What Is My Ascendant Sign In Vedic Astrology

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What Is My Ascendant Sign In Vedic Astrology
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The Ascendant: Ascendant (Udaya lagna in Sanskrit) is the degree of zodiac intersected by the eastern part of horizon at the place and time of native's birth. Udaya lagna represents Earth as a planet in a chart. Midheaven: Midheaven, - the point of zodiac directly overhead. It is the cusp of the tenth house in Vedic Astrology. The sign that was rising at the time of your birth along with many other factors including the nakshatra it is falling in, the planets posited in the first house, the planets aspecting it as well as the overall strength of the first house decides the traits of your ascendant as well the significations of.

Lagna defined astronomically

Lagna or the rising sign is defined as the zodiac that rises in the eastern horizon at the time of a birth or an event. In a day, all the 12 signs in the zodiacal belt rise one after the other on the eastern horizon.Thus the rising sign changes roughly every 2 hours. The two births taken place on the same day can therefore fall in different lagnas or at different degrees in the same lagna. Moon, is the next fastest moving entity in the zodiacal belt after the rising sign changing sign every 2 1/4 days. Sun, as we know moves from one sign to another in a span of thirty days known as the Sun Sankrati or Solar Ingress.

Lagna denotes the start of a life journey. It’s your physical entity and rightly defines your physical appearance, your head, your basic intellect, personality and nature. The sign that was rising at the time of your birth along with many other factors including the nakshatra it is falling in, the planets posited in the first house, the planets aspecting it as well as the overall strength of the first house decides the traits of your ascendant as well the significations of first house are modified accordingly.

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Strength of Lagna as per Vedic astrology

To assess the lagna, a Vedic astrologer must scan the following elements:

  • Degree of lagna - whether lagna is in Rashi or Nakshatra Gandanta
  • Nature of the sign falling in lagna - whether movable,fixed or dual sign and the tatvas based on whether fire, earth, air or water element is predominant.
  • Lord of Lagna
  • Strength of the planets posited in lagna and the others aspecting it
  • Yogas involving lagna - whether lagna is in Pap Kartari or Shubh Kartari Yoga or is involved in any other benefic or malefic yogas.
  • Discussing the above factors further - lagna in gandanta is a sign of weakness of the physical body of the native. Similarly pap kartari yoga indicates some kind of bondage. Mahatma Gandhi’s lagna is in Pap Kartari indicating the sufferings he had on account of fasting and confinements in jail during thestruggle for Independence for India.

    Lagna & your temperament

    The element of the rising sign has a definite bearing on the key characteristics of the native particularly the temperament. Taking an example here - though Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Lagna – all three are fire signs. Within this set of three rising signs, Aries is a movable sign lorded by Mars, the aggressive planet full of energy. The native is quick to take decision and is courageous but if this energy goes uncontrolled it could have its damaging effects for the native too. On the other hand, Leo is a fire and a fixed sign with the power and energy which is not much damaging. Sagittarius is a dual sign with fire elements. This fire is the light of knowledge and wisdom, the sign being ruled by Jupiter. Thus the natives with similar ascendants too would have vastly different temperament from each other.

    The ruling planet of your Ascendant

    Lagna Lord or the planet ruling the lagna - the rising sign is highly significant. If the Lagna Lord is strong, the person is dignified and recognized in the society. Take the case of Libra lagna and Lagna lord posited in the sixth house where it gets exalted, the mark of strength. Such a native doesn’t fear in the oddity and given the situation tries to rise above it. Consider the case of Aries Lagna with Lagna Lord in sixth house aspecting lagna. Such a native is straight forward and takes the bull by the horn.

    Lagna & your health

    The overall strength of lagna defines your health situation as well. As ascendant signifies your physical being. All the factors discussed above have a bearing on the health of the native. Lagna holds a great importance in the field of medical astrology too. Lagna denotes the power to recover from any health ailments too. Sun is the Karaka or the indicator of Lagna. Sun is the life giving energy thus rightly is the Karaka or the indicator of Lagna. An affliction or weakness of Sun suggests the areas of weakness in the body.

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At present, almost every person is troubled by a headache problem. If we say that headache has become a universal problem then there will be no exaggeration. Almost every person, whether child or old, definitely suffers from this disease during their lifetime. This disease is usually seen in women. If you always have a headache, it gradually turns into a migraine.

What is Migraine or Headaches

Migraine is a disorder in which a person constantly feels intense pain in any part of the scalp. According to medical terms, migraine is caused by excessive stimulation of the brain and blood vessel. When a migraine occurs, the person vomits with pain and dizziness in the head.

