Venus Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology

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Venus being Faster moving planet gets conjuncted with Ketu once a year so many people on earth having Venus & Ketu conjunction in their chart now rest depends on the house lordship of both and according to me one more thing we need to consider whenever ever looking for conjunction with Rahu & Ketu whether its planet is getting away from Ketu or getting closer with Ketu as Rahu & Ketu are always in Retrograde motion.

Venus conjunct Saturn On a personal level, these people hold back free expression of their feelings, especially with regard to expressions of love. Mind you, they are masters of compromise, duty, and responsibility to their mates, and it is through this dedication that they do in fact express their love. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pluto and Proserpina The breaking news on Friday (Venus day) is brought to us by tonight’s intensely potent Pluto/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. Sometimes it really feels like the planets are writing the news, and this is one of those days. Since late last night, three major stories have broken revealing sex.

Venus with Ketu: Planet of Harmony and Love, Beauty, Arts, Creativity Venus when with the planet of separation, detachment, dissatisfaction Ketu brings abandon of spirituality in life at the end.
••As Venus is the planet of Sensual gratification, when sitting with Karmic planet Ketu makes a person selfless and can do better for humanity and social causes.
••Separative Planet Ketu’s conjunction with natural lord of 2nd & 7th house Venus will give repetitive loss in relationship if there is not much spiritual connection between two people.
••Unlike Rahu, Ketu doesnt have any ego.So when your relationship will be above your ego then such Venus & Ketu conjunction will not give much negative effect in your life.
••Venus being the main significator of luxury when conjunct with Ketu gives dissatisfaction from comfort or luxury.Mostly they are unable to enjoy what ever they have in life.
••Venus is the planet of harmony and knows how to negotiate, when placed with Ketu gets little imbalanced while going for long term reliable relationship also it kills negotiation skills specially
in 3rd house.
••There will be lack of pleasure from own house, vehicle,luxury items like diamond,designer clothing etc as Ketu will be keeping the person away from such employment. If Venus is Yogakark in a chart(for Capricorn,Aquarius ascendant) then for a certain period one can enjoy such luxury but not for longer term.
••If Venus and Ketu getting conjunct in the house of happiness 4th house then marriage get delayed, basic education may get disturbed and many obstacles can come from mother’s front.
••This conjunction of Venus & ketu will give inability to communicate and express well yourself specially with the female members.
Venus being a signifier of sexual interest will get controlled by Spiritual planet Ketu. Either there will be no way to have good sexual life or person has lack of interest in that.
••If either Venus or Ketu is having lord ship of Lagna or 10th house of profession,such person understands the game of authority. They will be critical to others if they are already in higher position.
••Venus & Ketu together will not give much skill in a person but they still dont like to be work under any big corporation these people are much interested in going for freelancing or where they can have freedom of work, no bossy environment.
In 6th house the bad effects of Venus gets reduced because of Ketu who causes obstruction and as an evil planet in conjunction will obstruct Venus leading to periodical setbacks for happiness.
••Venus & Ketu conjunction in house of marriage 7th can play a havoc in relationship.Though Venus signifies marriage,Ketu in 7th house creates lack of interest in partnership after certain time.Person will not be putting his effort to keep going with the relationship for the long term or whenever there will be any hurdles in relation effort ot rectify problems will be missing form such person.
Venus with Ketu in 10th house of Profession will not be having much ambition of attaining success in life or they want to just go on with the work.Most of the Royal or public figures are having such conjunction in 10th house.

An individual with Venus conjunct, square or opposite Saturn is cautious in love and with their affections. In the extreme, it can be in the area of relationships where they feel inhibited, scared and shy. The individual may choose a partner, who has these kinds of qualities and it may be frustrating trying to get a spontaneous show of feeling. Venus in aspect to Saturn may also complain that a partner is outwardly selfish or cold and non-demonstrative.

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Results of 3 planet conjunction, if is positive, it lessens the impact of any negative aspect of other planets too. When dasha of a single planet starts, the rest of the two planets would also get activated in the horoscope.

