Venus Retrograde Vedic Astrology

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The following is a very brief overview of western astrology to give you an idea of how it works without touching too much on areas of contention with the astrology world. If you are more interested in the Indian (also known as Vedic or Hindu) system, then take a look at our Hindu Astrology page. Venus, on the other hand, only spends about seven percent of its time retrograde, making natal Venus retrograde far less common. Further, and importantly, because Venus is a personal planet tasked with integral parts of our personality and psyche, the effects of Venus retrograde in the natal chart are far more profound.

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10 Card Tarot Spreads

Relationship Tarot InsightsHow well suited you are for each other. What you can accomplish together.

Mending Fences Tarot SpreadYou don’t know what to do. You don’t like where you are, but you have no clue how to progress.

Romantic Relationship Moving Forward Tarot SpreadIs this the person for you, not just romantically, but for ever after?

Partnerships Tarot SpreadHow you will function with a specific other person and how well it will work out for you.

Money Tarot SpreadInsight into your financial situation and how you manage money in general.

Attracting Prosperity Tarot SpreadUnderstand and improve your approach to potential prosperity issues.

Career & Success Tarot SpreadUnderstand what you want to do professionally so you can be happy with what you are doing now.

Classic Tarot Card Spreads


Horoscope Tarot Spread This most comprehensive and informative Tarot spread covers important aspects of your life and the likely outcomes.

Horseshoe Tarot SpreadGain insight into a situation as it evolves and make choices that will bring about what you desire.

Celtic Cross Tarot SpreadExamine a situation in depth by looking at a varying number of influences affecting it.

Making Choices Tarot Spread Different possibilities. Maybe a choice between jobs, lovers, living situation, or any other A or B possibility.


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What is Tarot?

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Venus Retrograde In Vedic Astrology

My Tarot Reading follows the tradition but develops it in a new way. Our tarot card readings maintain a connection with the tried and tested formulae of the past, such as using the Major and Minor arcana (so don’t be surprised if during your reading which uses the 21st century technology you recognise ancient and familiar cards such as the amorous Lovers and the lusty Devil) but combines it with modern technology.

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Venus Retrograde 2019 Vedic Astrology

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