Which Business Is Best For Me According To Astrology

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So, for example, in the July 2021 graph above, the highest score for Romance & Sexuality (blue line) is on the 13th, for Good Luck & Optimism (red line) is on the 20th, and for Business Success (green line) is on the 29th. The following list shows the details behind the scoring:. BUSINESS SUCCESS. Jul 18, 2021 (12:00) Tran-to-Tran. Amazon Business Everything For Your Business: Amazon Fresh Groceries & More Right To Your Door: AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally: Home Services Experienced Pros Happiness Guarantee: Amazon Ignite Sell your original Digital Educational Resources: Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Services: Audible Listen to Books & Original.

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Which Business Is Suitable For Me According To Astrology

This is one question that I get almost always, whenever I climb a stage to pitch or meet someone interesting from the tech space or investors.
So, here’s an explanation of my thoughts on astrology and why I chose to back it up! Human beings are curious animal. We all want to know about our future. We want to know whether or not we would fair good in a job, whether our marriages would last, whether our investments would be fruitful and so on and so forth. Also it is a very private affair and most of us don’t really want to show it in public because of the stigma of being labelled as a follower of blind faith or voodoo or something. I don’t really want to get into a debate on Astrology classified as science or pseudo-science or not even a science. That's a never ending debate and it's better left avoided.

The point is, nobody wants to get left behind in this super fast and competitive world. No one wants to have doubts and unanswered questions, especially when it has prospects of a better future. It is the fear of missing out (FOMO) that everybody is on a lookout for instant solutions, easy remedies and speedy rewards. Everyone wants to know the genesis for their miseries / downfalls and take right steps to come up as a winner. They want to take informed decisions today for a better tomorrow, and astrology is “The Thing” for that.

Deep dive into Astrology: The conceptual angle.

Astrology is derived from the word “astrologia” meaning “the Science of the Stars”.Astrology consists of a bunch of distinctive systems that are laid upon the fundamental idea of a relationship between happenings in our world and certain kind of astro-phenomena or influence of the stars on us. So, the basic principle that astrology acknowledges is that celestial / heavenly bodies have effects on every earthling. The
celestial bodies help provide us with the ability to both organize knowledge and understand the world around us. Their location, as it pertains to one’s birth date, place and time, has a significant impact on one’s life. It’s a 4000 years old science and is also stated as the “Mother of all sciences”.

Astrology goes way beyond the sun sign columns published in newspapers categorizing close to 7.4 Billion people into just 12 standard categories, while each and every soul is unique and has specific traits! The effect of stars and heavenly bodies is specific to every individual. Astrology is the correlation between stars and their effect on life forms derived through statistical positioning and calculating their effective movements to come up with a holistic chart called kundali decoding the possibilities and evaluating prospects for future.

Astrology as business:
Astrology has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is only growing with advent of scientific tools and better understanding of people. Online Astrology is also one of the fastest growing markets (especially in India) growing close to 100% YoY and is expected to grow to 3 billion dollars by 2020 in India alone. People, especially youth, are realizing that astrology can come in handy and can really help them shape their future in an organised and informed manner. On the other hand more and more educated and passionate people are taking up astrology as a profession and guiding people through practical, modern and radical consultations.

Today, people more than ever need this age old support system which is solely made in India, in their lives because of the change in socio-economic conditions of our society and increasing uncertainties around the world!
In the coming years it will expand to new horizons and adapt according to the new challenges of the 21st century. It's not too far into the future where astrology is as easy as getting a recharge on your phone! :-)

According To Astrology What Business Should I Do, We all are kings and queens of our lives. We tend to take decisions which we think are fit for ourselves, some chase their childhood dreams and work hard day and night to achieve our goals and reach destination.

Doing one’s own business has become a common trend as everybody wants to be his or her own boss. But, at times no matter how hard you try you do not get the desired result even if you are doing your long established family business or started a fresh one.

There used to be desired profit earlier but the moment you entered those profits became loss. And, even after trying out everything, things just don’t get better. You tend to blame yourself and people around you blame you for worse like you are the one with all bad luck.

Business according to rashi

In India, such notions are common but what you are considering as bad luck is nothing and it is just that you are not doing the right thing and not at the right place. May, the business you are into isn’t meant for you.

Now you must be wondering that how would you know that what business you should really do. Who would tell you that. business according to rashihere, has all the answers to your questions.

