Venus Jupiter Conjunction Vedic Astrology

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Results of 4 planet conjunction varies as per the sign & the house. It multiplies the events associated with that house. For instance, if 4 planets occupy 11th house, native may earn from more than one source. Venus and Jupiter conjunction: In vedic Astrology Jupiter represents the husband in woman chart and Venus represents wife in Men chart Venus and Jupiter conjunction in vedic astrology Venus significance in astrology / Venus characteristics in Vedic astrology. D11 Ekdashamsha Chart in Astrology-Ekdashamsha Chart is seen for your entire financial gain in your life. It is the the extension of your 11th house of gain.

On August 18, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct. They will come close to the exact longitudinal degree early morning on August 18. Both Jupiter and Venus are pretty bright planets and thus it will be a great planetary spectacle in the early morning sky during this while. This conjunction is happening in the Cancer sign and Pushya Nakshatra at Cancer 13°, hence very close the middle of the sign and will be thus visible in the sky. Since they will be rising in the sky before sunrise, it it a possibility to photograph the event too. I will certainly try.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is considered a minor transit, but it’s also one of the most exciting and highly-anticipated in the minds of astrologers and astronomers alike. Astronomically speaking, the early morning conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on January 22 is of note for stargazers, as it will be visible sans telescope. Venus jupiter conjunction shows expansion of love, beauty and relationship in a higher spiritual level. They look towards partner with higher knowledge. The person will be interested in arts and creativity. He will express it in the form of spirituality.

Venus is a fast moving planet. It zips through the sky moving from one sign in the horoscope to another in a matter of weeks. Therefore, a conjunction on Venus with Jupiter (or other planets) in a horoscope is not-so-rare phenomenon. It occurs once every 14 months.

There are two aspects of this conjunction that I will discuss in this article.The first is conjunction and related yogas between the planets and in this case it is the two sattvic planets in Vedic Astrology. Second is planetary war. When two planets are very close to each other, within a degree or so, they get into a combination called planetary war (ग्रह युद्ध).

Jupiter is the teacher/guru of Devas and Venus is the guru of Rakshasas. They are both planets associated with learning and sophistication, but their natural tendencies are really poles apart. Jupiter is associated with higher learning, spirituality while Venus is associated with luxury, dazzle, sexuality. In a horoscope too, Venus and Jupiter do not get along with each other. They are not natural friends. Jupiter considers Venus as enemy while Jupiter is neutral for Venus. Venus gets exalted in Jupiter’s sign though.

For persons born in Venus’s lagna, Jupiter is a malefic in their janma and rashi kundalis. For Taurus lagna, Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th house in the horoscope. 8th is a difficult house in the kundali. Ownership of 11th house makes Jupiter a malefic. For Libra lagna, Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 6th houses and hence is tainted. 6th house in the horoscope is for litigations, diseases, conflict, enemies and these qualities come to be associated with Jupiter. For Jupiter’s signs, there is a similar story. For Sagittarius, Venus is lord of 6th and 11th houses and a first rate malefic. For Pisces, the house ownership is 3rd and 8th. It is not as bad as the previous case, but still cannot be called a good combination. While this is counted for the lagna, the logic and explanation is true for any of the houses as relative position of Venus’ and Jupiter’s sign do not change. Hence Jupiter and Venus cannot be simultaneous temporal benefics for any lagna.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus cannot thus be termed as good blindly, as the treatment is in many astrology books. I am literally translating from one of the “best-sellers” in Hindi language published by a leading book house and it says:

If Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in a birth horoscope, the native (जातक) is rich and famous, has a beautiful wife. He is intelligent and would earn money through teaching, i.e., teacher, lecturer, professor, management coach etc. He would frequently engage in discourse with other learned men in his area of expertise.

