What Do The Degrees Mean In Astrology

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Astrology Degrees and Meaning In astrology, there’s an idea concerning the degrees of the planets manifesting at a particular age. Some people report significant events, and others do not correlate anything significant in their lives.


A planet’s exaltation is a sign of the zodiac in which it is thought to be particularly well-placed.

The first, middle and final degrees in each of the signs carry specific and potent messages, whether in the natal horoscope or directed/progressed charts. Here, a range of horoscopes of famous people and events is analysed to demonstrate the spectrum of meanings across these highly-charged degrees. Astrology Aspects Explained. Astrology Aspects are the connection(s) or relationship(s) between two or more planetary aspects or celestial bodies when looking at someone’s birth chart using angles and degrees of the zodiac 360 degree circle. For an example, let’s take a look at Brad Pitt’s birth chart again. The wheel of a chart is 360 degrees. So is the wheel of the zodiac. Think of the zodiac wheel as wrapping around the outside of the chart wheel. When drawing up a chart wheel, it’s a good practice to draw the zodiac to scale and then draw in the houses according to their degrees of the signs. Degrees and minutes are a precise mathematical way of breaking up a circle into equal parts A circle has 360 degrees Each degree has 60 smaller “degrees” called “minutes” In astrology, the 12 houses (which take year to cycle through) are represented on a circle with each house taking up about 30 degrees of the entire circle.

The traditional exaltations are as follows:

  • Saturn is exalted in Libra.
  • Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.
  • Mars is exalted in Capricorn.
  • Venus is exalted in Pisces.
  • Mercury is exalted in Virgo.
  • The Sun is exalted in Aries.
  • The Moon is exalted in Taurus.

According to the 7th century astrologer Rhetorius of Egypt, the exaltations are auspicious placements for the planets because the domicile lord of that sign interacts particularly well with the planet that has its exaltation in the sign.

In some traditions there are specific degrees associated with the exaltations. According to the Hellenistic sources, the degrees of exaltation are as follows:

  • Saturn is exalted in the 21st degree of Libra.
  • Jupiter is exalted in the 15th degree of Cancer.
  • Mars is exalted in the 28th degree of Capricorn.
  • Venus is exalted in the 27th degree of Pisces.
  • Mercury is exalted in the 15th degree of Virgo.
  • The Sun is exalted in the 19th degree of Aries.
  • The Moon is exalted in the 3rd degree of Taurus.

The sign that is opposite to a planet’s exaltation is known as its fall or depression.

Is rising sign more important?

According to Vedic view, ascendant which is also called Lagna or rising sign, is most important.

Critical degrees in astrology

It that sign which is always rising in your chart and shows from where your Parana ie life came.

Ascendant and its will govern your fate, intelligence, your features and personality.

Which zodiac signs are most likely to be rich and famous?

Here are some of the star signs that are the most likely to become rich and successful because of their traits and characteristics.VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) … SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) … LEO (July 23 – August 22) … TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) … CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) … ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

How does Mercury retrograde affect me?

Mercury is known as the planet that rules all communication, B.C.-based astrologist Georgia Nicols explains. This means that when Mercury appears retrograde, people may experience communication issues, problems with technology, or even things like lost mail.

What does 18 degrees mean in astrology

What are the degrees in astrology?

The Astrological Aspects The more exact, the stronger and more dominant an aspect will be in shaping character and manifesting change. Certain degrees of angularity are called “major aspects.” These are 0° (conjunction), 60° (sextile), 90° (square), 120° (trine), and 180° (opposition).

What does 25 degrees mean in astrology?

In astrology, there’s an idea concerning the degrees of the planets manifesting at a particular age. … If your Sun is positioned at, say, 25 degrees of your sign, you might meet your spouse at age twenty-five or your first child may be born.

What do the degrees mean in astrology libra

What is the 29th degree in astrology?

From an Astrological perspective, a Natal or Personal Astrology chart, with a Magic 29 (or any placement in the 29th degree) indicates a person that is involved in major transitions all throughout their lifetime. It’s a special marker of soul evolution and not necessarily an easy one to carry.

