What Astrology Season Is It

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What Astrology Season Is It
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Let’s take a deeper look at what is instore and how we can best navigate this incredible season-Taurus Season 2021 April 19/20- The Sun Enters Taurus. The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th/20th (this will depend on your timezone). Out of fiery Aries energy and into. Astrology for the Seasons. About Blog Audio Book a Reading About Blog Audio Book a Reading Connecting the dots between the stars and the season you’re in. Latest: Why Astrology? “We have always been in relationship with the sky.

Did you know that the Zodiac is the foundation of our current calendar? Many people don't realize that the first day of spring each year is determined by the exact time that the Sun moves into the tropical sign Aries. The time of day when the transition between one season and the next occurs is determined by the Sun's apparent motion around the Earth. Of course we know that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, but it appears as if it does from our perspective while standing on the surface of our moving planet. This apparent movement creates the 'ecliptic', which is the basis of the Tropical Zodiac.

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The first day of spring begins each year when the ecliptic of the Earth crosses the celestial equator. The celestial equator is our own equator as it would be if extended out into space. When the ecliptic (Sun's pathway) meets the celestial equator, the first day of spring is experienced, and the first day of Aries begins.

It is from the seasonal changes created by the Sun's movement through the Tropical Zodiac that early observers of the heavens began to note the correlating agricultural changes and even human characteristics of people born at different times throughout the year. These are what we call the Sun signs.

It is interesting to view the signs from a 'seasonal' perspective to see how we live out or demonstrate the purpose of each season in some special area of our lives. For example, somewhere in your life you are meant to be 'spring'. When experiencing another area of your life, you live out the message of 'autumn'. Likewise your life symbolizes the meaning of winter and summer, even though you may not 'act out' those seasons during these particular months in the year.

It is important to remember that all horoscopes contain all twelve signs

Basically, the signs of the zodiac represent personal attitudes and needs which are symbolized by the seasons of our year. Their particular positions or locations in the birth chart (houses) determine the AREAS OF LIFE where these attitudes and needs are experienced and expressed.


From a seasonal perspective, the beginning of spring marks a period of new birth. Animals come out of hibernation; mating season begins. Seeds are planted for future crops. The world takes on a new lightness after its winter rest. Similarly, the house cusp on which you find the sign Aries in your chart shows an area of your life where you are meant to be a trailblazer. Your job is that of the initiator, the pioneer, and the originator. While not always having a clear vision of what the future holds in this area of your life (house), life challenges you to move toward it with courage and zeal. Instincts play a strong role in your search for selfhood.

From Aries, the Sun moves into TAURUS where the energy of spring is concentrated. Seeds begin to take root. Conception is taking place in the animal world. The results of what Aries created are soon to be seen. Spring is at its midpoint and both humanity and nature are concerned with what will manifest from the activities initiated during the first thirty days of the season. The house of Taurus in your birth chart describes the area of your life where you need to display this concern for getting results in various ways. You are vitally connected to the material world and the physical pleasures life offers. You need to be acutely aware of the value and the wonders of life's tangible offerings when meeting the experiences ruled by this house. The sensuality of the season is at its peak, as seen in the delight you take in using your five senses to the fullest.


What Horoscope Season Is It

The third phase of spring begins when the Sun moves into GEMINI. Survival at this point depends on nature's capacity to adjust to environmental influences and changes. Spring is about to merge with summer and Mother Nature must adapt to the transition. Likewise, wherever you have Gemini in your horoscope shows where you have a natural ability to adapt to what surrounds you, to think about possibilities, to disseminate your ideas and communicate with others. As nature begins to synthesize all that has taken place since the first day of spring, you also demonstrate a desire to learn about synthesis and 'relatedness”.

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When summer arrives, Mother Nature is busy nurturing all that she has created. And with it, mankind's nurturing instincts are developed. The warmth of summer manifests itself through the sensitivity and warmth of character displayed in the CANCER-born individual (June 22-July 22). However, even if you are not a Cancer Sun-sign individual, you have this sign somewhere in your chart, describing where (house) your maternal instincts are strong. Just as animals are prepared to protect their newborn offspring, your purpose is to protect all that is near and dear to you.

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In mid-summer the Sun moves into LEO and all of nature is in full bloom. Infant animals are at play; life is for enjoying. The purpose of all that has gone before becomes evident in the splendor of a beautiful summer day. Likewise, wherever you find Leo in your chart (house), you need to project confidence, enthusiasm and a true love of life. The radiance of your personality is a reminder to others that like Mother Nature, you can be fun-loving and generous.

Soon the world again is at a point of transition. This is evident in the VIRGO phase of summer. A time of reaping what has been sown is right around the corner and preparation for the fall must now begin. Work is the keynote here. In the area of your life ruled by Virgo (house), you need to be acutely aware of what responsibilities must be met in order to move toward the future.


Autumn is here before we know it. Leaves begin to turn color. Mankind and nature must now work together in harmony in order to maintain balance. Crops are ready to be reaped. Humankind sees objectively the products that it has created and realizes that it could never have been accomplished without the help of Mother Nature. In the Libra area of your life, you learn about the need for cooperation and balance, both in regard to your relationship with nature and in your relationship to your fellow man. Like leaves blending in harmonious autumn hues, you must to learn to do likewise. Balance and justice are your ultimate goal.

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As the Sun enters SCORPIO, leaves begin to fall from the trees. The flowers' petals begin to dry and return to the Earth. The more delicate of nature's creations die, while those stronger survive even though the elements have taken their toll. Nature begins the process of regeneration, just as you will go through periodic and deep transformational experiences in the area of life ruled by Scorpio in your chart. Because you are aware of your own mortality, you are not satisfied with the superficial and continuously search for deeper meaning in life.

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