What Horoscope Sign Is February

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Mars enters Capricorn on February 16th, and all the zodiac signs will get stimulated, and become willing to act, and the activities performed will bring profit, status, stability, and power. On February 17th, Mercury starts its retrograde motion, so this period can bring a lot of inspiration, imagination, and artistic sense, increased. Pisces Season begins when the Sun dives into this watery abyss beginning on February 18. This is the final sign of the zodiac year and brings great attention to our spiritual nature. You could feel quite reflective at this time and may be drawn to your spiritual, religious, or emotional sides.


With Mercury going retrograde, February’s major themes include slowing down, editing your priorities and practicing patience with yourself—and each other

Mercury is the messenger planet, ruling ideas, communication and travel. In our hyper-connected world, it’s arguably the hardest working planet. When Mercury goes retrograde, which happens about three times a year, it’s a sign to slow down.

Mercury is trying to take a break when it’s retrograde and you should, too. Though it’s easier said than done when we’re used to being constantly available through text, email, social media and more.

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from February 16 to March 4, when it slips back in Aquarius. Until then, be mindful that Mercury can struggle in Pisces’s watery depths. Have you ever tried to talk underwater? That’s what things can start to feel like mid-month.

Misunderstandings are more likely to come to the surface at this time, so be careful about jumping to conclusions. You might not be hearing someone as clearly as you think, and you might not be thinking as clearly as you would like. Don’t assume everyone is perceiving a situation the same way you are.

Thoughts can get foggy and words can come out muddled, so it’s best to take your time with big decisions and important conversations this month.

Personally, you may feel a greater need to pull away from the crowd to focus on your own plans and goals. Don’t pressure yourself to be everything to everyone this month.

Read on to learn what February has in store for your sign.

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Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Manage your expectations, Aquarius. People around you are over-extended and have a higher tendency towards flakiness and last-minute-bailing.

Don’t take it personally.

A flexible attitude will go a long way in February, and your ability to roll with it will be to your advantage. Spontaneity and surprises are highly likely right now.

There’s opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and even rekindle a connection you thought was lost along the way.

It’s also your birthday season, which means you’re starting a new chapter. Celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and embrace the new beginnings that are about to unfold.

If you do one thing this month:

Stay open to unexpected invitations and last-minute changes to your plans.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)


Not to put the pressure on, Pisces, but there’s a beautiful window of opportunity available for you right now.

If you are nursing an artistic vision, a story you need to tell or a creative path you need to take, the skies are encouraging you to make the necessary time to nurture that vision as best as you can.

This is not the time to saying yes to every invitation you get. It’s not the time to be pulled in too many different directions, rushing here and there. No, it’s important for you now to be looking at how much commitment and discipline you need in order to express yourself fully.

What Horoscope Sign Is February 16

Believe in yourself enough to see this through.

If you do one thing this month:

Join a creative writing group or take an art class to give structure to your creativity.

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Aries (March 21–April 19)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Alone time is the name of your game in February. But Netflix binges are not doing it for you right now. You’re craving time to yourself because there is so much you want to be working on.

Get clear with what you need to do or learn to move yourself forward, personally or professionally. Start putting time in your calendar now for any classes you want to take, books you want to read or creative projects you’re ready to tackle.

February is earmarked for you to make time to invest in yourself. Let your intellect be stimulated. You’ve got the drive to make this happen.

If you do one thing this month:

Sign up for that online course you’ve been eyeing, or talk to your boss about professional development opportunities at work.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

What are you ready to change within yourself, Taurus?

February encourages you to look at the patterns that keep you in your comfort zone: the habits that you slide into that prevent you from having the kind of love, success or growth you’re looking for.

February is a window of opportunity for you to adopt a new mindset, to look at where you tend to get stuck over and over again. Where do you blur your own boundaries or undermine your own progress? Where do you hold yourself back from doing the things you really want to be doing?

Be gentle with yourself as you work through these questions. You’re feeling a bit more tender than usual right now, and the skies are urging you to focus on taking small steps rather than overwhelming yourself with the pressure of overnight transformation.

If you do one thing this month:

Identify what you want to change this year. Start working on a plan to integrate that goal into your life.

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Gemini (May 21–June 20)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re flying under the radar, Gemini. People are paying attention to what you’re saying and doing in February. Be mindful of the impressions you’re making.

Social media can be a friend or foe to you this month, so think twice before firing off that angry email or publicaly shaming someone over a petty disagreement. You could find yourself having to backtrack and apologize for sharing something that could have been sorted out with a little more care.

Professionally, patience is a virtue throughout February. A project or plan you’ve been working on might need more time than you expected. Don’t worry if things aren’t coming together perfectly the first time around: Going the extra mile will pay off.

