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The 2021 Love & Marriage horoscope of Leo states that from 1 January 2021 to 6 April 2021 and from 14 September 2021 to 20 November 2021, Jupiter your ruling planet for love and romance will be posited in the House of Disputes. This is the reason why relationships/marriages would go through difficult times. Leo 2021 Love Horoscope. Relationships are your raison d’etre in 2021, as expansive Jupiter tours the most twosome-focused parts of your chart—Aquarius and your committed seventh house, and Pisces, the ruler of your intimately bonded eighth house. Indeed, pairing up can bring the greatest adventures this year! See what the year 2021 has in store for your relationships, sex, and love life, according to your sun sign. See which dates might be lucky for meeting potential matches or deepening bonds, or what you stand to learn about your relationships this year from your 2021 sex and love horoscope.

According to the love horoscope 2021, this will be a year full of pleasant surprises and passion for many of the zodiac signs.

Single persons have the chance to find their soul mate and those who are already in a relationship will greatly improve their love life.


Last year a new phase for Aries relationships began. For some this involved a new relationship, possibly marriage; for others circumstances changed the nature of a relationship.

Now, in 2021, a deeper, more profound level of love and relating is being sought so you will be more serious about your romantic commitments and, if you haven’t yet settled down, you will move heaven and earth to find the stability, constancy and emotional/sexual feed back you require. (Even if that means leaving a long-standing liaison.)

The periods of the 7th – 31st March and 6th August – 7th September are the most important for your love life and steps taken, or events that just happen, around the 22nd March and 8th August should add to your long-term happiness and fulfilment.


Romance, like the flowers, blooms in spring. Throughout April the lovely Venus shines her light on your love life – and improves your charisma rating no end.

The weekend of the 6th April is magic and someone you meet then could prove to be a lasting attraction.

On 7th September this same romantic planet enters the relationship zone where she will stay until January 2022 so for many Taureans this is the year for marriage and important relationship developments.

Try not to worry if a partnership appears to go into reverse thrust between the 10th October and 20th November – distance almost always makes the heart grow fonder.

For some Taureans, however, this same period could bring someone back into your life – someone who is part of your past, but not necessarily your future. Be philosophical and daring.


A great sea change has been happening – no longer are you the cool cucumber of the zodiac but prepared to commit yourself exclusively to a partner and to put up with the harshest and most painful aspects of relating.

This is a continuing trend so, even if you feel you are still the elusive butterfly of love events this year could evoke some profound changes within you – watch those aforementioned eclipse dates.

Late April to mid-June is one period when love could strike like a thunderbolt, the first half of December is another.

Doing all for love is the theme of 2021, whether this translates as your leaving an established relationship in order to find someone who meets your desires and expectations or whether your love is tested to the limit – and transcends even your expectations.


Two total lunar eclipses on the creative and romantic axis of your solar chart augur major developments on the personal and relationship front, especially for mid-July born Cancerians.

Normally, you like to have control over your love life but in 2021 events have a life of their own and you seem to have little say about who you stay with and who you do not.


July is the steamiest month of the year with December coming a close second.


As soon as Venus enters the seventh house of relationships on 18th January a season of real romance begins.

The full moon of the 28th January is key here, whether this enables you to close some unfinished business or set the seal on a relationship.

By mid-February an association that is preventing you from being the person you truly are will either have to change its tune completely or you will be freed from it.

This same time period is ripe for love affairs of the sudden and passionate kind to flare up out of nowhere but it may take until late May before you make decisions as to the future of the relationship.

The eclipses of the year primarily focus on the creative and romantic sectors of your chart and, especially if you have a 5th – 7th August birthday, destiny is poised to strike.


A more independent you emerge in 2021. Your partner may still be the same and the outer trappings of your relationship still as it was but you are not prepared to put up with the role of second fiddle.

You have come into your own power. In some cases and for some Librans this means you will be attracted to people who are movers and shakers, individuals of substance – enough in a few instances to inspire you to finally leave a partner who has not pulled his/her weight for a long time.

February, March, April and August are the months when Venus and Mars shine their light on your love life thus producing events that either bring someone into your life, someone powerful enough to push you into that deep end, or the nerve to finally go it alone!


A more independent you emerges in 2021. Your partner may still be the same and the outer trappings of your relationship still as it was but you are not prepared to put up with the role of second fiddle.

