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According to Vedic Astrology Pearl represents the planet Moon. If there is a beneficial Moon in your horoscope, you must wear a Pearl. According to Astrology, Moon reflects the human mind, Its impact is on our thinking. Vedic astrology recommends that White Sapphire should be worn on a Friday morning, when wearing it for the first time. Before wearing White Sapphire for the first time, you should put the ring, pendant or bracelet in Gangajal (water of Holy River Ganga) or in a mixture of unboiled milk and pure water for about 12 hours prior to wearing it. White Sapphire is an automatic choice for them and if Venus is afflicted by planets like Mars, Sun or Ketu then it is very necessary to adopt a white sapphire. Venus association with Mercury or Saturn will create Rajyoga for them, whereas Venus association with Mars will create a Dhanyoga and in such conditions, White Sapphire can be worn in.

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A detailed discussion of these remedies is available in Lal-Kitab which is a treatise on astrology. The puja system which developed in the Vedic period, recommends the use of white rice, green leaves, red vermillion, yellow and red cloth, white sandal wood, red sandal wood and flowers of different colors for propitiating different planets and gods. White Sapphire is generally worn on the Middle finger of right hand in Silver or Gold. However, based on a native’s requirements as well as on his overall horoscope, it may be worn on some other finger or in a pendant or bracelet. Vedic astrology recommends practicing some procedures before wearing White Sapphire.

Basic Astronomical facts about Venus
Venus is the second farthest planet from the Sun. It is the brightest thing in the sky besides the Sun and Moon. As seen from the Earth, Venus never gets more than 48 degrees away from the Sun. It has a diameter of about 12,100 kilometers. It is closest planet to Earth and its minimum distance from the Earth is from about 40 million kilometers. From Sun its distance is 108 million kilometers. Venus takes 225 days to make one orbit around the Sun and it takes 243 days to complete one rotation on its axis. Its average surface temperature is 452 °C and that makes it the hottest planet. Its average geocentric motion per day is 01°12'. Venus has no natural satellite of its own. Venus retrograde period is about 40 to 43 days and it gets and it retrograde approximately every nineteen months.

The Venus in Hindu Mythology
Venus is the guru of the demons, he can raise the dead, with the help of the Sanjivini Vidya, who fall in battles with the gods. He is immensely astute, and, a true Brahmana, he is an expert in every form of learning. Venus has a medium-sized well-nourished body, long hands, prominent shouldets, a broad chest, and dark, short, curly hair. Overflowing with virility, he is intelligent, handsome, and sensuous. Venus is the son of the Rishi Bhrigu and his wife Puloma. Bhrigu Rishi was, like Angiras Rishi, (father of Jupiter) born directly from Brahma's semen, which means that Venus and Jupiter, two implacable adversaries, are first cousins.
One day, when Bhrigu was absorbed in deep meditation, Venus was near him and was appreciating the beauty of the nature, at that time the beautiful Apsaras Vishvachi was passing by, seeing her boy's heart with delight and he followed her to heaven. They fell in love at first sight of each other, and to fulfill his desire Venus created a hut in a small corner of heaven. Then they indulged in lovemaking of the many ages. When Venus's good karmas had finally been used up, he fell from heaven down to the Moon, where his soul reached the Earth through rain that fell on a rice paddy. Entering the semen of a Brahmana who ate that rice, and then entering the womb of that Brahmana's wife via his semen, Venus was reborn in that Brahmana family. He then led an austere life on Mount Meru for long, until his path again crossed that of Vishvachi, who had been cursed to live as a female deer. He fell in love with the deer and mated with her; the result was a human child.
The Brahmana who had been Venus died of snake bite not long after, and then, reborn as prince of Madra, ruled that country for many years. Afterwards he took many other births, including one as a bamboo forest and another as a python, until at last he was born as the son of a Seer living on the banks of the river. His original body, meanwhile, had long ago dropped to the earth. After many thousand years, Bhrigu opened his eyes to find not his living son but a worn-out body lying nearby. In his fury over his son's death, he was about to curse Yama, the god of death, when Yama appeared before him and asked him not to curse him, because his son fell into this state because of his own actions and he is now performing penance on the banks of the river Ganga. Yama then revived the body of Venus; Bhrigu thereupon told the boy his past lives and showed him the road to spiritual success. Venus set out to gain the favor of Lord Shiva and after worshipping him for five thousand years Lord Shiva appeared and blessed Venus and taught him the Sanjivini Vidya. In addition, Shiva named Venus the best of the planets and told him that his rise in the sky would inaugurate the performance of all auspicious rituals. It is for this reason that marriages are performed only when Venus is rising in the sky. Venus himself has enjoyed several wives and has been blessed with daughters and sons.