Whats is my moon sign?

Discover your Moon Sign using our Moon Sign Calculator Your Moon Sign can reveal a lot about your personality, emotions and intuition. An individual’s Moon Sign, calculated using their date of birth, may be completely different from their Sun Sign.

How do you know when Jupiter is weak?

A way to detect a weak Jupiter is to check the flatness of the mount. If it is somewhat flat or if the index finger is tilting way too much towards the middle finger, then the person is said to have a weak Jupiter. If many lines are crisscrossing each other in this area, then the person has a negative Jupiter.

What degree is Scorpio?

The degree of 29° Scorpio was fitting: it was the end of her ‘acid reign’ – eleven ruthless, controversial years in power.

How do you know which planet is strong in astrology?

When the planet is in the sign of exaltation then the planet is capable of executing its primary mission and hence is called a strong planet. For example, Jupiter in Cancer, the Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, Rahu in Gemini, Saturn in Libra and Moon in Taurus is a strong planet.

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What sign is rising?

To calculate your rising sign, you’ll need your star sign and the hour that you were born. In this handy table by Ask the Astrologers, look down the left column for your star sign, and then move along to the hour you were born. Once you have your symbol, look down the left column to again to see what it corresponds to.

At what age does Rahu mature?

Jupiter matures at 16 years of age, the Sun at 21, the Moon at 24, Venus at 25, Mars at 28, Mercury at 32, Saturn at 36, Rahu at 42 and Ketu at 48.

What does Jupiter stand for?

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it symbolizes the strength of expansion. It is the general symbol of authority and knowledge. Science and sportsmanship are also under its reign. If Jupiter makes a benign aspect, it increases possessions; makes rich and prosperous.

How can I become an astrologer?

How do I become an astrologer? Though there are no formal education requirements in the United States, you can become a certified astrologer by taking classes, learning from a mentor, and getting your skills tested by a professional organization.

In which house Jupiter is weak?

Jupiter placed weakly in the eighth house give problems related to in-laws. Obstacles become an integral part of his life. Such a person has to suffer from weakness and health complications as well.

What Is My Saturn Sign Calculator

What does 21 degrees mean in astrology

How can I make my Venus strong in astrology?

* A person should Worship Goddess Lakshmi to pacify the Malefic effects of planet Venus. He should visit a Goddess Lakshmi Temple on Every Friday and recite Lakshmi Chalisa there. A person may also keep fast on Fridays. A person should donate Ghee, Camphor, Curd and Sugar on every Friday.


Why are degrees important in astrology?

The planets are situated in particular avasthas (states) depending upon its degree in every birthchart or horoscope. … The degree is very important in judging the strength of a planet. It is another way to look at the strength of a planet.

Can you be two zodiac signs?

No matter your birth date, there’s only one answer — no one actually has two signs. But if you were born within a few days of the Sun’s move from one zodiac sign to the next, this means you were born on the cusp, and you might feel an influence from two different signs.

When Venus is strong in a horoscope?

A strong influence of Venus in a kundali makes the native attractive and beautiful. A person with Venus in the ascendant usually get success in the fields of fashion, cinema and other creative fields. It is also a karaka of physical pleasure and plays important role in determining love affairs.

What does 0 degrees mean in astrology?

What astrological sign is most compatible with geminis. The 0 degree always represents the sign. 1-represents Aries, the 2nd degree – Taurus, 3-Gemini, 4th. O degrees of any sign is the strongest degree in the sign, as its the 1st degree in the sign, its in the Duad and 1st decan of the sign, which is ruled by the signs ruler. From 0 deg.

What does 18 degrees mean in astrology?

So, again it was proved that the degree (but also the number) 18 represents Satan. In addition, the persons having a planet at that degree, particularly a personal planet (the Sun, Ascendant, and their ruler ) are either influenced by Satan or attract evil energies – consciously or unconsciously.