Venus is love, social life, harmony. Saturn is restriction, limitation, structure. One is oriented on the outside, the other on the inside. One is laughing, the other one is frowning. However, the five planets, namely, Mars, Mercury, jupiter, Venus and Saturn have both direct and seemingly retrograde motion. What is retrograde motion of Planets. In Vedic Astrology all calculations are done taking earth as the reference point.In our solar system, the planets are orbiting around the Sun with varying speeds.


In relationships, they have a serious approach so it can be hard for a simple flirtation with the opposite sex, and the fear of rejection throws up a wall of self-defense. It can also be difficult for others to know if they are interested because their affections are cool at first and need more time to warm up. The awkwardness in love, may be a barrier that prevents others from getting too close. The individual often holds the belief that they are unlovable and it sometimes has its roots in childhood, where the youngster felt they were denied affection, and were born with the feeling of being un-deserving.

Often Venus-Saturn, chooses security in love, but also “safety” so a partner may not be socially, intellectually, or physically up to their level. It is rooted in feelings of inadequacy, and through experiences of fear. The aspect is labelled with the love vs duty tag, and there may be an element of sacrifice involved and the choice of security over love may predominate. The individual endures a relationship, and there is always a feeling of being chained to it through obligation.

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Venus-Saturn Aspects: Passion Building

The person could be in a relationship where they feel unfairly criticized, and let down frequently. The partnership may simply lack the love and passion they crave, and could feel a bit dull, like a penny that has lost its shine. They also have a fear of letting others down, and of being a disappointment to lovers and it creates this weight of anxiety around the matter of love, romance and marriage. The individual should be wary of parent-child relationships, and it can be the case of one solely carrying the bulk of the partnership on one’s shoulders, especially when providing for a jobless partner, or a person who is sick or a burden in some other way. In a lot of circumstances, those with Saturn attached to Venus have an overdeveloped sense of loyalty, responsibility and concern to stay with a partner.

It may be that Saturnian qualities need to be developed, relationships must be taken seriously and the individual will have to learn how to cope with the heavy stuff involved in making a partnership work. All of this could mean facing adversity, hardship, and even illness. It usually means they are made aware of their commitments and what they should be doing. Self-abandon, free-reign and carelessness in love is something that often feels forced, but once they let the spirit of joy, enter into the bond they will feel a lighter sense of expression in love. In relationships, they can feel dissatisfied at times, and often feel they do twice as much for others compared to what they get back in return.

Venus-Saturn needs guarantees in love

Venus-Saturn people are often overly concerned with guarantees, proof and shows of real affection. The other half may need to constantly prove their love, especially in tangible ways. They are easily hurt and get frightened, and they may not feel they get what they deserve financially, in love or in general happiness. The individual feels blocked from achieving their desires, but it is the more self-aware individual that has learned how to be self-disciplined, and work those limitations to their advantage. They say good things come to those who wait and it really is in the second half of life, where these people see the fruits of their labours and lessons of time and value have been truly learnt.

Venus in aspect to Saturn is often attracted to those in authority, someone older, and people that represent security and status. They need others to admire, respect and learn lessons of worth, self-value, and how to face their deep insecurity. A lot of this revolving around their fears and doubts about giving and receiving love in the process. They may be a pessimist when it comes to romance, and will have to learn to trust others, allowing more pleasure, fun and enjoyment into their personal life. A crippling feeling of guilt is often felt when they let go and enjoy themselves, or buy something expensive as if they really don’t deserve it.

The Venus-Saturn aspect has been linked to prostitution, poverty, and widowhood, but mostly it tends to represent many emotional frustrations, especially during the early years. Astrologer, Sue Tompkins, links the aspect in with jumble sales and they can be great money savers. When a Venus-Saturn contact makes a commitment, not from duty, but from the heart, then as a life partner, they are willing to stay for the long haul through thick and thin.

Venus Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology

Venus Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology

Venus Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology Pisces

Venus-Saturn learns over time the real value and worth of the things they love and are practical about their love life. The marriage can be tested at various points with what appear to be obstacles and a nagging feeling of loneliness and weighty responsibilities. The individual can express great care, loyalty and depth, and value both time and the practical side of romance.

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