Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology

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The fourth house in Vedic astrology is associated with
mother as per Hindu astrology it is associated with the goddess Parvathi.

This house also reflects spirituality, domestic happiness, and property. Also known as Bandhu Bhava, the fourth house represents one’s mentality and acquisition of properties.

What does 4th House represent in Vedic astrology? As per the beliefs of ancient Hindu sages, this house is attributed to the mother. Fourth house relates to one’s home, residence, domestic environments and general condition of the native in the later part of his life.

  1. Venus in 4th house: Your home life will be very much comfortable and full of luxurious items. You will be emotionally attached to your parents and especially your mother. Your mother will be a very loving and caring lady.
  2. Venus is malefic in following cases:- 1. Any planet posited in the eleventh house. Saturn or Moon present in 4th house. Jupiter present in 1st house. Mercury present in 6th house. To increase the benefic results and reduce the malefics take the following precautions and remedies:- 1. Paint roof of your house with clay.

It also represents a person’s journey from birth to death. Heart, lungs, and chest are the body parts related to this house. This house also signifies higher education, parental property, discovering treasures and vehicles. The zodiac sign associated with the fourth house is Cancer which is ruled by the moon.

The occupation related to this house is mining, agriculture, construction. The organs or body parts associated with this house are the digestive systems, respiratory system, right breast, and right shoulder.

The significance of planets in the fourth house in Vedic Astrology

  1. Sun– Attachment to family culture and traditions and carrying on the family traditions with honesty. The fourth house represents the Capricorn zodiac sign. People having sun under the fourth house in their birth chart lead a very calm, peaceful and satisfying life.
  2. Moon– A homely person, people with the moon under this house are very emotional, are protective and have an intuition sense. The negative impact of the moon in the fourth house is that they are emotionally dependent and suffer from financial insecurities.
  3. Mars– Mars is the fourth house signifies, love and patriotism towards both mother and motherland. Are rude, aggressive, dominating and possessive in nature.
  4. Mercury– Will possess stability in thoughts, love their family and continue to carry their family values and traditions. A bit rigid to accept the changing environment.
  5. Jupiter– The livelihood of the people is influenced when Jupiter is in the fourth house. Unexpected gains, longevity, and achievements are possible. There is spiritual enlightenment when Jupiter is placed in the fourth house.
  6. Venus– Venus in the fourth house represents an emotional person with a calm and composed mind. Will enjoy a happy married life and will also love to protect his family.
  7. Saturn– The position of Saturn in the fourth house is not appreciated as it symbolizes negative impacts on health, loss of property, unhealthy relations with one’s mother, unhappy and might face issues in family life.
  8. Rahu– Some negative impacts of Rahu in the Fourth house, include emotional and mental stress with deceitful thoughts, highly ambitious and never satisfied. The body parts associated with this house are chest and breast.
  9. Ketu– Ketu in the fourth house indicates that the person will not be able to enjoy motherly affection. They are more prone to accidents, would travel to different places for personal and professional purposes.

Well, I think that you have known enough information about the fourth house in Vedic astrology.

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Venus in 4th house unites with the energies of Moon-ruled Cancer. As the 4th zodiac sign Cancer naturally represents the 4th astrological house and therefore shares similar energies with it.

It is important to note that the positive placement of the Moon and the 4th house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of Venus in the 4th house.

Moon is linked to this astrological house by being a ruler of the 4th zodiac sign Cancer and also reflecting mental wellness and health.

The 4th house ruler becomes a guide to Venus in the 4th house. Therefore itis important to consider the condition of the 4th house for analyzing deeper outcomes of this combination.

The condition of the 4th ruler also determines whether the energies of the Venus in this house are directed towards betterness or not.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which the Venus resides in the 4th house.

Results of Venus in 4th House

What does Venus in the fourth house mean? Fourth house Venus blesses with handsomeness, intelligence, peace of mind, and happiness in general. It also indicates luxurious conveyances and comforts. People with this combination experience happiness from mother, wife, and home.



From the 4th house, Venus aspects the 10th house of high achievements, profession, and karmic duties. A direct indication is that the karmic duty and main activity of the native are related to Venus. Peace of mind (4) is backed by the fulfillment of one’s karmic duty (10). Regarding profession (10), it might be connected to vehicles, homes, conveyances (4), legal matters (Venus), etc.

Digbala Venus ⋆ Directional Strength

Venus is especially powerful in the fourth astrological house because of gaining directional strength and momentum in the considered house as the governed direction of Venus matches the governed direction of the 4th astrological house.

