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In Astrology, Juno represents the “good wife”. According to the myth, Juno was Jupiter’s wife. He cheated on her, yet she still stayed with him, and fulfilled her traditional duties. Think of Juno as the “Eve” of Astrology. Consider Juno as the antithesis of Lilith; Juno is seen as the ‘wife’, while Lilith is seen as the. Lilith was Adam’s first wife, his partner before Eve ever came to exist, who was an equal to man. While Eve is mostly depicted as this curvy, motherly figure of obedience and blind respect, Lilith was everything uncontained, uncontrolled, attractive, sexual, and disobedient, showing will of her own and impossible to tame.

There are many ways to interpret Lilith, and it is most often approached as the manifestation of female Mars closer to Earth than Pluto. In a way, it is a dark side of the feminine role in all of us, a sexual taboo, and when accented in a chart it will inevitably speak of gender discrimination, someone’s inability to take any orders, and the need to set free from prejudice and pressure of the surrounding society. By some astrological approaches, there are four or even five Lilith related points in each chart. They are:

  • Black Moon Lilith (Mean)
  • Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath Black Moon)
  • Osculating Lilith (True)
  • Asteroid Lilith
  • Algol (fixed star from the constellation of Perseus)

Asteroid Lilith and fixed star Algol are the only actual physical bodies, while the Waldemath Black Moon may or may not be a real body. Being surrounded by Liliths in all forms, we must ask ourselves if the impact of Lilith on our lives might be much more profound than we think.

Who Was Lilith?

Lilith was Adam’s first wife, his partner before Eve ever came to exist, who was an equal to man. While Eve is mostly depicted as this curvy, motherly figure of obedience and blind respect, Lilith was everything uncontained, uncontrolled, attractive, sexual, and disobedient, showing will of her own and impossible to tame. Being exiled from Heaven due to her character and the trouble she created for Adam, Lilith became bitter, hurt with injustice, and turned into a witchlike creature, best presented through something similar to the role of Medusa in Greek mythology.

Lilith in Astrology

To truly understand Lilith, no matter our gender, we have to become aware of our feminine sexual nature that cannot be contained or controlled. While Pluto will shove sexual needs aside, giving in to taboos and creating the field of energy that has to burst at some point, Lilith won’t stand for this dismissal and repression, and has the need to fight for her rights. The subject of female sexuality has been evolving with ages, but it still hasn’t reached the point in which it is equal to that of man. Modern Christianity hasn’t really moved very far from the point where Eve is the best manifestation of women, and it is hard to say when the role of Lilith will be accepted and if it ever will.

What Does Lilith Mean In Astrology

What Is Mean Lilith In Astrology

The strong inner need to express the energies and the anger of Lilith is in fact very good for the overall energy of our society. Venting in this field takes some of the pressure off the sign of Scorpio and Pluto, making us less turned to destruction, blind hate, and circumstantial tragedies. However seemingly incoherent with the vision of chastity, Lilith is in fact the purest form of feminine sexuality, and her lack of tact, subtlety and control is what makes it an outcast. All interpretations of this magnificent angry lady have to be taken with absolute caution, for touching the point where it causes pain, triggers all sorts of negative emotions in a person whose chart we try to unveil. Lilith is always an ugly breakup, a misunderstanding and disrespect in its core, and it won’t be easy to interpret it as anything less than what it is.

Symbol of Lilith

If we observe the symbol for Lilith we will see that it consists of a crescent and a cross, denoting mind and matter respectively. This is the only heavenly body with this bond carried as the only one in its symbolism, giving it incredible importance in our astrological analysis. While Venus consists of the divine circle and the cross, connecting the sky with planet Earth, it doesn’t have a human touch to it as Lilith does. On the other hand, the Moon itself, presented through a crescent, only speaks of ungrounded passive feminine principle or something best described by Eve, as if it was Lilith deprived of its earthly role.

While all transcendent planets set beyond Saturn have some sort of a combination of these symbols, none of them is as clear as this one, and they are all presented through trinity of symbolism. For example, our dwarf Pluto, being the closest to the sexual feminine nature of Lilith, is presented as the Moon “lying on its back”, grounded with a cross, but holding the divine circle between its “wings.” On the other hand, Mercury literally sets the divine circle between the motherly and the earthly, speaking well of the human need to separate the two.

The clarity of this symbol must leave you dazzled and in search for answers, for there is no similar connection in symbols in our chart. As if sexual isn’t part of the divine feminine and as if a mother cannot be anyone’s lover to begin with. While supporting aspects of Venus with the Moon can give a certain flow between these roles on a personal level, we have to understand that the mundane image of feminine isn’t supportive of this connection for as long as Lilith isn’t accepted for its natural role.

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What Does Lilith Mean In Astrology Sign

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