What Is Gemini's Horoscope For Today

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What Is Gemini

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Gemini's Friendship Style

The bad news: Gemini will forget your birthday or flake on a date that you set in the calendar months ago. The good news: It's not personal, and your Gemini friend will make it up to you. Funny, witty, and talking a mile a minute, a Gemini will keep you laughing, and it's likely that some of your best memories involve a Gemini. The Twins can infuse drama and intrigue into even the most same-old-sounding coffee date, and they may surprise you by ordering your lattes in a foreign accent or requesting some custom-made concoction dreamed up in their head. Even though Gemini have tons of friends and their calendar gets packed months out, when they're with you, you're the only person that matters. But even though you may think your Gemini friend knows you well, it may take longer for you to get to know them. Gemini love connecting to people, yet they can guard their own selves and personalities from others.

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Best Friend Match for Gemini: Aquarius

Independent Aquarians love Gemini for their energy, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre. Together, the two signs are creative and intellectual, and they feel comfortable trading books, spending an afternoon at a museum, or getting into a lively debate about Big Ideas. Aquarians don't dig into Gemini's constantly shifting moods in the way other signs may—when a Gemini needs space, Aquarius backs off, no questions asked. Aquarians understand the Twins' love of socializing (they love it, too!) and aren't jealous when their Gemini pal chooses to hang out with other friends. And while an Aquarius appreciates Gemini's dynamism, this water-bearing air sign will call out a Gemini who indulges in too much gossip or too many shifting allegiances.

How to Make Friends with a Gemini

What Is Gemini Horoscope For Tomorrow

Be engaging. Gemini see friendships as flirt-fests, and they'll appreciate compliments, banter, and some wooing on your part. Notice Gemini first, single them out in the crowd, and invite them to a larger gathering rather than a one-on-one, which the Twins may find stifling at first. A few initial conversations at parties can make it that much easier to anchor your friendship for future hangouts.

What Is Gemini's Day

How to Stay Friends with a Gemini

Forgive. While this flighty sign will show you love and fierce loyalty once they allow you into their life, they may forget dates and may talk about you behind your back. If you think your Gemini friend has been gossiping about you, confront them. It likely came from a place of good intention, because this communicator sign wants to hear all sides to a story and doesn't want to initiate a disagreement unless there's ample reason.


3 Reasons Why Gemini Make Great Friends

What Is Gemini's Horoscope For Today

  1. Fun and fearless, a Gemini will push you to achieve your dreams and desires. If you want something done, mention it to Gemini. Skydiving on your bucket list? Don't be surprised if your Gemini friend invites you to meet them at the airfield on your next hangout date.
  2. Gemini are culture connoisseurs. They always know the best book to read, movie to watch, and museum exhibit to explore. They also love sharing their finds with friends, and they can actually explain why a work of art is unique or a masterpiece without making you feel dumb or uneducated.
  3. A Gemini notices everything. This sign loves to make other people feel valued, and will always compliment you on your outfit, ideas, or Instagram grid. But they won't BS. When they compliment you, you know it's legit—and it makes you feel great.