What Age Will I Get Married Astrology

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What Age Will I Get Married Astrology

Do you Want to Know marriage timing in astrology ? As an expert astrologer when folks comes for session the general public ask when will i get married ? It could be very pure to develop into inquisitive about Marriage and relationship after a Certain age. All these info are saved inside your horoscope or Kundli and cautious examine can reveal marriage timing from date of delivery.

When i Get Married: All the unmarried people concentrate about this question. As per astrology there is certain reason due to platen position person is not able to get married in tuned age. This question ask by 40% Percent people and we provide them solutions as per there horoscope. When will I get married and to whom is not just a query but it has become a problem for a young generation but your horoscope can notify you when you will get married accurately and how will be the life partner? In this post, we will discuss the exact time and age of marriage rules in astrology by date of birth for marriage & time so let’s. So age 7, 13 & 19 won't be taken consideration as we don't live the world of child marriage. Ages 22, 25, 28 and so on are the possible ages at which the person born on 20th April 1988 could have.

In our Life Relationships are crucial. Some relations we get by advantage of delivery like father, Mother, sister and so on and some we create by our self like Friends, Life associate and so on. Among these relationship Marital relationship is an important relation an individual creates in his or her life. So People are all the time curious to know concerning the marriage timing in astrology.

But No Astrology Software or no on-line web site may give you details about precise time of your Marriage. You have to do it Manually by checking your delivery chart. Marriage age prediction cannot be automated as a result of there are such a lot of elements which no software program can examine. Moreover Intuition additionally play an necessary function. So if you’re one among them looking out Marriage prediction Calculator, Stop proper now. You won’t be able to get any appropriate Prediction. Just open your Horoscope and observe the given steps, it is possible for you to to discover your Marriage date from kundli.

But Remember the Method I’m going to clarify under is for first Marriage. If you need to Know about second Marriage learn How to Know the Time of Second Marriage.

Marriage astrology is a Specialized activity and it has three main Parts- Knowing precise time of Marriage, Understanding Marital Happiness and Marriage Matching. Here I will provide you with a Proper and step by Step information on How to predict marriage Timing in astrology simply but successfully and this may going to aid you in marriage prediction from Horoscope. We will use Main delivery chart, Navamsa Chart and Jaimini principle-these three step method for Accurate Marriage prediction. Navamsa is the Main Purpose chart for Marriage to effective tune our Prediction. If you wouldn’t have your horoscope, Download the free and most dependable Software “Jagannath Hora” to forged your horoscope and Navamsa. You don’t want anything to know precise time of your Marriage.

I’ll share essentially the most complete and Accurate methodology obtainable in astrology for Marriage age prediction. First I’ll clarify numerous Principles obtainable in astrology to know Marriage time and after that I’ll inform you how to use these Principles Practically in your horoscope.

Still If you assume something is lacking right here or including any info might be useful, pl let me know by commenting under and I’ll replace it with the required info. If you learn this until finish, I’m certain You might be ready to know your Marriage time by date of delivery.

Houses which performs necessary function in Marriage astrology

In Marriage astrology the Main House for Marriage or any form of Relationship is seventh House. seventh home doesn’t solely characterize Marriage but it surely additionally characterize any form of Serious relationship or partnership, in case of profession astrology it additionally characterize Profession. But right here i’ll confine myself with Marriage astrology solely. Some time we might not get married legally however we keep in a relationship very lengthy like 10 years or 12 years. That can also be judged from seventh home. at any time when seventh home and fifth home makes any form of relationship, it creates Yogas for Love marriage. You can learn my element article on how to know whether you will have Love Marriage or Arranged.

So seventh home and seventh Lord is an important issue in predicting marriage time by date of delivery. If you have no idea what’s your seventh home, Open your Horoscope and Check your Ascendant. Then begin counting anticlockwise, and the seventh signal might be your seventh home. For instance, if you’re born with Aries Ascendant, your seventh home might be Libra. If you might be born with Taurus, your seventh home might be Scorpio. This seventh home and its Lord has most Say in Marriage age Prediction and Timing of Marriage astrology.

