Venus In 6th House Vedic Astrology

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When 6th Lord is in 7th house or vice versa or 6th and 7th lord is conjunct, the separation takes place after lot of legal proceedings. 6th house is 12th from 7th, so it is the Loss of Marriage. Whenever 6th house or Lord is associated with Significator of marriage Venus, it may also bring divorce in astrology provided the 7th house is also. (Darakaraka In Vedic Astrology) This planet which is your Darakaraka can have much influence you, Your preferences, attributes, attitude, capabilities, inclinations, judgments also influence your other half but it all depends on your 7th house, 7th lord, Darakaraka, Venus and Jupiter.

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So the second house doesn’t relate to a career or profession but one’s financial position. Saving, budgeting, and how you acquire and manage debts also comes under the domain of the second house in astrology. The second house in Vedic astrology is associated with the sign of Taurus. Venus and Jupiter are natural significators of the second.

Venus in 6th house vedic astrology

Moon in the 6th House unites with the energies of Virgo and its ruler Mercury. The energies of the 6th house and Virgo are directed towards working hard and efficient resource management by utilizing cognitive brainpower and analytical skills.

The 6th house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona, which means that the traits of Moon are directed towards earning of livelihood through discipline, service, and hard work,

It is important to note that the positive placement of Mars, Saturn, and the 6th house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of Moon in the 6th house. Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which the Moon resides in the 6th house.

In addition to that, the phase of the Moon is very important to determine the outcomes of this combination. With that being said, waxing and full Moon is considered favorable while waning and dark Moon is unfavorable.

Results of Moon in 6th House

Under Service of People in Need

Moon in the 6th house produces a person who is sensitive and compassionate to others, who are injured, emotionally exhausted or traumatized, neglected, and victims of any other similar circumstance.

They make their priorities always secondary to the needs of those being served which makes them great healers and nurturers of people in need. Furthermore, their subconscious mind is preoccupied with thoughts and worries about others which causes mental stress and anxiety.

If Moon is well-placed and strong in the 6th house, it promotes becoming famous and reputed for the great above-mentioned characteristics.

Mental Strength

Moon in 6th house of challenges puts mind under constant pressure leaving no other choice than to become mentally strong and resistant. Starting from childhood, one is forced to withstand opposition and conflicted situations which trains the mind to become alert and strong.

As a result, the mind (Moon) becomes aware of what is happening in the surroundings and how to respond quickly and strategically efficiently when necessary. However, the alertness compromises the peace and happiness of mind.

Health & Immunity

The condition of the Moon in the 6th house determines the vulnerability to various health threats. With that being said, if Moon is Waxing, Full, and well-placed it indicates having strong immunity and resistance to diseases both of which provide sound health.

If Moon is weak (Waning or Dark) and ill-placed it indicates various health issues related to Moon (mind) and 6th house (abdomen). Accordingly, weak Moon in the considered house indicates mental stress, anxiety, and issues regarding digestion and related organs.

Harsh & Argumentative

Moon rules over emotions and its placement in the 6th house, which is a house of difficulties or Dushtana Bhava, indicates having harsh and rude behavior. The considered combination also indicates being overly critical and argumentative.

If Moon is waning, dark, or ill placed it indicates that the native is envious and jelaous which affects their behavior adversely.

Competent in Debates

Moon is a natural beneficial planet, which has soft, gentle characteristics and the placement in a house of difficulties is not comfortable for such planets because of not having the necessary characteristics to fight the hardest battles in life.

As a result, such placement of gentle planet Moon in 6th house causes being lack of physical power, aggressiveness, passion, and resistance to battle the hardest obstacles.

However, if conditions allow, that is, if Moon is Waxing, Full, and/or well-placed in its favorable sign in the considered house it indicates strong emotional resistance to pressure and makes one extremely competent in debates or battles where strong cognitive power of the brain is crucial.

Venus in 6th house vedic astrology compatibility

This favorable combination also indicates being victorious over enemies and saved from obstacles and opponents in life that are difficult to overcome.

Alternatively, if Moon is Waning, Dark, and/or ill-placed in the birth chart it indicates being deprived of emotional intelligence and confidence which causes being easily demotivated by obstacles as well as defeated and humiliated by enemies.

