Virgo And Pisces Love Compatibility

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Virgo's intense desires are a welcome treat for Pisces, who is always up for intimacy. Although Pisces carries a deep inner intellectualism that Virgo may never fully grasp, both have an incredibly rich and rewarding sense of love. Pisces are caring and romantic in nature while Virgo are intelligent and use common sense. Pisces persons bringing the fantasy and Virgo persons the practicality which fits perfectly. Virgo and Pisces Compatibility Characteristic  Pisces man is emotional, powerful, creative, intuitive and caring.

  1. Pisces and Virgo are two signs that complement and balance one another perfectly. Once they overcome their trust issues and get comfortable with each other, the Pisces and Virgo marriage will be a marriage of love, romance, and passion. Their joint empathy and commitment will keep their bond strong.
  2. The Virgo and the Pisces together form a strong relationship and they enjoy every minute of being together. There is a magnetic attraction between the two and both of them connect instantly. Even though there are a lot of differences in their personality, they turn it to their full advantage by learning as much as possible from each other.

When Pisces and Virgo come together in love compatibility we have a very harmonious match indeed. This is a slow moving love, and is not necessarily the kind that 'moves mountains' but rather is one that is marked by deep devotion, kindness, and balance. This is your favorite couple on your street, the ones that never make a fuss about anyone or anything, and they are always so nice to each other, and the world. You don't see a lot of energy in this pair, but that doesn't mean they don't have a love that is enviable. They may be considered boring by some, with a very low energy level, but it is clearly working for them.

pisces and virgo Compatibility - The Pros


For the love match that is Pisces and Virgo, we almost have the perfect pair. Neither one of these two zodiac signs likes drama, and they both will shy away from it the second it erupts. They are both pretty stable, steady, easygoing people. And as we have two Mutable Signs in play here, this flexibility bodes well for the long term nature of their love. Here we have the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces paired with the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo. Both signs have flexible as their middle name, which means both will be there for each other no matter what the other needs. Water and Earth complement each other very well also. In this case, Virgo brings a practical and grounded approach to the sometimes flighty Pisces, and Pisces is really attracted to that. Pisces also likes how real Virgo is, and that they can tell their Virgo anything and not even get a flinch of the smile. Virgo really likes how kind Pisces is, and how their view of the world revolves around unconditional love. Virgo may be a bit irritated with Pisces and their flighty ways, but the romance that comes in the end is well worth it.

pisces and virgo Compatibility - The Cons

As harmonious as it is when you get two Mutable Signs together, you also get some energy that is neither coming nor going. Neither Pisces nor Virgo is skilled at making decisions, so there will be a lot of waffling happening in this relationship. If either Pisces or Virgo wants to make a commitment, the earlier they have this talk in love the better. For mutable signs, there is no commitment until the talk is made, regardless of what intimacy has been had. So any signs involved in this pairing need to secure their own needs first before diving all in. Virgo will be the least likely to stray in this love, but Pisces has a bit of a reputation. So Virgo will need to offer something truly reasonable and grounded in order for Pisces to make the dive for the long haul. And that will be very easy because this is a pair that gets along better than almost anybody.

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Strong communication between Pisces and Virgo is going to be what keeps this romance ticking. And that will be very easy because Pisces and Virgo are both so easygoing, and they intuitively understand that in each other. Virgo as well is ruled by Mercury, and so communication for Virgo is a strong suit. Virgo will be skilled in navigation all uncomfortable situations into a happy peaceful situation, while Pisces will be skilled in initiating the romance necessary to keep things steamy. With two signs this flexible, this is a relationship that is bound to last the test of time, as this kind of harmony is hard to find.


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