Where Will You Meet Your Spouse Vedic Astrology

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When we plan about marriage, spouse prediction aspect is the foremost one. Many questions will be wavering in our mind like whether the spouse will be beautiful or handsome, earning potential, comforts, and romance, etc. It can be done in Spouse prediction astrology, which is considered as the most reliable one.

Spouse Physical Appearance in Vedic astrology when 7th Lord is Placed in Sagittarius When your 7th Sign is Sagittarius or 7th Lord is placed in Sagittarius Sign, It will make your Spouse Well developed body, tall, fair in complexion, large forehead, very free and frank. Spouse Appearance & Look when 7th Lord is Placed in Capricorn. Vedic Astrology has given the two most important parameters, which tells you how your spouse will be, and how will the relationship between you and your spouse be sustained. UPPADA ASCENDENT (LAGNA): The placement of the twelfth lord and the distance of the twelfth lord from the twelfth house will give a clear picture when you meet your spouse.

Where you will meet your spouse astrology

How do the Planets Play in Predicting a Spouse in Astrology?

Future spouse prediction Vedic astrology is based on the Lagna or Ascendant in the natal chart. Since the 7th house is exactly reverse to the ascendant, it is considered as mirror home of our self. Our mind is compared to the planet Moon. Hence, the seventh home from the Moon is considered as a mirror of our thoughts. So, the 7th house from the Moon indicates our thoughts and what kind of association we wish in partnering. Hence, it means we should scrutiny the signal of the 7th house, planets located there and place of the seventh lord from each Lagna and Rashi for partner’s prediction in astrology.

Say, for example, you have Taurus Lagna and Mithun Rashi. The 7th house from Lagna is Scorpio, which is called a secretive signal. So, you may your partner with a nature of secretive, quarrelsome. However, as your 7th house has Sagittarius signal, you might think to have a partner who shall be ethical, educated, loyal, and many others.

  • When Mars is positioned in the 7th house: Your partner may be aggressive, blistering, and dynamic. The person will be very hard-working and will love doing exercises. The person will be energetic and will be good in a sexual relationship. However, it shows a quarrelsome nature, and it additionally exhibits Manglik Dosha.
  • When Jupiter is positioned in the 7th house: This shows a blessing from the lord. You can expect your partner with excellent morality. Your spouse might be highly educated, loyal, moral, and non-secular in nature.
  • When Saturn is placed in the 7th house: Your partner may be sensible, accountable, and a laborious working individual. The native can expect a delayed marriage. However, it will offer a steady relationship. When Saturn sits in the 7th house, you will get an older partner. Though the person may not be romantic, he/she will be trustworthy and loyal.
  • When Ketu is positioned in the 7th house: Your partner may be highly spiritual and non-secular in nature. Since Ketu does not have a head, the person may not have the ability to categorize his/her perceptions clearly. The person may be good in computes, math, and many others.

Future Spouse prediction Vedic Astrology and the indicators’ role:

While discussing the astrological part, the signals of the seventh house cannot be ignored. We will let you know the concerning signs of the seventh place.

  • Aries: Your partner may be aggressive, dominative, and brave with full of energy.
  • Taurus: Your partner may be materialistic, sensible, expects safety with love on arts and music.
  • Gemini: The person may be unsteady in nature. However, the person will be a multitasker, striving to achieve new things.
  • Cancer: The individual may be quite emotional, have delicate coronary heart, empathetic, and moody.
  • Leo: The person expects respect in a relationship, needs to be the driving drive within the relation.
  • Virgo: Your partner may be highly logical and generally an excellent business entrepreneur. He/she will usually be a perfectionist.
  • Libra: You may expect your partner as balanced, refined, and inventive.
  • Scorpio: Your partner may be intense, emotional, secretive, and revengeful.
  • Sagittarius: He/she may be righteous in nature, discovered, inflexible, and non-secular.
  • Capricorn: Your partner may be laborious working, objective-oriented, focused, and more sensible.
  • Aquarius: Your partner could be workaholic, non-secular, spiritual and introvert
  • Pisces: He/she may be emotional and delicate natured.