You have come into your own power. In some cases and for some Librans this means you will be attracted to people who are movers and shakers, individuals of substance – enough in a few instances to inspire you to finally leave a partner who has not pulled his/her weight for a long time.

February, March, April and August are the months when Venus and Mars shine their light on your love life thus producing events that either bring someone into your life, someone powerful enough to push you into that deep end, or the nerve to finally go it alone!


As the zodiac’s extremist your ability to hit the heights and plumb the depths in affairs of the heart is second to none.

And all your extremist tendencies are likely to be brought out by 2021’s stars. Self-discipline, restraint and common sense could all be thrown to the winds due to events in your love life.

The most romantic planet of all, Venus, will be in your sign from 7th September – 7th January (2022) so this will not only do wonders for your self-esteem – and your general good fortune – but your powers of attraction will be at their zenith.

Add to this a lunar eclipse in the relationship sector (20th November) and life could change dramatically. To a certain extent you have to do little to make events happen in 2021 – fate will do all the work for you – but what you do in response to those events is entirely in your hands.


In 2021, relationships are hard work to say the least. But once May is out they should gradually become easier to handle and more rewarding.

Commitment is a big issue for Sagittarius but especially if you have a 4th – 9th December birthday you are going to have to make some big decisions about a relationship this year.

The eclipses of 26th May, 10th June and 4th December will help here because they will produce events that force the issue.

For some Sagittarians a powerful and compelling attraction could arise – probably in May – and for others a partner or lover could be the source of concern and certainly the catalyst for learning and growth. You’ll have your opportunities to find love in 2021 but some upheaval is sure to be involved.


The year could start out very romantically indeed. December and early January-born Capricorns could see the biggest turn-around in their love lives but whenever your birthday you have some fine opportunities for meeting someone special in January and moving an existing relationship forward.

Late May to mid-June is another potent period for romance and relationships and the weekend of 1st June would be perfect for a wedding – or even a blind date.

Indeed, you’re far more likely to be bowled over by a complete stranger this year than someone you are introduced to by friends or family. Even if you do not experience a great improvement in affairs of the heart in 2021 people who are impressive in one way or another will cross your path and make an impact on your future. Remember: you’re in a no-waiting zone!


There are serious signs of romance as early as January however late June to mid-July and much of August are also looking rather magical.

Normally Aquarius fights shy of commitment and the concept of settling down is anathema to you but there are signs of more security and stability in relationships from the middle of the year – and an increasing need to put down real roots.

You may also have suffered from a lack of support and encouragement from your partners or perhaps a partner has been through a tough time and you have got the backlash; whatever the case Jupiter’s passage through the relationship zone from August onwards will make your love life happier. Indeed, you are at a point in your life when marriage is appropriate and certainly blessed.

People of power, influence and great attraction are likely to enter your life in 2021 and even if you don’t settle down with them, they’ll do your heart good.


The secret of success as far as your love life goes is in being self-secure. You are a naturally giving, self-sacrificing sort of person, which means partners experience little trouble in walking all over you.

Right from the start of a romance you should let the other person do more of the work of the relationship; only when commitment is there and your needs and feelings are being met should you begin to show what a real softy you are.

You get your first chance of building a new relationship in such a way in February. And this same period is ripe for putting an established relationship onto a stronger, more permanent footing – indeed Valentine’s Day could prove romantic heaven for some Pisces this year, whether an engagement or a wedding is the outcome.

July and early August is another boom time for Pisces’ nuptials and finding new love – just be aware, however, that love, like a rose, has some thorns, something you could well discover around the 26th February` 9th May and 24th July.

The 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac will transition into the Year of the Metal Ox on the 12th of February.

Find out what 2021 has in store for you by reading the love category of the Chinese horoscope, find out what signs have breakups and what signs will find love at first sight.


This year, those from the Rat sign will more capable than ever to solve their sentimental problems and to manage their lives.

If you want a lasting relationship, then you should come up with something new and try to reignite the flames of love.

If somebody caught your attention, it will be somebody attractive and smart, because you will be more drawn to intelligent conversation than sex.

It’s possible you might have more sporadic relationships with your work colleagues.


You will have a better love life overall. If you are a couple, it will be a year of choices and changes.

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When Will I Find Love Astrology 2021

A year for improving your relationship or to change partners. If you are single, you will have more sporadic relationships and more success with the opposite sex and one of those might be important and serious.

You are conservative lover and you are looking for a special person, someone with the same life philosophy, with class, social status and someone you can show to everyone.

