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The cafe astrology compatibility venus are ruled by mercury, which deals with dual body parts (arms, legs, and so on) and the respiratory system. If you are reaching for opportunities they will come to you. Note that you are taking into account the entire name, so if you have three names (or more) add all of them. About Cafe Astrology's Free Report Site. The following are free reports offered by Cafe Astrology. The first option, the Birth Chart, gives you your natal chart, easy-to-read listings of the positions of the planets and houses in your chart, as well as the aspects between planets and points.

by Michael R. Meyer

Venus Table Cafe Astrology


If you're one of the millions who give attention toastrology, or have had your birth chart drawn and interpreted,you probably know the zodiacal sign and natal house occupied by Venus atthe time of your birth. The natal house in which Venus was located atbirth shows the particular set of human experiences through which youremotional life, feeling nature and sense of values, fueled by the type of energy symbolized by Venus' sign, best operates.

But a house and sign examination is not the most fundamentalastrological key revealing your Venusian nature. This article presents abasic, easy-to-use technique to determine and interpret your Venus type.It is based on viewing the 584-day cycle between the Sun and Venus as awhole. Readers of my series on mental types, TheFour Faces of Mercury, will recognized that the Venus cycle follows apattern similar to the cycle of Mercury, but with some important and veryintriguing variations.

ZOOEY DESCHANEL + JONATHAN SCOTT'S ASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY. Zooey Deschanel is a Capricorn Sun with a Capricorn Rising and Capricorn Moon. Jonathan Scott is a Taurus Sun with a Cancer Rising and a Capricorn Moon. Across the board, this couple has what it takes to go the long-haul. ZOOEY DESCHANEL SPLITS FROM JACOB PECHENIK + THEIR ASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY. Zooey Deschanel is a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Rising, with a Capricorn Moon. This means that through and through she is predominantly and purely a Capricorn individual. Jacob Pechenik is a Gemini Sun with a Virgo Moon. Off the bat, while we wouldn’t consider Capricorn and Gemini to be the most compatible. In your natal chart, Zooey Deschanel, the ten main planets are distributed as follows: The three most important planets in your chart are Mercury, the Sun and Saturn. With Mercury among your dominant planets, you are certainly cerebral, nervous, swift, curious, quick-witted, and you love to communicate. Zooey deschanel astrology compatibility.

The approximately 116-day cycle of the Sun and Mercury deals withmental processes, associations and attitudes, while the cycle ofVenus symbolizes emotional processes and attitudes, as well as our value-and-meaning-giving faculties – thatis, how we interpret, evaluate and make sense of our life-experiences andthe world around us. Whereas Mercury is the neutral and asexual planet, the servant and messenger of other planets and their functions, Venus isassigned a feminine polarity; it represents the set of values motivatingour actions (Mars) and guiding our mental processes and use of knowledge(Mercury). But the most unique and fascinating feature of the cycle ofVenus is the remarkable way it conforms, cycle after cycle, to afive-fold pattern.

The Cycle of Venus and Its Five-Fold Pattern


Because the orbit of Venus lies within Earth's, from our geocentricpoint of view Venus always leads or follows the Sun by no more than 47.5degrees. Another special feature of the Venus cycle (which it shares withthe Mercury cycle, because the two bodies both lie within earth's orbit) is that Venus forms two very different types of geocentric conjunctions with the Sun — the inferiorconjunction and the superior conjunction. A Venus cycle begins at theinferior conjunction, when Venus is exactly between the Sun and theEarth. At the superior conjunction, which is equivalent to the oppositionaspect, Venus is on the far side of the Sun, with the Sun standingexactly between the Earth and Venus.

The inferior conjunction, equivalent to the New Moon phase of the lunation cycle, occurs when Venus is in the middle of its retrograde cycle and moving quite slowly across the zodiac. It is then nearest tothe Earth and, from our point of view, dark. Rising before the Sun, Venusappears in the pre-dawn sky about a week after the inferior conjunction,when the Sun and Venus are about ten degrees apart. As a herald of thenew day, Venus is called Phosphorus andLucifer, the latter name meaning 'lightbearer.'

Venus turns direct about three weeksafter the inferior conjunction. Thirty-six days after the inferiorconjunction, Venus is most brilliant in the morning sky.Thirty-six days more, Venus reaches its maximum distance from the Sun. Atthis time, Venus is moving through the zodiac at the same speed as theSun, and gaining.

