What Is A Rising Sign In Astrology Mean

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In technical terms your rising sign–or “ascendent,” as it is often called–is the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. Your rising sign is a very important part of your astrological personality profile. It illustrates your outward self: a social mask of sorts. Your rising sign (also known as your ascendant sign) is your outer self and social personality. It represents your physical body and outward style—the way you express yourself. Your rising sign characterizes your natural first response to new people and situations, as well as how others perceive you on a first impression basis. Technically, your Rising sign - also known as the 'Ascendant' - is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the exact time you were born. In Astrology though, your Rising sign is also the sign around which your entire birth chart is oriented.

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Astrology is a vast subject and it can sometimes be tough to relate to just our zodiac signs and the traits allied with them. Ascendant and rising sign meaning: Deeper you.

Willpower and determination are the main and most obvious characteristics associated with Scorpio rising. Thus, when these people are faced with a goal, they make it their mission to finish what started and never dream of giving up. These folks therefore work seriously and conscientiously in order to climb right to the top. Thanks to Susan Taylor's interpretation and analysis of this ascendant, you'll soon know what it adds to your character, plus how it influences your romances and what it brings to your daily life.

What are the people born with Scorpio rising like?

Who invented astrological signs. Scorpio rising is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics. If you are born with Scorpio rising in your birth chart, you are likely to have a real combative nature and love setting the bar high. You are an inspirational person and have many great ideas that help you stand out from the crowd. Scorpio ascendant people will never be held back for too long and have a talent for remaining positive despite the setbacks they face.

The Scorpio ascendant is mysterious and passionate, it often brings a need for introspection, analysis and understanding to the astrological signs with which it is associated. It blesses you with a taste for risk and the desire to discover new things. It prevents you from standing still, it constantly pushes you to evolve and to modify your way of thinking or seeing things. Questioning and difficulties do not scare you at all, you know how to show a great resistance and resilience.

What this ascendant adds to your life

A Scorpio ascendant brings you a fine intuition, meaning you have an instinctive feel for others and their souls. You have the gift for sensing people and situations, which prevents you from putting a foot wrong. In a more global way, Scorpio guides you on the path of renunciation, deep transformations and questioning. Your fulfillment comes through the acceptance of your emotions and your propensity to make peace with yourself. You will also have to learn detachment from material things.

The associated strengths and weaknesses

On the positive side, your Scorpio ascendant will boost your astrological sign, making it more lively and passionate. It likes to fan the embers of passion and animates you, under its influence, daily life becomes less bland but also more unpredictable, which is not always easy to manage. Plus, it also inflates your aspirations, especially in the professional field, and pushes you to see further, even if it means making plans to reach your goals. However, it can be blamed for making you aggressive, manipulative, destructive or possessive, indeed this component hides a darker side..

The influence of Scorpio rising in love:

Sensual and mysterious are the best adjectives to describe this astrological feature in love. These folks love to seduce, but often move at a faster pace than their partners, which leads to much frustration. Passion is their middle name and you can always count on them to bring the excitement factor. Sex with them is fun, incomparable and completely unpredictable, however when they are in relationships, they can become very confrontational and demanding. Their spicy character means they lack understanding..

The best matches for Scorpio rising are;

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

Scorpio rising will make any personality curious and help them aspire to transform their weaknesses into strengths. This astrological personality detail will make you adaptable and flexible, you will be able to cope with many situations.

Associating the rising sign with your zodiac sign allows for deeper and clear insights into who you really are.

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Click on your zodiac sign to discover the influence of Scorpio rising on your sun sign.

What Is A Rising Sign In Astrology Mean


Aries sun Scorpio rising; a fearless mix!

Woah, here is a shocking combination that fears nothing. Whatever your qualities or flaws, they are all extremely noticeable: passionate, short-tempered, impatient. You don’t like doing things half-measured, especially in the area of love. Aries ascendant Scorpio, your emotional life is particularly hot and your varied conflicts sort themselves out in the bedroom thanks to your fiery side from your Scorpio.

How Scorpio rising influences Aries

Your Scorpio ascendant stops you from the sporadic intense periods of depression that you can be prone to. With this ascendant you stand strong, ready for combat!


Taurus sun Scorpio rising; an impulsive mixture

The duo of Scorpio and Taurus is an ambivalent one. Both intuitive and impulsive but also capable of being logical and pragmatic, you never fail to surprise your entourage. With your tendency to get worked up for nothing, it’s lucky that you can count on your Scorpio ascendant. Its down to earth nature helps you channel your energy!

How Scorpio rising influences Taurus

Looking for emotional stability while staying passionate, this equilibrium can be difficult to achieve. Each day your Scorpio rising side helps you to better manage your excess love.


Gemini sun Scorpio rising; a special mix

If there was one word to define this combination, it would be originality! Loving fantasy and avoiding boredom at all costs, you have to make an effort to do nothing like everyone else. Your perspective on love is the best example, you strongly object to the classical blueprint of a relationship. In this area, Scorpio doesn’t make things easy. Often prey to doubt, you’re particularly difficult to keep up with for your partner.