Ability to Gain Wealth

The 6th house is one of the houses of wealth or Artha in astrology and the condition of Moon determines the ability to work hard for profit and activities where gains are earned from.

Accordingly, if the Moon is strong and well-placed in the considered house it indicates earning a considerable amount of wealth using cognitive power of mind and intelligence through activities related to nursing, caretaking, accommodation (Moon), real-estate (Mars), and writing/publishing (Mercury).


The 6th house signifies loans and a well-placed Moon in the considered house provides the wisdom and ability to use loans wisely and efficiently in various ventures resulting in large profits.


Moon in the 6th house indicates analytical, critical, argumentative, clever, and disciplined mother. She is also fond of offering service to people and animals in need. This combination also indicates that she is concerned about environmental issues.

Additionally, Moon in the 6th house indicates frequent arguments, disagreements, and quarrels between the native and mother because of her demanding and overly critical character.

Classical Interpretation

Bhrigu Sutras

This combination causes the natives to struggle very hard to earn wealth, as per this classical source.

Such natives are likely to be involved in illegal relationships with the members of the opposite gender.

Moreover, if the Moon is influenced by the natural malefic planet by aspect or conjunction, the negative effects are amplified. As a result, the native will become very hostile, aggressive, and inclined towards performing sinful deeds.

Venus In 6th House Vedic Astrology

That is because Moon is the planet of mind and the positioning of it in the malefic 6th house influences the thinking patters of the native in a way that makes the native aggressive and critical.

Furthermore, if Moon is also conjunct with Rahu or Ketu in the 6th house, it indicates that the native has to withstand a lot of pressure and obstacles caused by very dangerous and sinful enemies.

In addition to that, jealous and hostile enemies cause damage to the possessions of the natives with this combination which leads to loss of finances.

The native themselves develop a very quarrelsome and critically negative mindset which makes them fond of initiating quarrels and fights with others.

The water bodies, such as oceans, rivers, ponds, etc are dangerous for the native. It is because Moon represents fluids including water making this negative placed Moon in the 6th house very dangerous for the native regarding water and liquids.

In addition to that, weak or afflicted Moon in the given house causes weak immunity which makes them prone to catch health ailments easily.

Waning Moon in this house further extends the inauspicious results. If Moon is not well aspected or placed, it produces completely malefic results regarding the 6th house significances.

However, if Moon is either well placed, waxing, full, or conjunct with a natural benefic, it blesses with good immunity which protects form health issues. This also contributes to overall health, durability, and strength of the body.

Brihat Jataka

Mars in 4th house

In this classical source, default negative results are emphasized when Moon is bereft of benefic influence.

In Brihat Jataka, it is stated that natives with this combiation have a lot of enemies and forced to face opposition frequently.

This combination also provides a very gentle constitution of the body. Such natives are also very irritable and bad-tempered. In addition to that, they tend to be cruel, harsh, and sluggish while working.

In other words, the gentle planet Moon does not resonate harmoniously with the harsh environments of the 6th house making these native soft and delicate. It also means they dislike heavy duty and hard work.


This classical source states that this combination causes digestive or stomach related issues.
Such natives will be humiliated and troubled by the presence of unethical enemies.

In Saravali, same results are mentioned as in Bhrigu Sutras.

12 houses vedic astrology

Chamatkara Chintamani

Venus In 6th House Vedic Astrology Chart

In this classical source, positive results of a well placed and favorably influenced Moon are listed.

There is mentioned that natives with this combination attain fame and recognition through hard work and efforts. A well placed Moon in this house also motivates these natives to serve the underprivileged through various good deeds.

In fact, Moon in the 6th house casts direct aspect upon the 12th house of expenses, spirituality, charities, etc. Hence, a positive Moon in the 6th house motivates these natives to become sacrificial in order to help others. However, they still have disputes with their mother.

Such natives with well placed Moon in the 6th house have the mental strength and durability to overcome adversities, opposition, and enemies. It is also mentioned that they have disputes with authorities.

Venus In 6th House Vedic Astrology Sign

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