What Is 3rd House In Vedic Astrology

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So majorly these three planets are responsible for Extramarital affairs in Astrology. 5th House is the House of Love an Romance. 3rd, 7th and 11th house is known as the Kama Trikona or houses of Desire. 12th House is the House of Bed pleasure in Vedic astrology. So 3rd,5th,7th,11th and 12 house and their Lord should be connected with Rahu,Venus. The 3rd house also rules the ears, arms, hands and nervous systems. The third house is also called an “Upachaya” or “Growing” House (along with the 6th, 10th and 11th Houses). This means that while experiences could be tough in the beginning, they do get better over time.

3rd House Vedic Astrology, Third House

Will i be happy after marriage astrology. The third house governs the mental inclination of the person and their ability to memorize. It also affects the inherent propensities of the intellect and mind. The house indicates the inclination to study while the ninth house stands for higher education, research, philosophical tendencies and wisdom. The third house stands for valor, heroism, prowess, courage and firmness. If the lord of the 10th or 6th houses have connection with the 3rd house, the native is likely to be a soldier or army officer. The third house stands for the Bhratrusthana which implies the considerations of the native for their younger brother or sister.

With the sahayasthana being in the third house, the house should be assessed in order to understand if the native will be assisted with others or if they are working hard individually. The third house involves short travels. If it is well connected, the third house may make the native undertake short inland journeys such as traveling by bus, cars, tram, land transport, railway, crossing rivers and lakes and engaging in brief air travel. The ninth house is the house influencing long journeys to far off places by air or by sea.

Characteristics of the Third House

This is the house that influences bus, tram, rail, cycle, post offices, letter boxes, radio reports, signals, airmail, television, telecommunication etc. if the third house or its ruler is governed by the second, sixth and tenth houses, the person may start an agency or perform commission business. He is also likely to be a broker, publicity officer, messenger, mediator, representative etc. as the third house is signified by books and publications, the native may also become an editor, reporter, news correspondent, journalist, information officer, reporter etc.

The third house indicates change of residence, restlessness and want of peace, transition, change, movement, library, book store, bargain, signing contracts, signing, signature, carrying stories and more. The various parts of the body that are governed by the third house are shoulder blade, collar bone, nervous system, arms, throat, hands, and the right ear. If the lord of the third house is a natural benefic posited in the second house in a lady’s chart, the native may have jewelry on her ear, hands and neck.

If the ketu or rahu are conjoined with Mars or the lord of the sixth house, or if they are placed in the third house along with Mars, the native may have ailments in their ears. Generally, the malefic of any house affects the parts of the body that are ruled by that particular house. If the malefic occupies the third house, the native may have a mole. With the lord of 10 being in 3, the native is likely to get a job. If he is a doctor, he may specialize in ENT.

With the third house indicating courage, the person needs to ascertain whether one will be bold or not. The presence of Saturn in the third house makes one a bit cautious to a certain extent and this person is likely to wait and watch. The native is not likely to be brash or do anything boldly. If the native has Mars in the third house, he will be very brave. If for instance a man drowns, the native who has Saturn in the third house will stand and hesitate, whereas the person with Mars in the third house will immediately take the plunge.

Applications of the 3rdHouse

Dhairya – courage and firmness


Bhratru or Sahodara – brother or sister or sibling


Virya – heroism

Pourusham – mental strength

Vikrama – prowess

Karma – ear, particularly the right ear

3rd House In Vedic Astrology

Uras – breast

Duschikya – bad thoughts

3rd House In Astrology

What Is 3rd House In Vedic Astrology Sign

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