Two-hundred and sixteen days (or 6 x 36 days) later, Venus reachesits superior conjunction with the Sun, when it is moving close to itsmaximum of speed of about 1°15' per day. For severalweeks before and after the superior conjunction, however, Venus is soclose to the Sun in the sky that it is no longer visible. Venus isfurthest from the Earth at superior conjunction, which is equivalent tothe opposition aspect and the Full Moon phase of the lunation cycle. Thesuperior conjunction inaugurates the hemicycle in which Venus plays therole of the Evening Star, Hesperus, which means western.Thirty-six days after the superior conjunction, when the Sun and Venusare about ten zodiacal degrees apart, Venus first appears in the eveningsky, setting after the Sun.

Two-hundred and sixteen days (6 x 36 days) after the superiorconjunction, Venus again reaches its maximum distance from the Sun —about 47 degrees, but maximum elongation varies slightly from cycle tocycle. It occurs when the motion of Venus equals the Sun's, and isslowing. Thirty-six days later (which is also thirty-six days before thenext inferior conjunction), Venus is most brilliant, outshining all other objects in the evening sky . Then, about two weekslater, Venus begins its forty-day retrograde journey, inthe middle of which occurs the inferior conjunction, the birth of newcycle. But about twelve days before the inferior conjunction Venusbecomes no longer visible in the sky.

Because Venus rotates one-hundred and eighty degrees on its polaraxis between inferior conjunctions, at each superior conjunction Venusshows Earth the face that during the inferior conjunction faced the Sun,while the side that was facing the Earth during the conjunction now facesthe Sun. But this is not the most extraordinary feature of the Venuscycle. When one plots the cycle of any important turning point of thecycle of Venus for five or more consecutive cycles, a remarkable patternforcefully emerges — a five-pointed star!

So many factors figure into the remarkably stable five-fold structure of the Venus cycle that we can onlyoutline here a few of the most important. The most striking features ofthe pentadic structure include: 1) a superior conjunctionoccurs very near to 648 degrees (one complete circuit around the zodiacplus 288 degrees or four points of a five-pointed star) from the inferiorconjunction which opened its cycle; 2) successiveinferior conjunctions occur about 936 degrees zodiacal degrees apart —that's two circuits around the zodiac, plus 216 degrees or three pointsof a five-pointed star; 3) this patterns repeats itselfin terms of the zodiacal degrees on which Venus turns retrograde anddirect, as well as the degrees of greatest brightness and maximumelongation; 4) a complete pentagram is formed after fivecomplete cycles, totaling two days, eight hours short of eight years;5) successive five-cycle sets identically repeat thepattern, with an offset of only two zodiacal degrees; and6) the star pattern created by five Venus cycle rotatesbackwards through the zodiac, completing an entire round once every 760Venus cycles, which adds up to about 1,215 years.

Additionally, phenomenon of Venus occur in steps of thirty-six days or in multiples of thirty-six. Maximumbrightness occurs thirty-six days after the inferior conjunction; thenext step, maximum elongation occurs thirty-six days later; and thesuperior conjunction occurs 216 days (or 6 x 36 days) after maximumelongation. In the evening star phase, maximum elongation occurs 216 daysafter the superior conjunction; maximum brightness takes place thirty-sixdays following maximum elongation and thirty-six days more brings theinferior conjunction.

Morning Star, Evening Star

The brief overview of the Venus cycle presented in the previous pageprovides a multiplicity of factors susceptible to astrologicalinterpretation, and it offers a foundation for a process-orientedclassification of Venus types. Such a classification consists of twofundamental types – Venus Lucifer, theMorning Star; Venus Hesperus,the Evening Star. As we'll presently see, each of the two types presents a particular emotional temperament and a particular sense of values, meaning, idealsand appreciation. Additionally, each of the two primary types carries aspecial retrograde subtype.

Determining your Venus type is easy. First locate the Sun in yournatal chart. If Venus is clockwise from the Sun, yourVenus type is Lucifer, the Morning Star. On the other hand, if Venus ispositioned counterclockwise from the Sun, your Venus typeis of Hesperus, the Evening Star.
If you haven't had your birth chart calculated, simply look up your birth day and year in an ephemeris. If the Sun is further along the zodiac than Venus, your Venus type is Lucifer. If Venus is further alongthe zodiac than the Sun, it's Hesperus. While you're at it, check to seeif Venus is retrograde (indicated by the letter R in the Venus columnabove your birthdate). In the ephemeris and horoscope graphics generatedby Khaldea2001TM, retrograde planetsand listings are shown in red. For example, if your natal Sun is 20degrees Gemini and your natal Venus is 10 degrees Taurus, your Venus typeis Lucifer, the Morning Star.

While the interpretation given here provides the most fundamental approach to the cycle of Venus and its place inastrology, it is important to note that it does not factor the latitudeof Venus into the picture. Additionally, a thorough astrologicalconsideration of one's emotional nature requires an examination of thehouse and sign occupied by Venus, as well as considering how otherastrological planets, especially the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Neptune tiein with Venus and the chart as a whole. Nevertheless, the interpretationsbelow provide the first and most fundamental approach, and they deal notonly with our emotional make-up, but also withour value-system and how we interpret, evaluate andmake sense of our life-experiences and the world around us.

