Venus In Virgo Vedic Astrology

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VENUS IN ARIES: Venus is in a neutral sign here and exhibits average strength. These are affectionate people who live in comfortable quarters. They get good mates but will have periods of “butting heads against each other” in marriage. They are fond of the arts or of entertainment. Texts say that they will have some bad qualities and will bring some “disgrace to the family.”

VENUS IN TAURUS: Venus is in its own sign and thus becomes important and beneficial in this person’s life. He or she will have knowledge of both material and spiritual matters. They are artistic, attractive-looking and blessed with a beautiful mate. They have conflicts in their lives between spirituality and sensuality. They are sympathetic to the needy and they do not like people of personal ambition. A strong body, handsome appearance and a peace-loving heart will be manifest in most cases.

VENUS IN GEMINI: Venus is in a friendly sign here and brings enjoyments into one’s life through both learning and sexuality. Skill in the arts, good friendships, flirtatious nature are to be expected. Opulence and religious devotion are mentioned in most texts.

Venus In Virgo Vedic AstrologyVenus in virgo vedic astrology scorpio

Venus In Virgo Vedic Astrology Pisces

VENUS IN CANCER: Venus is in an inimical sign here, so this person may expect some emotional grief at times. This grief will manifest through sex relations, through overindulgence and through their soft, weak or timid nature. They can make good actors, decorators or make money by the beauty business. They live comfortably, they are good looking and they have a good heart.

Venus is considered as Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. It is a form of Maha Lakshmi, the wife of lord Vishnu. Venus rules over the Yajurveda and the Vasant Ritu (April and May). According to western astrology Venus is known as Lucifer and Hebrews named it as Astoreth. Venus in Virgo in a horoscope can be difficult placement as Virgo is the sign of debility for Venus. It produces tendencies to over-analyze emotions. You may be critical of those you are near. You play it safe in affairs of the heart.

VENUS IN LEO: This is an inimical sign for Venus and it indicates some pride, passion and licentiousness. They are fashionable and artistic people who like socializing, entertainment and hob-nobbing with celebrities. They are romantic and idealistic but also have a practical side. Texts mention “an attractive mate, money through the opposite sex and few children.”

VENUS IN VIRGO: This is the weakest sign, the debilitation point, for Venus and thus various problems can manifest. Among them might be differences with the mate, sudden loss of possessions, poverty or unscrupulous methods of earning and afflictions to the sex organs or excretory system. They might be scholarly and religious and indifferent to the things of the material world. They also may do service for God’s devotees.

VENUS IN LIBRA: Venus is in its own sign and thus powerfully situated here. This indicates enjoyment of sensuality, friendship with the rich. a handsome appearance, skill in earning money, and attraction for the beautiful things of the world, like cars, mansions, art. flowers, etc. These people are poetic travelers who may have a successful marriage.

Venus In Virgo Vedic Astrology Horoscope

VENUS IN SCORPIO: This person may have a strong or broad body with sensual prowess. They suffer disappointments in love, accumulate things by suspicious means, are poetic and artistic and inclined towards mysticism. They are quarrelsome or get into litigation. The Scorpio qualities like revenge fulness, psychic intuition, secretiveness, etc. manifest in them and in their dealings with others. They like scenic places, they are talkative and emotional and they may do some shameful deeds.

VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS: Venus tenants a neutral sign here, giving a combination of material success and philosophical interests. They usually have a tall and handsome appearance and are well decorated. They receive honors, live in comfort and have a good education. Standard texts say that such people are respectable, have a happy domestic life, possess opulences and have an influential position in society. Conflicts between renunciation and acquisitiveness manifest in their lives.

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: The usual reading is an attractive person with a weak body, who serves others or is dominated by an elderly mate. They have some questionable morals but are leamed in subtle sciences. They may be showy or boastful and do questionable things for material gain. They get the chance to travel to tropical places, have much popularity, suffer heart disease and financial dependence on others.

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: A soft and likeable person, leamed in mystic sciences, attached to the opposite sex and of some unclean habits may be expected. An independent and freedom-loving nature manifests. They are socializers, enjoying games and entertainment. They are described in various texts as “chaste, timid, humanitarian and of strong convictions.”

VENUS IN PISCES: Venus is exalted or in its best sign in Pisces. This will be a loving person, capable of sacrifice, enjoying good friendships, able to gain material things, getting the potency to enjoy sex and entertainment. They possess cars and houses and have learning in both material and spiritual circles. They may be diplomatic and clever in doing their work. They can be peacemakers or they know how to inspire others.

In this webcast, we will talk about the importance of Venus in Vedic astrology. We will also talk about the effects of Venus in a Kundali and the issues and remedies related to it.