If you might be confused and unsure about Who is your seventh Lord or seventh home, You can Contact us and we are going to inform you about your Horoscope.

The subsequent necessary House for marriage is eighth home. It is definitely the 2nd home from seventh home. So it signifies the steadiness and sustenance of Marriage. It additionally signifies Physical relationship. So eighth home additionally So at any time when the fifth home or its Lord makes a reference to eighth home or its Lord, it may give sensual nature and creates astrological Yoga for Secret relationship. I’ve written in element about Extramarital affair or Secret Romantic Relationship in element. You can learn it.

Second House signifies household and Relatives. Marriage isn’t solely a relationship between a Man and girl but it surely additionally between two households. So Whenever marriage is carried out it additionally connects two households. Naturally 2nd home additionally performs an necessary function in astrology by date of delivery for marriage.

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The final necessary home for predicting marriage timing in astrology is 11th home. 11th home signifies acquire, our social and pals circle. It additionally signifies success of need. Nothing can gained with out the Blessing of 11th Lord.

Important planets to predict marriage Timing in astrology

The Planets which may Give Marriage in their Dasha and Antardasha no matter their Lordship or placement are Venus and Rahu. These two planets are having particular significance in Marriage astrology.

Venus is the Natural Significator of Marriage and Relationship. So if the Period of Venus is working in the marriageable age it may give Marriage even when it’s not related with seventh or eighth or 11th home.

The subsequent one is Rahu. If the interval of Rahu can also be working in excellent Marriageable age, it may give marriage in its Dasha or Antardasha. So these two Planets are crucial in Marriage time prediction by astrology.

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Role of Navamsa in Marriage Prediction by date of delivery and Time

Navamsa is the Main divisional Chart which is checked for Marriage. Why Divisional Charts are used ? All the data might be obtained from Birth chart and no Divisional Chart may give the end result which isn’t promised in principal delivery chart. But someday we get confused and don’t come into conclusion. In that Case Divisional charts assist us to come to any conclusion. Navamsa is likely one of the most necessary Divisional chart in Marriage astrology. It has very excessive significance in Marriage date Prediction. You Should Check the under Points throughout Marriage age Prediction.

  • The Antardasha of Navamsa Lagna Lord. Since Navamsa primarily offers with Marital issues, the rising Navamsa Lord Period has a Significant function to play in Marriage Prediction. If the Navamsa Ascendant is Aries or Scorpio, Mars interval may give Marriage, if the Navamsa Lagna is Taurus or Libra, Venus Period might be predicted as Marriage Time and So on.
  • The Lord of the seventh home of Navamsa Can convey Marriage in its Period. As seventh home offers with Marriage, Planets related to seventh home of Navamsa may have a say in Marriage Prediction. seventh lord of Navamsa Should be given due significance in Marriage Timing in astrology.
  • As per well-known Astrologer Gayatri Devi Vasudev ( Daughter of Great Dr. B. V. Raman) the 6-Eight place of Mahadasha Lord and Antardasha Lord in Navamsa can convey a change in status- from Single to Married. Hence we additionally want to examine the 6-Eight relationship in Navamsa of Dasha and Bhukti Lord throughout Marriage Prediction.

I’ve written in element how to use Navamsa for Prediction of Marriage associated Matter. You can examine How to use Navamsa.

Principles in Vedic astrology for Marriage Time Prediction

There are quite a few rules and methods for Marriage time Prediction however I’ll share you an important and efficient ones. The most necessary rules which is useful for prediction of Marriage timing in astrology are given under. You want to use and examine these rules in completely different Horoscopes to perceive how the rules are working.

