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Your birth chart, or horoscope, is usually shown in the form of a wheel, symbolising the cycles periodically undergone by all living things on this planet. The symbols ('glyphs') displayed stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces which may affect your life at any given time. See full list on astrology.com.

You may have noticed when creating your astrology natal chart that you may see a special feature such as 'The Air element is dominant among the inner planets'.

What does this mean?

All the signs in Astrology have unique characteristics but they are connected to one another in an interesting way. They are split into 4 groups, and all belong to one of the 4 elements: fire, air, earth, water. The elements describe abstract states of matter, not too different from the states of matter in chemistry: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

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What is the symbolism of the elements within astrology?

In astrology, each of the elements is defined through the human personality and has parallel characteristics to the element in nature.

Here is a description of the elements:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • stimulating
  • inspirational
  • intense
  • dramatic
  • motivated
  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • impulsive
  • daring
  • spontaneous

What Does My Sign Chart Mean

  • self-confident
  • subjective
  • independent
  • optimistic
  • idealistic
Taurus, Virgo, Capricron
  • efficient
  • resourceful
  • persistent
  • self-sufficient
  • orderly
  • realistic
  • pragmatic
  • security-minded
  • thorough
  • resilient

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  • down-to-earth
  • homey
  • relaxed
  • comfortable
  • undemanding
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • intellectual
  • questioning
  • whimsical
  • perceptive
  • agile
  • observant
  • detached
  • objective
  • conceptualizing
  • synthesizing
  • sociable
  • cooperative
  • engaging
  • witty
  • inventive
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • receptive
  • sensitive
  • sentimental
  • responsive
  • nurturing
What Does My Astrology Chart Mean
  • personal
  • flowing
  • intuitive
  • imaginative
  • passive
  • empathic
  • protective
  • secretive
  • romantic
  • intangible

You can be dominant in an element, or lacking in an element. You can also have a chart that is equally balanced in each of the elements. The meaning of this is just like what it sounds: a chart can be dominant or lacking in those corresponding qualities.

The Elemental states of each sign in Astrology

There is another layer to the story. Not only do three signs all share an element together, but each one is thought to reflect a different variation of the element, or a particular state.

This is where modes come into play. There are three modes: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The planets are split into 3 groups where 4 planets each belong to a mode. We won't delve into modes in this article (read about the meaning of the modes in astrology here, but each group helps describe the 'variation' of the element the sign takes on.

Here are how the signs each express their individual element:

Aries represents the spark, small fiery particle or young flame being born out of nothing. It represents the birth of a new fire. Leo represents a mature, well fueled fire. It is reflected by the power of a full flame. Sagittarius is symbolized by the twinkling embers of a fire, sparkling quietly on their own. It also be represented by glowing lava.

Capricorn is reflection in the principle of contraction and crystallization which hardens matter into rock and gemstones. It is additionally often associated with mountains and rock faces. Virgo is reflected by a living forest, morphing and changing. It is intricate in nature, private and secluded. Taurus is symbolized by the wealth stored in the land and rich potential of fresh soil or earth. This is the age old symbol of fertility and abundance. It is often symbolized as a garden or pasture, especially the type a bull rests on.

Libra is represented by a fresh, young movement of air such as the breeze or wind. Gemini is symbolized by quickly moving air, with a volatile, spontaneous feel. It can also be represented by rapidly morphing clouds. Aquarius is reflected by still air, such as that which predominates in space. It can also be seen as the quality of electricity, an intangible current, a carefully controlled and contained flow of energy, and yet at its basis composed of erratically moving particles.

What Does My Astrology Chart Mean

Cancer is symbolized by moving water in a stream, river or waterfall. The energy is of water moving, initiating a new path through the land. Scorpio is represented by the ice, frozen and unmoving. Additionally, its association with 'depth' can be akin to ground water, or pure and refreshing well water. Pisces is symbolized by the ocean, reflected by its vast, softly morphing, yet powerful nature.

What Does My Astrology Chart Mean

What does it mean if a chart is lacking in an element?

If a chart is lacking in an element, it is often thought that it reflects a deficiency. The individual feels inspired to compensate for the lacking element and they are often unaware of their striving to overcome it. Initially, their attempts to overcome the deficiency may appear as the element is strong in their chart. However, they may express it in an unnatural manner.

The key is to find balance with the missing element. Each one of us is familiar with the elements and can relate to them in some way - they are all a part of us. Finding a soft, gentle approach to balance one's own chart is key.