As a result, all the significances of Venus and the 4th house get boosted and endowed with strength, which in turn bless people with this combination abundantly.

Mental Happiness

Venus is one of the natural beneficial planets which provides comforts in a relatively easy way, if dignified.

When a strong and dignified Venus resides in the 4th house, it ensures mental happiness and peace of mind, which are the prime significances of the fourth astrological house.

In addition to that, Moon as the main significant planet of mind also determines mental wellness. Accordingly, to ensure complete peace of mind, Moon should be also strong while Venus is dignified. If Moon is weak while Venus is strong, it compromises or decreases the mental strength and peace of mind to some extent.

Luxury & Comfort

These mentioned in the subheading are governed by the 4th house. Venus in the considered house blesses with luxurious conveyances and a comfortable life which makes life more enjoyable and increases emotional happiness. In addition to that, Venus in the considered house blesses with luck and wealth through immovable properties and/or real estate.

People with this combination also possess and are fond of using beautiful and luxurious dresses, perfumes, jewelry, and ornaments, all of which are governed by Venus.

Admirers, Friends, and Followers

Now things are going to get more interesting, as the significances mentioned in the headline are actually connected to the natural ruler of the 4th zodiac sign, which is Moon.

Hence, Venus in the considered house influences the friend circle, friends, and followers positively. Venus, as a soft and sweet naturally beneficial planet, indicates enjoyment of a good social circle and having a good amount of followers. Moreover, natives with this combination are admired by their followers and receive a huge amount of respect.

Righteous Conduct

Sun In 3rd House


As the 4th house belongs to Moksha Trikona which is the triangle of salvation and transcendence, the positioning of Venus here indicates a very righteous and humble way of self conduct.

In fact, Venus as the ruler of the zodiac sign Libra loves peace, harmony, balance, equity, and justice. Hence, with a dignified Venus in 4th house, the native becomes extremely justice-loving and strives to attain peace, balance, and harmony in their surroundings, especially at the home.

The aspect of justice-loving Venus upon the 10th house of karma and action gives these natives generous and righteous motives towards society. That is to say, their actions are always backed by good intentions to improve society.

The considered connection also indicates being interested in learning about spiritual topics. The 4th house is the first house of Moksha Trikona which means that this house is the first crucial step towards attaining salvation and spiritual enlightenment.

In fact, Venus is considered another guru or teaches beside Jupiter as per sidereal Vedic astrology. It means that Venus feels comfortable in a spiritual environment because, in addition to spreading justice and equity, it is able to promote spiritual truths and principles.

With that being said, as Venus denotes both spiritual wisdom and luxuries, it has the characteristics of a spiritual hedonist. That is, Venus loves struggle-free life with lots of comforts to maximally concentrate on learning and spreading spiritual truths and diplomatic wisdom.

It is important to note that for maximally positive results, Venus should be dignified in the 4th house. That is to say, a fallen or dignified Venus in the given house makes it hard to attain the desired comforts. It also causes ungratefulness which hinders the process of attaining peace of mind and learning a deeper meaning of life. Fallen Venus also makes the native overly obsessed about the material.

Whereas exalted Venus in Pisces makes the native maximally spiritual and cares less about the material world. In fact, Pisces is the 12th spiritual zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter where Venus performers at its best. What is ironic about exalted Venus is that they are detached about material comforts, so they naturally attract comforts and luxuries in their life without struggling. Free vedic astrology report. With that being said, they are able to maintain their mental health and peace of mind by fully concentrating on higher meanings and truths of life.

Social Honor

If Venus is dignified in the given house, it indicates that these natives are capable of achieving high social rank and status. They become admired and respected for their efforts and good intentions towards society.

On the contrary, if Venus is undignified, it makes a person frightfully superior. That is to say, they think that they deserve more than others and have an overly high opinion of themselves. This kind of behavior indeed reduces social support and honor to a great extent.


Another important significance of the considered house is Mother. Venus n this house indicates being very concerned and caring about one’s mother. It also indicates being fortunate regarding one’s mother by receiving a lot of care and support from her.

Emotional Strength

Mental health and peace of mind are governed by the fourth astrological house, in which Venus bestows good emotional strength, if well placed.

In fact, Venus is the planet of comforts, beauty, and luxury which indicates that mental peace and satisfaction are provided by the presence of luxurious articles in life. They also find peace in keeping their possessions, home, and themselves as beautiful as possible.

