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Alcyone at 00°00′ Gemini has an orb of 2°00′

This video explains the meaning of Venus in astrology which represents the receptive aspect of ourselves and our experiences that relate to our values. Venus Retrograde Meaning Although Mars' retrogrades are the least frequent of all planetary retrogrades, Venus spends the least amount of time in retrograde motion. Venus stations retrograde every eighteen months, moving backward in the sky, retracing fifteen to eighteen degrees of the zodiac over a period of forty-two days.

Taurus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Alcyone on May 20

Fixed Star Alcyone, Eta Tauri, is a 2.9 magnitude greenish-yellow star and the brightest in the Pleiades star cluster of the Bull, Taurus Constellation. The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, are located in the Shoulder of the Bull. The traditional name Alcyone comes the mythological daughter of Atlas, Alcyone. She is the Central One or Hen of the Pleiades sisters who was seduced by Poseidon.

The Pleiades are the daughters of Atlas. One day Orion saw them and became enamored and pursued them. Jupiter put them in the sky to save them from Orion. Though their number is seven, only six of the stars were visible to the naked eye at the time this group was named. It is said that Electra was the missing star because she left her place so that she might not behold the ruin of Troy. [2]

Fixed Star
What does venus represent in astrology

Prima Hyadum
Hyadum II

Lascaux Bulls Panorama

The Lascaux Bulls Panorama above shows The Pleiades constellation accurately represented in its relative position in the sky over the bull’s shoulder. It was painted around 17,000 years ago.

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Alcyone Star Astrology

Fixed Star Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, smallpox, and accidents to the face. The Pleiades are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace, and a violent death. Alcyone is of the nature of the Moon and Mars (adventurous, perfidious, insolent, wanton, brutal, danger to eyes.) Their influence is distinctly evil and there is no astrological warrant for the oft-quoted passage Job (xxxviii. 31) “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades…?” which is probably a mistranslation.

Alcyone is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a little virgin or lamp. It strengthens the eyesight, assembles spirits, raises winds and reveals secret and hidden things. Rules crystal and the stone Diodocus, the herb Diacedon, frankincense, fennel and quicksilver. [1]

Alcyone is a class B star and of the nature of Jupiter in our scheme. It is noteworthy that all the stars of the Pleiades are also of spectral class B. Is it any wonder that Ptolemy claimed this group as having the nature of both the Moon and Jupiter? While the Pleiades have a generally good reputation during that time of the year when they are hidden by the Sun’s rays (approximately 40 days), they can be of great harm to mankind. At this time, with other correlative indications in the chart, they can occasion the death of a great number of people.

In the charts of individuals, they can presage blindness and accidents to sight at these times. Special attention should also be given to the inimical nature of the Pleiades at the time of an eclipse. But at other times the Pleiades can indeed be fortunate. They give success in agriculture and in trade conducted upon the seas. As a group, they are especially indicative of events that affect the family and family life. [2]

Alcyone as representative of all Pleiades is given a larger orb than is usual. The Pleiades correspond in their influence to a combination of Moon and Mars. If well-connected otherwise, this points to ambition and endeavor, which have as their result preferment, honor and glory. The power of Mars is good in raising people to high positions. However, with other relevant planetary connections, this can make for high passion and ruthlessness. The best example here is Stalin. Alcyone, Pluto and Algol are in conjunction in his nativity. Unfavorable connections bring the danger of enmity and fall from power.

The influence of the Pleiades has sometimes been noted as not a good one for eyesight. Disturbance of proper sight, injuries to the eyes, even blindness (especially when Sun and Moon are closely aspected by it), and when the Pleiades are in critical aspect to Mars or Saturn. Alcyone is not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex. Connected with Neptune, it is supposed to give inclination to homosexuality. [3]

It is doubtful if any other small star group has had so much written about it as the famed ‘Seven Sisters’. Not one culture anywhere on Earth has failed to make an important celestial station of them, and always with feminine connotation. Alcyone, η Tauri, and the whole Pleiades group, is noted in astrology for their association with deep sorrows and tragedies, bereavements showing strongly with this star. Its position by longitude soon after Algol in Perseus may account for the gloomy quality, since Algol is much connotative with a violent death in mundane astrology, and that of course means bereavement for someone else.

