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Astrology.com is one of the world’s largest and most respected online astrology, tarot and horoscope websites. With a massive online following, a huge array of features and an easy-to-use and intuitive website that makes users want to keep coming back, Astrology.com has firmly settled into the number one spot in this category. Moon Sign & Vedic Astrology In Vedic Astrology, Moon is the significator of Mind.Moon is the heavenly body closest to Earth, the cosmic and magnetic influences and energy of all other planets reaches Earth through the Moon. Welcome to daniel ' whelland ' dowd's Weekly Horoscope.com For over 25 years we've been providing the internet and newspapers the best horoscopes for ordinary regular guys like you and I. We have nothing to sell or to trade. Just the most accurate horoscopes on the planet that we are capable of.

For hundreds of years, many people have tended to believe in astrology to learn more about themselves and also for what they may be in the future. Astrology has allowed millions of people to know in a certain way how their life can be in the future, to know about their past, about their attitudes, their personalities, and they have even allowed them to know or calculate their astrology chartsby birthdays.

However, all astrological chart calculators aren’t created equal. You need accuracy when it comes to these questions. But usually accuracy comes at a price. However, we’ve discovered this trick that you can use to get an authentic birth chart reading done quickly and for free.

Here we examine some of these applications. This will help you find the best astrology chart by birthday calculators, that suite your needs.

Firstly, we will emphasize one of the most accurate and lesser-known ways to calculate an astrology chart, we talk about the Birth Moon.


What The Birth Moon Reveals About Your Personality

People born during the full moon phase are people who develop an intuitive, sensitive and emotional nature.

One of the most precise and fundamental characteristics of astrology is the interpretation of the natal chart through the moon. Being the universal natural satellite, it offers a lot of knowledge about the emotional behaviour a person could have, their relationship with their relatives and with other people, and also other interesting aspects.

The information that birth moon astrologers can obtain not only allows them to study the sign of the individual but also reflects the interaction that the moon has with other planets and the house it occupies within the recognized Astral Map.

In the same way, the lunar phase in which the moon is at the moment of birth is taken into consideration, which is why this study is also known as the Birth Moon since this allows us to define the manifestation of possible emotions that the person may or may not demonstrate.

According to the lunar phase that is present at the moment of birth (Crescent, Diminishing, New or Full), different ways of integrating the emotional world to the personality of the individual can be determined, as well as the signal that comes from the position of the Sun in the Birth Chart.

How Do I Know My Birth Moon?

The most traditional way to do this is to consult with your parents or close relatives to see if they know, or you can also look for more exact references in astronomical calendars of the year in which you were born.

However, another method that many people go through is by consulting a professional astrologer, who can provide the information you want about the lunar phase of your birth, along with an Astral Map diagram and the interpretation of the most outstanding aspects of your birth or birthday chart.

Why Your Birth Moon Can be Important in Astrology Calculations

When you’ve discovered which phase of the moon you were born in, you’ll know some personality traits. These have been determined by astrological studies about how the moon affects not only the planet’s large water bodies and other living things but also humans.

Born On A New Moon

People who were born during a New Moon are characterized by having attitudes of working people, however, some fail to differentiate what they want from what they really want.

Born In The Crescent Moon

Those born during the crescent moon tend to be more resistant to abandoning the safe. For these people it is very difficult to leave the safe, the known, they prefer to keep in the same stable place. They tend to reject change, although they like to be adventurous, optimistic, cheerful, determined, direct, innovative, authentic, active, idealistic, perfectionist, and tend to develop dizzying agility of thoughts and actions.

Which Horoscope Website Most Accurate

Born In Full Moon

People born during the full moon phase are people who develop an intuitive, sensitive and emotional nature. They do not tolerate wasting time on things that do not lead to an established goal, so they prefer to be constant, realistic and reactive.

Born In The Waning Moon

Finally, people born during the waning moon tend to show maturity in any situation, even from an early age, a characteristic that totally differentiates them from those born in the other previous phases. What astrology sign is compatible with virgo.

Astrology Chart Calculators

Which Horoscope Website Most Accurate Ancestry

Now let us take a look at six of the best calculators for astrological birthday charts that are out there. We’ve done some digging around to make sure our list only has the most accurate and legitimate astrological birthday chart calculators. Furthermore, many of these applications will allow you to make an astrologicalcalculation completely free of charge. Interestingly many of these are available through free mobile applications.

(Please note the information presented here is our personal judgement and we cannot guarantee the quality of their services).

3 Good Apps To Calculate Your Astrology Chart according to your Birthday

1. Chaturanga Astrology Advice & Daily Horoscope

This is an application that allows you to get a calculation of your natal chart through the date of birth and also makes decryption of it. This decryption includes:

Planets in Houses.

Planets in Zodiac Signs.

These are just some of the different options and benefits that this application has, you can learn more about it by downloading it to your Android or iOS device.

2. iHoroscope – 2019 Daily Horoscope & Astrology

This application allows you to make your own individual astrological portrait. iHoroscope allows you to create a portrait based on an analysis of astrological phenomena in which your character, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths are described.

You may also receive a personality horoscope, but you must first enter your date of birth, and if you know it also indicates the time and place of birth. This information will allow the application to calculate your birthday astrological chart or natal chart. This and other tools can be found on iHoroscope.

3. Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope is another app that lets you know your birth chart or astrological chart based on the date and place of your birth. This application has the ability to recognize your natural qualities and characteristics just by entering these data.

This is determined by the position of the planets in the zodiac signs. The first important aspect is the balance of the elements. It determines the temperament. You will also learn its basic psychological characteristics.

This app allows you to know your birth chart precisely, which you can verify before any professional astrologer.

Most of these apps are certified by astrology professionals to ensure true results.

3 Awesome Websites To Calculate Your Astrology Chart by Birthday

1. Astrology.com

On this website, you will be able to check the calculation of your birthday astrology chart for free for a general calculation, and you can also pay a small fee to get a more accurate result. Just enter the website, enter your birth date, time and location. The calculation is done by interacting with the planets providing an accurate and precise calculation of your astrology chart for your birthday.

AccurateWhich horoscope website most accurate

2. Alabe.com

On this other website, you can also consult your astrology chart according to your birthday. To do so you can enter the link below this description which will take you directly to a form in which you must enter your name, your email address if you wish, gender, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. After providing the information, your astrology chart will be studied according to your birthday. You can comment on it or give your opinion on the answer obtained. For more information visit the link.

Which Horoscope Website Most Accurate Horoscopes

3. Astro.cafeastrolgy.com

If you prefer to know your astrology chart for birthdays on another website or want to have a second option, then you can visit this astrology website where you can make your query or calculate your astrological chart for birthdays following a process similar to the above-mentioned sites. Most of these sites have the same procedure, and although you may receive different answers, you will see that most of them are similar, since they are based on the astrological study of the moon and use this method to do the calculations.