Importance of Venus in astrology

According to ancient legends, Venus was a son of Saint Bhrigu and Khyati. Venus was married to lord Indra’s daughter Jayanti. His second wife Go was the daughter of Pitras. She gave birth to four sons who were named Twashtha, Varutri, Shand and Amark. Venus acquired ‘Sanjivani Vidya’ through tough penance and he used it to bring the dead demons back to life. Hence, he was considered to be the Purohit of the demons. Venus is known by many different names like Usamna, Kavi, Bhargav, Bhrigu, Bhrigusut, Daityaguru, Sit, Soonu, Kaan, Daan and Vejya.

The Karakatwas of Venus

Each planet gives different kind of results. Venus is the Karaka planet of seventh house in a Janma Kundali. It provides happiness since it is the Karaka planet of happiness and beauty. It is also the Karaka planet of creativity. Any creative or aesthetic work cannot be completed without Venus. One cannot get luxury without Venus. Hence, it is the Karaka of all these things.

In gemstones, Venus is the Karaka planet of diamond. The sub-stones worn in order to strengthen Venus are Opal and Zircon. Any white or lustrous object can be associated with Venus. It is also the Karak planet of waterfalls, flowers, youth, music, poetry etc.

Impact of Venus in the Janma Kundali

Venus In Virgo Vedic Astrology Scorpio


Venus has two signs namely Taurus and Libra in Vedic astrology. It is considered to be in its own sign(Swarashi) in these two signs and gives auspicious results. Venus is considered to be in its Mooltrikon Rashi when it is in Libra sign from 0 to 5 degrees. Venus gives good results in its Mooltrikon Rashi.

If Venus is in Pisces sign from 0 to 27 degrees, then it will be exalted. Venus is highly exalted in this position. Venus will be debilitated if it is in Virgo sign from 0 to 27 degrees. A person faces mental troubles during this period. This placement is exactly opposite to the situation in which Venus is exalted.

Relationship of Venus with other planets

In Vedic astrology, planets are either friendly, neutral or enemies towards each other. The natural friendship of planets is called Naisargik Maitri. The permanent enemies are called Naisargik Shatru. Mercury and Saturn are natural (Naisargik) friends of Venus. Mars and Jupiter are neutral towards Venus. Sun and Moon are enemies for Venus.

Besides Naisargik Maitri, planets also have immediate friendship between them which is known as Tatkaalik Maitri. It depends on the position of planets in a Kundali. Venus will be friendly to the planets which are present three houses ahead and three houses back from their original position.

What is kp system of astrology. A Panchadha Kundali is formed on the basis of Naisargik and Tatkaalik Maitri and it tells about the planets which are friendly or enemy planets of Venus in Janma Kundali. The auspicious or inauspicious results are determined on the basis of a Panchadha Kundali. For example, let us assume that Mars is the Tatkaalik friend of Venus but it is neutral towards Venus. Hence, being an immediate (Tatkalik) friend and being neutral towards Venus in the Kundali, Mars will be friendly to Venus in the Panchadha Kundali and will give good results.

Auspicious and Inauspicious results of a transiting Venus

Transiting planets are analyzed by considering Moon to be the ascendant in Vedic astrology. If a transiting Venus is in the first house, the person attains wealth and happiness but may be involved in wrong activities. If a transiting Venus is in the second house, a person receives respect and wealth. A person gets beautiful things if a transiting Venus is present in the third house. Venus provides happiness associated to friends and female counterparts if it is in the fourth house.

A person becomes wealthy and prosperous when Venus is in the fifth house. A person receives immense happiness when a transiting Venus is present in the eighth or ninth house. In the eleventh house, Venus provides wealth, courage and success to a person. If Venus is in the twelfth house, it provides clothes and wealth to a person.


Let us now discuss the houses in which Venus provides you inauspicious results. If a transiting Venus is in the sixth house, a person may make enemies and may lose wealth. A person may face problems with his spouse and may need to work very hard to earn livelihood if Venus is in the seventh house. If a transiting Venus is present in the tenth house, a person may be involved in arguments, may make enemies, lose money and get mental stress. Venus is also known as evening star since it appears brightest at the time of sunset or sunrise.

You should recite any one Mantra sixteen thousand times if Venus is weak in your Janma Kundali or Varsha Kundali. You should also chant these Mantras when Venus is the Lord of an inauspicious house in your Kundali. The chant of these Mantras should be started from the Friday of Shukla Paksha at sunrise. Dashansh Havan should be performed once the chant is complete which means that 10% of the chant should be done during the Havan.

You can also chant one of the Mantras for 108 times. These Mantras should be recited in the morning. You can also strengthen Venus by worshipping Vaibhav Lakshami every morning.

The fast should be started from the first Friday of Shukla Paksha. Keep at least 21 fasts. You should donate rice, milk, curd, sugar crystals, white sandalwood, silver, whiter flowers, white clothes, perfumed objects etc. Food made of milk or rice should be consumed during these fasts. To strengthen Venus, you can also donate white clothes, rice, fruits and other fresh food products.