As a practicing astrological consultant, however, the present author has found that one or both of these stars prominent, even though ‘afflicted’, on one’s horoscope makes for an excellent counselor to others in the time of bereavement, with a special gift for bring out the brighter spiritual significance of Death as the transition to Greater Life and this so very often relieves the counselor him or herself from the misery that others so commonly suffer in that area of life. [4]

Alcyone star rules the base of the neck. It is the major connection to the central nervous system in the human body. [5]

Constellation Taurus

Taurus was an object of worship in primitive cultures throughout the ages. To the ancient Egyptians, it was the bull-god Orissi, but the star was also worshiped by the Babylonians, Chinese, Druids, and some tribes of Amazon Indians. Taurus traditionally presages the results of the beginnings of large political undertakings. The constellation also portends that which affects wild animals, especially those of danger to man. [2]

3rd Arabic Manzil – Al-Thurayya

Profitable to sailors, huntsmen and alchemists.

With Moon: Plant and sow but do not marry or travel by water.

18th Chinese Xiù – 昴 (Mǎo) Hairy Head

The Chinese character for this mansion is a closed-door surmounted by the Sun. The ancients maintained that when the Pleiades flickered, it presaged invasion by barbarians. The Pleiades were regarded as the ears and eyes of Heaven. For this reason, they were said to preside over the end of criminal hearings or judicial proceedings.

It is said to presage lawsuits and deaths in the family, governing invasion, judgment, and punishment. Generally unfavorable for most things. The result of misjudged actions is regarded as heralding unhappiness. Marriages end with the separation of the partners. Newborn children are as old men with white beards near to the grave.

Alcyone Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Alcyone: Blindness, ophthalmia, injuries to the eyes and face, disgrace, wounds, stabs, exile, imprisonment, sickness, violent fevers, quarrels, violent lust, military preferment, trouble and loss through women. If at the same time the Sun is in opposition either to the Ascendant or to Mars, violent death. [1]

The Pleiades rising are indicate a person to whom luxury and lust play an important part in his or her life. They are likely to drink too much, will desire to be well dressed, and even misuse beauty aids, such as using an excessive amount of perfume. The rising Pleiades are also indicative of those who are homosexual, like to be flattered, and (with a poorly positioned Mercury) impudent in speech.

JonBenét Ramsey 0°41′, Frederick the Great 1°53′

Descendant conjunct Alcyone: The Pleiades setting can have just the opposite nature. If aspected by benefics (when setting) the indications are of a pleasant death and if aspected by both malefics and benefics the native is said to be fond of arts and perhaps even become a painter who will acquire great honors in his lifetime. As an example of the fortunate nature of the Pleiades, Josephus, the great Jewish historian (37?-100), wrote that during the investment of Jerusalem by Antiochus Epiphanes in 170 B.C. the besieged suffered from a severe lack of water but the city was finally relieved “by a large shower of rain which fell at the setting of the Pleiades”. [2]

Liz Greene 0°43′, Justin Bieber 0°52′

Midheaven conjunct Alcyone: Disgrace, ruin, imprisonment, violent death. If with the luminaries it makes its natives military captains, commanders, colonels of horse and emperors. [1]

Woody Allen 1°56′

Part of Fortune conjunct Alcyone: Angelina Jolie 1°05′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°39′

Sun conjunct Alcyone: Throat ailments, chronic catarrh, blindness, bad eyes, injuries to the face, sickness, disgrace, evil disposition (gay), murderer or murdered, imprisonment, death by pestilence, blows, stabs, shooting, beheading or shipwreck. If in 7th house, blindness, especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus. If with Mars and Venus the native will be a potent king obeyed by many people but subject to many infirmities. [1]

