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Vehicle Buying muhurats 2021 - List of auspicious Vehicle Buying muhurats in 2021, with date and time. Hindu vedic astrology based Vehicle Buying muhurat calendar. Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological system which is used by most astrologers around the globe in today’s time; this system was used especially by Sages and Maharishi’s 1000’s of years ago for their own benefits, so the predictions made on that system in today’s world will not match a normal person’s life. Vedic 2021 horoscope.


Vahana (Vehicle)Yoga Part--90(Apr—17--2009)Rule :--When the lord of birth-lagna is conjunct with the lord of the 4th (Vahana), 11th(Laabha), or the 9th(Bhagya) house, the Vahana yoga is formed.Rule :--When the lord of 4th house is exalted and the lord of the exaltation house occupies a kendra or trikona, the Vahana yoga is formed.

Beneifts—The person acquires material comforts and conveyances like cars. Explanation :--In the modern world, vahana refers to bicycles and automobiles.In old days (some 75 years and before) the time-honoured carriages drawn by horses or camels or palanquins carried by bearers were considered as vahanas (transport).

Any person of average income can possess a bicycle, but very few people can afford to own an automobile like car. Therefore, there must be some distinct combinations of planets present in a horoscope to enable the person to acquire a vahana (Vehicle).TheLagna-lord must not only conjunct with the 4th, 9thor 11th house lord but must be strong and well-disposed. Otherwise, the yoga may not function properly.

The following facts may also be noted.Vahanakaraka (significator) is Venus and Vahanasthana (house of vehicles) is the 4th house. Therefore, if Venus joins the lord of 4th house in the 4th hous, the person could possess ordinary vehicles. If Venus or lord of the 4th house is in the 11th house or 9th house, the person will possess a number of (vehicles).If the lord of 4th house is connected with the Moon (conjunct or aspected), then the person will own carriages drawn by horses or motor cars in modern parlance. Example :1 :--


Mars Mercury

Sun Jupiter Venus

Gemini Ketu

RASI:John F. Kennedy; former President of U.S.A.









Vehicle Vedic Astrology Calculator

JohnF. Kennedy (former President of U.S.A.) had Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house calculated from the Moon.The lord of 4th house (Sagittarius) is Jupiter; he is conjunct with Venus (vahana-giver) in 10th house (Kendra). Venus is in his own house Taurus.So he possessed many luxurious cars.Example :2 :--



Aries Rahu




Sun(9) Mercury

Feb-24-1948 at Chennai. Punnami.





Moon Mars






Ms. Jayalalatha was a renowned cinema-heroine and was Chief Minister of Tamilnandu for 4 terms (20 years).She is a billionaire.The lagna (Gemini) lord and the lord of 4th house (virgo) is Mercury.He is in 9th house (bhagya) forming Budha-Aditya yoga with Sun.Venus (vahana-kaarkaka) is exalted in Pisces in 10th house (Kendra).She owns many luxury cars and vehicles.

Example :-- 3 Smt. Sonia Gandhi is the de factor ruler of India (2004—09).She was a multi-millionaire by birth. She was the daughter-in-law of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India during 1966-1984 period. She a multi-billionaire.In this chart, the lord of 4th (vehicles) house (Libra) is Venus (significator of vehicles).Venus is in his own house in moola-trikona and conjunct with Jupiter (signficator of wealth).So she always owns dozens of luxury cars and even air-planes and ships.





Smt. Sonia Gandhi;Dec-9-1946; 21-25; at Turin (Italy).






Sun Mercury Ketu

Jupiter Venus




Example :--4BILL-GATES. Date of birth :Oct—28—1955. at night 9-15 hr at Seattle; U.S.A.He is the founder-owner and Managing Director of Microsoft Company.He isalways in the top three richest persons in the world.

















The birth lagna (Gemini) lord and the lord of 4th house (Virgo)(Vahana sthana) is Mercury.He is exalted in 4th house.Venus (significator of vehicles) is in his own house in moola-trikona in 5th house (Libra) (prosperity).He owns dozens of luxury cars, air-planes and luxury boats. (to be continued tomorrow).------You can get my full particularsfrom my web-site : can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: [email protected]and know my fee particulars.I have 44 years ofexperience / practice as an active astrologer.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some people even if they have the intention to buy vehicle they would experience some kind of delay because of the 4th house lord bad placement in horoscope. 4th house in the horoscope is considered as the house of vehicle.Venus (Shukra) plays an important role in owning a car. The person with Venus in his fourth house will surely own a car. Based on the information,

Sun if placed in the 4th house will give you a government vehicle with a driver

Moon if placed will get many white color cars with luxury

Jupiter is a sign of strong and safe car

Mars gives many cars with choices

Mercury is known for its luxury and grandeur

Venus gives lovely car with many collections

Saturn will give stable but old car blue color

Rahu gives a big car in black colour

Ketu affects no vehicle as the planet is of denial

Moon and Venus Combination gives you the beautiful grand vehicles

Table below which explains the auspicious colors for each zodiac sign.

Graha English Name Colour

Surya Sun Red, Yellow, Saffron, White

Chandra Moon White, Red, Yellow


Mangal Mars Blood Red, Yellow, Saffron

Budha Mercury Green, Grey, Red

Guru Jupiter Yellow, Red, Saffron, Bronze

Car Vedic Astrology

Shukra Venus White, Green, Black

Shani Saturn Blue, Green, Yellow

Rahu North Lunar Node Grey

Ketu South Lunar Node Mixed colours

Hence based on your zodiac sign lord, you can find out the auspicious color for your vehicle.

Timing of buying a car :

In a Horoscope, Fourth house is called Vahana Sthana. Venus is the planet of Pleasure, Luxury, so naturally Venus become the karaka for the Vehicle. Mars represents the structural aspect of the Vehicle as Mars is for metal, engineering. machine etc. The function of the car or a Vehicle is to transport people, or conveyance. Transportation is the use of the car. Mercury is the planet associated with transportation, short distance travel, Comunication etc. so Mercury also needs to be considered while buying or selling a car.

Benefic aspect on the 4th house, 4th lord, or Venus would be very helpful for the purchase of a car when the favourable maha dasa or sub dasa is running, or even by a good planet transit over the 4th house. The association of the benefic planet could be by aspect or conjunction.

Please make sure these planets are in direct motion during the time you are buying a car. That is the 4th lord, Venus and Mercury. If those planets are afflicted, the structural and the functional aspect of the car would be seriously affected in the future. The Ascendant at the time of buying the car is also very important to consider. it should be free from afflictions as well.

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