Venus Lucifer

A new Venus cycle opens when the Sun and Venus meet ininferior conjunction. It is a moment when the Venusianfaculties of emotion and evaluation are impressed with what Dane Rudhyarcalls a 'new quality of will and purpose.' But the new qualityof Venusian response and meaning does not become realized all at once. Itis rather gradually translated from potentiality to actuality throughoutthe 584-day Venus cycle.

The first half-cycle of the Venus cycle is characterized by aspontaneous, eager and impulsive emotional nature. Itcorresponds with the constructive, biological activity predominate duringthe waxing hemicycle (from the conjunction to the opposition) of thelunation cycle. But while the approximately 29-day lunation cycle dealswith our most basic and essential life forces, and with adapting to the demands of daily life, the Venus cycle deals with our inner nature andthe set of meaning-giving values guiding our daily actions and formingour long-term goals.

People born during the Luciferian or Morning Star half of the Venuscycle generally let their feelings lead the way, tending to feeland emote first and think later, especially if natal Venusrises before Mercury. They are emotionally fresh, spontaneous and open tonew experiences. Emotionally resilient, Venus MorningStar people usually recover quickly from emotional or romanticdisappointment, while Venus Evening Star people are more likely to scaremotionally and carry deep-seated resentments because their emotionalmake-up tends to process and replay scenes of disappointment and hurt.But when a Venus Lucifer person, especially one born while Venus was retrograde, experiences profound emotional pain or abuse early in life,she may 'close down' emotionally and assume a protective orfearful attitude toward life and relationships.

Venus Hesperus

Venus' second half-cycle begins at the superiorconjunction – which always occurs when Venus is direct and movingthrough the zodiac near its greatest velocity – andcontinues until the next inferior conjunction. A few weeks after the Sunand Venus meet in superior conjunction, Venus emerges on the other sideof the Sun, appearing as Hesperus the Evening Star.


Corresponding with the waning hemicycle of the lunation cycle (from Full Moon to New Moon), Venus' Evening Star half-cycle denotes adeliberate and goal-oriented emotional make-up seeking to extract anddistill the meaning of experiences encountered and idealsformulated during the Morning Star half-cycle. Whereas emotions andfeelings eagerly rushed forward during the Venus Lucifer period, they arenow more controlled and introverted in the Venus Evening Star period, though not necessarily less intense!

Although Venus Evening Star people may not show emotions arelargely and as easily as Venus Morning Star types, they often experienceemotions more intensely because they tend to become more privately andinternally involved with their emotions and their emotional life. Feeling after the fact, so to say, VenusHesperus people may take a long time to recover from emotional trauma,thinking about and anguishing over a lost love or a bitter disappointmentfor years.

Relationship between mixed types, while not necessarily favorable or unfavorable, may at times produce misunderstandings and a sense of being 'out-of-synch'. In suchinstances, it is not unusual for the Venus Morning Star partner to claimto immediately 'forget about' or 'get over' adisagreement or fight, while the Venus Evening Star person may requiremuch longer to 'forgive and forget.' One may be amazed anddeeply perplexed that the other can so easily disregard a painfulincident, or that it made such a minor impression on his partner; theother may be annoyed that her partner still brings up that'old' issue of a few days ago, thinking, 'It doesn'tbother me, so why should it bother him?'

The descriptions of the Venus types (and subtypes) whichfollows are illustrated with the birth charts of numerouspersonalities. Thorough interpretations of the sample charts are notattempted here, but indications are provided regarding how Venus fitsinto the chart as a whole, and some additional hints are given regardingthe key factors of the nativities. Additionally, in the examples an exhaustive interpretation of the Venus types is not attempted. We pointthe way, and offer suggestions, because our approach encourages self-devised, self-initiated learning and thinking. We encourage you tostudy of the biographies of personalities who interest you, and if youwish to learn more about the astrological planets and asepcts, you maywant to have a look at The Planets - Celestial Organs and their Function, and The Eon: The 36 Cyclic Aspects. You can also learnmore about the planets, astrological aspects, the signs and the houses,and much more by browsing the online edition of A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer and The Astrology of Relationship.

