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  1. Developed by Astrograph.com. TimePassages Astrology software is a full-featured software for astrology that comes with an easy to use point-to-click functionality. This interface means that you can move the mouse over any chart or the features of the chart for a quick summary.
  2. Hours The Time Nomad. Time Nomad is one of the top astrology apps and perhaps the best free astrology app available on iPhone. It also provides a description for each phase, sign and mansion. You can navigate through the information in. Astromatrix Horoscopes. This Free and easy to use.

Being a regular user of Astrology apps, I can tell you which astrology app to opt for getting the best user experience and consultation with premium astrologer. The app I would like to suggest is Astrosolv. Now the Question arise why? Astrosolv se paise liye hai kya? Questions and Answers Since the founding of YourChineseAstrology.com, we have helped users solve over 20,000 problems for free. If you have any questions about Chinese astrology including your zodiac sign, compatible signs, Feng Shui, how to choose auspicious dates, predict baby's gender with baby gender chart or predict your future, etc., just ask here freely.

Both Mac and mobile software
with high precision calculations
Now available on Mac!
From the creators of Solar Fire
Mobile software with high
precision calculations
Look no further! Astro Gold features
Natal, Transit, Progression and
Synastry Interpretations

You asked for it, and we have delivered, mobile and Mac software with high precision calculations on a mobile device. Along with high precision calculations you can also read insightful astrological interpretations. Astro Gold features Natal, Transit, Progression and Synastry interpretations, making astrology on-the-go even easier. The app is clean, clear and precise, and uses the latest Swiss Ephemeris and ACS Atlas files.

If you love astrology and want a polished astrology app then look no further. If you are a user of the Solar Fire PC program then you can exchange chart files between this iOS app and your Solar Fire program via email and via the iTunes File Sharing feature, or by simply copying your chart files to your Mac running Astro Gold macOS.

Astro Gold for macOS is the latest in reliable and elegant astrology software for the Mac computer. This new software app has a similar feature set and design to the much loved iOS app of the same name and has been developed by the highly successful creators of the much-loved Solar Fire software for PC.

Along with high precision calculations you can also read professional astrological interpretations. Astro Gold for Mac features Natal, Transit, Solar Return, Progression and Synastry interpretations.

The app is clean, clear and precise, and uses the latest Swiss Ephemeris and ACS Atlas files. If you love astrology and want a professional-looking astrology app then look no further. If you are a user of the Solar Fire® PC program then you can easily exchange chart files with it as well as with your Astro Gold for iPhone and iPad.


See some of the key features and functionality included in Astro Gold by watching our introductory video.

What Is The Best Astrology App For Charts

Astro Gold is currently available for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as for Mac desktops and laptops. However further versions may be available soon to support more devices and platforms. Check back soon for all the latest updates!

Find out how the features compare on different platforms:

Want more information on our iOS and macOS versions? Take a look!

Top 10 Best and Free Astrology Apps for Android phone users:

The world of Astrology is intriguing. It is quite interesting to know about the Universe, planets and stars Vedic indian astrology. and how their movements influence our life.

Astrology as well as gaining astrological information has become quite popular lately due to the enhanced knowledge among users about Horoscopes, Zodiac signs, and significance of astrology, in general.

Astrology gives you an accurate insight into your Zodiac, horoscope and overall future according to the positions of the stars.

This is the reason, Astrology has become an integral part of our lifestyle. People use it to know about their daily horoscope and weekly forecasts.

In order to facilitate easy access to all the Astrological information, various Astrology based applications have been designed.

These Astrology apps bring future in your pocket and enable you to check important details while on the go.

We bring you the Top 10 Astrology Android Applications to make the search easy for you.

1) mPanchang – World’s No. 1 Astrology App For Android Mobile

With a user-friendly interface and convenient accessibility along with accurate Astrological information, mPanchang is one of the best Android and iOS applications we have currently.

Kundali Report and religiously important information and dates, as well as relevant occasions, is a click away with mPanchang.

Install it Now from Google Play Store

Not only do you get elaborate information about Personalized Kundali and Horoscope, you also get an access to the comprehensive details on Vrats, Hindu This, important dates in Hindu Calendar among others.

mPanchang is one of the finest and precise astrology app till date, which will address all your astrological queries.

Based on Hindu and Vedic Astrology, this application provides you everything about Astrology and other related data in detail.

Know about exact and current This as per area and date, Hindu Calendar, Indian Celebration Dates and all Vrat and Upavas days and dates in a single application.