These are the potential challenges of weak or missing element in a chart:

What Does My Astrology Chart Mean Spiritually

  • pessimistic
  • apathetic
  • uninvolved
  • unexcitable
  • unmotivated
  • impractical
  • disorganized
  • impulsive
  • unproductive
  • ungrounded
  • subjective
  • unaware of bias
  • inaccessible
  • unsociable
  • uncommunicative
  • controlling
  • closed
  • impersonal
  • businesslike
  • sober

Which do you have? Find out by calculating your astrology birth chart here.

Why is element dominance measured within the 'inner planets'?

You may notice that only the inner planets are examined when determining if an element is lacking, dominant, or if all the elements are balanced. This is simply because the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter) describe the individual personality the best, while the outer planets describe generational qualities more.

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If you've ever delved into the world of astrology beyond your basic horoscope, then you may know that your moon sign represents your emotional side, and your Venus sign represents the way you show love. But there's another personal planet in everyone's orbit that has a significant impact on our relationships and personalities, and that's Mars. While Venus may rule all things love and romance, this red-hot planet rules over the more carnal side of love — think lust, passion, and sexual desire. But what Mars represents in astrology goes deeper than that, too.

All the planets in astrology represent different parts of who we are, and in the case of Mars, its themes are just as fiery as its color. Mars is the planet of action, sex, aggression, and physicality — so when we're expressing these parts of ourselves, it's likely that our Mars zodiac sign is showing. As Mars travels through the zodiac, it spends approximately one and a half months in each sign, and takes about two years to make a full rotation through all 12 of them. As it moves through the zodiac, it expresses its energy through the qualities of each individual sign. That said, by looking at the sign Mars was in at the time you were born, you can learn a lot about your drive to go after what you want, how you fight or assert yourself, and the way you express yourself sexually, too.

Obviously there are lots of factors beyond astrology that shape who you are, sexually and otherwise — but looking to your Mars sign in astrology can shine some cosmic light on the subject and give you some fresh insights into who you are. Here's what you need to know.


How To Calculate Your Mars Sign

In order to calculate your Mars sign, you'll need to use your birth date and year. If you don't mind scrolling, you can look up Mars' location in the zodiac of on the date and year of your birth in an online Mars transit table. But your astrological birth chart will also tell you your Mars sign, so dig up your birth certificate and consult a professional astrologer to get the dish, or use an online birth chart calculator to figure it out at home. If you already have a copy of your birth chart or an astrology app with a table of the planets in your chart, take a look.

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What Your Mars Sign Represents

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Mars is named after the god of war in mythology, so it's no surprise that it rules over some of the more aggressive and physical parts of ourselves. Mars represents the fearless inner warrior that's inside all of us. This driven and determined planet governs over how we chase after our goals, how we fight, and how we defend ourselves. Mars loves to win, and this planet likes to do things fast and hard — so anytime we're feeling competitive, aggressive, or impulsive, it's likely our Mars side coming out to play. Mars rules over our raw and animalistic impulses, so it's also associated with the expression of anger, rage, and passion. When we're feeling fired up about something, our Mars sign shines.

Mars is also the planet of physicality, so it makes sense that things like competitive sports and physical violence fall into Mars' territory. But one other thing that falls into Mars' rulership is our sex drive. That's why knowing what your Mars sign says about your sex life and the way you chase your goals can help you learn more about who you are in the bedroom — and beyond.

What Your Mars Sign Can Tell You About Your Sex Life

So as you now know, Mars is about a lot more than just sex. But Mars is still considered one of the important relationship planets in astrology. Its placement in your birth chart can shed some light on how your sexual desire manifests and the way your libido drives you, as well as the role you might like to play within sexual relationships — so looking into your Mars' sign qualities can teach you a lot about your sex life (in addition to all the other factors that shape your sexuality, too).

When we think of things getting hot n' heavy, we might think of Venus, which is the planet of love. But Venus actually rules over more of the romantic side of love — butterflies in our stomach, all the courting activities that go on during dating, and the loving value that builds up between people over time. Mars, on the other hand, rules over our raw desires, whether in love or lust. It's the physical passion that builds up with someone we have major chemistry with and the drive that makes us want to be physically intimate with someone.

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Mars will manifest in your sex life different depending on what zodiac sign it's in, but looking to the element of your Mars sign can help give you some basic info. If Mars is in a fire sign in your chart, you're probably bold about taking initiative in the bedroom and chasing what you want. If it's in an earth sign, you might take a slower and more calculated approach to sex. If it's in an air sign, you're likely very mental about sexuality and might need a lot of excitement and stimulation to keep you interested. And if Mars is in a water sign in your chart, then sex can be extra emotional for you. It's different for everyone, of course, so check out your whole birth chart or chat with an astrologer to learn the intricacies of how Mars reflects your carnal desires and the way you make moves.