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Basic Astrological facts about Venus
Gender of Venus: Feminine.
Venus is the karaka or significator of: Potency and Desire.
Venus as relationship signifies: Spouse.
Planetary cabinet status of Venus: Minister or Royal Advisor.
Temperament of Venus: Easy going and Accommodating.
Element governed by Venus: Jala or Water.
Primary quality or guna of Venus: Rajo guna or Imperious and Passionate.
Caste of the Venus: Brahmin or Priest.
Nature of Venus: Benefic.
Directional strength of Venus: In the Fourth House.
Directional weakness of Venus: In the Tenth House.
Venus rules the zodiacal Sign: Taurus and Libra.
Venus rules the zodiacal House: Natural astrological Second and Seventh houses.
Sign of exaltation of Venus: Pisces.
Sign of debilitation of Venus: Virgo.
Determent or weak sign of Venus: Aries.
Venus's friends are: Mercury and Saturn.
Venus's enemies are: Sun and Moon.
Venus is neutral with: Mars and Jupiter.
Venus's Vimshottari Dasha period: Twenty Years.
Nakshatras or Lunar mansions governed by Venus are: Nakshatras or Lunar mansions governed by Venus are Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.
Body part governed by Venus: The Pelvis and Reproductive organs.
Day of the week governed by Venus: Friday.
Direction ruled by Venus: Southeast Direction.
Season governed by Venus: Vasant or Spring season.
Metals governed by Venus: Platinum and Silver.
Gemstone governed by Venus: Diamond.
Substitute gemstones governed by Venus: White Sapphire and Zircon.
Colors ruled by Venus: White and Variegated Colors.
Food and flavors governed by Venus: Things of Sour taste.
Geometrical shape governed by Venus: An Octagon.
Numbers as per Numerology governed by Venus: 6, 15, 24, 33 and all those that adds up to six, are governed by it.
Positive key words for Venus: Harmony, Devotion, Refinement, Affection & Responsiveness.
Negative key words for Venus: Laziness, Indifference, Self-indulgence, Superficial & Flirtatious.

Body parts, function and diseases governed by Venus
Ruling over Taurus and Libra, Venus helps regulate the throat, thyroid and kidneys. Venus rules vitamin E, Niacin and Copper. Venus also has dominion over half the circulatory system, the venous supply and it is concerned with skin. Venus play a part in diseases of the blood. Venus is also valuable in circulatory ailments, such as phlebitis, embolisms, thrombosis and dilation of the vessels of the arterial and venous systems and it keeps the body supplied with a pure source of oxygen. Venus also governs slack muscle tone in the body. Mars represents tight, healthy muscles, whereas Venus, its opposite, indicates a potential lack of tone or tightness, soft or weakened muscles. All the disease related to throats and neck like vocal cords, tonsillitis, diphtheria, laryngitis, swelling in the neck, mumps, and thrush or fungus infection of the mouth or throat. It governs thyroid related problems, various diseases of the kidney, as well as skin ailments, Sugar or diabetes, urine and semen related problems. There can be a tendency to overeat or eat rich foods, with afflicted Venus that put on weight and edema of the hands and feet or an inability to lose weight.

Professions governed by the Venus
Venus governs all professions and career related to art, entertainment, beauty products, luxury, and costly, items, food items especially sweets. Venus denotes all those related to acting, drama, film industry, music, dance, singing, instrumental music, drawings, painting, sculpture, photography, ornamenting, perfumery, art, decoration, jewelers, precious stones, luxury items, income-tax, revenue, finance department, bank officials, judge, wool dealer, barbers, hair stylists, wig maker, tailor, dressmaker, women's apparel, fancy goods dealers, hotels, restaurants, bakery, cooks, butlers, bars, dealers in dairy farms, ice cream, sugar, milk, confectionary, paints, dyes, acids, petrol, oils, fertilizer, glass, plastic, perfumeries, soap, marriage broker, registrar of marriages, tannery, hide, yarn, leather goods, tobacco, veterinary doctors, chemical and drugs manufacturers and dealers of automobiles and vehicles.

The Mantras for Venus:
Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah
Hima kunda mrinalaabham daityanam paramam gurum sarva shastra pravatkaram bhargavam pranamaamayaham
Om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae dhanur hastaaya dheemahi tanno shukra prachodayaat
White Sapphire Vedic Astrology

Remedies for Venus to be performed if Venus is not well placed in the horoscope:

Vedic Astrology 2020 Predictions

  • Worshiping the ruling deity of the Venus, Goddess Shakti or Durga.
  • Recitation of Durga chalisa.
  • Reciting of Venus Mantras.
  • Charity: Donate perfumes, fancy items and white sandal wood on Fridays to married females.
  • Fasting: On Fridays.
  • Pooja: Santoshi mata pooja.
  • Rudraksh: Wear six mukhi (six faced) Rudraksh.
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