In astrology spouse prediction, the color of your spouse can also be analyzed.

To find the color, females should check their Jupiter placement, and males should look out for Venus placement. A fair complexion partner may be possible if the benefic influence of Moon & placement of Jupiter or Venus in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Pisces. The seventh lord, Venus and the seventh house will also decide your spouse’s complexion. When Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn influences over the seventh lord and seventh house, you may expect an average-looking spouse.

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SpouseWhere Will You Meet Your Spouse Vedic Astrology

How to Determine a Caring Spouse?

Love and care are seen through karaka of that relation. Say, for example, for father, the sun is karaka. If it is weakened or afflicted, it might result in bad relation with father or miscommunication between couples. As the same, you can determine whether your spouse will be caring or loving by checking;

  1. Venus is karaka of wife, Jupiter is for Husband. When they well placed and under favorable connection, especially, by 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 9th house lords, then your needs will be taken care of by your spouse, and you will have mutual love and care.

and other necessary steps are there to conclude whether your future spouse will be caring or not. Hence, as usual, Vedic astrology plays a key role in spouse prediction.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for March 29-April 4

Where Will You Meet Your Spouse Vedic Astrology Relationship

ARIES: This week luck will be on your side. Therefore, you are advised not to be in haste while executing any task and work patiently. Be careful while making any new investment. Those in business may face problems due to faulty decision-making. Hence, weigh your decisions before it is too late. A jovial atmosphere at home will work as a stress-buster and make you feel satisfied. Avoid being harsh while interacting with your spouse. Students will see a lot of positive changes. Those aspiring to go abroad will be successful in achieving their goal. In terms of health, you may face small problems this week relating to digestion and blood pressure. It is advisable to maintain a healthy physical routine to keep mind and body healthy.

Tip of the week: Do not work in haste

Where Will You Meet Your Spouse Vedic Astrology Sign

TAURUS: On the work front, you may sometimes feel that things are not working as per your plan. Due to this, you could feel demotivated at times. However, you are advised to maintain a low profile this week and prepare to bounce back strongly. Any property-related transactions done by you in the past are likely to be completed this week. This will benefit you as you will be successful in securing your future. You will be able to get the necessary support of any elder member of your family in tough situations. However, for this to happen, you must share your problems with your family at the outset. This week will be below average in matters concerning health. You need to be careful of your diet and avoid eating anything apart from homemade food.

Tip of the week: Keep a low profilE

GEMINI: This week you could execute some pending financial plans which will turn out to be profitable. This will help in saving money and improve your financial position. Keep yourself away from all kinds of negative thoughts in order to do better in your career. Otherwise, you may become distracted which can cause you trouble in the coming times. Avoid quarrelling with family members over trivial issues. Do not lose your mind and try to understand others correctly. At this time, you can witness improvement in the health of a member of your family, which will bring a sign of relief and reduce mental stress. Students should not underestimate their abilities in the face of criticism from others. It is better to enroll yourself in a professional course and give your best.

Tip of the week: Keep negative thoughts at bay

CANCER: During this week, an unexpected increase in expenses can disturb your peace of mind. To avoid stress, keep yourself calm and work on a plan to get out of this problem. Do not lose patience in case you get into any kind of argument with colleagues or seniors in the office. Your willpower will become stronger which will help you to perform better in professional life. During this time, you will get many opportunities which will yield results in the future. Do not overlook them. Those facing problems in married life will soon get a new lease of life. Students appearing for competitive examinations are advised to work hard in order to tilt the results in their favour. Your health is likely to improve and you will remain happy and cheerful.

Tip of the week: Keep a check on your expenses

LEO: This week your financial status will remain strong. While expenses will increase, so will income. As a result, you will add to your list of luxurious items. During this time, your leadership and administrative abilities will be enhanced. Because of this, you will be able to establish your separate identity and respect at the workplace. You will be able to spend some quality time with your family which will add to your happiness. If there is a member of marriageable age in your family, then the person's marriage can be fixed. Students looking to get admission in their choice of institution will get favourable results. Your health is likely to remain indifferent. Avoid traveling as it can prove to be counter-productive.

