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The vertex is an astrological concept that is not very well known but of fundamental importance. Perhaps one of the factors that contributes to the mystery surrounding it is the fact that it is a mathematical point that needs to be calculated, unlike the planets and asteroids, that simply appear in our natal chart. With a Vertex in the 8th house, an important transit can bring a karmic union with another individual, mostly connected through sex. The 8th house is ruling the act of total merging with another person and thus makes the chart owner yearn for breaking all barriers. Of course, the barriers between people include the physical border of the two different bodies, and sex is probably the most. In astrology such karmic or 'fated encounters' are said to be indicated by a seldom used imaginary point, the Vertex (Vx). Most astrological software programs calculate this sensitive and imaginary point, but it's used rarely by astrologers. WHAT IS THE VERTEX ASTROLOGICALLY?: The Vertex represents a role or part we play that is not a matter of personal choice but is fated or destined. We cannot really change things signified by what is involved with the Vertex. Vertex events involve other people.

The Vertex

as a Functional Chart Point

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First of all, let me state that the following comments include insights of over 40 years of study, work, and research in astrology, interspersed with study of Hindu, Buddhist, Hermetic, Qabalistic, and western metaphysical literature.

Interest in the Vertex by astrologers was widespread in the 1970s, and various interpretations were ascribed to it; unfortunately most of them were rather abstract and not easy to connect with consensus reality and therefore not readily verifiable. The work 'karma' was tossed around rather loosely, and during those years I was unable find anything substantial associated with the Vertex other than that there did indeed seem to be important conjunctions with it in synastry of major life relationships. That in and of itself did not, however, say much about the functional nature of the Vertex.

The American astrologer, mathematician, and radio engineer L Edward Johndro (1882-1951) and the American astrologer and educator Charles A Jayne (1911-1985) both did research on the Vertex, which was included in a more comprehensive electrodynamic field theory which Johndro advanced in support of the scientific validity of astrology. According to the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, edited by Charles Jayne, 'to find the Vertex, first determine the colatitude, i.e. subtract the terrestrial latitude from 90°. Then consider the Imum Coeli as the Midheaven and look up the Ascendant in a table of houses under this new 'Midheaven' for the colatitude.' Several astrological software programs available today offer the Vertex as an optional chart point for study and research. It should also be mentioned that New York Astrologer Al Morrison, publisher and editor of the CAO Times, also took an interest in and encouraged research on the Vertex.

In the mid-1980s, California Uranian Astrologer Iaen Sullivan, who worked routinely with the Vertex, implied that the Vertex indicates 'output' or 'outcome'. (Not dissimilar to the interpretation as 'responses or release' proposed in Emma Donath's 'Asteroids in Midpoints'.) I thought of various things that could mean. Output is what comes out… often the result of a process or of efforts. What is nadi in astrology symbols. He pointed out that Vertex should be a critical factor in horary charts, where it would indicate the outcome of the processes described in the chart. This correlates with how Johndro described the Vertex and its 180° polarity, the Antivertex, as 'electrostatic release points of the Earth'.

What did I discover in studying the Vertex in horary and natal charts?

  1. .. In the natal chart, it has to do with our work. I am not talking about career status and goals like the MC indicates, but the real actual work situation… where we produce day to day…. Our 'output', as Sullivan indicated. Watch the transits (precessed ones I find work better) and you will see noteworthy changes at work related to the planet transiting over the Vertex. You can count on it. Transits to the MC may indicate a change in career status, a promotion, etc, or a change in career goals; but VX is changes in the actual functional work situation.
  2. .. In horaries, the VX is the likely outcome of a question as a result of current conditions; i.e. if things continue as they are going now, the Vertex indicates what is most likely to happen. This can be read with the midpoints falling on the Vertex and planets forming 16th harmonic angles to it. I find this consistently reliable. As with all oracles, the horary chart is not immutable, and application of the willpower of anyone concerned can alter the outcome. And no, that is not a weakness of astrology. Our lives are influenced by MANY factors, whether challenging or advantageous: planetary, environmental, social, genetic, karmic, and personal determination. Sorry, astrology does not do it all for us.
  3. .. With major transits and directions to the Vertex, you will see major changes at work or your method of production; maybe a new job or a new type of work, or new factors that change the way you carry out your work: a change of equipment, methodology, location, co-workers, or clients. Solar arc directed Vertex and planets directed by Solar arc to Vertex also reveal important changes in one's work or work setting.

