Virgo 2021 Astrology

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General overview for the year 2021

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You need to maintain your cool in the face of trying circumstances. Professional and personal concerns will need lot of your attention, and any impatience or carelessness on your part can prove costly.

Virgo love predictions. Virgo August 2021 Weekly Forecast. Virgo August 1st – 7th Between 1st and 3rd you will get some vital information through sources. In profession you will be highly dedicated and leave no stone unturned to achieve the target. To enhance profit margin in business you may introduce new technology. August will give Virgo a dose of creativity, and you’ll tend to vent it everywhere where it’s possible. Whether it’s a canvas and a brush, a notebook and a pen, or a musical instrument and your hands, let your creativity flow. Art helps to find the true self, and it is one of the few things that has the potential to change the world.

Virgo 2021 Horoscope. If your birth date falls between August 23 and September 22, you are a Virgo. Your sign is governed by Mercury, the planet of the spirit. According to 2021 Virgo Horoscope, during this year, in the career segment, people born in Virgo sign are great organizers, detail oriented and have very good manual skills. Both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, will visit Virgo in 2021. Glow-up goddess Venus swings through your sign from July 21 to August 16, joined by her dance partner Mars. Welcome to 2021, Virgo, a year that will shift the path before your feet. You'll experience a great deal of growth as you assess where you are now and where you still wish to go. The year ahead will be filled with opportunities for personal growth, health, happiness.

It is best to avoid litigation and controversies as far as possible as some sort of embarrassment along these lines is foreseen this year.


There could be liquidity crises in the middle of the year, and you will find it hard to convince other family members about the need for prudence and moderation in spending habits. On the positive side, the affairs of children and your siblings will warm your hearts.

Those who are trying for abroad opportunities will be able to achieve their goals towards the end of the year. Be very careful in all activities between June and August.

Financial prospects

Financial position is expected to be tight while expenditure will keep mounting from various fronts.

As a result, you may have to take recourse to loans or advances. Ancestral property matters or family finances have to be dealt with carefully and diplomatically; unnecessary controversies in this regard may spoil family relationships.

The silver lining in the dark clouds is that elderly relatives, especially your parents, will be well-disposed towards you, and may even extend a helping hand to face unavoidable commitments like education/ marriage of your children. Risky speculative activities are to be strictly avoided.


Career prospects

Your hard work and sincerity may not get the recognition that they deserve. On the other hand, your already heavily-loaded plate of responsibilities may be further loaded with extra duties.

Activities of secret rivals at work can spoil the smoothness of career proceedings. Be thorough and methodical in all activities as someone might be waiting for a chance to pounce upon you at the slightest pretext. Politicians will face an uphill task to get impressive mandate.

Virgo 2021 Astrology Sign

Those in service may have to face some official inquiry or charges of misconduct; but, there is nothing to worry if your activities are completely overboard. Businessmen may have to face harassment from enforcement/ IT authorities.

Romantic possibilities, social relationships

Virgo 2021 AstrologySign

While the activities of your spouse may cause you pain, your children, siblings, and parents will be pillars of support for you. Affairs of children will proceed smoothly.

Single natives of this sign looking for a suitable match must be very careful in marital matters. Those in established relationships may experience disharmony in marital life due to belligerent attitude of spouse. If you maintain a cool composure irrespective of the attitude of others, things will start falling in place gradually.


Rheumatic complaints, liver problems, and occasional fevers will be the main irritants. Those who have a family history of diabetes may suffer from such complaints also. However, you can maintain robust health if you adopt a healthy life-style.

Important periods in the year 2021

  • Best periods for travel : February, April, May, September, November.
  • Best periods for Romance, family matters : February, April, May, July, November.
  • Best periods for new ventures : April, May, July, December

Virgo 2021 Horoscope Prediction Fate

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