet. The cancellation enables the person to attain the status of aking. The combination is formed in several ways, such as (i) a planetat birth in its depression has the lord of that sign, or that of its exaltationsign in a cardinal house either with respect to ascendant or Moon sign(ii) the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the depressed planet at birthposited in a cardinal house, or in a trine house with respect to the Ascendantwhile the Ascendant lord itself is in a Navamsa owned by a movable sign.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of Navamsa sign of Ascendantassociated with the lord of Moon sign and the lord of the 10th house aspectingit. An individual born under this combination occupies a very high statusin society and is much renowned. The Yoga fructifies early in life.



Aplanetary combination formed by planets, other than Moon, situated onboth sides of Sun. It makes the individual well proportioned, handsome,skilled and effective in many undertakings, full of enthusiasm, tolerant,and balanced in approach even to complicated problems. Such a person isaffluent like a king, enjoys good health and possesses all good thingsin life.



Aplanetary combination formed by the lords of the 9th house from Ascendantand from Moon situated together in the 7th house from Venus. Individualsborn with this stellar configuration are very happy, live in luxury andare engaged in auspicious activities. After the age of fifteen years,they are granted favors by the state and elders.


Aplanetary combination produced by all planets in the 4th and 10th houses.It makes the individual a bearer of messages, he may even be an ambassador.He would be quarrelsome and always traveling.


Planetarycombinations formed by non-luminaries, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,and Saturn in their own sign or in exaltation, occupying a cardinal house.Each of these nonluminaries forms the yoga singly, and each of them hasa separate name and effect. Ruchaka yoga is formed by such a placementof Mars, Bhadra by Mercury, Hamsa by Jupiter, Malavya by Venus, and SasaYoga by Saturn.


Thismeans exchange of mutual houses. Any two lords may exchange their houses.Of them when the lord of 9th, this can confer very good results. If thelords of 5 and 10 exchange or 7 and 10 exchange or 5 and 9 exchange verygood results can be seen. Even when the lord of 10 is in 9 or 9 th in10th this yoga is formed partially. Even in cases where the lord of 10thhag aspect of the lord of 5 or 9 this yoga can form to an extent.

RuchakaYoga: Strong physique, well versed in ancient love, conforms to traditionand customs, and becomes famous. Such an individual also becomes wealthy,lives for long, and leads a group of men or an army.

BhadraYoga: Strong physique with a lion-like face. The individual is helpfulto relatives and attains a high intellectual eminence.

HamsaYoga: A righteous person, graceful in appearance, considerate, devotedto gods and higher life, and ritualistic in religious observances.

MalavyaYoga: Essentially a family person, preoccupied with domestic responsibilitiesand surrounded by children and grandchildren. He possesses personal vehicle,residential house, and other necessities of life.

SasaYoga: Sensuous, occultist, leader of non-traditional and anti-social elements.Fearless and capable of performing arduous deeds.


Maleficplanets flanking any house or a planet. It destroys the auspicious natureof the same and imparts malefic influence. The house or the planet thusafflicted does not prosper.


Aplanetary combination related with the position of the Ascendant lord.If the lord of the sign where the Ascendant lord is situated, or if thelord of the navamsa where the lord of the sign in which the Ascendantlord is situated is placed in a cardinal or trine house, Parijata Yogais formed. It makes the person born under it a sovereign, destined tobe happy during the middle or the later part of his life. Such a personis respected by other kings. He is fond of wars, possesses immense wealth,is mindful of his duties towards the state, and is compassionate in disposition.


Planetarycombination for asceticism. Some important ascetic yogas are as follows:
(1)Four or more planets in strength occupying a single house with Raja Yogapresent in the horoscope (2) The lord of Moon sign with no aspect on itself,aspects Saturn or Saturn aspects the lord of the sign occupied by Moonwhich is also weak (3) Moon occupies drekkana of Saturn and is expectedby it. Such an individual renounces the world and mundane relationships(4) Moon occupies the navamsa of Saturn or Mars, and is expected by Saturn.Such a person is disenchanted with mundane existence and leads the lifeof a recluse (5) Jupiter, Moon and the Ascendant expected by Saturn, andJupiter occupying the 9th house in the horoscope make a person born inRaja Yoga a holy and illustrious founder of a system of philosophy.(6)Saturn unaccepted by a planet occupies the 9th House and there is RajaYoga in the horoscope. The combination will make the individual entera, holy order and become a lord of men.


