Western And Eastern Astrology Combined Compatibility

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Free Chinese and Western Zodiac Compatibility

Western And Eastern Astrology Combined CompatibilityWestern And Eastern Astrology Combined Compatibility

Hi Everyone! Here at Chinese and Western Astrology we have put together a zodiac compatibility score chart to help people improve their match findings. Below goes into further details what this is all about. The zodiac compatibility formula factors in the following: Weekly horoscope stephen curry.

WesternEastern astrology signs

Western And Eastern Astrology Compatibility

  • Extrovert and introvert trait compatibility
  • Chinese and Western sign compatibility
  • Chinese year element compatibility
  • Chinese and Western equivalent sign compatibility (ie, Aries is equivalent to a Dragon)

Eastern Astrology Signs

The chart measures all the 144 combinations of chinese and western zodiacs and each pair of signs are given a score. The scores in green are compatible matches, scores in yellow are ok matches and scores in red are incompatible matches. Please fill out the contact form below with your birth date information (mm/dd/yy) to request for your free chinese and western compatibility score chart which will take about 1 to 2 weeks depending on how busy the requests are.