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If you’re like many people, you have probably tried diet and exercise routines to lose weight. Food cravings can make those diets seem impossible to maintain. Did you know astrology can help you stay on track and achieve your health and wellness goals?

It’s true! Astrology is a symbolic language that can help us recognize connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. You have every planet represented in your birth chart, each one representing an aspect of your body, mind, and spirit. In addition, every category of food (and thus every craving, from meat to cookies) has an astrological correspondence. Sometimes, when a planetary energy shifts out of balance, you crave corresponding foods.

Astro tips for Weight Loss: For slimming you need to activate malefic Saturn who can shrink your body. But inducing Saturn power is surely a risky task. Stop your meal when you will two third 2/3 of your stomach is full. It will keep you hungry for while time after all Huger belongs to Saturn. In short, vedic jyotish can put you on 'easy street', as it pertains to weight loss. Your only other recourse would be to go against the grain, and so make things harder on yourself and your weight-loss endeavors. Using hindi jyotish to procure health and weight management is nothing new. 8 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year If you want to lose weight, there are some tried-and-true strategies that will help you do so. They range from improving food. Remember, weight loss takes time, mindfulness, and patience. Start each day with a positive view towards your ultimate weight-loss goal. You will get there.Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the.

When you understand the link between your food cravings and the planets, you can tap into a mind/body connection happening in real time. Then, you can assess whether the needs are emotional or physical. This can be super helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

Good health, like many things in life, is a lot about balance. At times, we crave certain foods when our physical bodies are out of balance. Likewise, emotional and spiritual needs can also stimulate food cravings. (If you have ever eaten a pint of ice cream after a breakup, you understand what I mean.)

This where Vedic astrology comes into a role play for you! Every ascendant (zodiac sign has a body type, personality, and eating habit. Once we get to know which body type do we belong, finding the right set of weight loss diet plans, exercises, and weight loss products will definitely become easier!

If your food cravings have you concerned about your overall health and wellbeing, you will, of course, want to make an appointment to discuss them with your physician or health care provider. If, however, they are mild and just inconveniencing your diet, here is a simple cheat sheet you can use to quell cravings and stay on track:

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Craving Sweets?

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, rules serotonin-boosting carbohydrates. When you feel sad or depressed, you might crave sweet carbohydrates more than usual to pump up those feel-good brain receptors. When Venus is out of balance, you might have a sweet tooth.

To bring Venus back into balance, you want to address the mind and body needs of your own inner Venus. You do not want to deprive Venus of her desires, or you’ll end up craving more. However, at times, you can meet your Venus needs in ways other than having a chocolate chip cookie.

Venus is the planet associated with relationships, and nothing brings Venus back into balance like a night out with good friends. A date night pleases Venus, too. Venus loves beauty or anything with the arts. So, a little retail therapy or outing to your favorite art gallery could help curb your cravings, too.

Next time you feel tempted to reach for the Ben & Jerry’s, take a few minutes instead to connect with a friend.

Venus’s counterpart is Mars, which rules proteins, iron, and anything that builds blood and muscle. Mars fires up our physical energy and motivates us to move. If you are looking for some immediate ways to curb a sweet craving, exerting physical energy might help activate your Mars and counterbalance a Venus craving.

If you crave sweets, have some healthy Venus foods on hand, like apples, grapes, pomegranates, or cherries.

Keep Venus moving. A good Venus workout would include graceful movements, like yoga, barre class, or pilates.

Craving Salt?

Salt is Saturn’s domain. Saturn is the planet that represents structure, responsibility, and focus. You might crave salt when you are working on a project and need to concentrate. Saturn also is associated with the bones, and salt and trace minerals in salts can support bone structure. On a physical level, if you are craving of salt, make sure you are getting proper electrolytes and minerals in your diet. On a more emotional level, if you are craving salts, you might ask yourself this question: “How is my concentration and focus?” If this could be better, you might need to support your inner Saturn.

To support your Saturn, find ways to better structure your time. If you feel unfocused, make a to-do list or mark time for tasks on your calendar. You could set reminders on your phone, and don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. Your inner Saturn wants recognition for hard work.

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If you crave salts, have healthy salty foods on hand, like celery or baked potatoes. Saturn rules hemp, and organic hemp seeds can be a healthy way to balance your inner Saturn as well.

To keep Saturn moving, try stretching, strength training, or anything that supports your bones and joints.

Craving Crunch?

Mars might be the culprit here. Mars is the planet of physical energy, passion, and drive. When Mars gets out of balance, you might feel frustrated, stressed, or restless. Often, this is when we want to make noise, energetically and physically. Sometimes, that triggers our desire for crunchy, salty foods. If you can’t stop at just one potato chip, you might need to better meet your Mars needs.

Nothing brings Mars back into balance like physical movement, and the more energy you exert, the better. Try Crossfit or go to your favorite Soul Cycle class to release some pent up frustrations. For an immediate fix, you can balance Mars cravings with something a little more neutral, like brown rice and steamed kale. These types of foods can satisfy your appetite before you indulge in a potato chip binge.

Mars gets out of balance, too, when you don’t speak your mind or when you try to bite your tongue to avoid a conflict. If you get an insatiable crunch craving, ask yourself: “Am I resisting speaking my truth?” Taking five minutes to answer this question may save you hundreds of crunchy calories.

