Wearing Silver Chain In Neck Astrology

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Should I wear Gemstone as ring, pendant or bracelet for maximum effectiveness?

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A turquoise necklace with a pearl and yellow evil eye will look so good against a plain white T-shirt. Andrea Zendejas Accessories Editor Andrea Zendejas is the accessories editor for the Hearst. So how should one decide on what parts of the body one should wear gold and silver? The following are simple rules that can help one to decide. The following is an example of a gold chain with a sattvik (spiritually. Planets have a great impact on the life of human beings as per Astrology. Information on wearing rings with specific.

At Gemstoneuniverse, we get this query a lot times worded in different ways and asked by different people almost on a weekly basis by e mails, disqus comments and on our Facebook page.

A lot of doctors for example who are interested in Planetary Gem therapy many times ask can they wear the gemstone as a pendant as for doing procedures or for examining patients many times they have to remove the rings and they have read that the gemstone contact should never leave the body for maximum effectiveness etc?

Similarly people doing hard manual labour such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers-Yes, we have them as clients too, are concerned that the Gemstone may get damaged while working. For them it is in many cases a once in a lifetime investment and they are very understandably concerned to keep it safe.

Wearing Silver Chain In Neck Astrology Signs

Desperation, Confusion, Commercialization

Then there are also cases of desperate individuals looking quickly to find back their lost lover, or those dabbling in share markets looking to recover losses quickly and similar cases who connect with quacks masquerading as energy healers, vastu shastri’s, antenna toters, pendulum dowsers, chakra scanners and what not who exploit that state of desperation and cause deliberately cause confusion by stating either the gem is incorrect, the gemstone has acquired negative energy or it is being worn in the incorrect finger or it should be transferred to the neck to get the desired objective.

Wearing Silver Chain In Neck Astrology

This is conveyed in the most mystical manner for the impact. Here the clients as well as the so called consultant both are unaware of Gemstones and Gem Therapy and leads to Gem Therapy Failures due to a negative Karmik Life Map.

The client’s mind is clouded by the desperate need to achieve and objective- such as bringing back lost love and the so called consultant’s mind is clouded basically by commercial motives. Individuals who find themselves in this situation would benefit from read Right expectations from Gem Therapy.


There are many such cases and permutations and combinations which are beyond the scope of this article so we shall get straight to the point to what results and statistics available to Gemstoneuniverse since last 20 years say about Should a Gemstone be worn as a ring, pendant or a bracelet for maximum effectiveness?.

This is THE definitive resource for answer to this question as taught and practiced by the master-Guruji Shrii Arnav himself.

Those who consult us by using the Vedic Gem Recommendation and stating their special needs , our team of Astro Gemologists at the time of making their Vedic Gemstone prescription do a thorough analysis and make the best recommendation.

How do Gemstones work?

Gemstones work primarily by reflection and absorption of light and by touch. In Gem therapy one of our primary goals is maximum movement of light and that is why we advise use of only Jyotish Gemstones with the highest possibility of clarity and purity of colour.

Should Gemstones be worn as a ring

Fine Bespoke Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Ring from Gemstoneuniverse

Benefits Of Wearing Silver Chain In Neck Astrology In Hindi

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Each planet has been assigned a specific position on the human palm. These are known as mounts and they are placed below specific fingers and they have been discussed in detail here.

The entire body is connected by nerve cells or neurons. Your fingers are highly sensitive to any signal and convey that sensation to the brain almost instantaneously.

Imagine holding a glass of hot water. How fast the signal gets conveyed. Hence the best option to wear Gemstones is as a finger ring as the planet is receiving the energy of light and conveying it and transmitting that energy to a specific part of the brain.

That is the precise reason, that for academic excellence and for communication skills it is advised the Emerald Gemstone which represents the power of Planet Mercury should be worn in the little finger as the mount of mercury is located just below the little finger.

Best results have been observed using this approach as there is no obstacle in light movement. In fact the movement of light is maximized.

What Does Wearing A Silver Chain Mean

Primary Goal of Gem Therapy is to Maximize Movement of Light

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Unless and until there are special needs such as restraints caused by employment requirements or religious belief etc it is always best to wear Gemstones as finger rings to harness the cosmic energies of the planets.

Should Gemstones be worn as Pendant

The second best option of wearing gemstones is as a pendant. Here also light reflection and absorption is occurring but not to the extent when worn as ring. This is especially useful for people of certain professions such as Doctors, Army men, individuals involved in tough manual labour or work in which gemstone is likely to get damaged or for those who are constrained because of social, employment or religious causes.
However before wearing the gemstone as a pendant an expert Astro Gemologist should make a detailed assessment of the horoscope and check whether this will be beneficial to the client or not?. Amongst many other factors one of the important points when wearing a Gemstone in the neck as pendant is akin to establishing the planet in the ascendant which may or may not be a good thing hence a detailed chart analysis is a must.

Wearing Silver Chain In Neck Astrology Chart

The ascendant lord Gemstone can always be worn in the neck as pendant touching the thymus gland area. Wearing Gemstone in the neck as pendant is also good in cases of healing of diseases, health ailments, boosting immunity etc.

Should Gemstones be worn as Bracelet

If you are wearing a Gemstone for good luck or for achievement of a specific objective as per the laws of Planetary Gem Therapy then you have to wear the Gemstone for 24 hours/ 365 days in a year. Wearing the Gemstone as a bracelet is the least effective method primarily because it is plainly cumbersome with the bracelet moving all the time especially if you are wearing a combination of gemstones in a single bracelet.

Secondly if you have to wear it all the time then it should not be shifty and should be durable and statistically we have seen maximum problems in the bracelet mode. It is just not made for heavy duty use and because the bracelet keeps on moving there is also chance of the Gemstone surface getting scratches, gemstone popping out from setting, precious metal getting scratched from contact with normal surfaces like the working table or the laptop, or the gemstone getting damaged.

A minority of clients who opted for bracelets by choice mostly got them changed eventually. As far as Astrological impact is concerned there seems to be lack of data. You can use bracelets for fashion and off and on use but practically these are not really an option for heavy duty astrological use for planetary gem therapy.

Hesitation in wearing Gemstones as Finger rings?

On a closing note I would also like to address that some of you want to wear Gemstones as pendants and cite that you would not like to disclose or let people know that you are doing this therapy or believe in gemstones. I am fine with your explanation and accept it but would like to add my humble opinion and learning.

If you have a mindset of shame or embarrassment while using these divine instruments of change formed over a million of years for welfare of mankind then it would be worthwhile to read Do Gemstones Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the people and defer wearing gemstones till that time where you establish the trust and faith with these divine friends that are gifts of God.

Till you are not at that point it’s not going to work because the magic is within you and Gems merely unleash that because -A Gem is for A Gem

Raghav Hawa

How To Wear Silver Chain Astrology

Raghav Hawa has trained and practiced Astro Gemology under Guruji Shrii Arnav for 2 decades. He is an Accredited Jewellery Professional from the GIA-Gemological Institute of America and a Certified Planetary Gem Advisor from the Planetary Gemologists Association-Thailand. At present he is a senior Astro Gemologist at the Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence besides heading Operations at Gemstoneuniverse

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