If you do one thing this month:

Expect the unexpected on the professional front. Brainstorm some possible worst-case scenarios and a back-up plan for each. That way you’ll be prepared for anything.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

What will you give yourself permission to reach for next?

You are tapping into a new layer of your potential in February, one that can have you working towards a cherished dream that didn’t seem possible before.

That inner critic of yours is becoming smaller thanks to some subtle yet powerful signs from the universe. Pay attention to your ideas right now, and watch for inspiration to strike.

You are starting to embrace the potential that is uniquely yours. Don’t feel alone in this: Your inner circle has known for a long time that you’re a powerhouse. Listen to their advice, support and encouragement—especially when those moments of doubt start to creep in.

If you do one thing this month:

What Horoscope Sign Is February 14

Take ownership over a special goal or dream. Imagine what it would be like to accomplish it. Start listing the steps it would take to make it a reality.

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Leo (July 23–August 22)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Think back to what you set into motion for yourself six months ago, Leo. What has transpired for you since your birthday? Where are you at with your plans and intentions at this time in your life?

The full moon on Sunday, February 9 is a potent time for a personal check-in: What’s working for you, and what is it time to let go of? Where do you feel disconnected from certain routines, commitments or relationships?

This month can be a personal turning point for you in terms of how you are managing your own priorities and passions. Be honest with yourself about what’s really lighting you up, and what’s taming your fire. Don’t settle for anything less than stellar.

If you do one thing this month:

Take some time for yourself on February 9 to connect with the full moon. Journal, reflect or meditate on your personal goals and progress.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Don’t be a martyr, Virgo. February is urging you to stop overextending yourself.

You love to help out and you’re so good at it, but isn’t it time someone did something for you? Before you volunteer yourself to organize the next get-together with your crew, or say yes to that special project that no one else wants to take on at work, ask yourself: “What do I really want to do right now?”

Your inner people-pleaser may cringe a little at the thought of letting someone down, but your lesson this month is to let someone else take charge for a while. Don’t feel guilty about admitting that you need to sit this one out.

If you do one thing this month:

Take yourself out on a solo date. Think: An afternoon at an art gallery, a trip to the movies, or a day at the spa.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Don’t sit around waiting, Libra. People can’t read your mind and what’s obvious to you might not be obvious to everyone else.

What horoscope sign is february 18

It’s time for you take a risk. Assert yourself. Speak your mind. State your desires.

Dare yourself to make the first move. You’re itching for change, growth and new challenges in 2020, and February is a beautiful time to take a leap of faith.

Let someone know what you want, and what you’re ready for. February is giving you a major boost of confidence.

Whatever you’ve got your sights set on, now is the time to zero-in on it.

If you do one thing this month:

Identify the one thing you want to go for: Tell your crush how you feel. Apply for that new job. Talk to your boss about that promotion you’ve been eyeing.

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What Horoscope Sign Is February 11th

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Don’t force something that isn’t quite ready, Scorpio.

February might give you the sense that you’re not making as much progress as you would like, but the thing is, it’s not time for you to be so focused on productivity or perfection.

This is a time to let go of the need to control every single detail and simply go with the flow. It may sound counter-intuitive, but once you surrender to the process, the blocks you keep running into will start to dissolve.

Try not to sweat it if you’re waiting a little longer for an important email or phone call. The universe is showing that a delay in your plans may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

If you do one thing this month:

Create a “go with the flow” playlist that you can walk, work out or zone out to when you need to chill.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Out of all of the signs of the zodiac, you tend to value experiences more than more than money or status. To you, a memory is priceless, and you’re always willing to invest in an adventure.

What Horoscope Sign Is February 22nd

But finances are something you can’t ignore this year, and February is a great time for you to develop a better relationship with your money.

The stars suggest there are some leaky boundaries when it comes to your cash flow right now—small ways that those extra dollars and cents slip through your fingers unnecessarily. Start to patch up the cracks in your financial foundation.

If you do one thing this month:

Identify some important financial goals for yourself now and in the future. Work out a budget to reach those goals.

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Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Do you have a passion project that’s been sitting on the backburner, Capricorn?

In February, the stars are inviting you to go back through your vault of old ideas and neglected projects. An old creative spark is coming back and it may be time to revive it.

How great would it feel to finally complete an unfinished project? Or to finally start that side-hustle you’ve been talking about for a while? It’s time to go through your old ideas to get a glimpse of your future accomplishments. You might not be sure of whether it will pay off yet, but you won’t know unless you try.

If you do one thing this month:

Set aside some time to get creative this month. Flesh out your ideas, or get back into a routine with an unfinished project.