Venus Table Cafe Astrology Sign

Venus Lucifer Retrograde

The cycle of Venus beginsduring its retrograde period, signifying a phase of renewal andreorientation of feelings, emotions and values. It is a time whenthe future attempts to free itself from the past, clearing the way for the development of a new set of values and a new emotional sense. But attempts to fight or rebel against the past and itsvalues and morality can bind us to the very things from which we seek tofree ourselves.
During its 584-day cycle, Venus spends only about forty-onedays retrograde, which is proportionately less than any otherplanet, and only about one in 30 people are born while Venus is bothMorning Star and retrograde. If you are one of them, your feeling natureand sense of values may go 'against the grain,' and you maydeeply question traditional values and morality. Thismeans you may find it difficult to get emotionally insynch with others,or others may have difficulty connecting with you or understanding yourvalue-system. Yet your emotional natural is very strong and you areguided by a very definite set of values and ideals.
Venus Lucifer retrograde people often find themselvesinvolved in the arts, especially as exemplars dedicating theirlife and work to new ideals. Such truly avant-garde individualsmay be so far ahead of their time that their true stature is recognizedonly after the close of an often tragic life. In other instances, astruggle against the past and its biological and social imperatives,combined with a search for higher values and ideals, may lead to asceticpractices or to a life of devotion and renunciation. But ironically, suchpractices and their associated forms of devotion and renunciation, andthe values and ideals driving them, are likely to be rooted in a pasttradition.
Examples of the denunciatory type include Meher Baba, the once famous 'silent mystic', and the femaleChristian mystic Teresa de Avila. The birth chart of Meher Babafeatures Venus in the first house Aquarius, with no planets between itand the Sun. Uranus is on the Midheaven, with Scorpio Moon and Saturnretrograde nearby. In the instance of Teresa de Avila, Venus is on theAscendant and Mercury rises between it and the Sun. Pluto retrograde ison the Midheaven.
In a man's chart, Venus Morning Star retrogradesuggest a high degree of self-discipline and dedication to one's idealsand goals, to one's art and self-image. Dedication of this sort shouldnot be confused with pure ambition or a drive to 'get ahead' orto dominate – drives connected with Mars and Jupiter – and which mayfactor in according to how these two planets tie in with natal Venus. Thetragic artist Amadeo Modigliani (who was born with Venusstraddling a very close conjunction the Sun and Mercury) is an example ofthis type, and so is, in his own way, actor Jack Nicholson.
Women leading pioneering, often difficult, livesfigure largely as examples of Venus Lucifer retrograde. Chrissie Hynde, the first woman to become thecreative and musical principal of a successful rock band, is anoutstanding example. Chrissie went where no woman had gone before. Shewas never merely a 'chick' in a rock band, and she never playedtraditional female roles. Chrissie is the heart, soul and guts of ThePretenders, and she made it as 'one of the guys,' on her ownmerit. And when she wanted a child fathered by a musical genius, shechose and won her long-time influence, Ray Davies of the Kinks.
Another example is provided by the birth-chart of Mimi Farina, sister of Joan Baez and widow of writer Richard Farina. Untila tragic motorcycle accident took her husband's life 30 April 1966,Richard and Mimi Farina were among the most successful and influentialfolk musicians of the mid-1960s, and probably the first to create the folk-rock-blues fusion that saw fuller development and success in the work of Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, Country Joe and theFish and many others. In the 1970s Mimi founded the Bread and RosesFoundation, which brings live music concerts to prison inmates.
Courtney Love exemplifies the full range of VenusLucifer retrograde womanhood. Born when Venus was conjunction Mars in theeight house, and at the very end of the Venus retrograde period, just aday before its station, Courtney had to rise out of a background of earlyabandonment and abuse to find her own place in a world which never seemsable to understand her, a world in which she often felt emotionallydisplaced. In 1994 her husband, the legendary Kurt Cobain, took his own life, leaving her with a young child. Fan's ofKurt's band, Nirvana, and the press tried to blame her for her husband'ssuicide, and she was even vilified by her publicity-seeking journalistfather. Yet Courtney continually goes on, and the world continues to misunderstand her.
When considering a birth-chart with Venus Lucifer, it is important todetermine whether or not Venus is also the Planet ofOriental Appearance – that is, if it is the planet rising immediatelybefore the Sun, with no other planet between Venus and the Sun.Additionally, planets situation between Venus and the Sun should figuredinto the interpretation the Venus types, as the functions and drives they symbolize inevitably play into the picture. In the instance of the remarkable birth-chart of figure skater Tonya Harding, Jupiter (expansion, compensation andthe need to succeed) is situated between Venus Lucifer retrograde and theSun, and the three are involved in a triple conjunction, which opposes atight conjunction of Moon and Saturn retrograde.


MICHAEL R. MEYER has been a leading figure in thehumanistic astrology movement since the 1960's and is today its foremostproponent. His best-selling 'A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer' isone of the most widely read books on serious astrology published duringthe 20th century. Michael is the founder of and its Rudhyar ArchivalProject, as well as the creator and developer the Khaldea Ephemeris7z,the Khaldea Calendar and Khaldea7z.

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