Does this invalidate the talk about the Vertex being related to concepts of 'fate' and 'destiny' and 'karma'? Certainly not. What we do in our lives, how we carry out or work and what we produce brings about our fate and destiny and creates new karma, and may be in some very important ways connected to our old karma. So the once-prevalent definitions are not wrong; they have however now been integrated and grounded in daily reality. What one might say in a philosophical sense is that the Vertex is an indicator of the paths we are likely to choose in terms of action that will very strongly affect our fate, destiny, and karma. And it is pertinent that significant connections show up in synastry of important relationships, since if we do consider metaphysical and spiritual factors, the close relationships we cultivate often are very tied in with our own personal karmic issues.

I welcome feedback from people who also put this idea to application at [email protected]

I would like to thank Uranian Astrologer Iaen V.K. Sullivan, M.S.W., as the original source of some of the more pragmatic components of these ideas, and Astrologer Lori Clark for her valuable insights confirming and further elucidating these points.



Dean, G. (ed.) 1976. Recent Advances in Natal Astrology: A Critical Review: Bromley, England: The Astrological Association.


The Vertex in Astrology is a point in the Western Hemisphere of a chart, not a planet. It acts as a second Ascendant but most importantly it denotes karmic connections and fated events. It is also called 'Destiny's Gate'. Its opposite point is called the Anti-Vertex. Much like the North and South Node, the Vertex and Anti-Vertex will always be opposite of one another.
The Vertex is said to 'light up' or become activated by certain transits which will then bring us the fated connections we are meant to experience. Truth be told, NO ONE knows what activates the Vertex. The Universe is in constant motion and many planets and asteroids will pass by the Vertex in everyone's charts.. but nothing happens. Then out of nowhere, you meet your Twin Flame.
What changed?
Even Astrology has blind spots. There are things we are unable to predict regardless of Mathematics and Astronomy. I call it the God Factor. We cannot see it or prepare for it, all we can do is trust it.
In the study of chart comparisons (Synastry) you will see Vertex and Anti-Vertex contacts with twin flames and some soulmates. This means the two of you were fated to meet but how that Vertex 'lit up' is anyone's guess. Sure, you retrace your steps to see what was transiting the Vertex, but those planets have transited the Vertex before and nothing happened then.
This mysterious point in Astrology is usually placed in certain houses of a natal chart, houses 5 through 8. The house and sign of the Vertex in a chart will assign a specific 'flavor' to karmic connections and fated events. I like to look at the house the Vertex falls in as it will give you a clue as to where this boatload of karma is likely to come in. The sign will explain what it brings us and what we can expect from these fated encounters and events.
The Fifth House- the House of Romance, Children, Arts and Crafts, Fun and Love Affairs.
Lucky you if your Vertex falls here! Ruled by Leo and the Sun. The Fifth House is always light and fun. Any fated event will usually come through dating, children, hobbies and fun activities. This is where you meet your Twin at a party or at a ceramics workshop. It is also the house of pets, so a dog park might also be a possibility. The Fifth House is actually a karmic house in regards to relationships and romance. Past life lovers are often found in the fifth house.
The Sixth House- The House of Work, Routine, Health and Fitness, Service
Virgo and Mercury rule this house. Here we encounter most of our fate at work, at the gym or at the grocery store! Whatever falls in the 'every day routine' will bring you heavy karmic encounters/opportunities.

The Seventh House- The House of Traditional Relationships.
The house of Libra and Venus. In the Seventh House we merge by signing contracts. This is why it is often called the House of Marriage. It is also the House of formal partnerships such as business connections. Sometimes, our fated events occur once we get married. You could very well be working with your spouse or meet fated events through your spouse.
The Eighth House- The House of Death, Sex, Legacy and Taxes
This is Pluto's house. Think Scorpio- Passionate, Sensual, Secretive, Dark and Magnetic. Also Taboos. This house is loaded with possibilities. Interestingly enough, surgery, autopsies, ghost hunting and tattoos fall in the Eighth House. Inheritance and Tax audits live here as well.
Your fated encounters and events will have this type of flavor and will be met in these types of situations.
What Is Vertex In AstrologyLet's observe some of the possibilities when your Vertex (or Anti-Vertex) is conjunct your Twin's planets. I personally only consider conjunctions and oppositions to the Vertex, but it is not set in stone. Many other astrologers consider trines, squares and sextiles but the Vertex always packs a punch and nothing delivers that better than a conjunction.

