What Is Lagna In Astrology

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Arudha means 'Image', Lagna means 'rising sign or ascendant.' We, as individual souls have a separate prospection of ourselves in comparison to the world.

  • What is Lagna Lagna is a Sanskrit word referring to the zodiacal sign rising at the eastern horizon at any time. In a birth chart it refers to the ascending sign at the time of birth, at a particular place. Hence it is called the Ascendant in Western astrology.
  • Bhava Lagna is a very important part of astrology. It has become immensely popular in the recent times because it helps in analyzing the inner strength and energy. It also tells how this energy and strength is currently being used and what extra needs to be done for best possible results in.

It comes from the time when we were born. Ask your Mom or get your birth certificate or hospital records, it should have your time of birth. How is that important? Let us see.

We all know that the earth has this funny movement of spinning around and shifting to the right. It is almost like a dance.

Now, the earth moves through the 12 zodiacs while rotating that is during the day and again as she revolves around the Sun.

The shift through the zodiacs during the day (while she rotates in her axis ) gives our Lagna and shifting through the zodiacs while revolving gives our Sun sign.

So, how do we get our lagna?

It is a wee bit mathematical. Nothing complicated!

if the Universe is all around us that would translate to 360 degrees, and a day lasts for 24 hours, then the earth moves through (360/24 = 15 degrees) of the Universe, in one hour.

Again, if there are 12 zodiacs and total degrees are 360. Each zodiac rules (360 / 12 = 30 degrees. )

So combining the two logic we get earth stays in one zodiac while rotating around its axis for about 2 hours. Hence, the number of hours ahead or later from sunrise determines how many degrees we have moved away or are yet to travel to the Zodiac in which the Sun rises; and that becomes our lagna.

So if we are born on 15 July say.when the Sun is in Cancer, meaning the zodiac Cancer rises in the east at 6:30 am sunrise time (you have to find the sunrise time either from the almanac or Google it up.), then if anyone is born at 6:30 their lagna would be Cancer. If they are born at 6:00, which is 1/2 hours before sunrise then their lagna would be the zodiac before Cancer i.e., Gemini. Similarly, someone born 4 hours, say, after sunrise will have a lagna that is in the zodiac that is 2 places later from Cancer, which would be Virgo.

Yes, the Sun is our base for every possible calculation. Even for those who use the Moon sign to predict. The calculations always take Sun as the basis. World famous astrologer in delhi. It forms the centre of the Solar System, so it makes sense, right?

This is our stepping stone… our starting point …our level zero.

It is a bit of physics, geometry, and mathematics at this moment. Mull over this before we move on to what the lagna signifies.

The utmost important question for any bachelor waiting for arrange marriage remains to be about his/her marriage & future spouse’s profile. Out of which some leave it completely on their fate & some take the help of clairvoyance, to know it before hand. Lets take a look at this same tried & tested concept which has been used by astrologers from eons of years

Upapada Lagna

Upapada lagna is the technique of determining every single detail of your spouse, if taken out accurately it can tell about his/her family background, profession, wealth, social status & inculcated values. It also tells about what kind of bond will you share with your spouse, how harmonious & well guarded your matrimonial life would remain from external influences

What Is Lagna In Astrology

How to determine Upapada Lagna

Count places where your 12th Lord is placed from the 12th house in the natal chart. Same number of places from the 12th Lord’s posited position will provide you Upapada lagna. Then we need to make Upapada lagna as our ascendant in the natal chart, keeping planets position intact & tagged to their original signs. Then we will read the chart to determine the traits & background of spouse as mentioned above. For example, for Aries ascendant people the 12th sign is of Pisces which is being ruled by Jupiter. If Jupiter is placed in 11th House in the sign of Aquarius, then we can conclude that Jupiter is placed 12 places away from 12th House (Pisces). Then going 12 places from its posited position in Aquarius, we will reach capricorn, which will be treated as Upapada lagna for this native.

What is my lagna in astrology


  • If the Lord of 12th house is sitting in 12th house only in your natal chart, then the sign placed 10 places from your 12th house will be treated as your Upapada Lagna. For example, if you are a Gemini ascendant & the sign placed in your 12th House is taurus & its lord venus is placed in 12th house (taurus) only. Then counting 10 places from 12th house, we will reach the 9th house where Aquarius sign is placed, so for this native Aquarius sign will be treated as Upapada Lagna
  • If the Lord of 12th sign is placed right opposite to it in the 6th house, then in that case we count 10 places from 6th house to determine our Upapada lagna. For example, for a Scorpio ascendant, if the lord of 12th house (Libra) Venus is placed in the 6th house in the sign Aries, then in that case we will count ten places from the 6th house (Aries) to reach our UL, which in this case is Capricorn

Observing Upapada Chart

  • Rishi Prashara says that we judge the ascendant of UL for knowing the personality of the spouse & also the status of the Lord of the UL (Upapada Lagna) to judge the background of the family. An exalted UL will bring the spouse from a very noble higher status family & in case of debilitated UL reverse will be the case
  • The placement of Lord of the Upapada in 6th, 8th & 12th is not considered good & weakens its significations
  • The second house from the UL is very crucial & signifies the sustenance of the marriage/ relationship. If the 2nd is strong, even if the UL has malefics (making vulnerable to a negative relationship) the 2nd house will hold the relationship together. Whereas if UL is strong but 2nd is weak, then it will break the marriage even after getting good partner. Presence or conjunction of benefices will work as a saving grace & support the marriage, whereas malefics will make the relationship vulnerable
  • Compatibility is seen from the synestry (Overlapping both of the couples chart), but whether the people will stay together in a relationship is seen from the 2nd from UL
  • As 2nd house represents face & inculcated values, so the presence of benefices in the 2nd house from UL will give a spouse with beautiful face, fortunate & with high virtuous values
  • If the relationship breaks, planets in the second from UL will leave an impact in the life of native. For example, placement of Saturn & Moon will make native go into depression, placement of Mercury will effect natives business & speech, presence of lagna lord in second from the UL will definitely effect the health of the native
  • An exalted planet adds more flavor to it, which means an exalted planet in the 2nd from UL will hold the relationship together with an iron fist. Which means the native cannot leave the relationship even if he wants to. So, if a person wants to improve his relationship, he should strengthen his UL & its 2nd house
  • Spouse’s career idea could also be taken from the 10th house from the UL

Matching Upapada for determining a good relationship

What Is The Lagna In Astrology

The best combination for the compatibility is when your UL falls into the 7th house or the trines (5th & 9th house) of your partner’s lagna chart. Both the native & the spouse should have lagna & the UL compatibility for a successful matrimony

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