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The Ascendant (also called Rising Sign) is one of the most important elements in astrology, the one that signifies our external appearance and the way we choose to express who we truly are. What is the Ascendant in Astrology: Your Rising Sign Characteristics. The Ascendant is neither a planet nor a celestial body. The Sun in Libra. The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self. Your Sun Sign is of major importance. The Sun in Libra describes what is likely to motivate you, and why. Exploring the house in which your Sun is found will give even greater detail.


Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, there's a good chance you know the answer to the question, 'What's your zodiac sign?' However, chances are you probably only know what your sun sign is. There's also such thing as a moon sign and a rising sign, and they're all different. So what's the difference between your sun, moon, and rising signs? When you put them all together, they create a much more nuanced portrait of a person. If you've ever felt disconnected to the characteristics of your 'sign,' this may explain why.

The practice of astrology that most of us in the United States follow is called Western Astrology, and it arose over 2000 years ago in Mesopotamia. The system, which was created by the Babylonians, refined by the Greeks, and preserved by the Arab Empire, simultaneously charted the path of the sun and planets through the zodiac constellations over the course of the year, and the characteristics of babies born under each sign.

The position of the stars and planets the moment a person is born comprise their natal chart; it's from this alignment that astrologists draw your sun, moon, and rising signs. No one has your exact natal chart. It's idiosyncratically you.

So here's what you need to know about each of your signs:

Sun Sign

Your sun sign is what most people mean when they ask, 'what's your sign?' It's the most well known of all the zodiac signs in a person's birth chart, and is calculated by figuring out in what zodiac sign, exactly, the sun was situated in when someone was born. As astrologer Susan Miller's Astrology Zone pointed out, it's said that people take on certain personality traits based on the zodiac sign the sun was in when they were born.

New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust agrees. 'The sun is our ego,' she tells Bustle of sun signs. '[It's] how our ego relates and deals with the world and challenges.'

Moon Sign

Your moon sign, on the other hand, is the darker, more emotional side of your personality. Think about it this way: If the sun shines brightly for all the world to see — our ego, how it relates to the challenges we face in the world, and how we interact with others — moonlight is dim, and casts shadows on the deeper parts of yourself that not everyone in the world gets to see. This is the you that you hear inside your head whenever you think; your heart, your emotions, your feelings.

'The moon is our emotions — often our sentiments that we cannot and do not express with others,' Stardust explains. Often times, she continues, this means that people will identify with their moon sign more than their sun sign or their rising/ascendent sign, even though large aspects of the personality they present to the world will seem to be molded after the latter two signs.

'I would say that the moon carries more weight because it’s our emotional reaction and we feel it more,' Stardust says.

Ascendent/Rising Sign

We talk a lot about sun signs and, though less frequently, moon signs — but not so much the rising signs. This should change, though. Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant sign, is the 'you' that you consciously present to the world — the filter through which you put yourself every day, the style you adopt, the friends you identify with, and so on. Though that may not seem necessarily as important as sun and moon, what you're willing to reveal says a lot about you, and is thus just as important as your moon and sun signs.

'The ascendant dictates your fashion style, facial and body characteristics, and personality. It also shows how you relate to others,' Stardust elaborates. 'For instance, I have a Libra ascendant, a Gemini sun, and a Sagittarius moon. I don’t like conflict (like a Libra) and I emotionally process situations like a Sagittarius (very defensive). People rarely notice my Gemini side because my personality is shown by all three energies working together.'

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So What Do We Do With All This?

Put it all together, is what! All of this is to say, we cannot be boiled down to one sign, one simple horoscope.

You probably already know your sun sign (and if you don't, it's easily found — here's the list of signs by birth date); to find your moon and rising signs, meanwhile, you could have a couple of options. One, you could get your chart mapped out by a professional astrologist, though that costs money and often requires a waiting period and a sit-down meeting to go over the results. Secondly, you could try a website that provides a rough sketch of your chart; Cafe Astrology is a personal favorite of mine.

Regardless of the route, you'll need your date of birth, time of birth (as close to the minute as possible), and geographic location of where you were born.

Then, read your horoscopes — all of them. According to Stardust, you'll ideally want to read all three of your horoscopes once you know your signs for each. However, she says, if that's not possible, then you should ideally read the horoscope for 'your ascendent/rising sign and then sun sign.'

Rising Woman Special Astrology Report: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

December 21, 2020 at 10:21am PST @ 0° of Aquarius

Theme: The Great Awakening

On December 21st, 2020 the great benefic, Jupiter and the great malefic, Saturn will conjunct at 0° of Aquarius. (In sidereal astrology this event occurs in the sign of Capricorn.)

This is a historic event for so many reasons, but contrary to popular memes and such out there this may not be the dawning of the age of Aquarius – which is an approximately 2150 year cycle.