What Is The Best Astrology App

Aartis, Bhajans, Mantras and other religious recitals can be accessed conveniently on this application. Location-specific reports is another highlight of this widely popular application.

An easy to use and useful interface encourages simple and whenever access to information related to Kundli, Panchang and many more.

If you want all things astrological in one, then this is the application for you. mPanchang brings the future in your pocket.

Some of its important features include

  • Hindu Calendar

Free to download, this application is what you need for a better and fruitful insight into your future.

Download Best Astrology App From Google Play Store :

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2) AstroSage Kundli: Astrology

Astrosage Kundli is another application which is loved by many owing to its detailed charts, moon sign horoscopes, and other astrological insights.

You can get a comprehensive information about your birth chart report and daily as well as monthly Hindu Panchang.

Free to use, it gives you a feature to download PDF reports.

It is one of the best Hindu and Vedic Astrology applications one can come across. It is available in different languages namely Hindi, English, Bengali and Telugu among others.

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3) HOROSCOPES App BY Astrology.com

Horoscopes by Astrology.com gives one an access to approximately 30 various categories which include daily, monthly, weekly and yearly horoscopes along with video horoscopes.

This application also allows you to mail your horoscopes to your friends.

It is easy to use with everything at your fingertip. Other horoscopes that you can find in this application are Work, Finance, Love, and Home among others.


4) THE DAILY HOROSCOPE – Astrology Prediction App

The Daily Horoscope is an application that provides in-depth information on Daily Horoscopes along with the feature to set daily reminders if you do not want to miss a single astrological update.

Interpretation of Sun signs, Chinese year signs and druid horoscope are some of the other features of this widely popular application.

This application also allows one to check the daily horoscopes for at least a week.

It is indeed a simple way to stay updated on Astrological Influences. Soon, one will be able to check weekly and monthly horoscopes on this application.

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What is the best free astrology app

Get information on Birth Charts, Daily Horoscopes, minute by minute transit updates, planetary movements, personalized readings and much more in one application.

It allows you to create an unlimited number of birth charts without any extra cost. TimePassages comes with a compatibility meter which gives you a detailed compatibility between two Zodiacs.

Friends or lovers, you can easily check your compatibility score along with an elaborate explanation on the same through this application.

TimePassages is one of the most sought-after astrology applications courtesy its exceptionally accurate insights.

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Astrostyle is an Astrology app designed and devised by AstroTwins.

It gives an interesting description of one’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

This application also comes with a detailed information on love compatibility and Zodiac signs interpretations.

Love Horoscope is another interesting feature of this application as it allows you to find how your romantic life is going to be on that particular day along with insights on other love-related aspects.


The plus of this application is Tarot reading.

Horoscope couple with Tarot reading helps people get information about their astrological influences from both perspectives.

You can also check your Love Horoscope, Money Horoscope and Career Horoscope on Horoscope and Tarot.

Daily horoscopes and readings are uploaded timely making this application widely popular among users. It also allows you to ask a question to a tarot reader or astrologer.

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True Horoscope is an astrology application for Android dedicated entirely on Horoscopes.

You can check not only your horoscopes but also your friends’ and family’s horoscopes. Also, it gives access to previous horoscopes.

If horoscope is what you are concerned about then this application is the most suitable for you.

You can have access to some interesting and fun future-peeking features such as Lottery Numbers and Fortune Cookies.

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Daily predictions made by eminent astrologers is what makes this Astrology application so popular.

You can get a detailed information on your horoscope and astrological periods for 5-6 days (two days prior and two days after).

Another feature of My Horoscope application is the flexibility to download the content that one finds relevant and share the information easily on various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, if one is not aware of their Sun or Moon sign, they can easily find it through this application.


What Is The Best Horoscope App For Iphone


Unlike other astrology app or horoscope applications, Chaturanga “Astrology” allows you to chat in real time with an expert astrologer and get your birth-chart or other astrology related queries addressed.

You can ask one question for free, the post which every question comes at an additional cost.

One of the most interesting features of this application is that it is compatible with Apple watch which makes it a favorite among Apple users.

Various astrologically important topics such as relationship, business, career, and money are covered in this application.

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Do you believe in Astrology? Are you a fan of Zodiacs and Horoscopes? Want a correct interpretation of your chart? Which Astrology and Horoscope application do you think perfectly fits the bill for you? Let us know in the comment section below.