If Venus is aspected by Jupiter or conjunct with Jupiter, the combination is called Satkalatra karaka. This combination is explained in many books with a description that lord of 7th house in a horoscope or Venus is in mutual aspect or conjunction with Jupiter or Mercury. Specifically applying this yoga to Jupiter and Venus, we get the description as above. As I said before, the above statement cannot be taken at face value.

Hora Sara deals with this combination is a more realistic way and provides some rules for this combination to work –

गुरुभ्रुगुयोगे मतिमानुदयात्मजधर्मेषु वा निधने
स्त्रीधनपुत्रसमेतोऽन्यत्र गदैः पीड़ितोऽतिदूःखार्तः

In 1st, 5th, 9th or 8th house in the horoscope, it is a good combination giving a good wife, wealth and kids. In other kundali houses, this is a bad combination and will give sorrows. Sagittarius lagna and Libra lagna does not have this problem even though Jupiter and Venus are 6th lords.

A ग्रह युद्ध in a birth horoscope will need to be taken into account to see which of the houses and the associated factors (कारकत्व) will lose strength, rather “destroyed”.

There is a more mundane application of exact conjunction between two planets, it is called planetary war. If two planets are less than a degree apart, they clash with each other. This results in a war between the two in which one is a victor and other is vanquished. The one whose longitudinal degrees are lower is the victor.

There are 4 types of planetary war described in Brihat Samhita – bheda yuti, ullekh yuti, apsavya yuti and anshu-mardan, described in plain English here – Dr. Mishra is an authority because he is the one who wrote the treatise on Brihat Samhita in Hindi that I refer to. As of 18th August, the latitude of Jupiter is 26.1’ and that of Venus is 37.5’. They are going to be extremely close to each other and if my understanding is right, they will overlap each other like a partial eclipse. This is the case of anshu-mardan. Brihat Samhita, chapter 17 says that in case of anshu-mardan, there are chances of war, diseases. What is happening in Ukraine can actually become worse.

Another use of planetary war is on stock market, financial astrology. In this case, Venus is the fast moving planet and Jupiter is the slow one. On 18th, Venus moves in from behind and wins the war with Jupiter. Jupiter is vanquished and this will result in the overall market sentiment going down. Banking stocks will go down. The commodities indicated by Jupiter will have supply problems, indicating rise in the associated food grains. Soon, Venus moves forward and Jupiter is the the victor. This will be a hard time for FMCG stocks.

The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology has a great significance. It is an auspicious planet that makes the people rich, commanding, wise, spiritual, educated, cultured, liberal and generous. The planet Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in the Solar System.

The planet Jupiter is synonymously called Guru or Brihaspati. This giant planet has got a great role in the life of human being. The planet is said to be highly spiritual. It is the symbol of devotion, worship and prayer.

The planet Guru is one of the most effective planets in the birth chart and inimical to the planet Venus. The Jupiter is closely connected to the kids and wealth. That is why it is called the significator of the children and wealth.

When the planet Jupiter is strong, the native is likely to be blessed with kids, wealth, money and spiritual success. However, the afflicted Jupiter can adversely impact our life. The native could be devoid of children and wealth. The person might not get respect and honor in the society.

Generally the planet Jupiter rules over the law. Jupiter is masculine, fiery, sanguine, positive, liberal, cheerful, profitable and decent by character. It rules over Sagittarius the 9th house in the zodiac sign and the Pisces the 12th house of the zodiac sign.

Thursday is assigned to the Brihaspati in the Muhurt Shastra. The people who have taken birth in the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign are devoted, decent, and spiritual by nature. Since their ruling planet is Jupiter.

The people born with the influence of the Jupiter are dutiful, obedient, honest and have a tendency towards the welfare of the people.

The Jupiter in the space

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The planet Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system and it is the 5th distant planet from the Sun. The diameter of the Jupiter is 142984 KM at its equator. This is a giant planet in the Universe that is filled with gases of different type and liquid objects. Jupiter does have its Moon like we have Moon for the earth. We have one Moon, while the Brihaspati has 11 moons on the heavenly body.