With that being said, a well placed Venus blesses the native with the above-mentioned positives which ensure their peace of mind and satisfaction.

However, if Venus is fallen, associated with a malefic or inimical planet, it indicates poor mental health and lunacy (from the word Luna, which translates to Moon, which is the natural ruler of the 4th house).

Malavya Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Fourth House Venus in its own sign (Taurus, Libra), or sign of exaltation (Pisces) creates an extremely strong and fortunate planetary combination which is called Malavya Yoga (Venus).

As a general result of this combination, the native inherits all the best qualities and blessings of the planet Venus. That is, they are very delightful and pleasing in both appearance and behavior. They are also blessed with a comfortable lifestyle with various luxurious conveyances, as this planet signifies the same.

Additional results to the general results regarding 4th house significances apply. Malavya Yoga boosts the significances, such as peace of mind luxury, conveyances, vehicles, etc. Accordingly, people who are blessed to have this powerful planetary combination are fortunate to possess various luxurious conveyances, homes, which ensure great happiness and peace of mind throughout life (except during periods of ill-placed planets).

What makes this already fortunate combination even more powerful is the fact that Venus gains additional strength through being in direction where it gains additional ShadBala points. The directional momentum of Venus greatly extends the positive result of this fortunate Malavya Yoga.

How to further strengthen Fourth House Venus? To maintain marital harmony, it is advised to remarry with the life partner. Keep the roof of the home well maintained and clean to ensure prosperity through 4th house significances.

Classical Analysis

Lal Kitab

Classic scripture Lal Kitab states that fourth house Venus may increase the possibility of multiple wives/marriages. The combination also blesses with plenty of wealth gains. To be specific, trading or business related to Mars (the mutual significator of real estate with 4th house) brings high levels of success and wealth.

However, it is advised to refrain from the business that is related to Mercury as there may be more obstacles and losses. Lal Kitab also advises to avoid liquor at all costs as consuming it automatically weakens Saturn (mutual significator of real estate with 4th house and Mars).

Bhrigu Sutras

According to Bhrigu Sutras, the given combination provides mostly asucpious results because of the directional strenght Venus obtains in this house.

Namely, individuals with this combination are naturally very attractive and handsome. Not only that they are beautiful, but also smart and wise. That is because the 4th house is about thinking patterns and Venus with directional strneght improves the mentality to a great extent.

Individuals with this combination are also very generous, humble, and merciful. That is because of the spiritual energies provided by the 4th house of the salvation triangle.

Venus with directional strength in the 4th house also blesses these natives with an abundant supply of milk. That is because milk is signified by the white planet Moon, which rules the 4th zodiac sign. Milk in abundance is also used as a metaphor for mental peace provided by the presence of abundant nutritional supply. Hence, these natives are blessed and saved from thirst and starvation.

According to this classical source, these natives are said to obtain high-class conveyances at the age of 30.

If also the 4th house ruler is diginifed and strong, the native is blessed with various luxurious conveyances, beautiful home, and valuable assets, such as gold.

However, if the 4th ruler is weakened by being placed in an inimical or debilitation sign, the native will lack comforts and conveyances in life. It also causes distress and worries to the mother of the native.

The fall of the 4th ruler, while Venus is in the 4th house, creates a deceptive and ungrateful person who is inclined to have relations with partners other than their spouse.

Brihat Jataka

The presence of Venus in the 4th house makes the person with this combination constantly happy. They feel blessed and never stressed.

It is important to note that Venus should be dignified in order to provide constant happiness and satisfaction.

Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

A fallen Venus makes a person feel ungrateful for what they have which causes losses and difficulties in attaining more blessings. It also equals having no constant satisfaction.


According to Phaladeepika, individuals with this combination are blessed with a cozy and beautiful home, They are also likely to possess a high-class conveyance.

Other than that, they are blessed with various articles of beauty, such as perfumes, beautiful dresses, and ornaments.

Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology 2020


As per Saravali, these natives receive emotional security and satisfaction from their friends because of having good and supportive relations with them. Other effects are the same as in Phaladeepika.

Chamatkara Chintamani

As per this classical source, this combination blesses the native with high rank and social status. That is because of Venus with directional strength influencing the 10th house of rank and social status positively with its aspect ray.

With that being said, they are admired by members of society and receive a lot of comforts and favors from them.

It is also mentioned that these natives are very caring and affectionate towards their mothers even from a very early age.

Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology

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