What Is The Meaning Of The Vertex In Astrology

Vertex Conjunct Sun
You are the sunshine of my life. The Sun person is karmically tied to 'light up' the issues related to house the Vertex falls in. These need to be revealed and healed. The Sun person will be able to warm up some of the frozen and stifled issues in relation to the house. You will also become aware of those parts of yourself you find unacceptable to others and are likely to hide. The Sun person will love that about you and will give you confidence to share them with the world. This is such a positive contact!
Vertex Conjunct Moon
Monsters under the bed. The Moon person will bring up childhood fears in relation to the house in order to heal them. This will be done through nurturing and care. The Moon person will wrap their arms around your injured inner child and make it all better. The key here is to expose the broken parts first in order to heal them. This can feel frightening at first, but the Moon is comfort so the process will be gentle. Great rewards are in store for you with this placement!
Vertex Conjunct Mercury
Are you listening to me?

Vertex In Libra 6th House

The Mercury person often brings vital information to the Vertex person. Think of the missing link or the final piece of the puzzle. They also bring clarity to the house your Vertex falls in. Definitely a 'AH-HA moment!' They will also bring intellectual stimulation and inspiration. Often times, the Mercury person will teach the Vertex person how to communicate their needs and feelings.
Vertex Conjunct Venus

To know me is to love me. Pretty self-explanatory. Love and Romance arrives at long last! The romantic aspect of the relationship is particularly highlighted with this placement. The Venus person will love, love, love, love you!
Vertex Conjunct Mars
Go team, go! The Mars person is coming to empower and push the Vertex person in relation to blocks and obstacles in a particular house. There is a Rah-Rah-Rah cheerleader feeling coming from the Mars person. Also highlighted is the sexual attraction and heightened sexuality. If you have this happening in your Eighth House, get ready for smoking-hot action!
Vertex Conjunct Uranus

Vertex Astrology Chart

I didn't see that coming. Expect the unexpected. In fact, there are not enough blog pages I can fill with the possibilities of this placement. The Uranus person will rock your world. They will teach you about adventure and excitement, being unique and inventive, going further than you ever have before in your life. This is also unpredictable in terms of how and when you will meet them. Serendipity and Fate are definitely in charge here.
Vertex Conjunct Pluto
Ready or not, here I come! The Pluto person is coming and your life will never be the same. This is neither an easy nor fluffy placement. The purpose of the Pluto person is to remove all that is false and rotten in your life. Again, house placement will give you a clue as to what that is. With Pluto here, you don't really have a choice. What needs to go will go and the Pluto person will make sure of that. You might fight it but. resistance is futile. The Pluto person will free you in ways no one else can. Very magnetic contact. Embrace it!
Vertex Conjunct Neptune

Somebody pinch me, are you real? When Neptune conjuncts the Vertex, they will bring a feeling of fate you cannot deny. The Neptune person seems to materialize out of a dream. We also see huge ideals: The perfect person, the ideal mate. The Neptune person can do no wrong here. The Vertex person will put them on a pedestal. This is the stuff dreams are made of. The dreamy nature of this placement will be mutual. You will both be lost in the land of dreams, hand in hand. Be careful you don't lose touch with reality. You are both real people with your own faults.
The Neptune person will bring you to emotional heights you never experienced before. Stay grounded, stay grounded, stay grounded.

What Is Vertex In Astrology Chart

Vertex Conjunct Saturn

Put a ring on it! Saving the best for last! This is as karmic as it gets. It is as karmic as having the lunar nodes conjunct the Vertex. This was fate that absolutely cannot be avoided. The Saturn person arrives to teach about commitment. Usually, the Saturn person is more willing to commit 'formally than the Vertex person. Saturn won't put up with frivolities and fly by night affairs, so if this conjunction happens in your Fifth House, good chance the Saturn would prefer to move the show over to the Seventh House.
The Saturn person is coming to teach you about maturity, commitment and seriousness. It might feel a little heavy-handed but the Saturn person will never let you down. You can set a watch by them.
Vertex Conjunct North Node
You are my destiny! Indeed they are. The North Node is our karmic destiny. When karmic destiny meets Destiny's Gate, you get the most fated encounter of your life. Unfortunately, we don't get many clues as to how this is going to play out. All we know is that it will. If we are very lucky, we can look at what is happening with the Anti-Vertex. Hopefully, there are planets conjunct the Anti-Vertex that can explain why this person feels so fated and what is to come from the relationship. If not, you will find out soon enough. This placement feels fated from the start and the relationship is likely to start immediately.
Vertex Conjunct South Node

Have we met before? You bet! This karmic placement is usually 'unfinished business' we need to address in this life. Again, without other planets to offer clues, we don't know what this unfinished business is. Usually, this happens so the pair can move onto new lessons, not away from each other. The North Node would be conjunct to the Anti-Vertex so the connection will continue to exist in the future. Super karmic connection. Think of it as wiping the slate clean.

What Is Vertex In Astrology