How Scorpio rising influences Gemini

The incredible adaptability you receive from your Scorpio ascendant encourages you to come out of your shell and to approach others with great ease.


Cancer sun Scorpio rising; a dreamy combination

The influence of Scorpio rising in this alliance is quite remarkable. Scorpio rising could completely cut you off from the outside world but, in the end, she tends to protect your soft and gentle nature. Cancer’s sensitivity, mixed with Scorpio intuition, makes you a highly empathetic person. While you try to gentile though, you also show yourself to be formidable in a professional setting. Your ready for anything to earn your stripes.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Cancer

Your Scorpio ascendant blesses you with armor resistant to any sort of annoyance; stress, anxiety, tension. You keep moving forward, whatever life throws at you.


Leo sun Scorpio rising; too hot to handle

What is a rising sign in astrology

Scorpio rising sign Leo, here is an alliance that doesn’t lack zest! You’re a real fireball. Always looking for new projects, you like being in the heart of the action and can even be difficult to follow. No matter, however, as you most enjoy being in the spotlight and you’re prepared to get there, even if it means putting in the hard hours. You may find yourself in situations where you make risky but profitable choices. Fear nothing though, you have infallible flair to guide you.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Leo

Scorpio’s presences gives a double dose of energy to your already dynamic personality, meaning Leo's sporadic blues disappear as you feel nothing can stop you.


Virgo sun Scorpio rising; a moody mix

The prudence of the Scorpio ascendant could mean you lack in spontaneity. However, this isn’t to say you lack a crazy side but rather that you prefer doing things all in. Even your moods and bouts of anxiety are extreme. This year, more than any other, you can count on showing people what you’re made of. Any long-lasting situations which have irked you for a while may end in you voicing your real emotions!

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Virgo

Your Scorpio ascendant makes you suspicious of others. However, what could be a negative is actually a positive, as these doubts push you to better yourself and turn fantasy into daily reality.


Libra sun Scorpio rising; a suspicious mixture

While you’re able of being a bit shy, thanks to your distrusting nature, your Scorpio ascendant urges you to be more sociable. Friendship is a highly important value to you and your spontaneity often helps you to make new friends. Many of them could benefit from your listening skills, your good sense of humor and above all your excellent advice. Your wisdom is recognized by all. In short, your household will rarely be empty!

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Libra

Your ascendant bestows you with a profound love for art, an area you already have natural interest for. Highly curious, you like learning a lot about a subject and then passing on the knowledge to other people.

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Scorpio sun Scorpio rising; a sexy combination

This double Scorpio combination is the master of seduction, you collect hearts for fun! Whether in relationships or as a friend, you have an excellent reputation. Take care however as your ascendant prefers attack over defense. It’s a shame as your irritability can sometimes prevent you from taking relationships as they come, without you necessarily fearing the worst. Concentrate on your emotional certainty to strengthen your relationships.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Scorpio

The alliance of these signs reinforces your thirst for knowledge and your eternal need for new experiences. The unknown? You love that!


Sagittarius sun Scorpio rising; passion for days

It’s impossible for you to do anything well if you show no interest towards it. You’re a passionate person who doesn’t accept boredom and with the always optimistic Sagittarius, you want to live life to the fullest. A bit of comedian, you’ll go through life with such motivation and courage that they give you the impression of stealing. Moreover, you have a talkative spirit and everyone clings onto your company!

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Sagittarius

Sociable but blessed with the independence of your Scorpio ascendant, you can sometimes struggle with team work or reporting to higher ups.

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Capricorn sun Scorpio rising; a mysterious combination

Capricorn and Scorpio form a magnetic duo. You’re calm, reserved and charismatic and a mysterious aura surrounds you. Many people would love to possess this and understand the mystery. However, you aren’t the easiest to approach always. Distrusting, you often prefer putting your career first before other things. You follow all the paths that lead you to success, even if it means working overtime.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Capricorn

The reflective side of Scorpio brings you back in line anytime you spend wastefully. No question of you being a big spender!


Aquarius sun Scorpio rising; surprising mix

What Is A Rising Sign In Astrology Mean

Independent and passionate, this combination is full of color. Sometimes a bit shy, you can count on your ascendant to make you more sociable. In effect, sensitive and patient, you want to gather the world around you and share your knowledge – everyone enjoys your funny, empathetic and original speeches. This year your relationships will be particularly pampered, notably with lovers that you’ve made official or with whom you’ve a new level with, both emotional and romantically.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Aquarius

The sociability of Scorpio rising is a real asset for your personal and professional projects. In effect, you like working as a team, knowing who your working with and above all asking for help if necessary.


Pisces sun Scorpio rising; full of passion and fire

Intuitive and passionate, this Pisces Scorpio alliance reinforces your instinct and your flair. In the way that you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by your emotions or even others, you absorb the emotions of those around you like a sponge. Highly adaptable, you can mingle with any sort of group at leisure. This great ability will allow you to push through to the end of your projects, thanks to your network that you know how to put in place.

How the Scorpio ascendant influences Pisces

Generosity is one the greatest qualities from your ascendant and it’s a precious asset to you. You know how to be there for others and your partner when they need it.