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Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah

  1. Vikas Name Astrology Meaning

Brahmamurari tripurantkari bhanu shashi bhumisutoh budhshch

Gurushch shukra shani rahu-ketuvah sarva graha shantikara bhavantu

Astrology has always been the guiding light for mankind , we at CRCS bring you closer to this magical science that comprehends lives beyond human perception Vedic Astrologer Shri Vikas Jindal.

Vikas name origin

A birth chart (also known as kundli, janma kundali, or horoscope) is a map of heaven at the time of birth. Vikas Gowda's birth chart will show you Vikas Gowda's planetary positions, dasa, rasi chart, and zodiac sign etc. It will also allow you to open Vikas Gowda's detailed horoscope in 'AstroSage Cloud' for. Welcome to Vikas A premiere astrology consultant to provide solutions for life problems through astrology. Indian Astrology indicates that person with name Yamini are the persons with literature. They have good sense of writing as well. They can flourish their career in the respective fields of literature, and something related to writing, like creative content creators, book authors, newspaper editors etc. THE OLDEST & MOST TRUSTED NAME FOR ASTRO-JYOTISH GEMSTONES & RUDRAKSHAS (SINCE 1937). We have no other branch (except the one mentioned on the 'contact us' page of this website), neither have we given any kind of franchisee to anyone in the name of Pure Vedic Gems, kindly be aware of people using our name of Pure Vedic Gems or similar names to sell their products. The Astrology Summary of Vikas. Below is the free all-in-one astrology summary reading of Vikas born on Tuesday 15 November 1977.Vikas was born in the month of the Western Zodiac (star sign) Scorpio and the year of the Chinese Animal Snake. Vikas has a very pleasing astrological profile according to Numerology, Colorology, Birthday Divination and Western, Chinese & Celtic (Druid) Astrology.

Shri Vikas Jindal offers consultancy services in the domain astrology covering topics like love marriage , travel abroad , progeny , forecast , education , and career guidance , gemstone , mantra , tantra , remedies , job or business , marriage compatibility etc . He pays deep reverence to these spiritual guides . Shri Vikas Jindal was born in very religious family. He has by birth intuition power as compared to his peers & use to surprise his friends and relatives through his accurate predictions and he guided more than 10,000 people across the world.

Shri Vikas Jindal is not Gold medalist in vedic astrology , Vastu and has been practicing KP Astrology, Parashara System , Jaimini , Tajik , Numerology and Lalkitab for more than a decade.

Vedic Astrology……A Brief Introduction

With the help of astrology we can visualize our past , present and predict our future also . Astrology is based on the principle of Vedas and to comprehend astrology properly we will have to understand the basic principal of Vedas . The Vedas have 243 shlokas in all related to Astrology.

These shlokas are the basis of astrology and they say that we are all bound to suffer /enjoy the deeds of previous births . God has created planets for this purpose , we have to suffer/enjoy in our lives as per the horoscope house situations of each planets , at the time of birth of each individual .

The effect of various planets at a certain time depends upon the house position of grahs , houses , and nakshatra’s .These planets keep moving one house to another and their movement decides the destiny of a human being . To know all about the planets , nakshatras , house positions and visualize the adverse/positive effect at a certain time on each individuals is called Vedic astrology.


Our Company provides a wide range of services to our customers which are as follows :-

1. Birth Time Rectification

2. Profession and Financial stability

3. Love life

4. Travel Abroad

5. Health Problem

6. Progeny Forecast

7. Education and Career Guidance

8. Vedic astrology and Lal kitab Remedies

9. Dream Analysis

10. Marriage Timing and Life after Marriage

11. Gemstone , Mantra , Yantra Remedies

12. Property and Vehicle Timing

13. All kind of Grahs Jap and Hawans

14 Marraige Compatibility

15. Advice on Vastu

16. New Born Child Report

17. Yantra and Rudraksha

18. All kind of yantras Copper , Silver , & Gold

19. Name Corrections

Details Required

To get Astrological advice from Shri Vikas Jindal the following Data is required from the person ,who required from the person ,who require the advice .

=> Name :………………………….

=> Date of Birth :…………………….

=> Time of Birth :…………………….

=> Place of Birth :…………………….

Astrologer Services India / Nepal / Pakistan/ Bhutan/Bangladesh /Sri Lanka Other Countries

1.laser printed horoscope ( with 2100/- -postage charges is extra) $ 100.00

3. Three question in Any Matter 1500/- $100.00

4. Advice On Vastu 3100/- $200.00

5. Horoscope Matching 1100/- $50.00

6. Navgrah Remedies & Stone 1100/- $100.00


7. Name Corrections 1500/- $ 100.00

Send money through Demand Draft Favouring “Cosmic Rays Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.” payable at New Delhi India. Virgo monthly career horoscope.

Our ultimate aim in providing these services to provide complete solutions to all your personal and professional problems, so that our patrons lead a peaceful life .

Utility Of Astrology

According to Shri Vikas Jindal, astrology is a way to reduce the adverse effects of planet in our future life with the help of Jap , Tap , Mantra , Donations , Wearing Gemstones and other such charitable measures . Remedies performed with the deep devotion and faith will certainly help to reduce the adverse effects of a planet and will attract piousness and prosperity in life .

Planets according to us are the representatives of god and are created to purify the jeevatama (human being) by way of giving suffering/enjoyment according to their previous deeds . To reduce the bad effects of planets in our life we must consult a learned astrologer who has the knowledge to remedies to satisfy a particular planet. One can perform the remedies as advised by Vedic astrologer to avoid any problem in future .

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Vikas Name Astrology Meaning

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