Venus Astrology Symbol

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as you learn the basic signs and symbols of astrology, you can use this list of astrology symbols to help you find your way through the birth chart. Each symbol links to its keywords and meaning. What is my ascendant sign in vedic astrology.

Symbol Venus represents your Way of Relating. Its placement in Sign and House reveals how we appreciate pleasure, beauty, art, creativity, our interactions with our environment, and our interactions with the people in our lives. Consider the chart of an individual with Venus in Aries in the 6 th House.

  • Venus in Esoteric Astrology (Artwork by Kagaya) Planet of the Fifth Ray. Esoteric Ruler of Gemini. The predominant concept which we hold as love, especially that aspect of love which is romanticised, exalted in song and poetry, searched for to the ends of the earth, and generally being thought of as the quintessential sharing between human beings, would hardly be thought of as being logical in.
  • Astrology symbols and links to their meanings in the birth chart. A quick reference guide to the astrological symbols, also called glyphs. Astrology symbols and links to their meanings in the birth chart. Venus – Ruler of Taurus and Libra – Attraction. Mars – Ruler of Aries and Scorpio – Your Drive.
  • Gemini’s Symbol is the Twins; this Sign can often be of two minds about things. If possessive Taurus is able to let go and give one Twin the relationship security and intimacy it wants while allowing the other Twin its freedom, things will go well between these two.

What do the astrology symbols mean?

Astrology Venus Sign Meaning

The symbols for each of the planets and signs are also called the glyphs.

The birth chart is a snapshot in time of the day you were born. You’ll typically see the symbols for a planet and sign together. The symbols show where in the sky, in what sign of the Zodiac a planet’s was located when you were born.

Eventually, you will learn the astrology symbols by heart. Until then, keep this handy reference in your bookmarks!


The Planet of Love and Money: Venus

The planet Venus is very concerned with being happy. People ruled by this planet enjoy pleasure, especially if they can share it. Venus is about romance, love, and balance. She will focus on emotional bonds and marriage, business relationships and friendship. Venus will enjoy making people happy and being kind. However, Venus will be the one to teach people how they can love and admire each other and the things they own.

Venus Astrology Sign

Venus will have an energy that will make people feel attractive and attract them to each other. The planet values being social. She will think it is important to be able to sympathize with each other.

Venus will be very connected to beauty. The planet is concerned with activities that are from the arts. Venus controls literature, dance, drama, and music. She is concerned with aesthetics. Venus will want people to listen to their senses. Venus wants people to be able to see how the world can have beauty. She is connected to sophistication, culture, charisma, and grace.

Venus is concerned with the things that people have making them happy. The planet will value luxurious things. She will be able to appreciate the finer things, like art and jewelry and luxury cars. Venus will enjoy having delicious food and drink and a gorgeous home. She will enjoy things that are sophisticated. She will want people to admire the beauty of things. She will see the world as sexy, but not necessarily sexual.

Venus will orbit the zodiac in approximately 225 days. She will always be within 47 degrees of the sun. She will rule over both Taurus and Libra. She rules over the Second and Seventh Houses.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love. Venus rules over two zodiac signs and two areas of life. She controls love and money.

Venus will control people being sentimental. She influences what people will think is important and what makes them happy. Venus rules over charisma, grace, and beauty. She shows people what kind of style they like, how they are creative, and what will make them happy.

Venus Astrology Symbol

Venus will influence how people spend their money. She will show people the kinds of gifts they will buy and how they will spend money when they relax.

Venus will rule over bonds with other people. She controls people being attractive and how they attract other people. Venus has an energy that is balanced. The people she rules over will want to keep the peace. She shows people how to appreciate and how to be appreciated. She rules over romance and love and the arts. She is about beauty, entertainment, and money. She is concerned with relaxing, being warm, and having a sensual nature.

Venus has positive traits of being able to compromise, be loving, keep peace, and having style. However, Venus can have negative traits of being selfish, egotistical, arrogant, and trivial.

Venus Astrology Sign

Symbol and Symbolism

Venus has a symbol made up of a circle that represents spirit and a cross that represents matter. It is somewhat like the symbol of Mercury. However, the symbol of Venus does not have a crescent at the top.

Venus Rules What In Astrology

Venus will symbolize love, appeal, ambition, beauty, and passion. She will represent balance, devotion, desire, creativity, and allure. She symbolizes ideas, womanhood, aesthetics, and being imaginative and being appreciative. She will represent bonds and people with opposite natures being able to come together.

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