Download Full PDF Package. A short summary of this paper. 36 Full PDFs related to this paper. Introduction to Vedic Astrology. Introduction to Vedic Astrology. Scholars of Vedic astrology, like Neelakantha and Dr. When we rely on finer techniques of Vedic astrology – such as divisional charts and special lagnas – for finer predictions, it is crucial to have an accurate birthtime. The chapter “Impact of Birthtime Error” shows how to. Mantras for learning astrology. Introduction to Vedic astrology (basic concepts). Lord Ganesha/Ganapathi is the deity for learning astrology. The associated mantra is 'Om sri mahaganapataye namah'. Recite the parampara mantra 'Hare Rama Krishna'. This is the moola mantra for the 'Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama. Vedic astrology tutorial pdf. Lessons on Vedic Astrology – Volume II 4 Dedication We dedicate these efforts at the feet of our Jyotish Guru Sri. Narasimha Rao who is relentlessly working to spread the Vedic Astrology knowledge and selflessly conducting the Vedic Astrology classes in Boston, USA.

Astrology is the study of the influence of those distant objects called celestial bodies on our internal affairs. It is the long known art known to Indians and it is believed in astrology that alignments of planets and stars can influence mood, personality and the environment depending on the day and date on which a person is born.

Astrology for business success

Here if you are having troubles with your business or wondering which business you should do, which suits you best and get you success. Business astrology is a recent trend that people these days are looking up to. People want to play safe and before they invest or put all their money into a business venture, they would like to get an experts advice.

Based on your date of birth or the zodiac sign you can know in which category you fall and what all business options are available to you. If you don’t know any astrologer personally or are unable to reach out to one.

Then don’t worry, I believe the following categorizations can solve all your doubts. All you have to do is to look up to your zodiac signs and read the suggestions given to you. I am sure that will certainly help you out.

Lucky business by date of birth

If you are:

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

You people have passion and vibrancy in your genes, so you can thrive in a total competitive environment. And commission based businesses like agency and contracting will be best for you. The public service business shall suit you well. You can engage in advertising, broadcasting and many more media related activities.

TAURUS (April20- May20)

All you are looking for a firm base to hop on and a stable environment. With a little bit of planning and successful strategy you will be able to reach great heights. You can successfully lead a team of personals and find success in the domain of designing, hospitality, luxury, jewellery designing and public service.

GEMINI (May21-June 20)

Your high intellect requires rewarding jobs and would love to do work under strict deadlines. Businesses like share market, technology gadgets, machinery manufacturing, hardware supply or travel industry etc will kindle your passion and even you can open new avenues in social networking and I am sure you will reach new heights.

CANCER (June21-July22)

extremely caring nature should be channelized in the right direction and you should work in industries like plants, nursing or animal care. That means businesses like Nurseries, social working etc will suit your profile a lot.

LEO (July 23- August 22)

You have always been the centre of attraction, then why not go for something like that. You are a born leader and have always been fearless and inspiring and will do great under light and public attention. Professions like tourism, real estate agent, Interior decorator, fashion designer or in a government organisation.

VIRGO (August 23- September 22)

People have been calling you Mr. or Miss Perfectionist, so that simply means detail oriented work will help you a lot. You can shine in businesses like writing, printing, painting or editing, teaching, technical firm, detective agency, statistics organisation and others.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

always been an entertaining, gracious and a good looking person, people have always been attracted towards you. You should certainly go for the ones involving socializing atmosphere like music team, travel agency, diplomatic organization, marketing organizations and others.

SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

What Business To Start According To Astrology

You are a logical person and like to apply a lot of thought before taking a person. You should go for profession require intuition. Business related to education, hospitality, medicine, law and likewise will suit you a lot.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)

SAGITTARIUS You like your actions to be guided by ethics and you are a perfect decision maker. You require your honesty and undying zeal to be invested in travelling, outdoor entertainment, public relations, coaching, consultation services etc.

CAPRICON (December22- January 19)

CAPRICON You always like the challenges coming your way and you are highly ambitious tool. You are deterministic in your efforts. You will do well in people management, IT, Banking and a Research and Technology firm.

Which Business Is Best For Me According To Astrology

AQUARIUS (January 20- Feburary 18)

AQUARIUS You are a humanist by nature. And a die-hard adventurer too and you like to be vocal about your thoughts. You will be great in doing business requiring organic farming. Designing, music, inventing and related business.

PISCES (Feburary 19- March 20)

PISCES You are passionately creative and compassionate too and do live to serve to people. Thus, you will thrive in an atmosphere requiring, art, therapy. Veterinary services, psychological healing. Nursing photography, dance and others.

But sometimes these are depend on others factors, so before start a business you should consult with any experienced astrologer.

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