What Does The Sun And Moon Mean In Astrology

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If your moon falls in go-getter fire-sign Aries, at your emotional core, you're impulsive. Sun opposition Moon: You will find yourself torn between an environment that is very comfortable and supportive versus a real need to grow, progress, and push out on your own. You are always being caught in the middle, forced to choose between surroundings that are supportive (but not progressive) and new directions that bring advancement that may be at the expense of your comfort.

by Serenity Chappell

The fastest traveler in the chart

The Moon changes signs about every 2 1/2 days .. so it's impossible in many cases to know your Moon sign without a correct birth time .. and access to some of the materials you need to cast your horoscope. A good astrologer, of course, or a decent computer program can do that for you if you can provide the right information.

Because the Moon circles through all twelve signs in a little under a month, every year during the its travels through each sign, the Sun will be paired with all twelve Moon signs .. Virgo compatibility astrology. which is one very basic explanation why there are often noticeable differences between members of the same Sun Sign.

What Does The Sun And Moon Mean In Astrology
Another important Inner Self

To an astrologer, the Moon symbolizes the part of you that reacts automatically and from force of habit to experiences in the world. In fact, you may identify very strongly with this part of yourself .. and feel it is who you really are on the inside.

Sun and moon sign compatibility

Sun And Moon Sign Compatibility

(If you feel the 'common knowledge' about your Sun sign qualities often don't describe you completely .. this could be one of the reasons why. Your Moon Sign qualities could be very different from your Sun sign qualities -- and you may be responding to or expressing those.)

The part of you described by your Moon sign is composed almost entirely of emotional energy. Whether you let it show on the outside or not, you are very aware of this energy. It operates in all areas where matters of family, security, and your feelings are involved. It is likely the self you most often show to people you are comfortable with and 'familiar with' yourself.

It fills in the picture

Information based on your Moon sign is essential to creating a more complete and well-rounded picture of you as an individual spirit. Forecasts based on your Moon sign will tell you what is happening in your inner world where you really live about things that are very important to you personally.

You will quite likely relate to readings involving your Moon sign energy much more directly than those based on your Sun sign alone.

The sign that contains the Moon tells a lot about the qualities you use to express yourself emotionally .. to express your feelings .. and to respond instinctively.

The House of your Natal Chart that contains the Moon reveals the area of life where you feel your most intense emotional investment, the area of life where you want things to feel familiar and secure, and where you may literally need to create a sort of 'home base' from which you can operate.

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What Does Your Sun And Moon Mean

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