  1. The seventh Lord from Lagna or Moon Can give Marriage in its Period.
  2. The Dispositor of seventh Lord may give marriage throughout its Time.
  3. Planets Placed or occupied in seventh home from Ascendant or Moon or Navamsa Lagna may also give marriage in its interval.
  4. Planets aspecting the seventh home from Lagna or Navamsa Lagna may also grant Marriage.
  5. The Lord of the home the place seventh Lord is positioned in Navamsha may also grant marriage in its Dasha antardasha.
  6. Marriage may also happen in the course of the interval of 2nd Lord.
  7. Dasha/Antardasha of Rahu or Venus may also give Marriage.
  8. Dasha/Antardasha of seventh Lord from Venus may also Give Marriage.
  9. According to Bhavat Bhavam rules, seventh home from seventh is the Lagna or Ascendant. So in the Period of Ascendant Lord Marriage may also occur.

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Dasha Antardasha a while takes 2 to three years. In that Case we now have to use Partyantdasha and transit successfully to know the Correct marriage timing in astrology. These are some primary Rules in vedic Astrology to predict the time of marriage. But earlier than Marriage age prediction we should examine whether or not the individual is destined to get married or not. If completely different Planetary mixture signifies that the individual cannot get married, There isn’t any which means in pointing time for marriage.

After correct Analysis of Horoscope when conclude that there is no such thing as a denial of marriage, We ought to examine the Vimshottari Dasha. There might be a number of Dasha when Marriage might be Possible. So we want to use Transit and one More dasha , i favor Chara dasha of Jaimini, to know the precise Timing of marriage in astrology.

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Timing of Marriage in astrology as per Jaimini Principle

Jaimini Sutras or Principles are little bit completely different than conventional vedic Principles. In jaimini Principle the planet which has bought lowest diploma is Called the Darakaraka Planet. Dara means spouse or Spouse. So Darakaraka Planet signifies marriage and all type of marriage associated incidents. So We have to Check the planet which has bought decrease diploma in the Horoscope or Darakaraka planet for predicting Timing of Marriage in astrology. In jaimini precept, we use Chara Dasha. If you employ any astrology Software it would present you the Chara dasha together with Vimsottari Dasha. The House that are owned by Darakaraka Planet, the House the place the Darakaraka Planet is Placed or the home the place the Darakaraka Planet is Placed in Navamsa could be very essential for predicting marriage timing in astrology. For instance, Suppose Sun has bought the bottom diploma in your chart. So Sun will develop into the Darakaraka Planet for you. Now Sun is positioned in Gemini in principal delivery chart and additionally positioned in Libra in Navamsa. So The Charadasha of Gemini, Leo and Libra might be necessary to predict Timing of Marriage in astrology. Some time the seventh home from darakaraka Planet can also be Needs to be checked for Marriage age prediction.

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Role of Transit in predicting marriage time

Transits aren’t any much less in significance than Dasha to pin level Marriage Time from astrology. If the Dasha and Transit each are favorable, it offers the affirmation concerning the occasion. That is why i all the time give emphasis on Transit together with Dasha. Two Planets are actually crucial in transit-Saturn and Jupiter as a result of each the Planets stays in an indication for a Long period. I’m Giving you some necessary hints about how to use transits for predicting marriage timing in astrology.

  1. When Jupiter transits by means of a home from the place he might side the natal Venus or transits over the seventh home or seventh Lord, The marriage can happen in that interval.
  2. Marriage may also occur when Jupiter transits in trikona from Rasi or Navamsa occupied by the seventh Lord.
  3. If the Saturn can also be transiting over the seventh home or seventh Lord or Upapada Lagna, it may well additionally point out Marriage.
  4. Transit Saturn and Jupiter on Navamsa Ascendant may also grant Marriage and we want to see this additionally throughout Marriage prediction.