Cher 0°14′, Malcolm Fraser 0°35′, Laurence Olivier 1°16′

Moon conjunct Alcyone: Injuries to the face, sickness, misfortune, wounds, stabs, disgrace, imprisonment, blindness, defective sight especially if in the Ascendant or one of the other angles, may be cross-eyed, color-blind, or the eyes may be affected by some growth. If in the 7th house, total blindness especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus and the Moon be combust. [1]

Frida Kahlo 1°01′

Mercury conjunct Alcyone: Many disappointments, loss of possessions, much loss from legal affairs, business failure, trouble through children. [1]

Sigmund Freud 0°11′, George H. W. Bush 0°24′, Adele 1°04′, Malcolm Fraser 1°14′, Audrey Hepburn 1°19′, Laurence Olivier 1°23′

Venus conjunct Alcyone: Immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune. [1]

Nigel Farage 0°01′, Rudy Giuliani 0°04′, Karl Marx 0°04′

Mars conjunct Alcyone: Many accidents to the head, loss and suffering through fires. If at the same time Saturn is with Regulus, violent death in a tumult. [1]

Andy Warhol 0°45′

Jupiter conjunct Alcyone: Deceit, hypocrisy, legal and ecclesiastical troubles, loss through relatives, banishment or imprisonment. [1]

Anne Frank 0°56′

Saturn conjunct Alcyone: Cautious, much sickness, tumorous ailments, chronic sickness to family many loses. [1]

This causes great difficulty by upsetting the energy flow through the nervous system, the head area and the shoulder blades. The difficulty would begin as blurred vision, and if Saturn is poorly aspected, there would be no vision at all. For this to occur, Saturn must be placed directly on the degree with no orb allowance. Numbness and sharp pains through the shoulder blades would occur at times. Both the eyes and the shoulder blades are affected at this point and those attempting to diagnose the problem will not be able to determine that the problem stems from the central nervous system. There is no cure for this problem, but it can be alleviated if these individuals will accept the opinions of others and turn to the spiritual. They are the ones who care nothing about the opinions of others and they would be the chronic complainers, especially when help is offered them. If they would just turn to the spiritual, they will find some relief but with Saturn on this degree it would be very, very difficult for these individuals to change. [5]


Alan Turing 0°19′, Richard Nixon 1°17′, Elon Musk 1°37′

Uranus conjunct Alcyone: Active mind, deformity from birth or through accident in childhood, many accidents and troubles, many unexpected losses often through fire or enemies, marriage partner proves false especially if female, troubles through women, occult interests, unfavorable for children, if any, and lack of harmony with them, heavy losses at end of life, violent death. [1]

George Pell 1°46′

Venus horoscope meaning

Neptune conjunct Alcyone: Bold, military preferment, honor, wealth, help from friends, many serious accidents, many travels, somewhat dishonorable occupation involving secrecy, ill-health to marriage partner and peculiar conditions respecting parentage, bad for children, may lose everything at end of life, violent death, often abroad while following occupation. [1]

Pluto conjunct Alcyone: Pablo Picasso 0°26′

North Node conjunct Alcyone: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 1°03′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°17′, Mark Twain 1°33′

South Node conjunct Alcyone: David Beckham 1°26′, Angelina Jolie 1°14′, Mel B 1°14′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

This article discusses the role of Venus in Astrology, in particular its dignity, exaltation and fall, and also its role in the evolution of the soul.

Venus Definition Astrology

Time to transit the zodiac:225 days

Name Venus Meaning

Time in Each Sign:Approx 19 days

Venus’ position in the natal horoscope represents ‘the urge to merge’ and ones ‘way of loving’. This magnetic force brings people together for the purpose of creating greater beauty and harmony in their life, as well as bringing unity between opposites within the individual.

Glyph of Venus

The glyph used for Venus is the alchemy symbol for copper (♀) but it also represents the hand mirror of the Goddess Venus.

The Venus symbol is a combination of the circle and the cross.

Visually this symbol speaks to us on two levels: Spiritual and Material.

