Venus In Capricorn Vedic Astrology

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Capricorn, you're an expert at operating within a restricted framework. This week, others are impressed. On Tuesday, April 6, Venus in Aries, in your house of dwellings, makes a sextile to Mars in Gemini in your house of improvements. Today, you might be quite willing to spend some money to make the house more comfortable, more beautiful, or both. Vedic astrology, Indian astrology and Hindu astrology are the synonym terms for each others. It is solving life's mystery from very ancient time. It is solving life's mystery from very ancient time. Vedic astrology can predict about any sphere of your life on the basis of the position of planet in your birth chart. Meaning of Houses in Vedic Astrology. Houses in Vedic Astrology defines and divides the exact areas of a person’s life depending on his horoscope which is found out on the basis of a person’ accurate time and location and date of birth. Different houses govern different areas of life which you will find out about further in the next section.


Venus In Capricorn Vedic Astrology

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Capricorn Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

Venus in Capricorn in a horoscope produces a seriousness, a sense of caution, and a degree of pride associated with the affections. You are actually a little timid in love affairs, and very reserved in expressing feelings. Romantic feelings can be extreme strong inside, while on the surface you appear emotionally distant and reserved. Highly restrained, you're unlikely to make an overt public display of emotions. You do display a quiet personal dignity and refinement. In truth, you are romantically insecure, fearing rejection and loneliness. Emotional feelings are often repressed and seem to be absent most of the time. This Venus placement often spurs ambitions and the desire for prestige and status. You may indeed be at your charming best in the work environment, since you are so intensely involved in this arena. Often, romantic involvement starts here. Some with Venus in Capricorn seek love and partnership solely because they view it as the appropriate thing to do, and doing the proper thing is so fundamental to the psychology of this placement. You expect your partner to be a helpmate in the struggle for success and achievement. Though never openly demonstrative, you are steadfast and loyal. You have a very solid and deep sense of responsibility in romantic attachments and marriage. When it comes to commitment, you are definitely the old-fashioned type. You are a one-love person who is extremely dependable.