Healthy Mars foods include protein-rich foods, nettle tea, iron-rich dark leafy greens, and radishes.

Keep Mars moving. Period. Mars workouts exert a lot of energy. HIIT, cardio kickboxing, or weightlifting are excellent outlets for Mars.

Craving Fats?

If you are craving fats, you might have a physical need for them, especially in dry winter months when your body wants extra moisture. However, if you find yourself craving fried foods and want to eat healthier, you can indulge your inner Jupiter to help satisfy those cravings.

Jupiter rules the liver, the metabolizing machine for fats. When Jupiter is out of balance, you might crave rich, fatty foods. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and its influence can certainly expand our waistlines. However, it doesn’t have to. Your inner Jupiter is the center of your faith, wisdom, and understanding. Jupiter seeks higher knowledge and adventure. It wants you to feel a sense of freedom and possibility. If you are craving too many fats, your inner Jupiter might be feeling stuck. Ask yourself, “How can I experience more expansion and adventure in my life right now?”

To bring Jupiter back into balance, indulge its emotional and spiritual desires. You could meditate, sign up for a class, take part in a spiritual community, or pursue a new professional opportunity. These activities will allow you to expand energetically so you don’t have to expand physically.


Keep Jupiter moving with outdoor activities like hiking or walking. Jupiter finds solace and spirituality through nature.

Healthy Jupiter foods include olives and olive oil, almonds, and healthy fats like avocados. Jupiter also rules asparagus and apricot, which may not curb your fat craving but could be good to have on hand.

Craving Alcohol?

It’s fun to sip cocktails with friends, but your favorite drink could add a hundred or more calories to your daily intake. If you are craving a glass of wine and want to cut back, then please your inner Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of creativity and spirituality. Neptune also rules alcohol and some drugs. When Neptune gets off balance, you may have the urge to relax, let go, and escape it all. To bring yourself back into balance, try doing something to feed your creative side. Make a new Pinterest board, take an art class, go out dancing, or redecorate a room. You can also please your inner Neptune through meditation and prayer.


Keep Neptune moving through dance.

Healthy alternatives to alcohol include sparkling water, herbal teas, or coconut water.

Healthy living includes the body, mind, and spirit. When any aspect of yourself shifts out of balance, it affects the whole. When your life is in balance, you tend to eat healthier and make better lifestyle choices. Everything in your life, including the foods you crave, can be a metaphor to help you gain deeper understanding about how to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into balance. Astrology is a great tool to help with this process, though it is by no means a replacement for good medical care or a diet/exercise routine. When you know more about your mind/body connection, you can learn more about yourself and make healthier choices. Who knows? Astrology could help you to lose a few extra pounds.

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Obesity or overweight is not a simple cosmetic issue. Overweight is linked with many diseases like diabetis, high bp, infertility, harmonal disorders, psycologicsl issues etc. Hence a broader perspective is required from astrological point of view.

Reasons for overweight

  1. Genetics
  2. Metabollism
  3. Life style
  4. Eating habits
  5. Other diseases etc.

So one should understand the planet causing the obesity/ overweight in the horoscope. What is your horoscope sign. It is also to be considered which rashi/ bhava is linked with overweight.

Depending on the nature of the planet and nature of bhava, one may also have other health problems linled with overweight. For example, if overweight causing planet is linked to fifth house, then one may suffer from infertility because of over weight.

We will see in detail analysis from astrological point of view.

  1. Lagna afflicted by functional malefic and natural benefic generally cause over weight. For example, for capricorn lagna, jupiter is functional malefic. Jupiter is natural benefic. Jupiter in lagna for capricorn will increase obesity or weight of the person. People of this planetary combination are fond of food. For meena lagna, venus in lagna can also increase the weight of the body.
  2. If lagna lord looses strength by way of position or combustion or afflicted by saturn are also likely to gain weight. This planetary combination increases lazyness to the person and can cause overweight.
  3. If seventh lord gets afflicted by natural benefic but functional malefic, one is fond of sweets and increase weight.
  4. If sun or mars are weak in the horoscope, they tend to decrease the metabolism of the person, and cause overweight.
  5. Afflicted 9th house cause over weight or obesity through inheritance. 6. If the overweight is caused by Sun, one should drink water from copper vessel. Surya namaskaram will help a lot to decrease the weight. Should avoid meat and strictly follow vegetarian diet.
  6. If the overweight is caused by moon, pranayama and breathing exercises work best.
  7. If the overweight is caused by jupiter or venus, one should avoid sweets. Shall wakeup befor sun rise and do brisk walking till sweating. Offer sweets to the poor people.
  8. If the overweight is caused by mars , one should avoid spicy food.
  9. Overweight by mercury is generally associated with some harmonal imbalnce like thyroid. Again pranayama suits for them apart from medication for underlying disease.
  10. Rigorous physical exercise is needed if saturn causes overweight. Abstinence from alcohol and non veg shall be maintained. Sweet milk shall be offered to banayan tree.

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Weight Loss Vedic Astrology

Disclaimer: The astrological remedies are not replacement for advice of a doctor.

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