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Nov 19, 2017 In astrology, Venus represents the planet of sensuality, feminism, romance and simplicity. This planet governs the artistic domain, everything that has to do with the female world and luxury matters. Venus is also associated to the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite and is the ruler of two zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. Venus Transits To Planets and Points in the Natal Chart Back to Predictive Astrology Main Page Transits of Venus to Planets and Points Techniques for Preparing for the Future and Understanding the Past. In Astrology, Venus and the Venus sign is the love planet. The planet of love, true love, pleasure, and beauty, whereas Mars would represent desires and passion. Venus rules your capacity to express affection and to enjoy the beauty. Venus also rules money and how we spend it.

Astrology is more than just your Sun sign — all the planets in astrology represent different parts of who you are. So while your regular zodiac sign (or Sun sign) speaks to the core of your spirit, and your Moon zodiac sign tells you about your private and emotional side, what your Venus sign represents is the way you love and value. This applies to the way you approach relationships and romance, show your love and affection, and find beauty and pleasure in life. And understanding your Venus sign in astrology is a great way to explore your romantic values and dig into your love life from a fresh cosmic perspective, so let's peep into this planet's luscious and luxurious realm.

The planet Venus is named for the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, so it makes sense that it rules over these same areas in astrology, too. Because Venus is about value, it governs our relationship to money, aesthetics, and what we find luxurious. But perhaps more notoriously, our Venus signs tell us about our style of loving and romancing — how we flirt, show affection, experience sensual pleasure, fall in love, derive value from relationships, and more. Using Sun sign astrology to find out the romantic compatibility between you and your crush is fun, but learning about your Venus sign is a more effective way to cut straight to the heart of love.

If you want to calculate your Venus sign, you can use a free online Venus sign calculator or you can set up a time to chat with a professional astrologer, who can give you insight into your astrology chart on the whole. For most people, you'll only need to know your birth date and year in order to find out your Venus sign — but if you happen to be born on a day when Venus switched signs (which typically takes place about once a month), then you'll also need to have your exact birth time and location handy to determine whether you're one sign or another.

Once you've equipped yourself with your Venus sign, you can set off on getting to know the lovey-dovey, luxurious, romantic, and pleasure-seeking side of yourself. Check out the qualities of each Venus sign and how it affects your love life.

If Your Venus Sign Is Aries

Venus in Aries people aren't afraid to take the lead when it comes to romance and getting what they want. Bold and impulsive, you'll chase opportunities in love with a take-charge attitude. It's easy for you to prioritize your own pleasure in love, and you tend to be more dominant in asking for what you want. Just beware of focusing too much on yourself in relationships.

If Your Venus Sign Is Taurus

Venus is Taurus' ruling planet, so this is one of its most luxurious and beautiful placements. Venus in Taurus people are highly sensual, and it's likely you enjoy showing lots of physical affection, as well as giving and receiving fancy gifts to show your love. You need a partner whose willing to indulge in life's pleasures together — and it helps if someone's willing to spoil you and splurge on delicious food and a fancy trip.

Venus Meaning Astrology

If Your Venus Sign Is Gemini

With Venus in Gemini, you're likely to show a lot of your affection and love via your ability to communicate. You love to talk for hours about your feelings, and you find beauty and romantic connection mentally and verbally. You're probably a pro at connecting emotionally with lovers via text and phone. It may be a struggle to settle down and commit, as you're endlessly curious about what other pleasures the world has to offer.

If Your Venus Sign Is Cancer

Venus in Cancer is all about feeling emotionally secure in love. Comfort, commitment, and emotional safety is prioritized when it comes to relationships, so don't expect to feel chill about a casual fling — this placement wants the real thing. Building trust and vulnerability is necessary for a Venus in Cancer to open its heart. As for date nights, you much prefer romantic nights at home cuddling or cooking over wild nights out on the town.

If Your Venus Sign Is Leo

There's no sign that enjoys putting on a show in love the way Venus in Leo does. When you fall in love, you want to show it off and celebrate it — and it's vital that your partner is down to do the same. You like to wear your passionate and fiery romantic sentiments on your sleeve. So long as your lover is willing to dote on you and make you the center of attention, you'll bring generosity and a whole lot of warmth to any love connection.

If Your Venus Sign Is Virgo

When someone's Venus is in analytical Virgo, they may find themselves trying quantify feelings when it comes to love and pleasure — but of course, such things can't always be broken down by logic. You may have a tendency to be a 'fixer' in relationships or be overly nit-picky on yourself or your partner, so be sure to temper your constructive criticisms with lots of loving explanations about your desire to make your bond more beautiful. Your eloquence with words can help deepen your romantic connections.

If Your Venus Sign Is Libra

Venus rules over the sign of Libra, so it's one of the planet's favorite parts of the zodiac to reside. Venus in Libra seeks beauty and harmony in all romantic relationships, and it absolutely hates conflict — so you'll probably go to great lengths to avoid arguments and keep the peace. Just be sure to speak your needs in relationships and don't bend to someone's will just to avoid disagreements.

