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Virgo march horoscope. I wanted to lose weight, to get healthier, be happier and more confident, and also get accepted! I got obese when transit jupiter was in my 1st, when i stopped drugs and Birth control pills. So i’m at 260 now from 300, trying to get to 170-160 pounds. I am quickly just losing it. I feel like i’m gonna glo up soon. Your best form of exercise and especially for weight loss would be a lovely, calm and rejuvenating stroll in nature or an easy hike in the forest – having the calming presence of trees and the rich soil beneath your feet is the ultimate way to relax, unwind and keep healthy. GEMINI HEALTH & WEIGHT TRAITS (Gemini dates: May 21 - June 20) In.

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I was also going through a Pluto transit. I vowed to transform my life (with help from friends) so that Pluto would not cause problems. While OA did not help me, their OA brown book had an article from a woman who saw Pluto coming to a bad aspect in her chart. She vowed to change her life so that Pluto would not cause problems — and it worked. I was amazed to see an astrological article in their Big Book. I ate the way I was going to eat for the rest of my life and I got out and moved — sightseeing and doing things with friends. This is a disease of isolation so you need to get out and be around people — even if just walking around a Mall.