There’s no clear agreement when the Age of Aquarius begins. Some astrologers say it happened in the 60’s, others say it’ll happen in 120 years from now. Some say it occurs this December. Truth is, no one can say for sure.

Regardless, the conjunction (when they line up in the same sign at the same degree) of these two massive planets is a BIG cosmic event. It also signifies Saturn’s movement from the sign of Capricorn where it’s been for the almost three years into the sign of Aquarius where it’ll stay until March 2023.

To understand how this event will impact us directly, we have to understand Jupiter and Saturn energies and how they interplay.

Saturn represents rules, regulations, government and the traditional ways of doing this. Saturn constricts and contracts. Jupiter represents blessings, spiritual insights, and new ways of seeing things. It’s expansive and open. There will be a battle between these two planets over the next year as they travel through Aquarius.

Saturn is called “The Lord of Karma” in Vedic astrology. Saturn asks you to be disciplined and take authority over your life. Saturn transits such as this one can give mixed results – for many it feels like a frying pan moment, where we’re shown all the ways we need to step up. Everything can fall apart. For others, Saturn brings rewards for a job well done.

Saturn wants us to grow, evolve and become the owner of our lives. To step up and be responsible for ourselves. If we haven’t done the work, Saturn can come along and test us by breaking everything apart. If we’ve done the work Jupiter can come along and bless us.

This is a big year to focus on our spiritual pursuits, to let go of old rigid ways and to welcome in new insights, new ideas and revolution. What has Saturn been whispering to you? What area of life do you need to clean up and take responsibility for?

What is rising sun in astrology sun

This next year will be a time of huge blessings but not without hard work. We will experience immense expansion and contraction at the same time. Both are needed, both are valuable.

So much depends on your own personal birth chart…

Nothing in astrology can be generalized, so much depends on your own personal chart and placements. Where some may experience big changes around this time, others may not notice much. Like every astrological event, it’s important to understand how it impacts your own personal chart.

The Conjunction impacts these signs the most:

  • Aquarius Rising Sun or Moon
  • Capricorn Rising, Sun or Moon
  • Pisces Rising Sun or Moon
  • Sagittarius Rising Sun or Moon

Anyone with planets around 27° of Capricorn to 3°of Aquarius will be the most impacted. If you have prominent Jupiter or Saturn placements you will feel this… or if the conjunction occurs on an important part of your chart.

The great awakening will bring much revolution and shift in the collective consciousness over the next year most prominently. Aquarian themes will be highlighted in a profound way until 2023.

Aquarius is the sign that represents the collective. The people will rebel against old outdated Saturnian forces. This is the time for the people to rise up!

The great Jupiter Saturn conjunction is birthing a new area. There’s so many important reasons why it may well be the biggest cosmic event of our lifetime:

  1. The great conjunction occurs at 0 degrees. In astrology a zero degree point symbolizes new beginnings
  2. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter hasn’t occurred in Aquarius since 1623
  3. Saturn and Jupiter are arguably the two most important planets because they are the two largest planets
  4. It also happens on the fixed Star Altair, also known as The Flying Eagle. A star about courage.
  5. The conjunction occurs on the Solstice. The shortest day of the year in some places, where the Sun reaches it’s point furthest from the equator. A day that signals a shift into the light returning once again
  6. It occurs a few days after a MEGA strong total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.
  7. It’s being called similar to the Star of Bethlehem as the two will create a beautiful bright light we’ve never seen before.

If you’d like to learn how to easily read your own chart and the charts of others, sign up for the Become Your Own Astrologer Course waitlist.

Rising, Moon and Sun Signs, areas this CONJUNCTION will impact you:

ARIES: 11th House

The greater network, large groups of people, acquaintances, community, social media, online communities, good luck

TAURUS: 10th House

Work, self-employment, your career, public image, leadership

GEMINI: 9th House

Father, gurus, spiritual community, foreign travel, blessings, your belief systems, spirituality

What Is Rising Sun In Astrology

CANCER: 8th House

Death and rebirth, the occult, big life changes and transformation, sexuality, inheritances, other people’s money

LEO: 7th House

Romantic partner, business partner, clients

VIRGO: 6th House

Your service to the world, day job, enemies, your physical body, health, animals, daily routines

LIBRA: 5th House

What Is Rising Sun In Astrology Sign

Lovers and romance, play, hobbies, fun, art, intellect, creation, children

SCORPIO: 4th House

Home, mother, family, emotional wellbeing, ancestral roots, the heart

SAGITTARIUS: 3rd House Virgo daily horoscope 2021.

Siblings, online business, general business, local life, relatives, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching, the mind

CAPRICORN: 2nd House

Self-worth, money, what you eat, your voice, possessions, skills and talents

AQUARIUS: 1st House

Yourself, ego, how you present yourself to the world, your looks, identity

PISCES:12th House

Spirituality, your dream world, the past, pain and loss, bed pleasures, isolated places such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, channelling

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