Virgo April Horoscope

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Virgo april horoscope

✨ Mark down the best dates for your zodiac sign with your Virgo Monthly Horoscope! ✨ Beyond this, April has a great many other important aspects. The sun and new moon unite in your sector of intimacy on April 11, encouraging you to assess the give and take in your relationships. This can aid you in being in the best partnerships. 56 minutes ago  Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, April 29, 2021: Don't just stand there doing nothing Music can heal some wounds in your soul – listen to the songs that bring you peace by Angel Damian 01:10h. Virgo Horoscope April 2021 Love and Life as a Couple: Seen as though you’re so serious when it comes to love, in April 2021 you could really have serious and intense situations that might destabilize you a bit. You really need to give something of your own heart, if you want to have deep and lasting love.

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April will be quite wild for Virgos in terms of relationships. It is possible that someone special will appear in your life and you will fall in love with them at first sight. Although you probably can't stop thinking about this person, you should let things go at their own pace and not rush anything.
Positivity will take you over this month. You will wake up with enthusiasm and handle all responsibilities with ease and humor. But beware of your colleagues, who may take such a mood as opportunism and see you as a threat.

With the influence of the Sun, you will feel a zest for life and huge mental capacity. In the work-life, you will be shining bright, because your pace will gain unstoppable momentum. However, watch out for pushing too hard. Excessive enthusiasm could have rather the opposite effect. Virgo has to realize that enough is enough and April will be a tough challenge in this regard. If you are able to work with this energy, your inspiration will be greatly rewarded, for example, in the form of promotion.

Venus in Aries
Mar 21.14:57 - Apr 14.20:02
Mar 21.
Venus in Taurus
Apr 14.21:02 - May 9.03:42
Apr 14.

During this time, you may tend to make impulsive decisions - with your heart. When it comes to love and relationships, you become unstoppable in your efforts, sometimes even uncompromising. You will have a good time in a group where you can have fun and maybe flirt a bit too. It’s possible that you will look for conflicts in which you can show your superiority too. Maybe you have some sort of constant need of proving out to yourself.

This time will seem very intense to you. Your senses will be literally on the alert, so you’ll experience every moment deeply, especially when it comes to relationships and love in general, although, it’s applicable to cultural events like theatre or arts in general. You tend to demand too much from people around you and that feels natural to you, although, it might backfire on you. You’d better decide carefully.

Mercury in Pisces
Mar 15.23:13 - Apr 4.05:28
Mar 15.
Mercury in Aries
Apr 4.06:28 - Apr 19.12:17
Apr 4.
Mercury in Taurus
Apr 19.13:17 - May 4.04:39
Apr 19.

In this span, you will have no problems with non-verbal communication. You can use your facial expressions or the position of your body so that you can communicate more easily and quickly. Your mind will be more sensitive and able to process a great amount of information. Though, it will tire you and you might look confused, slower or ponderous more than usually.

In this period, your thinking will be decisive and objective, which will be a great advantage for solving any kind of problems. It will be easy for you to come up with original ideas, rather spontaneously. However, you might have some problems with concentration. Referring to communication, you will be very self-confident, energetic and convincing.

Virgo April HoroscopeVirgo horoscope april 11 2020

In this period, we often tend to behave rationally and try to stay calm. It seems like emotions do not concern us, being affected by Mercury. Our communication is rather slow and prudent, but on the other hand, it is very comprehensible. On top of that, you will be able to finish anything successfully thanks to your patience and endurance. Therefore, nothing stops your development.

Mars in Gemini
Mar 4.04:06 - Apr 23.13:19
Mar 4.
Mars in Cancer
Apr 23.14:19 - Jun 11.15:01
Apr 23.

Virgo April Horoscopes

During this period, you will enjoy educating yourself, for example, by reading. You will just generally long for new information which you can utilize later on. Your arguments will get very strong so you will be able to get out of anything. However, your personality might get a bit imbalanced and unstable like there’s a personal conflict inside you. When stressed, you will use sarcasm and tartness as a defense mechanism.

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During this period, your energy should go to your closest friends and family - the home you all create. Your protectionist tendencies will be very strong these days. You’ll be responding to stress with a defensive attitude. If you keep emotions bottled up, it can lead to bitterness and irrational anger.