The Basic Astrological Rules have been made hundreds of yr in the past however they work completely effective even in the present day. But with time and change of Society , We want to do some Modifications of those guidelines for getting Good end result. That is why we should use composite method and examine a chart from numerous angles. Now I’ll inform you the composite Method utilizing the above mentioned precept to predict Marriage timing in astrology.

How to discover Marriage date from Kundli – Marriage prediction by date of delivery and time virtually

Whenever We choose a Horoscope we want to Check all of the facets of the Horoscope. You want to see the Divisional Chart like Navamsa or D-9 chart and additionally we want to see the Dasha-Antardasha in addition to Transit. In case of Dasha, I’ll all the time recommend to use no less than two Dasha System like-Vimsottari and Chara dasha for Marriage timing in astrology. If you employ Two Dasha System and Transit in your Horoscope successfully, you’ll simply get the reply of When I’ll get married from astrology. I all the time Use this composite method of a number of Dasha and Divisional chart and you can see what my clients say about my Analysis.

Now I’ll clarify step by Step how to know Marriage Time from Vedic astrology

First Step

  • Locate Which Planets are Placed in seventh home and who’s the seventh Lord.
  • Locate Who is the seventh Lord in Navamsha and which Planets are Placed in Navamsha
  • Locate Who is the eighth Lord in Birth chart in addition to in Navamsha Chart. Also be aware down which Planets are positioned in eighth home.
  • Locate who’s the Darakaraka planet. If you have no idea about Darakaraka, it’s a Jaimini Concept the place the planet which is having the Lowest diploma is taken into account as Darakaraka Planet. It is essential for Marriage time prediction.

Second Step

Now For understanding the Marriage Timing in Astrology, We have to see whether or not the individual is having any form of Yogas for Delay in marriage or Not. If the Saturn afflicts the seventh home and seventh Lord of delivery chart or Navamsa or if the eighth lord afflicts the seventh home or seventh Lord in your delivery chart or Navamsa chart, It can delay your Marriage. Even Higher Affliction may also deny Marriage and individual might not get Married in whole Life.

Vedic astrology sites. Founded in 1999, Kasamba has become the world’s largest site for. As the name suggests, if you’re up for some real astrology talk.

So earlier than continuing we now have to see whether or not you’ve well timed marriage or a delayed marriage for realizing precise time of marriage.

Third Step

  • Check the Vimshottari Dasha. Marriage can occur in the Dasha-Antardasha of seventh lord, Planets positioned in seventh home of each principal delivery chart and Navamsa Chart.
  • Check the Chara Dasha. Marriage can occur in the Dasha of the Signs owned by Darakaraka Planet or the signal the place the Dara Karaka Planet is positioned in D1 chart or the Sign the place Darakaraka Planet is Placed in Navamsha Sign. Darakaraka Planet is essential for Marriage Timing in Astrology.
  • Check the Transit. Jupiter and Saturn needs to be aspecting the seventh home or seventh lord or the Upapada Lagna in transit for Marriage. Upapada Lagna is a Jaimini idea and crucial for Predicting Marriage and relationship in astrology. So it’s also very helpful for timing of marriage in astrology.

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After checking all these Conditions, we will get an concept about Time of Marriage in astrology. When all these facets will point out, that would be the absolute best interval for Marriage. But these usually are not the one precept for marriage timing astrology however there are lot of different elements like Exchange, Aspect, Nakshatra and so on which is able to change the end result. The Planets in the seventh home of D9 chart is essential for Predicting marriage timing from Navamsha.

As World Best Astrologer Mr. Ok N Rao says, we must always all the time use composite method in astrology. So we want to use Multiple Dasha System, Divisional Chart, Nakshatra of the Planets and additionally the Transit to get an concept about Marriage timing in astrology. Even he recommend to lengthen using Jaimini Karaka to Vimsottari Dasha. Sometime even the Vimsottari Dasha of Darakaraka Planet may give Marriage and we must always maintain it in thoughts for marriage timing in astrology.