Planetarycombinations of this name are of two kinds. First, benefics in a cardinalhouse from Ascendant, and 6th and 8th houses either posited by beneficsor vacant. Second, the Ascendant lord and the 12th house lord both incardinal houses from each other, and expected by friendly planets. Personsborn under these combinations are very fortunate, fond of learning differentsubjects, charitable and considerate. They become political or socialleaders. They, however, have a great attraction for women.


Individuals born under it earn much money and are very skilled, and respected.


Planetarycombinations leading to servitude formed

(1)when Sun is in the 10th house, Moon is in the 7th, Saturn in the 4th,Mars in the 3rd and the Ascendant is in a cardinal sign while Jupiteris placed in the 2nd house. Persons born under this combination duringnight will be a servant of another person (2) If Venus occupies the 9thhouse, Moon the 7th house, Mars the 8th, and Jupiter owns the 2nd houseor the Ascendant while the Ascendant is in a fixed sign. The person bornin this combination lives always in servitude (3) When a person is bornduring nighttime and has the lord of the movable rising sign in Sandhiand a malefic planet occupies a cardinal house (4) Jupiter attains Iravathamsaand occupies a Sandhi, and Moon is not situated in a cardinal house butpossesses Uttam-varga and Venus is in the rising sign and birth is inthe night time during the dark half of a lunar month. The person is bornas a menial (5) if at the time of birth of a person, Mars, Jupiter, andSun occupy, respectively, the Sandhis of 6th, 4th, and 10th Bhavas, or(6) If Moon while occupying the Amsa (q.v.) of a malefic planet is ina Benefic sign, or (7) When Jupiter is in Capricorn occupying the 6th,8th, or the 12th bhava, and Moon is in the 4th bhava from the rising sign,-the individual born will have to work at the biddings of others.



Planetarycombinations which produce affluence, wealth, and royal status. Some importantRajya Yogas are listed below:

(1)Mutual relationship between Karakamsa and Ascendant.

(2)Ascendant, 2nd, and 4th houses associated with benefics and the 3rdhouse occupied by a malefic.

(3)The 2nd house occupied by any of the planets,Moon, Jupiter, Venus, ora strong Mercury occupying their own signs.

(4)Debilitated planets in 6th, 8th and 3rd houses, while the Ascendantlord occupies its own or its exaltation sign in Ascendant.

(5)Lord of the 10th house while occupying its own or its exaltation signaspects the Ascendant.

(6)All the benefics occupy cardinal houses.

(7)Debilitated lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses aspect the Ascendant.

(8)Any relationship between the lords of the 5th and 9th houses.

(9)The association of the lords of the 5th, 10th, and 4th houses and Ascendantwith the lord of the 9th house.

(10)Lord of the 5th house in association with the lord of the 9th houseor with the Ascendant lord in the 1st, 4th, or the 10th house.

(11)Venus associated with Jupiter in the 9th house if it happens to be thesign of Sagittarius or Pisces, or with the lord of the 5th house.

(12)Moon in the 3rd or 11th house, and Venus placed. in the 7th house fromit.

Manyother benefic combinations such as Gaja Kesari Yoga, Pancha Maha PurushaYoga and Lakshmi Yoga are also important Rajya Yogas.


Anauspicious combination formed by Moon and Ascendant in Vargottama Navamsa,and four or more planets expecting them. It makes the individual headof a state or its equivalent.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets in movable signs. The combinationmakes the individual born under it to settle in a foreign country. Heis generally unjust and engages in illegal activities.


Aplanetary combination constituted by the lord of the 12th house in exaltation,and Venus posited in the 12th house and aspected by the lord of the 4thhouse. Persons born under it attain the status of head of state. Theymay find wealth buried under the earth.


Acombination of planets formed by Sun in the 10th house and the lord ofthe 10th house in 3rd house along with Saturn. It makes the individualborn with this combination a Scientist who attains a powerful status inadministration. He eats very little, is much occupied with his studies,and is greatly respected.


Aplanetary combination leading to poverty. It arises when a weak lord ofAscendant is aspected by the lord of the 8th house, and Jupiter is combustby Sun. Alternatively, if the lord of Navamsa occupied by the lord ofthe 4th house is obscured by Sun while Sun itself is aspected by the lordof the 12th house.




