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Happy Birthday Colleen.. (((CHEER)))..
Yes-sir-ee.. It's my sister Colleens birthday today (Apr 7th).. She would 'brain me' if I forgot.. hehe.. And.. What is sorta-kinda way-cool in my family is that so many of us are born on 'the same days'.. Not only is it my sister Colleen's birthday, but there are at least 5 of us within the 'fam-bly' born on the same day (sept 27th) too.. Cool or freakin' what?..
Anyway.. 'Nuff 'bout that.. Let's get into the chart..
('Bout time daniel, please pass the olives and get on with it fercrissakes).. hehe.. We have the Sun ☉ approaching Venus ♀ in the sign of Aries ♈.. That is a great indicator of success and personal rewards.. Both in finances and in relationships.. A very good time to make agreements and form partnerships.
Gotta keep something in mind today though.. Some of the best charts are not always the easiest to deal with.. Many of our successes are the result of overcoming the challenges that we may face.. (just sayin').. And with Mars ♂ moving past the North Node ☊ in Gemini ♊.. This is when our interactions with others (past and present) will also prove to be very important.. A time when 'Fate and Destiny' are controlling the events that we are experiencing.. Make no mistake about it, nothing is happening by accident now.. A reason for everything, so have patience.
That's it for now.. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow..
Keep the Faith.. Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon..
daniel 'whelland' dowd
I am WAY behind on emails.. So if you've written, please understand.. Ran into a few problems on the new servers.. So I am running on the backup ones at the moment.. Hope to have it all worked out by the end of the day.. It was another 18 hour day yesterday.. (I'm not whinin' as there are times when we have to do, what we have to do).. But in the end, all the effort will be worth it.!! Thanks for understanding!!
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Daniel dowd's Welcome to daniel 'whelland' dowd's For over 25 years we've been providing the internet and newspapers the best horoscopes for ordinary regular guys like you and I. Read your free Virgo Daily Horoscope to find out what the universe has in store for you today. Will today’s energy be centered around new opportunities, an incredible shift, or something else entirely? Virgo Zodiac Sign Traits. The Virgo personality is observant and detail-oriented, giving them a well-earned. VIRGO HOROSCOPE APRIL 21, 2021. Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Affirmation for this week of CONFIDENCE – “I look to Spirit for direction, confident in the guidance I receive. My faith is the key that opens the door to my future, and I am ready to explore it.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Lion, Color: Green, Number: 6) WEDNESDAY: The Leo Moon will reveal a new avenue to reaching a personal goal you’re. Apr 23, 2021 - The Moon in your sign makes this a day of great focus for you, Virgo. You may feel more driven to action and this makes it a fantastic day for pursuing new endeavors. You may feel more driven to action and this makes it a fantastic day for pursuing new endeavors. Virgo Daily Horoscope. Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly. Yesterday Today Tomorrow. You know exactly what you're doing now, but that could become a problem soon. When you're never confused or uncertain, you're comfortable, but are you growing?

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Making use of the insight and wisdom of a Western Astrology daily horoscope is something that many people do each day. For generations we have taken advantage of the astrological information supplied by the movement of the planets for assessing people's personalities. An individuals date of birth determines their nominated Sun sign. The vast majority of people will know their star sign and often the symbol that represents it. Some will sometimes also be acquainted with the typical personality traits connected to their sign. For example if you are a Virgo you will be aware of your practical hard working nature. Weekly horoscopes virgo. Most of us know a little about our typified characteristics and recognize them when we view any today horoscope.


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The alignment of the planets has been used for centuries to make predictive readings that correspond to our everyday life's. A daily horoscope for Virgo is prepared with and centered around plotted planetary coordinates and times. It also incorporates the sign's well known character traits based on the Virgo zodiac period August 23rd to September 23rd. Astrologers create a blend of this planet influence and personality tendencies for the writing of a daily horoscope. This researched information within a today horoscope reveals the possible consequences of planet movement on a day to day basis. It can show the likely effects of planet movement on the life's of different people depending on their particular persona.

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The Virgo daily horoscope can be very inspirational and motivating and it is a popular way to stimulate new ideas. You will find your daily horoscope in many places and most often as an inclusion in your usual newspaper or magazine. This bit of astrological guidance can highlight probable opportunities and suggest methods of grabbing them. It can act as a reminder of a Virgo's good qualities and also of their less positive behavior. A peek at the days predicted happenings can be rather helpful for planning things and in connection with our relationships with others. This can give a bit of reassurance and provide advice to a typically prone to worry and fussy Virgoan.