Tip of the week: Family celebrations on the cards

VIRGO: You will be able to increase your bank balance this week. You will focus on accumulating wealth which will help you guard against future risks. This time will bring advancement in your career but you are advised not to lose patience. At times, you may feel frustrated with your efforts and may feel directionless. Avoid venting out these emotions on your loved ones else you could hurt them in return. Those single can expect to meet someone which will lead to a new relationship. Those married will experience harmony in their relationship. Students will get better results in examinations that they have been waiting for a long time. Health issues relating to eyes and throat should not be ignored.

Tip of the week: Do not get temperamental

LIBRA: Keep moving calmly towards your objectives without boasting about your skills and abilities. Do not trust anyone blindly and do not reveal your cards in front of everyone before you achieve the desired success. If your money has been stuck for a long time in the past, then this week you will finally get your hands on those funds. The health of your spouse can bother you. Your friends will be a source of joy for you and you plan to have a small get-together with them. Those of you studying will not be reluctant to work hard, which will help them to get favorable results. This week, you have to take special care about your eating and drinking habits. Avoid over-consumption, else you could face issues relating to the stomach.

Tip of the week: Do not boast about yourself

SCORPIO: You will get appreciation and support from your superiors and high officials this week. Apart from this, short trips relating to work will benefit you. The current planetary position indicates some unwanted expenses in your life. However, due to the steady flow of income, your financial condition will remain favourable. This week there will be positive changes in the health of your father and you will be seen spending time with him and discuss domestic issues. This will help you enhance your understanding and get support from him. This is a favourable time for students who are associated with creative subjects and they will be successful in overcoming problems in their studies. Your dedication towards your health will help you get rid of any existing illness.

Tip of the week: Plan a short trip

SAGITTARIUS: This week all unfavorable situations of your past will turn out to be in your favour at the workplace. You are advised to take utmost advantage of this very moment and leave no stone unturned to get appreciation from your seniors. This may also help you get financial benefits. However, avoid investing in land or property, otherwise it can prove to be fatal for your financial position in the future. For those studying, your hard work done previously in the field of education will help achieve results in your favour. Also, those of you thinking of pursuing higher education, then this time will be particularly good. On the health front, you will be able to get rid of your earlier issues and lead a healthy life.

Tip of the week: Make use of the favourable time

CAPRICORN: This week you will not suffer from any kind of financial crisis since luck will favour you. You may have to revise your plans and policies while making necessary decisions. The result and profits will turn out to be in line with your efforts, hence take decisions wisely. Students need to be careful else there is a possibility of wasting time in useless activities. Therefore, it would be better for them to consult elders or teachers to receive the necessary guidance. This week, you will remain supportive towards your family and friends. But in spite of this, do not let your friends and family take advantage of this generous nature of yours. Otherwise, you may have to face problems later. Health issues relating to joints and legs should not be overlooked.

Where You Will Meet Your Spouse Astrology

Tip of the week: Take decisions wisely

AQUARIUS:Yahoo astrology leo. This week you need to take care of our health as the planetary position indicates possibility of an injury. Take all necessary precautions. If you have been facing financial troubles for a long time, the situation is likely to improve this week. You will find new ways and sources to increase your income. On the professional front, your skills will be tested. In order to achieve the desired results, you need to concentrate on your efforts. For this, you can also put to use the experience of your seniors or mentors. There is a possibility of somebody relocating in your family. Also, you will spend lot of time with your family to discuss important matters relating to the household. Your relations with your spouse can be a bit cold at times, hence avoid being reactive.


Tip of the week: Guard against injuries

PISCES: You will have a hectic week due to increasing workload on all fronts. Therefore, it would be better for you not to lose patience under any circumstance. Keep an eye on the future while taking any important decision. Some of your financial challenges will be overcome this week. There are favorable indications of getting money and this will help you come out of any adverse situation. Since you may not have been able to devote ample time to your family in the recent past, you will be seen filling the gap this week. A small family celebration seems to be on the cards. Students need to avoid arguments and focus on their goal. Health issues relating to seasonal infections and allergy can bother you. Work on improving your immunity.

Tip of the week: Stay patient

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)