Although headaches can be of many types, depending on the internal structure of the person. The following types of headaches can occur:

  • Headache
  • Daily headache
  • Tension headache
  • Sinus pain
  • Migraine
  • Half headache
  • Headache occurs due to staying on an empty stomach for too long.
  • Migraine due to a particular allergy.
  • It occurs due to a gas problem.

Which houses in the horoscope are responsible for Migraine or headache

Related Houses of Migraine disease
AscendantIt is a house of the entire body
Fourth HouseHouse of Internal feeling.
Sixth HouseIt is a house of disease.
Eighth HouseHouse of hidden and negative thought.
Twelfth HouseIt is a house of Hospital and loss.

Which Planets are Responsible for Migraine or Headaches

According to Vedic astrology, the planet is responsible for every good or bad event. Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are planets which are related to the inner consciousness of the body, mind, soul, intellect and energy. If Any of these planets are weak or badly placed in a horoscope then natives may be serious health disorders.

There are many reasons for this, due to the changing weather conditions, family tension, workplace trouble etc. which negatively affects our body and gives rise to headaches and other serious diseases of the body.


Vedic Astrology Sign Dates

Sun is the main significator of the soul and first house. Sun alone in the ascendant is less likely to cause a headache. Planets influencing Sun or sign in ascendant may lead to a headache.


It is a significator of mind. The mind is a main part of the body by the help of person feel everything. Moon influencing ascendant can cause headache due to cough, cold, flu and fever.


This planet is the significator of the nervous system in the body. Mercury influencing ascendant can cause headache due to indigestion, constipation or problem in nerves.


It is malefic plants and significator of disease also. Saturn influencing the ascendant can cause headache due to gas building up in the body(flatulence), insomnia, stress, fracture in skull or constipation.


This is also Malefic planets and always try to keep the person confused, as a result, the person suffers from mental illness. Rahu can cause headache due to gastric or nerve problems, tumour or flatulence. If a headache is caused by Rahu or Ketu, it is more likely to be a headache. It will take more time to go away.


It is a very aggressive planet which causes mental stress. Mars influencing the ascendant can cause headache due to acid reflux, injury, insomnia, blood pressure or anger.

Ascendant in the horoscope is related to the entire body and face. Usually, the planets and zodiac affecting the Lagna give us an idea about the cause of the headache. On the basis of this, the astrologer tells the person that this planet is the causative planet of migraine disease.

Know Migraine problem through Birth Chart

By studying the birth chart we can easily find out that ——

  • why the person is suffering from headache problem,
  • which planets are affecting the mind,
  • what to do to overcome from headache,
  • Which gems stones are suitable.
  • Which pooja is good etc.

If malefic planet aspect to ascendant then it is possible that the person will suffer from headache, migraine problem.

If the lord of ascendant is malefic then also it is possible that the person will suffer from migraine, headache problem.

Vedic Astrology Sun Sign

Now see which period or sub-period is going on if the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu-Ketu etc period is going on then it is possible that the person will suffer from the headache trouble.

Migraine problem of this person

The natives have had migraine problems for a decade. Mercury, the lord of the Lagna, is aspect by the malefic planet Ketu. The lord of the Ascendant Mercury in conjunction with the 12th lord Sun. The malefic Rahu planet is sitting in the first house. Rahu is the significator planet of the air element ( gas) in the body. It has often been seen that whenever she has a gas problem in his stomach, she suffers from a migraine immediately. Lord of the 6th house Saturn placed in the 12th house and also an aspect to Moon.

Moon chart,

Ascendant lord Venus is placed in the 6th house. Two malefic planet Mars and Saturn aspect ascendant lord venus. Malefic Lord Saturn also aspect to the ascendant and Moon. 6th lord venus also an aspect to Aries sign. Aries sign is the most important sign for migraine or headache problem because this sign is represented head in “Kaalpurush chart”. The lord of Aries sign Mars is debilitated in the 11th house. The eleventh house is the house of 6th from sixth.

Remedies related to Migraine or Headache

How To Calculate My Ascendant Sign

  1. If the ascendant lord is weak then wear gems stone related to particular planets.
  2. If period or sub-period is a malefic planet and you suffering from a headache then pray deities and donate planetary things related to planets.
  3. Relax in case of headache and start chanting Gayatri Mantra.
  4. Drink sufficient amount of water every hour.
  5. Start Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama.
  6. Use ice or aloe vera gel where you have a headache.
  7. Start light exercise
  8. Take nutritious food as well as eat it at short intervals.
  9. Press the acupressure point related to headaches.