Venus Sign Meaning Astrology

Venus sign meaning astrology

The circle reminds us of the inclusive nature of our universe and spirit which is all embracing. Here there is no exclusion. This is the fundamental quality of Universal Love.

The cross is found beneath the womb (represented by the circle in the Venus symbol). The location of the cross under the circle indicates all matter is birthed from the spiritual womb.

This inclusiveness is shown if we superimpose the Venus glyph on the Tree of Life:

Mythology of Venus

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite. In Greek legend she is depicted as being born of the sea, and is therefore exalted in Pisces:

Venus Keywords

The Ray of Venus in Astrology

Balanced Venus Ray

The secret to a healthy Venus and positive relationships is in that open exchange of words and feelings between two people who feel they can trust one another.

When you love somebody, and you know you are loved in return, Venus oozes with self-confidence. You get along with other people very well, for you actively practice cooperation, sensitivity, empathy, and compromise. These feminine qualities are what make relationships healthy and meaningful; people can get much closer when they feel the person they are opening up to is receptive to their thoughts and feelings. Femininity is also very beautiful, artistic, creative, and sexual, open to building upon these areas of life in order to connect to others much more deeply than we otherwise could.

Imbalanced Venus Ray

An unhealthy Venus is one who has let desire and a love of pleasure rule override common sense. The desire for luxury and ownership is distorted to make her jealous, possessive, greedy, and materialistic. She indulges herself in pleasure so often that she can become lazy. Her vanity is an over-compensation for fears of not being good enough and she can lash out at any time.

This more destructive side of Venus must be dealt with in order for any kind of relationship (with oneself or with others) to become healthy again. The secret to that lies in confronting the unique challenges of your Venus placement.

Venus Ray in Taurus (Service through Love)

Taurus is an earth element and gives the harmonizing ray of Venus a practical expression. The fixed nature of Taurus strengthens and stabilises the Venus Ray giving qualities such as:

  • Beauty and comfort in their environment.
  • A caring nature (although they can become too possessive).
  • Financial stability and the resources to pay for their nice things!
  • Can be strongly artistic and good in the home, a place of comfort and relaxation.
  • Find a connection with nature, and nature’s placid rhythms and beauty such as plants, animals, gardening.
  • Taurus rules the throat and this can lead to them having good singing or narration voices.
  • Venus (harmony) + Taurus (fixed) = a comfortable daily routine, being well organised.

With this last point it can be said that the fixed nature of Taurus can lead the native towards being opinionated, prejudiced and obstinate once their minds have been made in a certain direction. They are normally peaceful unless their routine is disturbed, when they can become angry and resentful.

Associated House =2nd relating to money, possessions and ones attitude to these.

Venus in Libra (Love in Action)

Libra is an air sign and therefore the harmonising Ray of Venus manifests on the mental plane, rather than the earth plane as in Taurus.

Here we have a hunger for mental harmony which can manifest as:

  • a love for beauty in culture (colours, sounds).
  • seeking balanced views of a situation.
  • tackling social injustice.
  • resolving conflicts (such as family situations).
  • a love for art and music.
  • the need for companionship (doing their best work in co-operation with others).

It is the energy of Venus which promotes diplomacy and establishes right human relations between people and nations. Venus’s great potency lies in its ability to bring about harmonious relationships within pairs of opposites.

Venus Meaning Horoscope

Associated House = 7th relating to partnership in business or marriage, enemies or rivals. Matters which draw us into complementary or antagonistic relationships with others such as legal disputes.

Venus Exaltation Detriment and Fall

The Test of Venus in Astrology

Meaning Of Venus Astrology

Until the soul under Libra has evolved spiritually, extremism and conflict can result as the scales swing from one extreme to the other. This is to give the soul an understanding of the balance of opposites and the laws of Harmony.

Such individuals may have had to endure drastic ups and downs in their life before finding a ‘middle way’ of peaceful & harmonious living.

Venus in Astrology Links

Venus in Astrology