As it is large, bright and simmering planet, anyone can see in the sky at night. The planet Jupiter is flattened at the pole while it is round in shape. The rotation of the planet Jupiter is very fast and it rotates around its axis like the earth moves around its axis.

Mythological story behind the planet Jupiter

The Jupiter is meant to expel the darkness, nescience and it possesses great wisdom. Hence, it represents Dakshinamurthi God. It is also said that the planet Guru is the teacher of the deity and hence it has a divine power. In Sanskriti it is called ‘’Devguru’’. It is basically the symbol of WISDOM.

Jupiter is revered differently across different culture and religion. The Hindu people across the world call it Guru. While the Greek people name it as ‘ZEUS’. The people in Egypt revere it as ‘’Ammon’’. It is called ‘’Dhakshinamurthi’. The etymological meaning is Dakshin means South and Murthi means stone image. It means the God made of stone that faces South. It is particularly popular in the South Indian state in Tamil Nadu. Some people do tell it as Narayan.

Astrological significance of the Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter is one the most auspicious planets in the zodiac sign. It has great value in the Hindu predictive astrology. The planet is exalted in the Cancer zodiac sign while debilitated in Capricorn that is just in the opposite.

The planet Jupiter owns the Sagittarius and Pisces. When the planet Jupiter is strong enough that brings immense benefits like good health, personality, luxury, spirituality, power, position and authority etc.

The planet Jupiter makes native public representative. It brings phenomenal achievement in business, career, profession and matrimonial life etc.

The planet Jupiter can also be malefic when it is debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and combust with Sun. The ill-placed Jupiter can make one poverty-stricken. As a rule, the Jupiterian is honest, dutiful, lovable and affectionate. The person belongs to Jupiter planet is often seen involved with social welfare and becomes the head of the temple and trust.

The auspicious Jupiter can make the native a good educator, teacher, treasurer, priest, social worker and it can make the person head of the spiritual organization.

Dasha and Atardasha of Jupiter

The planet Jupiter rules the life of a native for 16 years as per the Vimshottari Dasha system. The period of 16 years can be both malefic or benefic depending upon the power and strength of the planet Jupiter.

If the planet Jupiter is exalted, own signed and placed in a friendly sign then it will definitely bring health, happiness, harmony, money, wealth, social status, intelligent and healthy kids and reputation as well.

However, the same Jupiter can be harmful when it is ill-placed in Capricorn or afflicted by malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun.

When the planet Guru conjoins with Rahu and Ketu that creates Guru Chandal yoga which devalues the power of Jupiter.

Venus Jupiter Conjunction Vedic Astrology

The Guru Chandal yoga is an extremely inauspicious yoga that brings bad result for the native. Despite best effort the planet Guru does not offer good result to the native if it is conjoined with Rahu and Ketu.

Conjuntion of the Jupiter with other planets and its result

The planet Jupiter brings result differently when it is conjoined with other planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Venus Jupiter Conjunction Vedic Astrology North Node

The planet Jupiter also creates Gajakeshari yoga when it is posited in Kendra from the Moon. The Gajakeshari yoga makes the native rich, powerful and it gives gift of eloquence. It makes the native a public speaker.

The conjunction of planet Jupiter with Sun can make the person well-behaved, soft spoken and high minded. This also makes the person genuine, honest and friendly. The friendship of this native lasts long.

The conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Moon makes the native noble minded and helpful. It also helps the native to become success in general.

The planetary conjunction of Jupiter with Mars makes the person active and become the head of the police department or defense.

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The conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury makes the native intellectual, rich and research oriented.

The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter makes the person rich and prosperous, materially successful. The native never becomes poor when Venus conjoins with Jupiter.

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The conjunction of planet Saturn with Jupiter makes the native highly successful in life. The person becomes rich and gets all kinds of worldly success. Despite Jupiter’s inimical attitude towards Venus, it brings auspicious result when conjoins with planet Venus.