I’ve tried to offer you an concept about how one can virtually examine your personal Chart for Marriage prediction. If you employ the methods given above, I’m certain it is possible for you to to predict about Marriage timing in astrology effectively. In case you need me to examine your Horoscope, be happy to contact me for Consultation. If you want astrology, You ought to Join us on Astrologylover to work together with like minded individuals. I’ll wait in your remark and suggestions.

Debraj is an expert Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical expertise. Started studying Vedic astrology in a really early age round 12 yrs and nearly greater than 20 years in astrological examine.

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Marriage is one of the most crucial parts of every person’s life. Every Bride and Groom is eager to start a strong relationship with the better half. Marriage provides us with tremendous affection and happiness with the contentment of living life to the fullest. A successful married life can bring precious moments of joy into one’s life. Having a partner and to live with is priceless. Any astrologer can predict the time of marriage, quality of marriage, the right time to get into a marriage, etc. The predictions are basically based on the horoscope of each person. The birth details provided by the native help preparing the predictions.

When will I get married or when my daughter or son will get married is a frequently asked question by most of the people. The love horoscope of the people is predicted on the basis of certain rules of astrology.

We use certain methods for our predictions. Here is a description of that-

Before expecting the time of marriage checks the promise of marriage in the horoscope. After that, check if it is mentioned that there will be early or delayed marriage. If there is the promise of marriage then the person can get married during the Dasha-Bhukti of the planet related to 7th house. Dasha-Bhukti of Lord Lagna and 5th lord is also crucial. Marriage might happen during the Dasha-Bhukti of Venus as it is the natural signification for the male natives. And for women natives, Jupiter is the natural signification and can take place in Dasha-Bhukti too. Rahu is also responsible for giving marriage although it’s Dasha-Bhukti needs careful analysis. In the Navmamsa chart the importance is given to the lord of 1st, 5th and 9th house and planets related to these houses or their lords.

Next, check the overall strength of 7th house, its lord, Jupiter and 5th house.

This house is phased by Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Sun. Every top-rated beneficial planet is influencing the house which is a good sign for early and successful marriage.

5th lord Venus is placed in Lagna with Lord of Lagna. So it is provided with strength even though it is retrograded and combusted as well. However, it will not be able to make a delay in marriage.

Jupiter is the seventh lord and it is connected with Saturn and Mars. According to Astrology Mars is known for giving critical results for Gemini born Natives. Hence some problems in married life might arise because of the Saturn and Mars with lord Jupiter. But it is wise to check the planetary position in Navmamsa chart before doing anything.

In the Navamamsa chart, Mars is the seventh lord and it is phased by Jupiter so all the evil qualities of Mars are ineffective in Navamamsa chart. Then mo malefic planet is on the house or associated with Mars and Jupiter. Hence this native is fortunate of enjoying a happy married life and there is a promise of early marriage as well.

The astrologer can also make a thorough research of numerous planets to provide a better marriage prediction. Among the twelve houses, the seventh house is studied for relationship and marriage as it is the house of partnership. For male native, Venus helps in marriage and for female native Jupiter is involved.

Love or Arranged Marriage

In the horoscope, the 5th house is for love and 7th is for marriage. For love marriage, these have to be a connection between these two houses. To check whether love marriage is possible, we need to check the lord of the house. The position of planets like Moon, Mars, and Venus can influence the house which will give you a partner chosen by you. If the lord of this house makes a connection with these planets there are solid chances of getting married to your lover. And If the lord of that house is influencing over 1st, 5th and 12th then there are higher chances of getting married to someone you know.

Then there is the study of the planet Venus along with the moon, Rahu, mars and the lord of the ascendant, which stands for romance. If the Venus is on 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house there are chances of love marriage. The next planet is moon which influences Venus and mars which also gives influence for love affairs.