If Your Venus Sign Is Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is intense, focused, and hyper-intimate — you don't let people get close easily, but once you do, you're as committed as can be. You crave depth and honesty in relationships, and won't tolerate anyone who can't deal with the hard truths in life. Be careful, though, as if this Venus sign feels threatened or betrayed in love, it won't hesitate to wield its poisonous stinger.

If Your Venus Sign Is Sagittarius

If your Venus is in Sagittarius, you have one of the most adventurous romantic sides out there. Free-spirited and open-minded, you're always looking for excitement in love and are willing to try new things and say 'yes' to fun flings. Make sure you have a partner whose willing to mix things up, seek adventure and knowledge together, and spontaneously explore all of what life has to offer.

If Your Venus Sign Is Capricorn

People with Venus in Capricorn often take a more calculated approach to love. Your focus in romantic relationships is about commitment, building a foundation, and investing in a future with someone — so you're less likely to put much energy toward casual flings. Stability, longevity, and realness are what you're seeking, so be up front about what you're looking for.

If Your Venus Sign Is Aquarius

When Venus is in Aquarius, it takes on a much more mental and objective approach to love. Your romantic style can come off as more aloof and distanced, but that doesn't mean you can't commit — you're just not likely the lovey-dovey type who will get swept away in the throes of emotion. You're not afraid to explore things outside the box in love, so never say never when it comes to pushing the boundaries of your experience.

If Your Venus Sign Is Pisces

Venus in Pisces is one of the more romantic and dreamy placements in the zodiac. For you, love is a total dream, and you enjoy connecting with love in a poetic and symbolic way — through art, fantasy, and pure, unadulterated romance. Practice staying grounded and be sure to set proper boundaries in love, as it's easy for you to get carried away in your deep waves of emotion.

The Venus In Leo: Significance and Meaning

Venus in Leo people love being the center of attraction.

Venus Horoscope Meaning

Element And Quality: Fire & Fixed

Celebrities With Venus In Leo:Nicole Kidman, Coco Chanel, Lindsay Lohan, Yves Saint Laurent, Paulo Coelho, Slash

Positive Keywords for Venus in Leo: Dramatic, Affectionate, Captivating, Caring, Considerate, Adventurous

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Negative Keywords for Venus in Leo: Inflated, Highborn, Restless, Depressed

The Venus In Leo: Personality


Love is grand to a Leo, and Venus in Leo is even grander in love. This is their favorite thing in the world, and they will go to great lengths to ensure their relationships remain exciting. As long as their partner feels the same way they are all set.


Venus represents love, beauty, relationships, finance, pleasure, balance, and artistic temperament. Leo is all about big gestures and dramatic displays of affection. So, they show their love in physical ways. Venus in Leo is caring and considerate and will do anything to protect the ones they love.


And all they ask in return is your undying love, devotion, and complete attention at all times. Because they do so much for others, they demand the same kind of generosity from those same people. And if their inflated expectations aren’t met time and time again, they will unleash their lion’s roar.

Positive Traits of the Venus in Leo

The Venus in Leo zodiac sign wants only the best out of life, love, family, and friendship. They refuse to settle for anything less than spectacular. Because of this, it’s difficult for some people to handle a relationship with Leo Venus. But if they can hang on for the ride, it’ll never be boring.

The most important thing to Venus in Leo is passion. They have an abundance of it and want to share it with the world. That’s why they need a partner as fiery as they are to keep up with their spontaneity and sense of adventure. But if you’re able to spend a lot of time with your Venus in Leo and prove your loyalty, they will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

Venus Meaning Astrology Meaning

Negative Traits of the Venus in Leo

The Venus in Leo can’t stand when anything becomes too slow or comfortable, because they believe that’s when people get too complacent in life. They want a whirlwind romance with someone who constantly desires them and needs to be near them at all times. They need constant admiration and praise, and can’t stand when others don’t give it to them.

And if their lover doesn’t live up to these high standards Venus in Leo will complain that they’ve become too content with a mediocre relationship. Even though things are perfectly stable and secure, it won’t be enough for them.

Venus And Mars Meaning Astrology

They would rather throw caution to the wind and risk everything than settle down in a boring partnership. If they aren’t consistently entertained and stimulated they grow restless and depressed and they let you know it.


When Venus in Leo is happy, they reward their social circle with lavish gifts and fun outings. They enjoy spending money on leisure activities and will treat those who appreciate their amazing personality. Allow them to show off their wealth and prosperity, for they thrive on impressing other people.

And don’t get too upset when they brag about the opposite sex flirting with them. That’s part of how they show off to their partner. Being desirable is very important to them, so jealousy plays a big role in their relationship.

As long as the circumstances remain harmless, this can be a healthy way for Venus in Leo and their partner to reconnect and try new things. Keeping them satisfied can be a daunting task, but they will return the favor ten-fold. If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding relationship, Venus in Leo will never disappoint!

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Astrology Venus Sign Meaning

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