Weak Moon In Astrology

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Weak Moon In Astrology
  1. Weak Moon In Astrology Taurus

Show the Moon too little energy however, and signs of weakness appear, particularly emotionally. They often find themselves experiencing incredible highs but also very demoralising lows, highlighting a lack of control. In this state they are more likely to experience general problems in their life as a result of their poorer temperament. As the Moon shows the more nurturing parent in astrology and it shows how you take care of yourself as an adult, a weak Moon is a very painful thing to have in your birth chart. It is a sign that you didn’t get the empathy and love you needed as a child. Moon is a watery planet according to Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. It represents our emotions, attitude towards life, relationship with the mother or condition/nature of mother, application of thoughts and ideas, presentation skills and ability to enjoy things. A weak Moon also effects Mars - your energy may feel less, you have more anxiety, you feel a lack of money - donate milk and weak a silver chain, drink more water, don't drink very rich food, eat saunf (fennel), eat fresh fruits 20. X mc astrology symbols.


Weak Moon In Astrology Taurus

In astrology moon controls the mind and moon rules the mind. Do not mistake intelligence vs. mind. Intelligence is controlled by Mercury, while moon controls how we think. When wanting to find out about how someone thinks, the best and easiest thing to do is find out their ‘moon sign’. The moon sign house and sign placement will give 85% of their thinking patter, personality and attitude towards life. Although degrees of the moon, ascendant also do matter, the moon sign still holds a major makeup of a person’s personality. Moon is excelled in 2 degree Taurus, and debilitated in 10 degree Scorpio. This may not be as accurate anymore as it used to be in the ancient times. Weak moon doesn’t mean a weak mind; it just means a different type of wavelength. Moon in Scorpio person is known to be scared of lot of things, and has the fear of unknown, or may love the deep dark secrets of the world, however, since moon is water, and mind, it can be influenced and turned into a different shape even if it’s excelled. If moon is weak in the horoscope, then you must also look at the aspects on the moon, meaning, which planet or any is looking at the moon, which planet is sitting in the same house as the moon or which planets are in 2nd or 12th house from the moon. All these factors will change and mold how a person thinks. If a weak moon is being aspected by Saturn or Rahu, then yes, it’s a very badly damaged moon which can create chaotic thoughts in the person, makes them crazy and sometimes even murders and killers like Casey Anthony. If moon is hemmed between Saturn and Mars in the same house, then it can make a person bi-polar or give them suicidal thoughts. When studying the moon in ones chart, you can not just look at its house, sign and degree placements; you must study all the factors I described above.