Second Marriage Astrology

When predicting second marriage multiple planets are studied carefully specifically Rahu as it occupies the 7th house as that results in multiple marriages. In astrology, the second marriage is possible if the 9th house lord is on seventh house Vargattoma. The position of the lord of that house is a dual sign like Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces, which can give a second marriage.

Delay Marriage

Delay in marriage happens if there is any malefic influence on the house whose lord is Venus. If Jupiter is retrograded or combusted then it can cause a delay in marriage. Another reason for the delay is Mangala Dosha. And if malefic planets like Saturn or Ketu occupy that house there can also be a delay in marriage.

There are several remedies available for love marriage, delay in marriage and to stop divorce and remarriage. The astrologer can suggest various puja, rituals, and mantra and might suggest you to wear certain gemstones.

What age will I get married astrology

There are also two methods to calculate marriage age. Those are:

The first method is the Vedic chart and the second one is a numerology chart. Let’s analyze the numerology method with a simple trick-

Take your date of birth first. For example – 25- march- 1992


First, write down the date of birth of the person


Then convert each number into single-digit

Ex – 25 = 2+5 = 7

Then next no convert single-digit = 3 already single digit then need to change.

Then next level to change – 1992 = 1+9+9+2= 21 = 2+1= 3

Then we got all single-digit number which is = 7, 3, 3

Now, add these numbers to your current age = suppose your current age is 22 years.

Then, add this number with your age = 21+3= 24 yrs

21+7= 28 years

21 + 3 = 24 year

If your age goes above these numbers you will find another method which takes all single digits then you multiply these numbers.

Example- 3, 7, 3

1- 7*3 =21 yrs 21+3 = 24 yrs

Then, now again add these number in to current age = 21+ 3 = 24

24+7 = 31

24+3 = 27

These are just simple trick to find out marriage age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Astrologer predict “when will I get married”?

Everyone is excited to know that “when will they get married?” Astrological forecast confine ‘the unique planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac’ related to the time and the place of your birth. By evaluating your horoscope, the astrologer can make various predictions about your marriage and tell you about a certain period in which you might get married.

How can the horoscope impact my marriage?

Horoscopes are based on the data of your life. By carefully evaluating the Rasi of the house, planetary positions, and the 7th /bhava of your horoscope, an astrology forecast can be made for your marriage.

What Age Will I Get Married Indian Astrology

What is Mangal dosha?

The position of planet Mars in your horoscope is very crucial. Sometimes, the positioning can throw negative influences on your married life which is known as Mangala Dosha.

Can I marry my lover?

If you already have someone, then by analyzing your 7th house and doshas, the astrologer (love horoscope) can give you insights on “How your marriage life will be”, and “Who will likely be your ideal life partner”.

Why my marriage is kept getting delayed?

This type of situation appears mostly because of the presence of “doshas” in your rashi. Each dosha like “Kuja dosha” or “Rahu-Ketu dosha” affects your life differently. Most of the time, even your birth star, or Dasha period, can cause an unwanted delay.

Can astrology disclose details of my future spouse?

Horoscope indicates different portions of your life; it can for sure forecast certain information about your future spouse too. It is used to check the compatibility with them, but it can also reveal information about their personality, and from which location they would come from.

Is horoscope matching needed for marriage?

As per the Hindu mythology, matching the kundlis form the foundation of every relationship. You might be excited to know about your future life with your spouse, and that is why it is necessary to evaluate that carefully before marriage.

Can it predict if I will have a second marriage?

The astrologer will check your kundli for this and if Rahu occupies the seventh house then there might be a chance of second marriage.

Who Will I Marry Horoscopes

Can it tell if I will have love or arranged marriage?

Absolutely, the lord of certain houses can define whether you will have a love or arranged marriage. You should consult a good astrologer for that.

How to fix the delay in marriage?

What Age Will I Get Married Astrology Chart

Only an astrologer can tell you that after carefully evaluating your details. He might ask you to do some remedies for that.

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