Aninauspicious planetary combination described variously in classical texts.It is formed by all the planets in the 1st and 7th houses which make theindividual accept low professions. It also occurs when Jupiter occupiesthe 6th or 8th position from Moon posited in a house other than the cardinalhouses in relation with the Ascendant. It brings poverty even to thoseborn in a royal family. Such a person is troubled throughout his lifeand is disliked by the head of the state. Moon in the 12th, 8th or 6thhouse from Jupiter causes Sakata Yoga unless Moon is situated in a cardinalhouse. A person with this combination loses his wealth or position inlife, but regains them. Sakata Yoga produces cyclic fluctuation in fortune,just like the wheel of a chariot, rotating on its axis.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the Navamsa sign of the lordof the 9th house, along with Jupiter in the 2nd house. It makes the individuala top-ranking administrative officer living in luxury.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets in even houses such as the2nd, 4th, 6th, etc., while odd houses, such as the 1st, 3rd, etc., arevacant. It bestows much renown on the individual and he is provided withall conveniences of life.


Dependingupon the number of signs occupied by the seven planets Sankhya Yoga isformed. The different combinations formed by the number of houses occupiedare given different names,(a) Vina Yoga (seven signs occupied); (b) DamaYoga (six signs occupied); (c) Pasha Yoga (five signs occupied); (d) KedarYoga (four signs occupied); (e) Shula Yoga (three signs occupied); (f)Yuga Yoga (two signs occupied); and (g) Gola Yoga (one sign occupied).These combinations produce results when any other yoga formed by suchcombinations like Chap Yoga, Kshetri Yoga, Nav Yoga, etc. do not occur.


Oneof the Panch Maha Purusha Yogas. It is produced by a strong Saturn occupyinga cardinal house while occupying its own or its exaltation sign. It makesthe individual command many retinues. His libidinous proclivity is unbridled.He commands over a region. He is psychologically at a point where a radicaltransformation in his attitude is imminent; disenchantment with sex lifecould lead him towards spirituality. He may turn out to be a desire- lessphilanthropist.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets situated in the 7th, 8th,9th, and 10th houses. It makes the individual lazy and devoid of wealthand happiness but he acquires great skill in arguing for criminal litigants.


Aplanetary combination formed in 2 ways,(i) the lords of the 5th and 6thhouses in cardinal houses from one another, while the Ascendant is strong,and (ii) the lords of the ascendant and the 10th house placed in movablesigns while the lord of the 9th house is strong. These combinations makethe individual born under them, well versed in scriptures, a man of principlesand ethics, and engaged in laudable activities. Such individuals havea long life.


Aplanetary combination formed by the placement of all planets in the 4th,5th, 6th and 7th houses. It makes the individual born under it cruel andrelated with prisons.


Aplanetary combination formed in two ways, (i) the lord of the 10th houseposited in the 5th house, Mercury placed in a cardinal house, and Suneither in its own sign or in a very strong position, and (ii) Jupitersituated in a trine house from Moon, and Mars in a trine house from Mercury.Under these combinations, an individual becomes well behaved, dutiful,God-fearing and is honored by the state.



Aplanetary combination constituted by Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, providedMercury is not associated with any malefic, in Upachaya house from Ascendantor with Moon. It produces possibilities for the individual to become abillionaire.


Planetin 12th to Sun this yoga is formed, Nmae and fame are indicated.


Aplanet other than Moon occupying the 2nd house from Sun sign producesVesi Yoga; a similar occupation in the 12th house leads to Vasi Yoga.When Sun sign is flanked by planets other than Moon on both sides, itproduces Obhayachari Yoga. Persons born under Vesi Yoga are truthful,lazy, unbiased and rich. Vasi Yoga produces individuals skilled in manyarts; they are charitable, strong, learned, renowned and glorious.


Aplanetary combination formed by Mars either exalted or placed in the 10thhouse, exalted Sun in the 2nd house, and Moon along with Jupiter in the9th house. It enables the individual born under the combination to getan adorable wife and lead a happy personal life. He will be rich and willoccupy a high status in life.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of 11th house in exaltation alongwith Venus occupying a cardinal house in relation with the house occupiedby the Ascendant lord. It makes the individual charitable, affluent, andenables him to occupy a high status in life.