You want to learn from her. It could your teacher, mentor or even your boss.


If you are married or have a partner, everything will continue as normal up until now.

There won’t be any changes or breakups, but be careful, because you may find yourself in more crises.

If you are single, you’ll go out more and meet people of the opposite sex, but more calm than before.

You will be more picky and calm. You will now be interested in educated people that have a greater social and economic status than yourselves.


Love will be the most important thing for you, coupled with your social life and work.

You will be more anxious, feeling that something isn’t right in your relationship and that you have to do something about it.

This feeling will compel you to go to extremes, such as wanting to spite their jealousy by flirting with others, creating romantic and intimate scenes or moments to reignite the passion that you felt in the beginning.

Starting with the month of May, you might fall in love with somebody irredeemable and you may have a romantic flirt with great perspectives.

It will involve somebody older than you. You will feel protected and happy.


Love is important for you. You’ve already been through multiple crisis moments with your partner or you have already given up on relationships because they haven’t been the way you wanted them to be.

In 2021 you’ll be the same, asking for the impossible. What you have to understand is that people need time before they can devote themselves, to know themselves and to accept.

You will insist that they have to be tolerant and respectful. This year, many will find the perfection they seek.

You will have more opportunities this year, which you will have to know how to identify. Don’t judge everything, have fun!


This year you can encounter the love of your life. You will be very sexually attractive and you will draw more people to you.

You will have a better social life, so you won’t lack opportunities to meet other people.

Love at first sight and quick, passionate relationships will be an everyday occurrence.

If you want your relationship to last, you will have to be more conservative and make more time to meet them or choose another type of person, and to make your relationship deeper and truer.

A former lover could come back into your life for a short while and passion will take over your life, but will disappear once again.

The good news is that you will have the chance to solve the problems between the two of you.


If you are married, you will stay married, without any changes, but also without much interest for it.

Problems will appear because of the lack of tenderness in the couple. If you are single, it’s possible you will stay that way.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be any sporadic relationships, but if they happen, they won’t be because you are looking for them.

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You will come out as cold and indifferent, but in reality you are full of joy and happiness.


If you are single, you will attract many sporadic or explosive relationships, which will be difficult to maintain.

Sometimes your personality will be insufferable, cold, incisive and unpleasant.

Additionally, your desire for independence will push away those who want a serious relationship.

When Will I Find Love Astrology 2021 Horoscope

What’s clear is that you will have a better life than ever before. Even your friends who haven’t called you yet or friends that you haven’t seen for many years will remember about you.


In 2021, love won’t be very important for Monkey signs. If you are single, you’ll stay the same, single.

You’ll want to focus more on your interests than on socializing. You won’t mind being single.

If you are married, it’s very important to start the year with a change, and that involves giving up on your selfishness.

Try to think about what your spouse wants, even if you don’t see them as equal to you.

You aren’t mature enough and you want to try out more and more things when it comes to sex or relationships.


You have to start this year optimistic and do anything you can to give another chance to the relationship you’re already in.

Nothing can stop you if you really want something, and with this in mind, you’ll have to chance to see what your lover’s intentions or feelings are.

You have be in full control of your impulsive reactions and try to be more accepting, it’s the only way to get the results you want.

Towards the end of the year, you’ll be surprised to see how well your relationship is going and you won’t regret it.


The first part of the year will be very good for you from this point of view, even if you are single or not.

You will have the chance to find a stable partner, however, you will most likely dislike some things about them as you get to know them.

You have to socialize more and make more time for your friends and never be alone when you encounter hardships.

Around the middle of the year, tensions will come up in your family and you won’t be able to make them go away easily.

The tensions will disappear only around the last months of the year, however mostly by themselves, without your efforts adding up to much.

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When Will I Find Love Astrology 2021 Leo

If you have been in a serious relationship for a long time now, it’s possible you might receive a marriage proposal or even bring it to fruition if it was already planned.

When Will I Find Love Astrology 2021


A lot of changes will happen this year for you on the sentimental side, and they will be beneficial to you.

If you love relationship is degrading, now is when it will stabilize and come back to normal.

Your evolution will be very fast past this point and it’s possible you might end up with children or a marriage proposal.

You’ll be surprised at every step and you’ll feel a knot in your stomach for the majority of this time.

It’s very important to be as sincere as you can in front of your life partner and avoid being influenced by those around you.