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The white sapphire gemstone enhances possibilities of wealth and luck. It is also known to offer protection against evil spirits and black magic. People born under the sun sign of Taurus and Libra are advised to wear the white Sapphire gemstone for good luck and prosperity. This gemstone helps to strengthen the cosmic rays of the planet Venus.

  1. It is the gemstone of the planet Venus and is believed to bring a lot of good luck and bliss to Taurus and Libra moon signs. A colorless or white zircon stone is also famous for its stunning and vitreous luster with flashes of multicolored light. This intense fire that it produces is said to resemble a diamond.
  2. Astrology is not a science, but was created originally as a method for telling time. Diamonds come in a variety of colors from White / transparent to Black. April’s stone the diamond is also believed to heal and are traditionally linked to love, and both endure forever because of diamond’s eternal strength.

White Sapphire Gemstone

The White Sapphire Pukhraj is a precious Gemstone that is used in lieu of a Diamond for harnessing the positive powers of Venus as per Vedic Astrology. Venus represents luxury, beauty, romance, wealth and good things in life and a Jyotish Gemstone White sapphire blesses its wearer with all this and more.

In which finger to wear White Sapphire as per Vedic Astrology

The sacred texts prescribe that the Gems of Venus- White Sapphire Gemstone, Diamond and White Zircon give good results in the ring finger and the middle finger. One cannot extend the logic that if the mount of Venus is located below the thumb why shouldn’t White Sapphire be worn on the thumb or why shouldn’t it be worn on the little finger since Mercury is the intimate friend of Venus.

Well, palmistry and Vedic Astrology are two separate sciences and using the principles of one science exactly for the other leads to poor results. In certain special cases such as a Mercury Venus conjunction etc the White Sapphire stone may be worn in the little finger but for these exceptions a thorough analysis of the birth chart is a must.

In Statistical practice we have see that White Pukhraj Gemstone when worn in the ring finger & Middle finger gives the best results. To worn ring sapphire know the benefits of the gemstone.

White Stone Ring Astrology Chart

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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Colourless Sapphire Ring / White Sapphire Gemstone Benefits & facts

GemstoneNatural White Sapphire Gemstone
Weight1.82 carats
OriginSri Lanka
Planetary EnergyVenus/Shukra
Patron LocationMississippi ,USA
All inclusive Price$ 1535 / INR 92372 (Why)
CommentsThe Hallmark of Jyotish Gemstones is remarkable clarity and other features that make the Gemstone pure and beautiful. Purity is of the essence when choosing Jyotish Gemstones. Featured today is an exceptional emerald cut White Sapphire crystal. Check the top quality flawless color that is picking up the shade of gold from the ring shank. Precision cut, lack of treatment, being fully natural make this a beautiful Venus White Sapphire Gemstone that will deliver the life transforming results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of. Needless to say, the value of this Gemstone will keep increasing every day since it is a true Gemstone as per the Gem Pyramid. A classy White Sapphire diamond ring To view this Gemstone before it was set please click here. To know, the procedure to wear white sapphire Diamond ring online
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The white coral gemstone is associated with the dominating planet Mars according to astrology that altogether brings positive results in the lives of its wearer. The planet Mars signifies the strength, vigorous, ardor, sexuality, aggressiveness, anger and cruelty.

The excellent gemstone is composed of 83 percent of calcium carbonate following iron and magnesium in a small amount. The presence of the calcium makes this stone the first and foremost choice for bones and bones related diseases.

White Stone Ring Astrology Sign

Health benefits of wearing white coral gemstone

Astrology Stones Gems

  1. The white coral gemstone is regarded to be the best gemstone by the astrologer to be worn to curb or disparate all the diseases related to blood.
  2. It is believed that if someone is suffering from the blood-related disease. He/she should take the powder of white coral gemstone with honey to get rid-off all such diseases.
  3. If a person is suffering from diarrhea or piles, then, in that case, he/she should wear white coral to get rid of this situation.
  4. A short temper person may also avail this stone to control his emotions.
  5. This stone is known to deviate the negative energies of the stone toward positiveness. Hence, the stone can bring calmness of mind and allow a person to get rid of anger.
  6. Eating the powder of white coral stone with the betel leaf would reduce the cough problem.
  7. The white coral stone will guard a person against injuries and road accident. Moreover, the stone will also help in healing a serious surgical wound.
  8. The stone is also known to be benign for curbing the piles and enhances the physical strength. It will also increase the stamina and courage of a person.
  9. The stone white coral also protects a person against evil spirits, bad dreams, and negative thoughts. The stone also dispels the negative thoughts from the mind.
  10. The white coral stone also reduces the mental tension. Therefore, if a person is in a depression, then he/ she should wear white coral stone to get rid-off negative thoughts.
  11. Thus, these all are the health benefits of wearing white coral gemstone which a person can perceive after wearing this precious gemstone. Nevertheless, a person should always consult an astrologer before wearing this gemstone.
  12. Since the astrologer will guide one in a right manner so that he/she more efficiently conceive the health benefits from this stone.

White Stone Ring Astrology In Hindi

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