Acombination formed by the lords of the 9th and 10th houses as well asthe lord of the Navamsa sign lord of the 9th posited in the 2nd house.It makes the individual favored in an important way by the state. By nature,he is patient, is erudite, skilled in debating and is an engaging conversationalist.He becomes rich and lives for long.



Vedic Astrology Yogas For Spirituality Reading

Aplanetary combination formed by all malefic in 1st and 7th houses andall benefics in 4th and 10th houses. It makes the individual courageousand his mid-span of life is very happy.


Aplanetary combination formed by the lord of the 4th in 9th along withsome benefic and Jupiter expecting it. A person born under this combinationreceives valuable gifts from the state and from persons in authority,and leads a happy and affluent life.


Aplanetary combination formed by all planets in Ascendant, 2nd, 3rd, and4th houses. It makes the individual religious, charitable, generous, andhe performs many important rites.

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Vedic Astrology Signs

  • The lagna and the 8th lord, Mars, is debilitated.
  • The 10th lord is not in kendra.
  • The 3rd lord, Mercury is in the 8th house and retrograde.
  • Mercury is a maraka for Mesha lagna.
  • Mercury, the 2nd lord from the Moon, is placed in the 12th from it.
  • After the dashas of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn, the dasha of Mercury will be the 7th. In the Vimshamsha, Mercury is the 12th lord, time for samadhi and sadhe saati will be on.
  • Yogi he was and used to say, “Do bhajans. Bhajan is the medicine for all ailments and suffering”.
    His hints about my horoscope;
  • He used to say, “Yours is Tula lagna and Mesha navamsha and mine is Mesha lagna and Tula navamsha.’
    My 9th lord (Jupiter) which represents the Guru is on your 5th lord (Saturn) both in Dhanu.
    3. Your Moon is in the 11th from my Moon, which shows the possibilities of your fulfilling my incomplete work.

Gajakesari Yoga
On the off chance that human life is a half-recounted story of smothered wails, the organization of a Yogi is the aroma in it of a bloom. In this horoscope (of Yogiji) that blossom is the Gajakesari yoga in the ninth house. Both Jupiter and the Moon are in blemishless condition here. There is no part of any planet on it nor any conjunction. The fourth master in the ninth is the ashram and there is Jupiter here. Be that as it may, what is the ashram of a master? A researcher has clarified, “Aa-Samantaat Shramah” the spot where a wide range of work is to be finished. Is there wherever satisfying such condition?
Mars in the 4th

Tired of the legislative issues of the ashram he had return to Ahmadabad. His Guru had guaranteed him that he would show up after his samadhi (passing). Such perfect trust expect the state of life’s brilliance.

Maybe this had happened in Jupiter-Mars (1966-67) which he needed to delete from his memory. Be that as it may, inconspicuous damages are horrendous, especially on the off chance that they originate from a man whom you worship. Jupiter and Mars are 6/8 here.

All Yogas Vedic Astrology

In the crematorium like quiet of his house,in Jupiter-Rahu (1967-69) he, just as, needed to survive that memory. Two streams streamed in his life one next to the other, to stop that relentless stream of his wails and the unbroken spells of reflection which was similar to the stream of oil.

Taciturn separation got to be solid when the mahadasha of Saturn began. Profound thought in his isolated life was extremely normal now in light of the fact that in the Vimshamsha both Saturn and the Moon are in the ninth house. As his sadhana extended he began getting unbiased in astrology. When he did the exchange of any horoscope, he paid consideration on two perspectives constantly. At the point when and by what method will Life-Force stream and the profound side. This is the embodiment of jyotisha which is a truth-based lecturing.

Vedic Astrology Yogas

Were somebody to inquire as to whether I have seen anybody’s gifts give organic products a hundred percent I will say, without a minute’s hesitation,”Yes, my Jyotish guru’s”.

The part of Jupiter on his Ketu in the fifth house had given him such otherworldly power that he didn’t require Vedic astrology any longer.

Who came to him why and with hid thought process – he knew all that.

I probably taken no less than one hundred celestial prophets to him. He favored just a young lady that jyotisha will be a celestial eye for her, which turned out right. Others are the retailers in a bazaar stamping cash like road rascals.

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