When Will I Have Baby Astrology Free

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Anyone who works as an astrologer will eventually get into all sorts of subject areas you wouldn’t normally discuss with just anyone off the street. One of these is baby-making: both in terms of “when will I have a baby?” and “what will the baby be like when he/she grows up?”

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When Will I Have Baby Astrology Free Astrology

(Strangely, no one has asked me where babies actually come from yet. I’ve done some digging into the matter, and surprisingly there is no stork involved as many of us were traditionally led to believe.)

2 Will Pisces have a baby in 2020? 3 Does astrology really tell your future? 4 When should I conceive to have a Libra baby? 5 Which month is best for baby boy? 6 How can you conceive twins? 7 What Zodiac will love be in 2020? 8 Which zodiac sign is most fertile? 9 What zodiac sign is most likely to have twins? 10 Can we believe in astrology? Averagely, ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before the menstrual period begins. Sperm can live inside a woman’s body for 3 to 5 days, so it is possible to become pregnant if intercourse happens several days before ovulation. In addition, the woman’s age is an important factor influencing the pregnancy.


Three of the issues that come up on a regular basis are “when should we aim to have a baby?” “can I even have a baby?” and “when am I going to get pregnant?”

I’ll be dealing with the first two questions in this blog entry, and next time I’ll get into detail about how astrology can actually give you the advantage when it comes to getting pregnant. Believe it or not, there is an astrologically-based technique for improving your odds that you don’t even need to be an astrologer to use!



When i will get pregnant astrology free

The first question, from an astrological perspective, is relatively easier to answer. I’ve had a few people ask me something like “I’m an Aries and my husband is an Aquarius. What Sign should we aim for with our baby so the baby is compatible with both of us?”

The simple answer is: regardless of your Sign or your mate’s Sign, if you somehow manage to have a baby you are always compatible with, then you almost certainly either kidding yourself or your child is much better at hiding evidence than you gave him/her credit for. Besides: science has recently determined that the final signal to begin labor actually comes from the baby, not the mother. Thus, you could say that the child you’re planning (if he/she is going to show up at all) already knows what birth chart he/she wants to have. In other words: your child will be his or her own individual entity with his/her own Free Will. If you don’t believe me now, just wait until you’ve been up with the screaming little gaffer three nights in a row.

What does my birthday say about me astrology reading. Free Will: it’s awesome, as long as you’re the only one who has it.


The question of whether or not one can get pregnant is, both medically and astrologically, a lot more complicated. If you want a baby but are having trouble, by all means see a doctor first and foremost about this. Then once you’ve gone through that, astrology can help a little more, and even explain some fertility issues your average sonogram can’t.

As for signs of fertility (or lack of it) in a birth chart: like so many other things in life, it’s complicated, but a few simple, hard-and-fast, not-always-but-usually true rules seem to apply. The general rulership of fertility in a woman’s birth chart is the Fifth House. The same rules also apply to men, but it’s almost always the woman’s chart I’m asked to look at. This is probably more for cultural than practical reasons, because despite the fact that technically we know better now, traditionally an inability to have a baby (or the inability to have the “right” gender of baby, or the inability to have a baby that has Daddy’s talent playing the piano, or whatever) has been blamed entirely on the woman.

So, bust out that birth chart of yours and find out what Sign is on the cusp of your Fifth House… and this is one of those times where I’m going to say “Whole Sign Houses appear to work better.” In general, astrologers place the Signs into three groups to determine fertility:

  • The Fruitful (fertile) Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • The Semi-Fruitful (semi-fertile) Signs: Libra, Taurus, Capricorn
  • Barren Signs are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

That’s far from being the whole story though. Lots of women with Scorpio on the Fifth House cusp can’t get pregnant, and lots with Aquarius on the Fifth can have plenty of babies. One also has to look at:

  • The condition and placement in the birth chart of the planet ruling the Fifth House. Having Cancer on the Fifth is a good Sign, but if your Moon is in Aries and gets some difficult aspects from Saturn, for example, it’s not so easy to get pregnant.
  • Planets in the Fifth House. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all considered to be good baby-making news when in the Fifth House — Sun, Mars or Saturn, though? Not so much. Neptune and/or the North Node in the Fifth tend to be helpful as well, and Uranus and/or the South Node can make it trickier.
  • The planetary transits through the Fifth House, and transiting aspects to the Fifth House Ruler and/or planets in the Fifth House at any given time.

Not surprisingly, baby-making astrology follows many of the same rules when it comes to another ancient endeavor astrologers were called in for: timing the planting and growing crops.


It’s beginning to look like getting pregnant is a lot harder than anyone thought, isn’t it? Don’t worry though… it happens all the time, and if you think the astrology is complicated, look up “cell meiosis” some time.


When Will I Have My First Baby Astrology Free

The conditions of your birth chart are important in determining how easy or hard it will be for you to have a baby… and once you’ve been dealt your hand, you have to play it. Having said that: can astrology actually help with the timing of when to get pregnant? Why not drop by my blog next time and discover the startling answer?

When Will I Have Baby Astrology Free Full

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